5 December, 2023


UNP Holds Massive Rally In The Vicinity Of Temple Trees: Sirisena Under Enormous Pressure To Convene Parliament

In a massive public rally held in the vicinity of Temple Trees, the official residence of the Prime Minister, a host of UNP MPs and a sea of party supporters demanded President Maithripala Sirisena to reconvene Parliament and accept the legitimacy of Ranil Wickremesinghe‘s premiership.

The participants of the rally threatened to surround Sirisena’s residence and Parliament to ensure that the legislature convened without delay.

Speaking at the rally, UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe reiterated that he was still the legal and constitutional Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and his sacking on Friday was illegal.

“President has usurped the powers of the legislature. This should not be allowed,” Wickremesinghe said, adding that his party had enough support in Parliament to form a government.

“What is happening in Sri Lanka and undemocratic and unconstitutional,” Wickremesinghe stressed. “The massive crowds have gathered here demanding democracy and to protect the constitution.”

“We have many leaders here, with diverse opinions, who have come forward with a single hope of upholding democracy and protecting the constitution.”

“We fought for our Presidential Candidate Sirisena. We sacrificed our lives for him. We shed blood and tears. Despite many obstacles, we made him the President of the country. Today he has betrayed our trust and the mandate in a despicable manner.”

“The people of our country want us to protect democracy. They initially thought we would run for cover after the despicable move on Friday. We will never do that. We will fight for democracy. Today, we have made Temple Trees the symbol of democracy in Sri Lanka,” he said, adding that his party will never run away from this battle.

Many UNP Speakers, including Patali Champika Ranawaka, Rajitha Senaratne, Ranjan Ramanayaka and Harin Fernando, severely criticized the President’s conduct and blamed him for blatantly reversing the ‘January 08 mandate.”

They threatened to come to Sirisena’s residence with the crowds if the latter did not reconvene Parliament with immediate effect.

Harin Fernando described Sirisena as the “hopper man” (Appaya) and apologized to the party supporters for requesting them to vote for Sirisena.

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    What MS did is absolutely constitutional and there is nothing UNP can do. When parliament reconvenes Mahinda will be seated on the PM’s chair. There are only 2 options for UNP . Go to courts or bring on a no confidence motion to defeat the newly elected government. If Mahinda loses, under both circumstances parliament will be dissolved and fresh elections will be called. Based on UNP rethoric looking at their crowd numbers they should be able to easily win in an election ?

    • 28

      You should be an idiot else you would not have said like that.

      Please read all the information given on 19A and constitution. Almsot many experts incl. constitutional expert like Dr Wickramaratna have now explained it so that even a donkey could get it easily.
      But we have majority of stupid people in the lost island to believe anything comes on the air easily.
      Even President is one of them.
      He has been caught by the tricks being played by some stupid advisers.

      My son is not even 20 years but he is a Law student. I am a science post doc.
      My son too understand it well that President of Srilanka is misled by Rajapkshe tricks players.
      Now he can only make right by letting ” floor test ” to be exercised in the parliament.
      Afterthat, what President will have to facd is an Impeachment.
      President should be outsted sooner than later for not having studied the laws before going to react autocratic.
      Wait and see.
      Jaya niyathayi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 2

        Jaya niyathayi! to the people in Sri Lanka not the one who write to mislead them.

      • 2

        Bondscam Ranil must go quickly. Bye, Bye and good riddance. His 3.5 year track record of governance is as bad if not worse than Mahinda Jarapassa. Look at the score card:

        1. Ranil destroyed the economy which is now in a Debt trap, protected Mahinda Jarapassa’s corrupt family and looted the Central Bank and the rupee is crashing, and the CoL and fuel up and people suffering.
        2. People cannot eat the Constitution. Under Bond Ranil democracy was a circus of money politics and corruption and Lanka was put in an ADB-WB-IMF debt trap, and lost Economic soverignty to US Economic Hit men. Lanka was being asset stripped and sold to foreigners.
        3. Democracy was a corruption circus of money politics, worse than Jarapassa days. Also, Bond scam Ranil is no democrat. He played New Constitutional and de-limitation games, delayed LG elections and tried to undermine local gov. with a bill on development sponsored by his US friends so that they could loot Land and strategic assets away from Provincial councils.
        4. Corruption investigations: Bondscam Ranil protected Mahinda Jarapassa family for past 3 years and no one was convicted for corruption.
        5.The new Sira-Jarapassa dispensation hopefully has learned from past mistakes and will get the economy back on track and stop rupee crash. But for this Bondscam Ranil must get out and shut up! He has lost his chance to make good in Lanka.

      • 6

        The notorious Gangaramaya Podihamuduruwo says nobody in the country is protesting, and the streets are empty.
        May Jesus Christ save Buddhism !!!!!!!!!!

        • 1

          The creator of jesus (may peace be upon him) have to save all. Amen

          • 0

            I’m sorry Ramzy but I don’t mean to make it a argument, but when something is wrong you have to point it out, or else people will get the wrong information,

            1) Jesus Christ is peace, hence peace can not be upon Him, it is He who gives peace.

            2) Jesus Christ is not created, He is the Creator. He is the living Word of God, the Word of God is eternal it has no beginning nor end, as stated in your “Noble Quran” as well that Jesus is the Word of God, hence the statement made by Jesus ” I am the beginning and the end”

      • 3

        Who is a Jayampathy, he drafted under the advise of RW to prevent another unseat as done by Chandrika. This time he made another mistake by talking about unity government. Jayampathy can not be considered as a impartial since he is bias in his opinion and he is a MP. Please read 19 Amendment, it is a logical argument. If UNP doesn’t like it , why they don’t go to courts and get correct interpretation.

      • 6

        Who is this brickbat A.. H… ? – So you think your lawyer son is a better expert on constitutional matters than many senior Lawyers including Deputy Attorney General – who clearly said – what MS did is completely constitutional – my foot -Today Panil had become a laughing stock – no wonder -many of the idiots like you are also thinking all what is coming out of Panil’s mouth is correct and keep on repeating the same like parrots wasting our time – before comment use you peanut brain to think logically

      • 3

        “Dr Wickramaratna have now explained it so that even a donkey could get it easily.”
        Even a donkey could get it easily but this expert on constitution making failed to get it. This guy was sucking money pretending to be an expert on drafting constitution but the job was done by some so called ‘White Experts’ paid probably by Tamil Diaspora. It is a pity that all the money that was pumped to the ‘Federal Constitution’ went down the drain in the same way like the money pumped by Tamil Diaspora to LTTE.

    • 12

      Srilankens are used to believe anything easily.

      So that Hakgediya promotoer (Walampuri) made billions within 5 years.

      There are even very many the kind of deceitful business men mislead the nation.

      But the people repeat their mistake and would never learn to do right thing next. That is all about the average mentality of this god punished nation.

      Likewise, no matter, if any FAKE or weak Lawyer would drop anything as ” so called fact” into air, that become the opinion of the masses easily.

      This has happened to this FAKE PRIMIER post made by UNEDUCATED president last friday ( let s name it as black friday for srilanka – 26 Oct 2018).

      All is simply explained by senior experts now, no provisions in the constituion, that permit President to sack the Premier the manner he did.
      He should be – headless chicken to have dones.
      We should be ashamed to call this man as ” President of srilanka ” a nation whose literacy rate is over 95%

      • 2

        “let s name it as black friday for srilanka”
        You guys can call it any bloody thing but for the majority of people it is the day that this country was liberated from an anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist traitor who belonged to Unpatriotic National Party..

    • 4

      As a barber or carpenter would see it like that. But even talented carpenter or a barber can read and understand it today in the web.

      You should be an another follower who would know nothing but to follow. That is common to grass eaters dominated sinhala folk.

      Good luck you the like idiots… but please.. be ready to celebrate the Impeachment of GAMARALAGE SIRISENA in latest by the end of this year ….

    • 13

      Plesase come with facts.. to prove that it was constitutional.

      Rohan – every one that has studied the constitution, you dont necessarily be a lawyer. it is written in simple langauge, you will see what SIRISENA has done is unconstitutional. He has lost his credibility. He cant no longer be the President of this country. This happens when the uneducated are made as head of state. Whatever he has done sofar ended up in mess. He could well be talented at backstabbing tactics but no matured to read and get what the constitution has clearly stated.

      • 2

        Samson Gunawardena

        Pls reproduce that simple language that say president’s action is unconstitutional.

        Sinhala text is the accepted one and English one might be misleading.

        Understand that there’re educated fools (eg- RW) & uneducated wise (MS).

        MS the wise, rode foolish RW back to be the president.

        RW is lamenting, clinging in temple trees


      • 2

        Samson Gunawardhana,
        “Whatever he has done so far ended up in mess.’
        You mean including becoming the ‘Common Candidate’ and giving the opportunity to the guy who lost 29 times to become the PM?

    • 1

      If there a way opening to UNP, Old Royals’ need is to block that.
      Courts, they cannot block. They are open for anybody. But they would issue threats to justices. Court is unlikely to order to dissolve parliament or cabinet, under any circumstances, unless parliament is illegally over extending its term. Court will say what is wrong and then the wrong party will have to back off. This is unlikely affecting the winning party’s PM post. So whoever wins will continue to be the PM.

      They want to block the vote count call. If that blocking is illegal, court will order the speaker to add it to agenda and conduct the count. But they may not accept whatever the vote counted outcome (especially if they lose). Then that will be another issue to court. They want to introduce the interim budget on the first day hoping UNP would go ahead and defeat it. If budget is defeated, parliament may go dissolved. But what will happen if the interim budget defeated?

      They may delay to allow a NCM within a reasonable time hoping to buy more donkeys even in the following months like December, January… At some point UNP may have to go to court on that too.

      What I like to see what is going to happen to the Nagananda law suit on proroguing the parliament. He is not even an ordinary MP. Speaker is not reaching the court. But he might have filed as an interested party or affected party.

    • 2

      Who lied to you? All experts, lawyers, professionals, and those who know the constitution well, have said this was against it.
      Sirisena and Rajapaksa took the law into their own hands, and now they are in a quandary….the country has responded.

    • 2

      What UNP crowd numbers? What you saw here were the delerious local UNP die hards rustled up by UNP politikkos, barely filling a couple of football pitches. The larger voter base is out there in their homes and villages, taking a rest until all the UNP crowds hot air blows over Kollupitia and into the sea. Have you forgotten that UNP had been delaying and delaying provinsial elections because they knew that they would be decimated if they went to an election? Anyway how long do you think RW could pitch his tent at Temple Trees? He is behaving like a toddler stamping his feet instead of dignifiedly vacating his squat. Should have learned something from MR who set an example after the 2015 elections.

    • 1

      Rohan R

      “If Mahinda loses, under both circumstances parliament will be dissolved and fresh elections will be called. “

      why should that happen.if mahinda loses he will have to go back home.The constitution clearly says president cannot dissolve parliament until 4.5 years.

      • 0

        There are only 2 ways parliament can be dissolved. One, 2/3rds of the members need to vote for it or two, 4.5 years have to pass. That’s the way it’s stated in the Constitution and reads the same in English and Sinhala.

        • 0


          are you sure about the two thirds,because the 19th amendment states only 4.5 yrs

    • 2

      Rohan R ,

      “What MS did is absolutely constitutional and there is nothing UNP can do.”

      The mean IQ of Sri Lankans is 79, and many fall below 79, and there is no surprise in your comment.

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


      The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

      Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108
      2 South Korea 106
      3 Japan 105

      28 Sri Lanka 79

    • 4

      I don’t think so. I listened to an expert on theses matters, who has a Doctorate – Dr. Mervyn Silva. According to him, the day when MS and MR (rather Mr & Ms) came together was astrologically one of the worst possible days. There was a Maru Nekatha on that day and it was only good for dying – ‘God Forbid’! He said that if any couple gets married on that day, they would be separated before one could utter the words, ‘Gon Sira’. With their strong beliefs in astrology, I cannot understand why they were in such a hurry. Perhaps that is why they say ‘Love is Blind’.

    • 0

      All citizens should download and read the copy of the 19th amendment, it is readily available, as suggested by Mr. Gamanpilla on Derana 360.

      You will all find not doubt that the Sinhala and English versions are different, which is quite shocking.


      2) The Prime Minister shall continue to hold
      office throughout the period during which the
      Cabinet of Ministers continues to function under
      the provisions of the Constitution unless he–

      (a) resigns his office by a writing under
      his hand addressed to the President;

      (b) ceases to be a Member of Parliament.


      (1) On the Prime Minister ceasing to
      hold office by death, resignation or otherwise,
      except during the period intervening between
      the dissolution of Parliament and the
      conclusion of the General Election, the Cabinet
      of Ministers shall, unless the President has in
      the exercise of his powers under Article 70,
      dissolved Parliament, stand dissolved and the
      President shall appoint a Prime Minister,
      Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministers
      who are not members of the Cabinet of
      Ministers and Deputy Ministers in terms of
      Articles 42, 43, 44 and 45:

      The Sinhala version (My translation)
      (1) Except during the time interval between the dissolution of parliament and
      the completion of a general election, if, by way of removal from office, or by submitting his resignation, or by any other reason, the Prime Minister ceases to hold office, according to the 70th Constitution … the Cabinet is dissolved.”

      It goes on to say that the President then appoints the cabinet.

      The point is that the English version mentions


      The Sinhala version mentions

      -removal from office
      -any other reason.

      The mere fact that the instances given are different between the versions proves that the versions are substantively different.

      • 2

        The Solution: As an engineer, though not a very good one, I believe there is a solution for every problem. First let us state the problem clearly and unambiguously.
        The Sinhala and the English versions of the Constitution are different. Is there anyone who does not agree? No. OK. Let us proceed.
        According to the Sinhala Version, the sacking of the PM is unconstitutional. right? OK?
        According to the English Version, the sacking of the PM is unconstitutional. right? OK?
        You see guys, when you state the problem succinctly as above, the solution comes out almost with no effort.
        Divide the PM post in to 2 halves. The English half will be handed over to Ranil and the Sinhala half to Mahinda.
        So you see people, the solution is very simple. After all, it is not rocket science.

  • 2

    Police made this same request before Namal’s failed protest rally and the court rejected it.

    “The Colombo Magistrate’s Court has issued an injunction order preventing UNP protesters from causing an inconvenience to the public, disturbing the peace and also them from entering the premises of any public institutions within today (30).

    The court order was issued by Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage following a request made by Cinnamon Gardens Police.”

    Kangaroo courts will not disappoint you.

  • 17

    By December Sirisena will be in the dustbin of history.

    • 9

      I too think this guy is history unless Sri Lankans are real stupid.

      • 2

        Upali & Burt,
        Because of the action he took in 2015, he could have gone into history book of Sinhale (aka Sri Lanka) as a traitor. But as a result of undoing the mistake and saving the country from an unpatriotic traitor he will go into history book as a hero. Sinhala people will forgive him for the blunder committed in 2015.

    • 2

      This Modaya, Gamarala Sillysena is in deepshit, if they impeach him, neither SLFP nor UNP or any other party will take him and even the public will not vote for him. Surely he will be thrown to the dustbin of political history. Only thing is, he will be saved from going 6 feet under.

  • 0

    What ever it is MS has proven to the world how power hungry this disgrace new PM is,he brought him to his feet,how shamelessly bending down to get wishes from one time senior,

    There was a time how high he was,he wanted to have no time limit for as prez,but he was ended up as a ordinary MP, if
    siresena would have choose other than MR family it may would have that far.
    How he loosing his self respect,he is surrounded by thugs,thrives,murderers drug dealers etc they always praise him as a king, for own survival,i

  • 0

    “48. (1) On the Prime Minister ceasing to hold office by death,
    resignation or otherwise, except during the period intervening
    between the dissolution of Parliament and the conclusion of
    the General Election, the Cabinet of Ministers shall, unless the
    President has in the exercise of his powers under Article 70,
    dissolved Parliament, stand dissolved and the President shall
    appoint a Prime Minister, Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers,
    Ministers who are not members of the Cabinet of Ministers and
    Deputy Ministers in terms of Articles 42, 43, 44 and 45: “
    – The word “otherwise” is open to interpretation.

  • 1

    If UNP impeaches the President, I will expect Rajapakshe will support the impeachment. He is man who will forgive the enemy ( Ranil) but won’t forgive the traitor ( Siresena, who back stapped him).

  • 1

    I have experienced two insurrections and a civil war which are rebellions against the state but,
    what took place in the evening of Friday 26th October was a coup d’etat against the voters of
    this land by the Head of State of my country for who I voted on 08/01/2015.

  • 1

    The Architect of Executive Presidency and the relevant Constitution is J.R.Jayawardane who is the uncle of Ranil Kolu Wickramasinghe.

    When the Constitution is prepared with Ranil and bunch of Homo Sexuals raised the hand and voted for the constitution. when the situation arises and started applying the very conditions in the constitution for which they have voted and passed specially against Kolu wickramasinghe, he feels the pain. The same rules applied at the time he was appointed in January 2015 when he had only 46 MPs, he did not feel any pain.

    Similarly, proroguing the parliament is also constitutional and right of the Executive Presidency.

    • 0

      Correct, except that the powers of the executive presidency were changed when the 19h amendment was made. Under it the president no longer has the power to remove the PM. Anything that happened before the 19th amendment is a completely different story because then the president had the power to do whatever he wanted.

  • 1


    1) we beleive that you have masterplanned and led the daylight robbery of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

    2) We beleive that you gave 40,000 thousand figure human losses in the final days of annihilation of LTTE to UNHCR.

    3) We beleive that you are homo-sexual – Sama lingika.

    4) We beleive that you have delayed the presentation of Bill for corruption to reduce the time taken for punishment takes 15 years to one year to the parliament deliberately.

    5) We beleive that you have proposed or ecouraged through Constitiutional council to prepare a new constitution to give a separate state as Orumiththa Nadu and removing secial position given to Buddhism on a platter where even LTTE FAILED by a 30 year terrorism.

    6) We beleive that you have entered in to Ceasfire agreement with LTTE on several occassions to placate them with separate state without even the consent of the Head of the state.

    7) We beleive that you brought a bill and trying to get the approval from the Cabinet that all foreigners can purchase land outright in Sri Lanka.

    If you can say no please tell so, I challenge you.

  • 0

    Sacking of RW had the hallmarks of a coup. Appointing MR confirmed that it was a coup. The coup is toxic to some but ethereal to some.

    Under coup-governance, protests are not allowed. What is exactly aim of the coup-puppeteer/s?
    Is the clumsiness of the coup a cloak to shield something else?

  • 0

    SPeaker should be fearless and open parliament as soon as possible, he has the right to do it , BUT WHY is he dilly dally ing has he too been paid something to toe the wrong line? People will lose faith in him too.
    Rajapaksas will do anything to get what they want mostly illegally
    so why cannot the UNF too show their mettle?

  • 0

    It is time for the civil society to take over the leadership of this protest campaign and carry out the structure relentlessly until democracy and rule of law are restored.

    leadership of this movement should be under civil society for good governance, not under any political party or under any individual

    If we fail to learn lesson from th past we will find history repeat itself again

  • 0

    If the firing of the Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesighe by the President is illegal. Why is no one taking this to the courts? ONLY TALK, NO ACTION!!!!!
    Protest will not do anything. Look at US- Trump is still President!!!

  • 2

    If Ranil W says that betraying the people’s trust and mandate is despicable, he should have brought in the legislature stop MPs from crossing over.
    In my opinion, Sri Lanka lost its democracy on the day that the crossing over of MPs/ other members of different local government bodies between political parties was ruled to be constitutional.

    Ever since these political representatives have been franchising the peoples vote to the highest bidder @ the appropriate time.

  • 0

    When Friday 2nd Parliament meets RW once he asserts his position as PM once again, should strike while the iron is hot and line up all the Criminal/Fraud cases against all and imprison them. Thereafter immediately Impeach Bamboo Sira and try him and MR for Treason. Punishment death. Remember how Gota threatened to hang SF for Treason? Rid the country of all these undesirables for the greater ood of many.

  • 2

    so far not a single foreign country, inc India and China, has acknowledged Mahinda as PM or sent congratulatory message.

  • 1

    “Harin Fernando described Sirisena as the “hopper man” (Appaya) and apologized to the party supporters for requesting them to vote for Sirisena.”

    Some of us who were wiser then were shocked at the entire circus around the common candidate, when we knew better (at least Ranil W was an experienced man in fighting – let’s say managing – the LTTE). At that time Sirisena was just a front man to get Ranil W in by the back door as executive prime minister – a move foiled by our beloved Supreme Court.

    The tragedy is that we all knew he was a ‘hopper man’ then. Remember the 100 days programme? Even his supporters thought it was all public relations hype. The 2015 campaign was founded on the bedrock of disengeniuty.. All because Ranil W was badly advised not to come forward as challenger to MR.

    Once this matter is settled one way or the other (17 days more?) then Mr. Ranil W best start planning for the 2020 elections, with the anti-government vote he has a good chance of forming an UNP government.

    If he re-instated then what? The President will block his every move. Are they going to re-instate the cabinet as well? Why is the MR group so confident?

  • 0

    why did not ranil shout that we are prepared to shed our blood for the country and constitution. Premedasa would have hollered in similar circumstances.Bit too much to ask from ranil i suppose.


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