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UNP Monks Fire Salvo At Sajith

The Sajith faction of the United National Party was dealt a severe blow when the United Bhikku Front that recently proposed sweeping reforms to the party’s leadership structure expressed disappointment with the Hambantota District MP for causing serious damage to the UNP.

Thiniyawala Palitha

“He is causing the greatest damage to the party by collaborating with certain media organisations,” the United Bhikku Front Secretary Thiniyawala Palitha Thero told a media briefing yesterday.

Premadasa refused to sit on the Leadership Council chaired by Karu Jayasuriya claiming he could not “renege” on promises to members of the United Bhikku Front and the Maha Sangha.

Sirasa Media and the Ceylon Today and Mawbima newspapers are strongly backing Premadasa and the anti-Ranil faction that is demanding the ouster of Ranil Wickremesinghe from all positions of leadership within the Party. Premadasa is believed to have refused to sit on the Council at the behest of the proprietors of these two media organisations. Both Sirasa and the Mawbima Group have been on the rampage against Jayasuriya and the Leadership Council since its formation.

But the Bhikku Front Secretary said if Premadasa continued to refuse to be involved in the leadership council, he would have to face the consequences of that action.

“The Party will make a decision on this Sajith faction at the Party Convention on 21 December,” the monk said.

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