17 April, 2024


UNP Needs A 100-Day Revival Plan Before Parliamentary Polls

By Rasika Jayakody

Rasika Jayakody

The United National Party — the party I am affiliated with — is now grappling with the after-effects of a landslide defeat at the recently concluded Presidential election.

Its candidate, Sajith Premadasa, lost with a resounding margin of 1.4 million votes. Although many assumed the election would be a neck-to-neck fight, the SLPP candidate, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, crossed the finish line with ease, even without any notable support from ethnic minorities.

Sajith Premadasa was — and still is — the UNP’s most popular leader. He received an emotional response from UNP supporters when he visited his campaign office at Vauxhall Street days after his election. Many who gathered at his Vauxhall Street campaign office said it was because of him that the party even managed 5.5 million votes at the election. Had it not been him, the UNP would have faced a far more humiliating defeat.

The people’s verdict was premeditated and not just a knee-jerk reaction to the massive propaganda campaign launched by the SLPP. The people were determined to send the ‘yahapalanaya’ government home, irrespective of the candidate fielded by the UNP-led alliance. It was due to this strong public resentment towards the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government that Gotabaya Rajapaksa was given a natural advantage right from before campaigning even began.

But in my view, what contributed the most to the outcome of the election were the Easter Sunday terror attack. The public held the previous government responsible for the security lapses leading to the chain of explosion that claimed over 260 lives. Although it was former President Maithripala Sirisena, the leader of the SLFP, who functioned as the Commander-in-Chief and the Cabinet Minister of Defence at the time, it is the view of the people that every single member of the former government, including Premadasa, was responsible for the breakdown in the defence apparatus.

Public resentment was also fueled by the alleged anti-Sinhala Buddhist outlook of the UNP — an incorrect portrayal if there ever was one, created by the ultra-nationalist elements supporting the SLPP campaign and by pro-Rajapaksa media. Some myopic and politically incorrect statements by senior members of the Cabinet targeting Buddhist monks made their job much easier.

This led the majority Sinhala-Buddhists to vote en masse against the UNP-led alliance’s candidate Sajith Premadasa, who had relatively moderate policies on minority issues. By doing so, the majority Sinhala-Buddhists have also demonstrated their collective power as a political force.

But the Presidential election is now over. The UNP’s next big challenge is the upcoming Parliamentary election. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa made it clear to his allies that the current Parliament would be dissolved during the first week of March. Going by this statement, the UNP will have approximately 100 day before it must begin to make preparations for campaign battle.

I would venture the UNP embark on a 100-day plan for the party’s revival before the Parliamentary election. It is already abundantly clear that the new government is failing to meet the expectations of the urban and suburban middle class, which also voted overwhelmingly for Rajapaksa. The UNP’s prospects at the Parliamentary election will hinge on the party’s ability to channel this general disappointment into the UNP-led campaign.

To do this, the UNP needs a revival plan that enforces drastic internal reforms, reorganizes the party and invests in perception management.

The internal reforms should ensure that the UNP leadership is appealing to voters. Voters have been  let down in numerous ways by the UNP-led government over the past four years and there is a strong public outcry for ‘change’ within the party. It is imperative the party appoints a new party leader before the Parliamentary polls— it is critical to reignite the hopes of seemingly dispirited party supporters.

It also became evident during the Presidential election that the UNP’s election machinery had a lot to learn from the SLPP campaign. While the UNP focused heavily on massive election rallies and macro-level campaigning, the SLPP launched a more personalized and data-driven campaign with a strong emphasis on house-to-house campaigning. Going forward, the UNP needs to revitalize their grassroots-level machinery, especially their village-level organizations, in order to be better able to compete with the robust SLPP network at the Parliamentary election.

The most important component of the UNP’s revival plan must be the formulation of a clear strategy for perception management, and area the party was exceedingly weak in while in power. It was due to the absence of a perception management strategy that the SLPP was able to mobilize the support of the Sinhala-Buddhist community, tarring the UNP’s image with an anti-national brush. The UNP-led government never treated effective political communication as a priority and it cost the UNP dearly this Presidential election. Going forward, the UNP must be portrayed correctly in the eyes of all ethnic and religious communities, including the majority Sinhala-Buddhists!

The implementation of the revival plan must take place immediately as the clock is already ticking. It is vital for the UNP to find an amicable solution to the issue of party leadership and ensure the party moves in one direction with the same purpose.

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  • 31

    Wonder how Batalanda Ranil has the courage to look at Sajit in his eyes? what a pathological liar and hypocrite Ranil is, this shameless drunkard who boozed his way thru’ over 40 yrs with tax payers money – to hell with you.

    • 16

      Rasika Jayakody,

      UNP needs 100 day revival plan.

      The first 10 days should be used to a plan for replacing the 70-year old Ranil W with 52 -old Sajith P, and asking Ranil W to gracefully retire, and hand over the leadership to Sajith.

      Will Ranil W write and move on, or hang on like a leach, sucking the UNP?

      • 6

        Fully agree with Mr.Amarasiri’s comment. A real LEACH!!!

        • 1


          The problem isn’t the leach

          It’s others who can’t manage the leach

          That means Sajith is inferior to Ranil too.

          So it’s a powerful leach.

      • 4

        Having done what Amasiri suggests, Sajith should not commit to or offer nominations, to those tainted with bond scam and other corruptions, to contest parliamentary elections. They can be offered some glorified roles as back room boys with title ‘X advisor’ just so that they do not cause unnecessary problems, but to keep them happy.

        Above all, front line leadership must be offered to dedicated, competent, energetic, brilliant minds who know their beans and are capable of taking their game to the opposition.

        During this 100 day period make these people commute on public transport, strike conversation with people understand the issues they face, these are really key if the party is to reconnect with the masses.

        Do not wait for the media to come to you, instead these front liners should walk the talk and make the effort to engage the media and grab headlines on key issues that affects the voter and expose the opposition at every slip that they make and call their bluff on bread and butter issues that matter most to the average voter.

        100 days will vanish in a blink of an eye, so get on and get on fast to make the parliamentary election a success!

      • 3

        In the Good old days, UNP was referred to as Uncle Nephew Party. Even during that time, things were not as bad as now. With the taker over of UNP by Ranil things went from bad to worse. Not only the UNP, but even the TNA has also been brought to naught by the Scheming Ranil. Although JR was referred to as a Cunning Fox, Ranil may have to be referred to as a Smiling Fox, who smiles and while he smiles cut the heart of his apparent friends and foes simultaneously. The devil must be given its due merits. He was responsible for Karuna’s defection too.

      • 0

        Amarasiri ,

        Seriously talking , U N P has only sixty days to stop worrying
        about another defeat ! Election time is speculated in April .
        Campaigns need kick off early March so, by the end of February
        Candidates should be ready ! Now ,where do you get this 100 days
        revival talks ? This 100 days remind us Ranil’s 100 days after his
        best man My3 ascending the throne and Ranil celebrating ,
        distributing gifts to the voters ! Sajith has to find the perfect match
        to the S L P P in every district . Revolutionary changes have to
        take shape not in eliminating corruption or fraud but embracing
        them on grass root level because this is what majority has voted
        in ! The best revival is to reverse all you did in the president
        election ! Also find out who advised him on Tampon ! If the majority
        Buddhists don’t want unity then at least minimise talking about it !
        It is also better for Sajith not to guarantee that he follows his father
        because he needs to understand his father’s down sides as well !

  • 28

    Say it with me, everyone:




    • 1

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    • 0

      Ranil must go.
      Sajith must not come.
      Someone needs to look at voting in the presidential election to decide who really are popular rather than living on myths. Sajith is less popular than even Vajira Abeywaradene.

  • 16

    First things first. America’s puppet Bondscam Ranil and his cronies network, who have debilitated national institutions to sell Lanka to the US need to go NOW – in order for the UNP to be revived.
    People of Lanka understood the threat that MCC, SOFA and ACSA pose to Lanka, even if RW and his morally and intellectually bankrupt cronies did not.

    Time for the next generation to take over and lead from the front.

    • 2

      UNP was in two minds with regards to MCC,SOFA,AND ACSA. the initial work to get this signed by USA is already done.INDIA has already pledge for USD450 MILLION.SLPP have no way after the general elections THEY HAVE NO CHOICE OTHER THAN BOW DOWN TO AMERICAN PRESSURE.please await for 100 more days and see what is going to happen.

    • 3

      FYI, SOFA was signed by mahinda govt. only in utter secrecy in 2006. This was not even revealed in the parliament at that time.

  • 5

    Don’t worry Mr Jayakody.. No need for even any Boot Camps let alone 100 Day Revivals.

    Dr Ranil has already taken the keys to the Opposition Leaders Office with him after Keselwatta Kid went to Yala after the Election.

    Just imagine the array of Luminaries Dr Ranil has, to put forward at the next Election..
    Mangala Sanaraweera,
    Hirunickers .
    Ranjan Ramanayaka .
    Galleon Kaunanayaka .
    Rajith Senarathna
    Malik Samarawickrema. .
    Chatura Senarathna ‘
    Kabir Hasheem and perhaps even Dambra Amila and Dr Mervyn Silva.
    Not forgetting Field Marshal Ponseka,

    Keselwatta Kid of course hasn’t got many shining stars unlike the Boss Dr Ranil,
    After writing those Foot Notes clearing Aloysious and his Father in Law , even the few he has like Ajith Perera and the Elite Boy Senanasinghe haven’t much clout now among Dalits who flocked to Kesellwatta Kid for Free Sanitary Pads, Free Fibro Cements, Free Midaday Meals and AI Parks and AI Schools.

    Another major issue is whether the Kid has to bring Abraham and Sivajilingam too on to stage like he did at the last Election , along with Bathudeen and that dancing Hakeem, to explain to the Dalits in the South what conditions are in those Two MOUs which the Kid ticked off last time.

    UNP MP Niroshan was bragging on Balaya TV that Keselwatta Kid won easily in the Hub of the Bible Belt. trying to allay the fears of Easter Sunday.

    Nirishan said Negambo inhabitants always vote UNP .
    This is to imply that they have no issues with Zaharans any more…
    But then Bathudeen never came to Negambo to address any Meets lat time . Did he?..

    Any way which faction are you aligned with Mr Jayakody?..

    • 4

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      You never liked in office or out of office anyway.
      Why bother?
      It is UNP’s internal matter and not yours.

      You better concentrate on Gota’s white vanning enterprise. Within days of Gota’s coronation his dutiful Guntas white vanned a Swiss Embassy staff with or without his permission as if they are helping their boss. Ask yourself a question if you are normal person, where does the buck stop.

      Who is in charge of these white van Guntas?
      If Gota is not who is then? Are the Guntas operating under the unwritten devolved powers acquired between 2005 and 2015? You ought to be ashamed of yourself for not questioning Gota and his Guntas. Is it the old hand the single handed war winning smart patriot at the Defence secretariat who ordered the kidnap ? Perhaps he is in the process of covering up this inhumane undiplomatic incident.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        It must be one of those MODI Ambulances which picked her up .Or him..
        Read the Official Statement from the SWISS Embassy where that Dr Ranil’s CID mate has taken refuge..

        Anyway I thought you would focus on the SKILLS of Dr Ranil’s TEAM which will be fronting up to our Electors in the South soon.
        And tell us what a fabulous , yeoman service they have done for 5 years.
        And tell our Electors to vote for them to save the Country from Sinhala Buddhists.

        The same way as your TNA Buddies told their mates all over the Island to Vote for Keselwatta Kid to prevent a Sinhala Buddhist becoming the President .

        • 3

          KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

          What Modi Ambulance has to do with the Swiss Embassy employee and her family?
          When are you going to respond to my comment? Give it a try.

          The 20,000 members of saffron brigade, old single handed fellow war criminals, local thugs, corrupt cronies, ……………………….. worked hard to elivitae a national hangman to the office of president.
          What is Gota going to give them in return?
          Gota is obliged to to his cronies, guntas, ….. and his saffron brigade.
          How is he going to satisfy them?
          He is going to find it most difficult to put the genie back into the bottle?
          If Gota does not keep the genie/devil busy, genei/devil will keep him busy.

    • 6

      SLPP rigged the elections. That’s well known.

    • 2

      KA Sumane
      Don’t you get tired of being given the thumbs down?
      Or is it the thumbs down that gives you the kicks.
      You are a psycho with a streak of sadism.
      Or do they count the thumbs down when they pay you for the crap you say.
      Either way you are a sadomasochistic dirty old sewer rat with a one track mind to me.
      That english speaking monk has messed you up real bad.

    • 3

      Sajith lost in chilaw, nattandiya, wennappuwa, katana, ja-ela and kelaniya (seat where christian majority area peliyagoda part of), he only won negombo and wattala two seats where high percentage of muslims and tamils resides and moratuwa won by gota; puttalam and mannar which previously had christian majority now have muslim majority, if we don’t do anything to prevent that invasion we will have majority muslim wattala and negombo, mabola which is part of wattala already became kattankudy of west; some buddhist majority areas also in danger of islamic invasion galle kandy are prime examples, beruwala where gota won only by 383 votes is another example, mawanella nawalapitiya gampola and akurana are the areas we already have lost, some hindu majority areas in north and east where love jihad is prominent like kerala too will have muslim majority, mannar which is heartland of tamil christians became the area rules by rishad badurdeen and his jihadists

    • 1

      100 days not enough. 10 years minimum. Some say 20.


      • 3


        “100 days not enough. 10 years minimum. Some say 20.”

        I say 100 years.
        Punishment must fit the crime.
        Minimum 100 years of rigorous imprisonment, with no possibility of parole or presidential pardon.

  • 17

    Remove Ranil from leadership. Otherwise UNP has no future. Highlight Gota’s false promises cost of living increase, oppression, racism and nepotism.

  • 9

    when Yahapalanaya or Horapalanaya began during the 100 day period within 40 or 50 days they emptied the bank. Roamed in Indonesia, Belgium, Washington etc., to buy money.
    Now when they can do it in 50 days why do they need 100 days,

  • 16

    Sajith needs to take leadership of the UNP. There are numerous traitors within the UNP who are now coming out of the woodworks. They can go join the SLPP. The UNP will be strong again with loyalty to Sajith.

    • 2

      Steve – “The UNP will be strong again with loyalty to Sajith.” I concur, but it is going to take a long, long time for our grass eaters (voters) to understand that. The Rajafucksha mafia will be in power until they eat the rest of the pie leaving “Sorry Lanka” high and dry!

  • 7

    I agree with everything in your essay. I’m not a member of UNP but began to support it b’cos it has best talent. But talen become redundant without a strong leadership capable of communicating with general public. I also sent several messages to a few party leaders I keep (distant) contact with emphasizing the important of building a grass-root communication network. In this age of internet & mobile phones, this a very simple task but it didn’t happen.

    Ranil is an extremely poor communicator either on stage or in person. Cameras clearly show how he looks very uneasy among people. It is unfortunate that Ranil is still trying to hold on power hoping to hand it over to someone of his choice. According to internal rumors, his first choice is Ravi or Navin. Ravi is very poor choice b’cos of Bond Scam allegation while Navin, though having a clean character, also lacks an appealing vibrant charisma. If it is up to me, I would prose Sajith (first in popularity), Harsha (equally popular & highly talented but weak on stage), Patalee (needs to win the trust of minorities but otherwise very good) and Rajitha (shows some immaturity occasionally).

    Who ever may come, time is now to show the colors of leadership b’cos party loyalists are waiting anxiously to hear a good news.

  • 1

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  • 2

    Elephant will come in track and partake in Perahera No more confusions. This is the time for the elephant to relax before the general election.

  • 6

    UNP needs an aggressive leader who should be able to create the fear among Sinhala masses as Mahinda did in the past. During this campaign primary threat was American millennium agreement. I am sure Gota will also go with that agreement with America. So, the UNP leader should be able to turn the same fear against Gotabaya @ Mahinda. Mahinda cannot ignore the Chinese and definitely there will be more agreements. So, any western or eastern investment plan agreements should be the focal point of the leader. Ranil is not fit for that and Sajith could be the best counter attacker. Another aspect is that you should not say anything bad against any Monk even if the Monk rape your partner or a drug dealer. Let the Mahanayake’s to deal with that and keep silence. Similarly focus on creating fear among Sinhalese about whatever they do whether it is right or wrong.

  • 6

    Sadly the UNP has many charlatans , but very few people of stature . My pick is Ruwan Wijewardena who is streets ahead of everybody else in terms of character , integrity and ability.

  • 8

    Ranil should not b anywhere near revival. He is truly a pain. He appears betraying any one for his and his cronies gain. Why UNP revival took so long since 1994 is because this incompetent guy in terms of many a leadership qualities is at the top with his equally incompetent cronies. This guy is person who thinks leadership to wait till time solves the problem. No leaders use the time to make things happen the way they want. As a political leader this guy cannot either get power or retain it. It is also a fact that he is nationally acceptable. It is not because he is unreasonably lablelled. He is labelled so because of his inability to relate to common masses. A lot of myths surrounds him. Some say he has a good knowledge of economics. My foot. He lives in his dreams. Dreaming won’t do. You have to get things done. You got to initiate organize, coordinate and see that what is planned is achieved. He is characteristically a person who allows others to call shots. UNP followers have suffered under him. He is very poor in managing relationships. Could not manage Chandrika and also Maithripala Sirisena. Therefore every time when power was got for him by others he couldn’t retain it. And all the hardwork done by others reversed. Now 2015 achievements of all democracy loving people put in danger. Some say he has a goog knowledge of parliamentary practices. In the parliament also he could not go across to all in other parties and win them over. He thinks he is being smart when he protects the rogues. He is no more than a betrayer of the highest order. Even a dumb guy if had been in politics would learn to make a speech in 43 years.

  • 4

    First Priority is that the traitorous bastard Ranil .W. must be gotten rid of if the UNP has any chance.

  • 5

    I am a retired Senior Police Officer. Whilst in service,I had to face many difficult situations,punishment transfers etc etc because of him.I sent him an appeal requesting justice be meted out to me pertaining to a grave injustice done to me by some authorities and I am sorry to say that I did not even receive a letter of acknowledgement to date. He is an ungrateful & thankless person.So with his Minister of ,public Law & Order and the Secretary General of the party.

  • 1

    2015’s 100 days Law and Order restoration of Yahapalanaya still waiting. Sampanthar Aiya may say an alternate as keep it to next Tamil-Sinhala New Year.
    JVP said Polices are running aboard fearing of thieves.
    When New King scrambled the Law and Order officials to suit 4/21, Ranil (including Cabinet) ignored it thinking to take the defense of he was not invited to defense meetings. Then National Unity Yahapalanaya bombed the Tamils Churches for Royals’ resurrection.
    Ranil pawned the UNP to save the War Criminals. He took alone on UNHRC, UN,India, US, EU and, further, in his last days, even with China. Royals created a Royal Slap Party and come back. He conducted a LG election absolutely at an untimely time for Yahapalanaya’s split. He did his best to block TNA from having punished the Coup leaders in 2018. Thus Ranil sacrificed UNP’s soul, wealth and body for the flourishing of Nava Gemunu Dynasty. Ranil is a marvelous mastermind, who saved his opponents to come back and implement the Sinhala Buddhist Dutugamunu (Hindu Tamil King – Kathirkamam) Legacy. But the sad thing is the faithless Sinhala Buddhists kicked on the butt of Ranil (though we don’t know if Ranil wanted to win Nov., 2019 election).
    Five years ago, Royals could not take internal and external political pressure. So they conducted the election to become sole emperors of the land. When it failed, they ran out of TTH. Sinhala Buddhist Modayas, the Royals, have only two weeks’ memory. They forgot running away, 5 years ago. So now, as first thing to do, King is forced to mark his attendance on the master PM Modi’s register. It is not over there. This is like a Tamil move in which the husband had too many wives and being torn toward all ways. So if King marks on Modi’s register that is not enough. He will have to see the Principal (president Xi Jinping). Then America, Australia, France

    • 3

      Mally, Do you call your Mates Modayas ?..Doesn’t matter.

      Our Madayas taught a lesson not only to Dr Ranil and his mates, but also to the new Samapthar, Abraham , Bathudeen , Sivajilingam and Rauf Hakeem alliance who desperately tried to finish off the Sinhala Buddhists Influence in their own Turf.

      I thought it was strange for Sampathar and Abraham to go bed with Bathideen and Hakeem who tried to cover up the Easter Suicide in Kochikade and even Zion Church through Dr Ranil’s PSC.
      Anyway it is all history.

      • 0


        I do not call the Vellala Sampanthar & Abraham as “Royals” either (that should balance off your worry) because unlike Karavas, Vellalas don’t become Royals.

        Further Sumane, Green turf is Sampanthar’s carpet and Red one is Royals’s turf. Sampanthar made this time the border line clear, a doubt stood there after Leader Pirapaharan’s time. It is solved now and no one may, in future, overstep their boundaries.

        Feel better. For the cart to move, the wheel has to roll.

  • 2

    If UNP is to be revived, Champika Ranawaka Like person should be elected. Ranil is very dumb. Sajith is very immature. that is why Ranil kept Sajith ats the Deputy. Mangala, CBK, Ranil ganged destroyed immature Sajith. The way Sajith Talked, Sri lankan would go to instability within days his election. Mangala would run the country.

    • 0

      Exactly, Sajith sounded hollow in his campaign speeches with so many fool hardy promises; His “I” dominated the whole campaign. The spirit of the UNP – United National Party was nowhere to be seen or heard. The lead up to his nomination was marked by disrespect and haughtiness. By that he created a divisive atmosphere within the party by which Mr Wickramasingha was victimised. He hasn’t been able to win in his own electorate which is very telling. Nothing positive can be expected by such immature, self-centered and selfish behaviour. Champika Ranawaka and Harsha would be much better for leadership at this moment.

  • 1

    I gave Sajith and the UNP my vote to prevent our country falling into the abyss of authoritarianism, although I did not think Sajith was presidential material. Unfortunately, the UNP does not have many candidates who have both mass appeal and competence. With Ranawaka, you will lose my vote, due to his racist tendencies, and Harsha does not have enough appeal in the rural areas. So the UNP will have to manage right now with what it has but it needs to search for new candidates to face the general election. Unless the UNP gets rid of its baggage both within the party and among its allies, it has no chance of preventing the SLPP from getting a two thirds majority. It is high time for the corrupt, the inept, the inane and the senile to be thrown out – at the minimum, Ranil Wicremasinghe, Ravi Karunanayake, Malik Samarawickrema, Rajitha Senaratne, Palitha Thewarapperuma, Tissa Attanayake, Rishad Bathiudeen must go. With friends like these, who needs enemies? My vote will certainly not go to the UNP unless it shows a major transformation.

    • 0

      Mani ,

      The real issue today is , racism that has taken centre stage in
      our neighbourhood countries and elsewhere in some developed
      countries and the difference of its effect between developed
      countries and ourselves is , the intensity . In developed countries ,
      people are not politicised so everyday life is not affected at all but
      in our case , the main focus is , inflicting maximum mental harm
      and wherever possible , minimum physical harm to maintain
      supremacy over the weak . It is an uphill task for anyone , let alone
      Ranil , to be on balance to all sides . And Ranil being a total failure
      on all other areas is just out of the frying pan to the fire . But one
      thing seems to be very clear , creating racial tension to clear the
      clouds is , nothing but the last resort , just a step before a
      dictatorship . This is a very serious situation . And more shocking is ,
      many from the majority Buddhist Sinhalese voiced in support of a
      tough handling of the country , falling just exactly where Rajapakshas
      wanted them to ! Nobody will find an easy path against their dream
      come true one day, as per their wishes . Sajith could be just another
      time pass until then.

  • 2

    We want a new leader for UNP to lead the party from front Ranil has to step down from the party leadership the new leader should be able to criticize the government every wrong move they make for that we need a strong leader for UNP to protect the country and peoples rights Ranil cannot perform because of Bond scam he is scared

  • 1

    Is is like the 100 day plan of the Yahapalana regime?
    Then no worries. Nothing will happen!

  • 0

    One thing many of us in this forum did at the president election was
    that perfectly choosing only two front runners among 35 candidates
    and naming them as Gota vs Sajith and the third one being A K D .
    This is what we call , EXPERIENCE IS OUR GUIDE ! We don’t need to
    go on writing books of thousands of pages to describe the situation .
    Well , many of us were not quite sure about a real winner than having
    preferences to our liking ! One thing quite obvious about the outcome is ,
    2015 and this one , both were fought on racist card and especially
    Muslims being the target ! Luckily , there are about 2.5 – 3 million
    Sinhalese U N P ers and a near half a million J V P ers who stood
    against this racism or against family rule or for some other reason .The
    point now for U N P is , accurately identifying the cause of loss to Gota.
    Ranil was definitely one weakness but how much was that out of 1.4
    million ? How many of those who were in Sajith’s closest circle spoilt
    the soup , not by intention but stupidity ? The opponent’s strongest
    weapon is racism and what is U N P weapon to destroy it ? U N P
    promises of welfare packages were all rejected for Sinhala Buddhist
    supremacy to which there was no obvious threat from inside or
    outside ! A huge terror scene , a massive security lapse , loss of lives
    and an Enemy community , all were created to perfectly fit the agenda
    of Yahapalana opponents and their Heroism against L T T E war !
    What is your formula to address these real facts that are their winning
    mantras !

  • 1

    Let me tell you. Premadasa is not the solution. He is just a buffalo leading the Donkeys. Your party took a dump on the majority and they in turn took a dump on you.

  • 0

    I know Rasika will not read my comment but I would like to say why UNP failed and will fail very frankly.
    Because UNP has no allegiance to the country. A party that does not have allegiance to a country cannot and should not come into power. The general public realises that at least now. Just look how UNP and specially Ranil acted during Norwegian sponsored peace process aka gaining international sympathy and support for LTTE initiative!
    Look at how UNP and Ranil acted when Sri Lanka was fighting LTTE during 2009. The UNP acted as if they are an NGO ruled by Norwegian money

    UNP co sponsored a resolution against Sri Lanka
    UNP hates war victory, insults SL army, equates SL army and LTTE. UNP fails to acknowledge SLs right to defend her from terrorism and fails to stand for that right as a political party. UNP was taking very apologetic stance for destroying LTTE. You dont apologise for destroying LTTE to the west or LTTE supporters. You defend our right to destroy it. You insulted those who freed us. Look at the street art demonstrating peoples’ love towards those who freed us. And imagine what they felt towards UNP.
    UNP tried to make SL federal where each province became a federal unit. A fragile Sri Lanka and a recipe for disaster. And UNP lied about that. Does UNP really think it can deceive ppl in SL? ekeeya for Sinhala and Orumitta nadu for Tamil? Who the hell do you think ppl are?
    You made Sri Lanka a door mat for foreign powers. Western embassies were ruling SL. Their NGOs infiltrated into governing structure.
    And why should ppl vote for a party that has no allegiance towards Sri Lanka? But allegiance and subservience towards the whites, Indians, LTTE?

  • 0

    Look at MCC agreement saga. Didnt Mangala and Ranil try to sign the MCC deal in secret? Wasnt 800 million house a payment for MY3 for giving approval for that? Didnt Mangala threatened that he will present it to the parliament after signing the MCC? What is the use in presenting it to the parliament after signing it? That too when there was a huge uproar against it? Who the f**K is that Mangala to do that? And who prepared the so called development plan regarding relaxation of land holding laws? Isnt MCC targeting Sri Lanka’s lands?

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