21 May, 2022


US Draft Resolution: What The Ranil–Sirisena Govt Will Not Tell you!

By Tamara Kunanayakam

Tamara Kunanayakam

Tamara Kunanayakam

A US-sponsored draft resolution against Sri Lanka is back on the Human Rights Council agenda, this time with a vengeance and despite the RanilSirisena government’s conciliatory and obsequious pro-Washington, pro-Western stance!

There is no more Mahinda Rajapaksa to blame, no more pro-Beijing foreign policy, no more Non-Alignment, no more ‘megaphone diplomacy’ or ‘megaphone diplomats’, no more corruption. History dawned in Sri Lanka only on 8 January, before that, there was only darkness, violence and obscurantism. Today, enlightened leaders have flooded the land with newness, goodness, transparency, and unity, along with privileged relations with a much-maligned West.

So, what went wrong? A generous response would be our new, enlightened leaders read all the signs wrong. An accurate response would be they have something to gain from subservience to Washington’s interests.

When post-election triumphalism and declarations by flying US diplomats, even before the formation of a new Government, brought glad tidings that Washington would now support Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council, I drew attention to the fact that genuine ‘support’ in the UN Human Rights Council generally translates itself into ‘no resolution at all’. In a US-dominated world, ‘country-specific’ resolutions are a ‘soft power’ weapon to promote the strategic interests of its author, not anybody’s human rights.

Why is the US involved in Sri Lanka to the extent of dictating what should be done or not done? In May 2015, during his visit to Sri Lanka, the top US diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry, made no bones about Sri Lanka’s strategic importance to Washington. He said, “Your country sits at the crossroads of Africa, South Asia, and East Asia. … The Indian Ocean is the world’s most important commercial highway… And with its strategic location near deep-water ports in India and Myanmar, Sri Lanka could serve as the fulcrum of a modern and dynamic Indo-Pacific region.” The US could play a leadership role in making this happen “because we have a strong economy and an ability to be able to project.” It saw its role also as convenor, and partner.

The draft resolution – a system change

A closer examination of the recommendations in the US sponsored draft resolution is revealing.

The draft resolution is all about system change, a complete overhaul of Sri Lanka’s political, legal, security and defence system to serve the global interests of the United States. It is fully in line with the President Obama’s new National Security Strategy, launched in February 2015 and reflected soon after in the US Secretary of State’s May 2015 statement in Colombo. The State Secretary outlined a series of measures to be undertaken by the new Government – Constitutional reform, reform of the military, the judiciary, law enforcement, electoral processes, institutions such as the Parliament and Ministries, devolution of political power, and transfer of State responsibility for social matters to civil society, in particular.

In Geneva and Washington, the Sri Lankan Government is negotiating a consensus resolution. Given its ‘system change’ approach, even if the initial draft is ‘watered down’ and reduced from its present 26 operative paragraphs to just two, Washington will have achieved its objective. It must only retain the request to the Government to implement its own commitments and the equally wide-ranging recommendations of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and retain also the request to OHCHR to assess progress in their implementation and report to the Human Rights Council in 2016 and 2017. The Government would have committed itself, country, and people, and Sri Lanka will have a place guaranteed on the Council’s agenda for the next two years, without need for another resolution during this period!

Given the panoply of measures recommended, I will focus only on the most important, due to their political implications for Sri Lanka’s independence and sovereignty.

The Judiciary

The resolution holds Sri Lanka to the commitment made by the Government to establish a parallel judicial mechanism, and calls on the Government “to involve international investigators, prosecutors and judges in Sri Lanka’s justice processes.” The resolution also calls on all concerned to work together to determine the forms of international engagement “with Sri Lanka’s processes” and support for them.

Despite claims to the contrary by the Government and certain Sri Lankan commentators, the mechanism envisaged is indeed a hybrid court, and the “international involvement” is not the kind of international cooperation provided for under the UN Charter for the promotion and protection of human rights. Had that been the intention of the author, the language would have referred to the provision of expert advice or training for judges and lawyers to be requested by the Government.

Hybrid courts stand opposed to the human rights mechanisms envisaged by the UN Charter, unless when voluntarily agreed to. Instead of international assistance for local capacity building to enable domestic mechanisms to ensure the required protection, hybrid courts are a parallel system of justice composed of a mix of international and local staff, applying both international and national law, with foreign judges and domestic judges trying cases prosecuted and defended by teams of both local and foreign lawyers. They reflect a concrete application of the third pillar of R2P or the “Responsibility to Protect”, about which I have written at length on other occasions. The third pillar, an ideological tool of Washington that is subject to much controversy, authorises external “intervention” should the so-called “international community” deem that the State is unable or unwilling to protect its own citizens.

Hybrid courts, with the enormous investments they require, are generally funded, managed and run by Western countries and cater to Western interests, as, for example, in Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Iraq. Human Rights Watch, an NGO closely linked to the US foreign policy elite and one of the most influential pro-interventionist lobby, is already campaigning that the proposed hybrid court for Sri Lanka contain a majority of international judges and an international chief prosecutor “to best insulate the court from improper political and other interference.

Today, hybrid courts like the ad hoc international tribunals before them and the principle of universal jurisdiction, have lost credibility, not only because of their selective application to developing countries, but also because they have undermined the domestic judicial system, wherever they have been established.

The Parliament

The draft resolution contains recommendations that will seriously undermine the Parliament and its ability to hold the Government accountable to the people.

The most significant recommendation in this respect is, once again, based on a commitment made by the Sri Lankan Government, through its Foreign Minister, to establish domestic mechanisms toward truth seeking, justice, reparation, and non-recurrence and to give them the freedom to “obtain assistance, including financial, material and technical assistance, from international partners, including OHCHR.”

Now, on the Foreign Minister’s own admission, these mechanisms must still be “evolved and designed through a wide process of consultations involving all stakeholders, including victims.” Given that the consultations haven’t even begun, it is of utmost concern that the Government did not see it fit to submit the matter first to the country’s own Parliament to which it is accountable before announcing it to an international body. Not only did it provide the required ammunition to Washington, but it also placed the institution in which popular sovereignty is vested before a fait accompli.

Everywhere in the world, relations between States are conducted through a Foreign Ministry, with the Minister accountable to Parliament. In this rather unique case, the envisaged justice mechanisms will be accountable only to their funders, the international partners, including OHCHR, referred to in the draft resolution!

Given the gravity of the proposal, it is pertinent to take a look at the “international partners” that generally provide funding, staff, expertise and material support for such domestic mechanisms. Support for similar activities elsewhere, including those that are conducted by OHCHR, comes from the US, UK, and other rich Western countries. It must be recalled that the US Secretary of State, during his May 2015 visit to Sri Lanka, announced Washington’s preparedness “to furnish whatever legal, whatever technical assistance, whatever help” it can to support Sri Lanka with regard to justice and accountability.

Will our domestic mechanisms become the Trojan Horses through which the West will interfere in our internal affairs?

Other recommendations that undermine Sri Lanka’s internal political processes relate to the devolution of political authority, land use and ownership, and the direct call to the people of Sri Lanka to work with OHCHR, relevant international organisations and experts, in order “to determine appropriate forms of international support for and engagement with Sri Lanka’s processes.” Of a political character, these recommendations go beyond the mandate of the Human Rights Council and intrude also on matters that belong to the internal affairs of States.

Defence and national security

The recommendations aimed at transforming Sri Lanka’s security and defence system pose a more immediate danger to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, exposing the country to destabilisation from within and without and rendering it vulnerable to external aggression.

Among the most dangerous recommendations are demilitarisation of the North and East; wide-ranging security sector reforms, including employment in the security forces, security or intelligence units; the ending of military involvement in civilian activities; and the repeal and replacement of PTA with anti-terrorism legislation “in line with contemporary international best practices.

A question that comes immediately to mind is why the US is so eager to end Sri Lanka’s military involvement in civilian activities, given its own military’s engagement in, for instance, agriculture and education in rural areas in Afghanistan through the US Army Agribusiness Development Teams (ADT) or the Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP) that “enables local commanders in Afghanistan to respond with a nonlethal weapon to urgent, small-scale, humanitarian relief and reconstruction projects and services that immediately assist the indigenous population.” Another obvious question is why Sri Lanka is expected to demilitarise two-thirds of its coastline, when the US and its Western allies are tightening control over their own borders?

The recommendations can be fully comprehended only when read in conjunction with President Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ or ‘Rebalancing’ strategy to contain China, and the 2015 National Security Strategy, as applied to Sri Lanka in the May 2015 statement by the US Secretary of State. On the occasion of his visit, John Kerry, significantly, called on Sri Lanka to “look beyond its borders”, that is, away from its own border to new theatres of conflict and confrontation as an ally of Washington, “protecting vital sea lanes, and taking part in UN peacekeeping missions all over the world.”

With budgetary cuts and US involvement in other global adventures, ‘rebalancing’ against China requires allies who are ready to share the burden of securing the region. And, with a fully committed, pro-Washington regime at its helm, Sri Lanka would become “the fulcrum of a modern and dynamic Indo-Pacific region,” that ‘pivotal point’ or ‘agent’ in a strategic region where the US provides leadership on maritime security; promotes the Indo-Pacific Economic Corridor to connect South Asia to Southeast Asia; ensures secure, sustainable and accessible energy sources; addresses threats to democracy; and enhances preparedness for natural disasters that will be “more frequent and intense” due to climate change.

If national borders are no longer important and Sri Lanka’s military is transformed from a force protecting its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity to one defending US global interests, then the recommendation to demilitarise the North and East takes on new meaning. With two-thirds of the country’s coastline exposed to external aggression or externally engineered threats to its territorial integrity, and the only regional allies able to play a counterbalancing role alienated, Sri Lanka will only have the US Seventh Fleet to turn to for its defence and security.

Despite the illusion that is being created that history began on 8 January and notwithstanding the short memories and opportunism of politicians vying for power, the fact is that country has lived through an almost 30-year war against separatism and the horrors of terrorist attacks supported, trained and funded, directly or indirectly, by external powers. Today, the US is host to the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, the government in exile of the envisaged separate state in the North and East.

The implications for internal democracy are equally foreboding. President Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy sees the entire world as its ‘backyard.’ The threat to US interests can come from anywhere and justify US military intervention, “unilaterally, if necessary.” The document views virtually any form of economic, social or environmental disruption as a strategic security issue that potentially justifies US military intervention. “Threats or attacks” on “allies”, for instance, is considered a top strategic risk. What will this mean for Sri Lanka and for Sri Lankans? Will a social or political upheaval against the present regime be viewed as a “threat” or an “attack” on Washington’s ally?

Permanent OHCHR presence – a Trojan Horse?

The resolution also allows for the establishment of a permanent Western presence in the form of an OHCHR field office in Sri Lanka, which will have the combined function of investigation, monitoring, and governance. The draft resolution does what former High Commissioner Louise Arbour was unable to do at the height of the war, when Western efforts focused on strengthening the LTTE. At the time, the then Government, quite rightly, rejected the proposal to set up a such a field presence.

Although there is no express provision in the draft resolution, it is one of the recommendations of OHCHR that the Government will be required to implement. The field Office will not only assist in obtaining the required material, financial and technical support for implementation of the numerous recommendations, but will also monitor, assess and verify the implementation of the resolution, going beyond its General Assembly mandate.

It is public knowledge that OHCHR field offices are fully funded by the rich Western countries, and that most of the staff are directly or indirectly linked to the donors. It is also public knowledge that the offices are frequently utilised for destabilisation purposes and to gain a foothold in countries where a direct Western presence proves politically difficult. Their credibility, independence and impartiality have come into question wherever they are or have been, including in our own region, until recently the Government of Nepal asked OHCHR to leave the country.

There is no doubt that, through the OHCHR field office, Washington and London will take over the entire process in Sri Lanka and, for all practical purposes, the office will become the Trojan Horse that will permit direct US intervention in Sri Lanka.

The democratic choice

What does this ‘system change’ mean for Sri Lanka’s ability to defend itself against external aggression? What will it mean for the ability of its people to exercise their democratic rights? What will it ultimately mean for the country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity?

The unprecedented attack on Sri Lanka’s democratic institutions and on the means it has to defend itself against external threats or against destabilisation efforts has a single objective: to release the resources of the State, including its armed forces, to serve US global interests, while, at the same time, rendering the country dependent on Washington, and, therefore, subservient.

What are choices before the Government of Sri Lanka today?

The resolution has been drafted craftily to make it marketable to public opinion in Sri Lanka and, thus, help Washington’s newfound ally, and also to ease the fears of developing countries in the Human Rights Council, who will otherwise object to a precedent that could endanger their own independence and sovereignty. The text is scattered with references to voluntary commitments made by the Government of Sri Lanka and to domestic initiatives. International involvement is presented as support to these domestic processes, not a substitute.

Sri Lanka’s eagerness to negotiate with Washington and to arrive at a consensus has not gone unnoticed. With its aggressive stand against China, its condescending attitude toward the Non-Aligned Movement, and open flirtation with the West, the Yahapalanaya Government has alienated those countries in the Human Rights Council that could have come to its rescue.

Today, Sri Lanka stands alone. On one side, it faces a determined United States coercing it to join its camp in its confrontational logic with China, Russia, Iran and potentially, even India, in a region of utmost strategic importance to it. On the other side, Sri Lanka is eyed with deep suspicion and distrust by the developing countries, but also Russia, with which it, nevertheless, shares common interests.

One option facing the Government of Sri Lanka is consensus, another word for capitulation, given that it is negotiating from a position of utter weakness with the global superpower. The option is to oppose the resolution and return home with the dignity of one who has defended higher ideals. Consensus means that Sri Lanka has acquiesced with the conditions, with all their implications for country and people. Opposing the resolution will require that the Government backtracks, swallow a lot of pride, and returns to an ally of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, one of the members of the Human Rights Council with the authority to call for a vote.

Whatever decision the Ranil – Sirisena Government takes in Geneva, ultimately, the democratic choice will be one that the people of Sri Lanka will be called upon to take, sooner or later. For today, the vital question is, which political and social forces in the country are on the side of Sri Lanka’s national interest? Are they ready to stand up?

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  • 47

    When SL was under constant suicide bombings and murdering of innocent civilians of both ethnic groups for over 30 years the UN and the west did not take any interest in resolving or helping SL. In fact the Western media even called this terror war as “Sri Lanka’s unwinnable war”. And now the UN and the West has suddenly turn around and wants to help us????? What Ms Kunanayakam says is right, only thing this gov. should say is a big NO THANK YOU for the help!

    • 12

      They were right in saying that this was a “unwinnable” war. Sri Lanka govt won a battle not a war. Six years after the end of the battle there seems to be no winner. People in the NE cannot move on because Sri Lanka continued its war by other means and South, West lived under the shadow of the worst form of crimes for no fault of their own.

      I don’t know what the result of the resolution or the investigation thereof is going to bring but this is in the right going in the right direction so the past could be put to rest and the people could look forward to the future.

      • 25

        Six years after there is a winner: Citizenry of Sri Lanka!
        We, both Sinhalese and the Tamils can move about in any part of the country without the fear of being blown out into pieces.
        Burt, there is no worst crime than innocent citizens blown into pieces by sudden attacks by suicide bombers! I would support any gov. which would carryout elimination of terrorists the way MR gov. did by repeating the same. I value and support freedom and liberty for all Sri Lankans even at the expense of few civilians.

        • 23

          subtle stupidity of nonsence,

          shape shape shape, is a very convenient and contagious disease in the dammed devils island of yakkos.

          • 12

            explain the stupidity written in my post. If not stop writing garbage!

            • 15


              “explain the stupidity written in my post.”

              Where do I start?

              • 5

                You need me to tell you even where to start? What an idiot!
                Now you know who is the stupido here. That is why I always say stupid people never accept they are stupid.

                • 12

                  nonsense the `old rouge` sinhala speaking Buddhist,

                  then listen to the sermon on the mount `adams peak`

                  there is the wisdom of the foolish,
                  the gracefulness of the slow,
                  the subtlety of stupidity
                  the advantage of lying low.

                  blessed are the idiots for they are the happiest people on earth.

                • 1

                  “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings come forth words of wisdom.” You constitute proof positive of what you have just said:”stupid people never accept they are stupid.”

            • 14

              shape shape conman runs in your gene stupid tamil speaking Sinhalese the incomplete language-
              you are now a beggar at the usa so why not pick up our garbage moron immigrant?

        • 11

          We are all against killing of innocent civilians, how about the 40,000 or more innocent civilians who were killed, raped, tortured. Do you know this is still happening or is it beyond your sight, wake up..
          So now you support the govt which will eradicate this culture. And that govt is called ‘the international inquiry commission’

          • 16

            From where did you get this 40,000 figure? I am not that gullible like others. I want every next of kin of your 40,000 killed to come forward and give evidence (birth certificates, school leaving certificate, employment documents, bank accounts, if married marriage certificates etc.) of their existence. A blood sample is also needed to match DNA if any bodies are found. They also need to sign a legal document that if false claims are made they will be prosecuted with jail terms.

            This is still happening?? I have been awake, where did you see these reported, give me the links. I guess it only happens according to Tamil asylum seekers in the west!

            “So now you support the govt which will eradicate this culture.” The culture is eradicated by tamils them selves by opting terrorism. The terrorist activity of Tamils destroyed an entire generation of young Tamils and took the culture 30 years backwards. Blame nobody but your self, you never wrote against LTTE to stop the carnage, did you?

            • 0

              begging asylum in the west by betraying their own people.Filthy liars.

      • 7

        you got mixed up with the word battle and war, you can win a war but not the battle.

        • 0


          Mate, you got the words mixed up.

          You can win a battle not the war :P

      • 9

        I like both Tamara a Tamil (darling of Sinahalese) & Tisarani a Sinhalese ( darling of Tamils) for saying what they say transcending ethnic , racial barriers , though I don’t necessarily agree with them.

        They are Girls Sans Racial barriers.

        Hats off to them.

        If we had few more likes of Tamara & Tisarani in 1920 ‘s 30’s our country would have been different.

        • 3

          Sir, Yes ! Tamara and Tisaranee both are great !
          In the 1920s & 1930s we only had one enemy…the British! Read the hansards from 1924 to 1947( Legislative and State Councils), & you will know what went on then. Especially read Sir James Pieris, Sir D.B.Jayatilaka,E.W.Perera G.G.Ponnambalam, CWW Kannangara and the Marxists like Philip,Colvin and NM…and SWRDB. You will wonder how with a 8 Std education, PM DSS became the so called Father of the Nation.It is his brother F.R.Senanayake or Sir D.B. who should have been PMs…politicians who were men of the world.

    • 5

      Dear Tamara,
      Many thanks for this eye-opener that educates us in a big way. Mother Lanka has only a very few bright and outspoken Diplomats like you. SHE IS FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR WATCHING AFTER HER INTERESTS THAT CLOSELY.PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE HER EVEN WHEN POLITICIANS ILL TREAT YOU. We humble citizens will always remember you and how you protected Mother Lanka’s interests in the past. Your safety is always in our thoughts dear daughter!
      We love you.

    • 0

      It is Indian Empire, Indian Imperialism, Indian colonial parasites and vermin all over. What the West does is what Indian Imperialists dictate.

      • 1


        “It is Indian Empire, Indian Imperialism, Indian colonial parasites and vermin all over.”

        I don’t like descendants of Kallathonies vermins living in my ancestral island.

        How soon can you leave?

    • 1

      Nuisance the dumb fu&*%$ has stated another stupid comment. There is a difference when a terrorist outfit killing innocent people, ie The LTTE and an elected government killing innocent people, ie sucessive elected GOSL. So clear your head of debris and fill it with a brain you numb scull.

  • 20

    Tamara, who does not live in Sri Lanka and lives in Cuba all of a sudden is worried about Sri Lanka. She is a member of the “Puss Pundit” Group – Dayan Jayatileke, Rajiva Wijesinha, and Sarath Silva, all of them are fallen leaders in their own profession who are trying to hold on to the glory once they had. Tamara should understand, all what we Sri Lankans want is a fair, free, democratic Sri Lanka. It does not matter if it follows Cuba, Russia, China or USA, all we need is for us to live in Peace. So if we are now following USA its for the better, we have seen what happened to Sri Lanka when we followed China. So Tamara, if you are so worried about Sri Lanka please come back to Sri Lanka, contest an election and take your seat in the Parliament to make your points heard. By the way Tamara Rajapakse is no more to take you in the white van, so you are free to come to Sri Lanka and live.

  • 11

    Tamara [Edited out]

    Are you asking bigots to stand up and defend their mistakes instead of learn to fix it and move on?

    Have you seen the photos of naked Tamil people of all ages leaving the war zone in 2009?

    Guess what, UN war crime report made defenders of racist policy makers in Srilanka pretty much in the same situation but with cloths on.

  • 31

    Bravo, Tamara. So heartening to hear someone patriotic and telling the unpalatable truth, as it is. It is appalling how this obsequious idiotic government is bending over backwards to appease the US, the worst Human Rights violator of the world. The real truth is US couldn’t believe that little SL managed to crush a violent and brutal terrorist group while US and UK have not been able to do that with any of their so-called fight against terrorism wars. Their angst of MR was that he was able to organise a strong army – a fear that both US and UK were made to look inferior as per bringing down terrorism. Another factor is their arms trade, the most lucrative international trade they own. That is why they create (covertly) trouble spots in the world so they can supply arms both to terrorists and the governments and of course intervene in the guise of helping sort the problem! Can anyone name a place or country where US has established peace through intervention?

    • 9

      A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

    • 9

      Isn’t it funny that a rare Sri Lankan (ex-diplomat) dissects the document put in front of RW/MS and tells us what it means, and is ridiculed and insulted both by the green behind the ears types and others who have a different axe to grind. Kerry of course would have us believe in US goodwill, hopefully not the kind shown to the Palestinians over the last 70 years. What is undisputed is that the FM Samaraweera has bought into the US position in toto, as according to Kerry he is going to co-sponsor our subjugation to the US writ. A sell out by any measure (reminiscent of the treachery of the Kandyan chieftains). Would the twins MS/RW would pull the wool over our eyes or show sufficient backbone to protect and retain our independence. As is evident from the comments, our enemies are laughing at us.
      Tamara, thank you.

    • 13

      “Can anyone name a place or country where US has established peace through intervention? “

      hello mel of yakko land,

      Japan Germany South Korea are all thriving democracies after the martial plan and the bases are still in tact protecting them.

      You would be licking the bins if the west stops buying.
      china is now on a business trip with UK to break their hoodo barrier.
      See the great china cant stand the economic winds when the west sneezes- their banks are crying its hurting us please give us some business.

      You have no idea of the strength of the giant and its network of pirates.
      they think from their skins while you are destined to to sit on your brains.
      all lefty think tanks are frauds of the democratic world and we are seeing it from WW2.

  • 18

    Rohan Perera, Sri Lankan voters usually only vote for their bread and butter or rather rice and parippu. They couldn’t care less about law and order, if that was the case they would have toppled JRJ at the first chance. No, Sri Lankans are a bunch of buffoons who would rather look up to Western-style suited and booted dictators than believe in their own ilk. They do not study international manoeuvres nor do they care. So long as anybody promised low cost food and throw in a yahapalanaya mask they will vote for that en mass.

    • 8

      Not really. When you consider the parliamentary elections, there was a large percentage that voted for MR. The reason is, by my own questioning their fear that (1) My3/RW will be bullied by the West, UN, Diaspora etc., (2)they no longer need to send a part of the family in a separate bus in case there is an explosion. As the former Auditor General said, the voters knew that MR and Co. were corrupt yet they felt their heritage is safe with MR. He did not care for the West but ofcourse may not have known what the West could have done to punish ALL of Sri Lanka. It is a tricky situation for My3/RW but my hope and prayer is that eventually they will prevail. (They cannot expect any help from the Diaspora and the West)

    • 5

      There are two traits in Sri Lankans that I feared would be used by the Americans and my worst fears came true.
      1) The uneducated, frustrated sections of the society thinks that by supporting full suited fraudsters or westerners their statuses could be elevated.

      2) Herd mentality. Rajapakshe government used this to get the support for the fight against terrorism. The same people who ate rice milk after the end of war are now been herded towards a anti national, pro separatist agenda. This was made possible by the complete conquer of UPFA and blackmailing the JVP leader.

      • 10

        majority of lankans and so called poor intellects are lefties and that clearly shows corruption – left is a parasite that has not seen wealth and can survive provided there is democracy eg Russia, china both thieves of billions of US funds during war ww2) of the west to create their dictatorship where they enslave the people and the rulers free themselves.

        lankans basically are a shape shape shape conmen. appe ratte, apppe andu owner is the majority – subtle stupidity.

  • 7


    Thank you

    For this well thought out and illuminating article on how the US and the West manipulate the UN agencies to achieve their global objectives.

    …and to the contributors here who have used this forum to spew out low level personal hacks on the author – SHAME ON YOU.

  • 4

    Dear Mori,

    Sorry to see you shooting yourself in the foot! JRJ wore national dress and not a Western-style suited and booted as you say! Take a simple poll among your friends. They will tell you they voted at the last two elections hoping for rule of law at a time when we had become the lawless pariah in South Asia. BTW, even a cursory glance at the two manifestos will tell you that it was Mahinda who promised things like 50,000 rupees to every child reaching the age of 18 years, 200,000 rupees for every couple getting married and a free computer for every home. Sorry, people rejected all that and opted for the promise of rule of laws.
    Rohan Perera

  • 9

    Tamara. Good. Analysis, keep. It up.

    • 9


      the poor peasant from yakko island who robbed the church of its generosity and at present seated at geneve can never make the powerful west accept her stupidity.
      lefties anywhere can never progress without stealing from the rich west which is mainly right wing .

      In every period England was able to fight the right war, against the right enemy, with the right ally, on the right side, at the right time, and call it by a wrong name. England did not do it by logic, did they? They did it by their tentacles.

      Lankans don’t have those tentacles in their brains and the english worldwide think from their rich skins.

      get bleached like Michael jacko.

  • 5


    Crawling out of the woodwork in a hurry – are we?

    Are you that shameless that you would try to inflame gutter-patriotism with accusation of “subservience to Washington’s interests” despite the overwhelming evidence of murder, torture and unimaginable cruelty and rape (yes rape of Tamil women, just like you) by the Rajapaksa controlled regime?

    Did you not wow that you will not return to Cuba if Rajapaksa ousted you from the comforts of Paris – what happened? That is just a taste of your integrity, courage and commitment! What has education done to you except to suck-up for bread-crumbs?!

  • 6

    At first reading through the comments, I thought to refrain from making any comments for the simple reason that most of the writings are, in my opinion, biased and based on personal attachments to ethnicity and belonging to a particular race. It is very unfortunate that we discuss “National Issues” on that basis, without realizing the damage that it causes for reconciliation and establishing unity among various communities. However, the comment written by “rohan perera” stands out among all others, as it tries to portray the “True Environment” that caused all these problems. There was no question as regards our “Systems” in place and our operations under those rules and regulations, until it came to a point of “ONE MAN” took over and RUINED everything from A to Z. This ONE MAN operation was instituted by no other person than ex President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. Just look at that “Impeachment” of the CJ. The whole of International Community including the Judges Forums; Jurors Associations functioning around the world CONDEMNED it. They all knew that the “Three Brothers” viz Mahinda, Basil and Chamal were all involved and virtually DICTATED how the whole process must be conducted and concluded. Then came the filling of that vacancy. What did the President do? Without any SHAME and IGNORING all norms of making the correct choice of person to fit the shoes; he had the audacity to appoint the most questionable man to head the Judiciary. That too was CONDEMNED world wide; but no regretting or retracting from the wrongs done. Just see the way he decimated the integrity of our Foreign Services by appointing a large majority of unqualified, unfitting including those who got engaged in the war to head the service. Just see the type of man who was appointed as the High Commissioner to represent in USA. That was smelling and the foreign governments scorned and degraded our status in the world. Mr. MR even did not realize, that when he accompanied a man like Sajin Vass, well known as a crook of the highest grade to every foreign visit and presented him to represent our country; that our reputation and credibility eroded then and there. In one example, when he met the Indian PM Mr. Modi, he took along with him and presented three persons. Who were they – Sajin vass, his own son Yoshitha and GLP. On the other side – India, they were all the professionals of the PM’s office and the Foreign Ministry. That is how he “disgraced” this country and the nation. Also look at the way he got the Constitution amended to include 18A and tried to establish himself as the “King for ever”. Then the type of Administrative Machinery he set in motion with the participation of his family, relatives and goons sent the world community reeling in disbelief of what is going on in this country. This is only a GLIMPSE of what happened and into what deplorable situation our country and the nation was dragged.

    Now the time has come all of to UNITE and make things better for us. One thing must be clear in our minds, i.e. never ever once again repeat the mistake of getting frustrated and hand over our destiny to be decided by outsiders. That was clearly shown by historical events too where the local chiefs got frustrated and revolted by providing OUTSIDERS to get hold of power and rule us for centuries. Once an opportunity is given to put the head in in frustration or anger, they will always wait for the opportunity to creep in and occupy displacing our independence and identity. I think that is what this writer is trying to convey and caution our rulers to be very, very careful in handling these “sugar coated, but bitter pills” to avoid disaster happening to our country and the nation. So please think clearly and try to save the country and the nation. Thank you.

    • 4

      you are nothing less than those racist..

    • 6


      Good advice, however if one does not treat his family well then neighbor and strangers will make use of the opportunity to grope his entire family including, wife, daughters, sisters, mother, mother in law, grandmas, sisters in law, nieces, the nanny, ……………

      It is up to the man of the house to behave himself. He cannot just throw his weight around the house.

      Therefore those who wield power should know what is in store for them if they ill treat the people.

      You are worried about foreigner, I am worried about the people of this island. Elsewhere in CT the video clip clearly shows how those policemen brutally beat up an unarmed civilian.

      If you add up all those brutal attacks on innocent civilian, misuse of power by the politicians, ….. the country is really inviting strangers into the house.

      Therefore it is not the strangers who want to grope the women folks, they only make use of the opportunity.

      The burden is on the ruling class. You should challenge them left right and centre.

  • 8

    This Badulla Tamil lady wants North and east militarised, no constituional change, freedom for Sinhala-buddhist nationalists to loot in the name of patriotism…and so called soverignity of the colombo port city type given by the chinese.

    She is a bad excuse for a Christian diplomat. I would recommend a job as a nun instead of backpeddling Dayan the goat and getting praise for her patriotism and tamil killing from sinhala friends.

  • 7

    Park should try to be informed . Tamara K. is Sri Lankan, she live’s in Colombo in Battaramulla for the past few years and if Park was not blind an deaf he could verified in Sri lankan newspapers, TV or radio that Tamara K. express herself regularly

    Now, he should think about her arguments, and in the same time if he was objective he should compare her article with the extreme poverty of the article of Mangala who as usual speak about every things except about the subject.

    What happen in Geneva is not a victory but a complete capitulation, and more it will create a precedent, Already non aligned countries express their very negative feelings about this. The government Sirisena/Ranil has lost dignity and principles by accepting the neo colonial conditions of the US.

    Park, today Sri Lanka has lost her sovereignty ans this is one step before loosing your independence and before separation which is the goal of the US. Park you should read “Obama pivot asia” , it will help you to understand what is the strategy of the US. And this has nothing to do with the fairy tales that Mangala speak about.

    After 30 years of war and so many sacrifices Sri Lanka has been brought to the point of giving up its identity and its history. Who will paid the price for this defeat, certainly not Ranil, CBK or Mangala but the people of Sri Lanka. As a Sri Lankan will you accept this!

    Park please make an effort! Instead of westing your time you writing such stupidity you should read one again the article and the arguments of Tamara who’s competence is recognised internationally, as an international civil servant in the UN for many years, as diplomat as researcher, as writer.

    For your information Tamara has study in the prestigious university of Heidelberg and she is the only Sri Lankan out of the 33 alumni of the well known Institute of international studies of Geneva with 5 chiefs of state, 9 prime ministers, 5 nobel prize, one general secretary of the UN, etc.. In the same period Mangala was studying sewing in a London school of fashion . Now he spent 4600 dollars a night for his room in the Four seasons hotel in New York,he called Kerry is good friend and kiss Biswall in charge of Sri Lanka in the US administration. They’re laughing of such jester. What a forfaiture!

  • 5

    Why can’t some Sri Lankans read an article on its merits and make constructive comments so the rest of us can be enlightened?

    Instead, there are some who love to shoot the messenger just because they have a computer and too much time on their hands.

    Ms. TK’s article is an accurate description of the current situation vis-a-vis the UNHCR. The US is very clever at using these meetings to get what it wants, on a different subject. We have fashion-designer Mangala butting heads with the likes of John Kerry. Does anyone care to guess what the outcome from those discussions might be.

    Ranil W might be one of our intellectuals and he certainly shines bright compared to the clueless Menikes and Someys he is surrounded by. Watch out for the classic bait and switch and quid-pro-quo moves by the West. In exchange for dropping some apparently stringent requirement (which should not be there, in the first place) they will force our ‘clueless’ to barter something more significant.

    AND, do not blame the West for these tactics. Their officials are doing the job they have been hired to do. Blame our idiots.

    I saw elsewhere the Singapore cabinet being compared to the Sri Lankan cabinet. Why not compare the Indian cabinet that manages to run a country of 1.3 billion people. Yes, they have their share of crooks and idiots BUT the cabinet is not the place for them. They are all over the Lok-Sabha. No closer!

  • 4

    But for a few sinhalese intellectuals who feel sinhalese should come clean on war crime attrocities, most others behave childish. Case in point is Tamara. I dont know if she is Tamil or Sinhalese. If she is a Tamil, she is a disgrace to Tamil community.

    As a Tamil, I feel ashamed of LTTE’s activities that affected the civilians and would ask the LTTE folks to own up to their crimes no matter why they chose to carry arms. I assume sinhalese show similar remorse and bring the guilty to book. Is it too much to ask after all, 70000 Tamil civilians were massacred in 2 months time in 2009, their areas were carpet bombed, chemical weapons were used (Rajapakses showed proof of the chemical weapons purchase from USA), rape against Tamils were used as a tool in war, women were given pills that affected their fertility (even Pope was given a memorandum to this effect).

    Unless, sinhalese leaders come clean on these atrocities, the same leaders are shaming their sinhalese brothers and sisters big time and its a disgrace to sinhalese.

    • 2

      She is a tamil who decided to ditch her ethnicity for perks.
      She has her roots in Jaffna and was once suspected of being Ltte sympathizer.

  • 18

    Tamara Kunanayakam

    US Draft Resolution: What The Ranil–Sirisena Govt Will Not Tell you!

    *** The most vivacious , straight talking Bootlicker I have ever come across. The Boot has been booted out but the licker is still licking the left overs.

    Let us see through the key hole.

    1) There is no more Mahinda Rajapaksa to blame, no more pro-Beijing foreign policy, no more Non-Alignment, no more ‘megaphone diplomacy’ or ‘megaphone diplomats’, no more corruption. History dawned in Sri Lanka only on 8 January, before that, there was only darkness, violence and obscurantism. Today, enlightened leaders have flooded the land with newness, goodness, transparency, and unity, along with privileged relations with a much-maligned West.

    *** Unless the left overs are cleaned up and got rid of the (stench ) from MR lingers on

    2) So, what went wrong? A generous response would be our new, enlightened leaders read all the signs wrong. An accurate response would be they have something to gain from subservience to Washington’s interests.

    *** The cleaning up process hasnt gone according to plan. So the World has every reason to be suspicious and cautious.

  • 6

    Tamara is a rejected, dis-appointed diplomat. Given the Resolution is faulty, what does she suggest to see some settlement of ( her ) the Tamil problem. The local judiciary, particularly the AG is so corrupt ( eg. Avant garde ! ) the Tamil do not have a hooting chance of any redress.

    Let there be some movement withou polemics !

    • 0

      Decolonize Indian colonies from Fiji to Guyana.

      • 1


        “Decolonize Indian colonies from Fiji to Guyana.”

        Its a good idea. When are you leaving?

  • 8

    Are you still trying to cling on to the discarded condom that MR left you with ?? It stinks ! Shameless women you. Why don’t change your profession – maybe there are no takers as well.

    Are you worried your foolishness is all exposed after the fall of your one time master ?

    You comments are utterly disgraceful, a monumental disgrace to women kind.

  • 6

    This [Edited out] has no compassion for the tens of thousands of innocent Tamils butchered by the Sri Lankan military despite the fact that they belong to her very own race. Her only concern is for the butchers getting caught and being punished. She is talking crap about Sri Lanka’s interests while completely ignoring the rights of those killed and their loved ones. There is no difference between her and those Tamils who were aligned with Rajapaksa in attacking the Tamils.

    • 8

      she always was a classic dictator who grew on church charity like judas
      should now shave her head and join the BBS monk so that he can stay at her place in lieu of passa and have a couple of drinks.

  • 4

    Tamara, you screwed it up when you associated with the deposed king. Recycled diplomats normally end up in limbo like your good friend DJ who is undergoing hallucinations. Wish you a happy retirement.

  • 1

    It is hard for me to understand certain comments. What is the interest for the debate to insulted Tamara K.
    If you disagree you should bring your own arguments it will be useful for everybody. The problem is serious enough not to play games by repeating stupidities like Mangala saying that Tamara was a terrorist. By the way Tamara is taking him to court on this dirty accusation. You should know about that.

    In this Forum I haven’ t read a serious comment on what she said.

    It is to bad for Sri Lanka that having as minister of external affairs a clown who’s completely irresponsible and on the payroll of the U.S. state department, after a professor who understood nothing about international affairs and just before a corrupt guy. It is very sad, you don’t deserve that. But we have to respect your choice of having such people to govern your country.

    In Sri Lanka a lot of people and politicians tell stories and finally they believe it themselves. It is a shame that when some one face the reality as it is and explain clearly what means the resolution approved by the government some people just refused to listen. It is not because you put your head in the sand like an ostrich that the problems will desappear.

  • 2

    Tamara, I admire you as a Tamil woman who fights for what you think is right. You defended Sri Lanka valiantly at the UNHRC sessions and won the battle, but lost the war by antagonising the powerful Western Nations. Mahinda Rajapakse and his foreign office pundits tried to undo the strategic mistake made by you and transferred you as the Ambassador to Cuba, the isolated nation of Fidel Castro.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa Government paid millions of Dollars to lobbying firms to achieve what the UNP-Maithri government has achieved without spending one cent on such firms, to become the darling of the western nations. They account for about 70% of our exports and such customers are always right. That is what has been achieved in a short time.

    USA has shown Iran & Russia the power of sanctions. It has shown the dictators of Libya, Iran & Syria the military power of western Nations. Little Sri Lanka cannot afford to get in to their shoes, especially when 70% of our exports are to these countries!

    The Government must be congratulated for the pragmatic foreign policy which is likely to provide peace of mind to our former leaders who ended in a mess, because of Sancho Panzas like you!

  • 0

    Even Hitler would not sanction killing and maiming his own community, but we have miss hitler here on the prowl to sell her people for a paisa…

  • 1

    Tamara, it is obvious that you are suffering from the point of defeated mindset and writing stuffs to appease Sinhala Buddhist nationalist. You are one among many diplomats trying to defend the interest of MahindaR Regime by denying the mass level of killing that took place in the last phase of war. Please note that I am not speaking of the killing of gun tooting LTTE killers. I am speaking the death of innocent Tamil citizens who were killed by the Sinhala armed forces of the Majoritarian Sri Lankan State. I am also aware of the atrocities committed by LTTE by shooting and killing innocent Tamil civilians. You were holding diplomatic posiitons with the SL government and attempted to prove that there were zero level of civilian casualties. The present crisis is a result of your MR regimes attempt to establish a lie by utilising the support of killers countries like China and Russia. Any fools will understand that in any indiscriminate armed attacks by utilising heavy destructive weapons at the gathering of civilians, innocent civilians are bound to be killed. Since your armed forces were consist of Sinhalese and and deeply instilled anti Tamil feelings, they were not reluctant to slaughter the civilians in order to reach the LTTE. All of us are aware that the LTTE was mobilisng poor and helpless civilians to be used as human shield. A responsible state, if it was only trying to defeat the LTTE terrorism in order to liberate civilians, as MR regime and peole of your caliber were propagating, it should have been the prime duty of the government armed force to protect civilian with out being killed.

    It is a time for you and your associates to accept the responsibilities. As a diplomat serving for UN, you should know that the responsibilities of safeguarding right to life, human rights or ensuring development etc are not only the responsibilities of any state and it is also the responsibility of international communities.Of course, no international actor would act totally independent with out siding their own advantages.

    If you think that you can have honest investigation through the Sri Lankan courts and justices, I would only tel you to look into the Help in Hambantota affairs and the judgement delivered by the then Chief Justice. You may very well aware his confession after the retirement saying that he defended MR (by delivering wrong judgement) expecting that MR would be a good president. You should also read the report of the International experts panes appointed to support the Udalagama Commission. I can go on telling the whole weeks about how independent that judiciary is. I have not forgotten on how Shirani Bandaranaike was impeached and how an eminent Judge Mark Fernando was overlooked to appoint Sarath N Silva as the Chielf Justice. I need not tell you that these are a few incidents enough to understand the politicized nature of the judiciary in the country. Please remember that most of the actors involved in these two cases are still in power and playing decisive role with in the present government. Do you expect the judicial inquiry to be free and fair for the Tamil victims killed by the GOSL amd LTTE.

    I am also present long ago when you were advising a few SL Human Rights activist on how to lobby at the UN in order to place human rights violations of Sri Lanka.

    You are talking about the National Security. For me with my four decades of observation, the National security situation was created by the all successive governments in order to physically eliminate the space and ability of Tamil to protest against continuous discrimination and injustices. A section of the Tamil youth believing that the elected leadership of Tamils will not bring justice and therefore, drawing their inspirations from other situations such as Palestine and South African liberation struggles, decided to take arms to respond to the armed repression of the GOSL.

    All the governments governing the country, including SWRD Bandaranaike. accepted the need to resolve the ethnic conflict. Can you tell me whether any of your government made any genuine attempts to politically address the conflict. It was only under the leadership of Ranil Wickremasinghe, the UNP was effectively prevented utilsing Racism or propagating racism to win elections. But, nothing was done to combat racism. All others were interested in sustaining the militarisation of the conflict and the end result was the war.

    Not a single sensible Sri Lankan will accept that a Domestic Mechanism alone will ensure justice to the Victims. The Present UN resolution is the first of its nature that is bringing the GOSL and Tamils closer to work in collaboration to address the past. Attempts being made by you and your colleagues are simply to sustain the ethnic conflict and to benefit out of the sufferings of the victims.

    Don’t worry. You and your colleagues past attempts only help to worsen that situation for Sri Lanka at the national and international arena. If you feel that the perpetrators need to be protected, please organized some legal aid support to defend that Armed forces and the LTTE. We have at least some sensible Sri Lankans with capacity and commitment to look after the interest of the country during the war crime investigations and to ensure unbiased procedures. In all conflict affected countries, every one are looking to reach the past through their past and therefore, it is important to admit the past with out denying, and to reach a consensus on the past. This is the only way to forgive the past and to take constructive initiatives towards peaceful reconciliation. You will not win at this time to fulfill your personal benefit Tamara. Bye. Vimukthi

  • 1


    You are blurring the distinction between a ‘border force’ whose brief is to protect the country against outside forces, and that of a militarised force that has camped in the North and East for the last six years and who have taken on the job of making the lives of ordinary citizens a daily misery with random acts of harassment and worse.

  • 0

    To Vimikthy,

    What surprised me in this forum is that no one discuss about the facts. TK has presented arguments and the only answers for some people are insults or writing about things wich has nothing to do with the resolution in Geneva. Why?
    Is it because you have nothing to said and feel frustrated of something. All of this is bizarre!

    Perhaps some of the messages have been dictated from the ministry of external affairs? I must said I never read such pathetic arguments. Now I understand more clearly why Sri Lanka is in such mess, in such confusion and has lost a rational analysis of what is the reality of the world. Ok you are living in an island but that can not explain every thing.

    IF you are enable to understand that your country is really in big trouble, then you will deserved what it is going to happen to you! That is going back to be a colony and your people being put in a situation of slavery. Look what happen in yougoslavia, in Iraq in Lybia in Ukraine ( by the way do you know where is Ukraine?) What do you think is it because you are Sri Lankans that you believed that nothing will happen to you?Are you a patriot? Do you have any dignity and sens of principles, independance or sovereignty? Why your country have know’n 30 years of war? For nothing?Why so many sacrifices? When will you start to behave as Sri Lankans and not like Tamils, Cingales, etc…

    The resolution in Geneva has to do with all of that. So please forget about your fantasmas. Be adult and responsible don’ t ever delegate your rights to any external powers.and more with illusions that tomorrow will be better. Just be yourself!

    Are you going to accept this challenge and move yourself?
    And please don’t speak about things you don’t know! Asked for answers, and don’ t have this can of arrogance of people speaking about things they don’t know about. Make an effort to be intelligent, it will help everybody to go forward! And at the end it will help your country. You don’ t need divisions, you need to be united! Can you understand that?

  • 0

    My son was studying in Cuba went to see this lady when she was SL high commissioner in Cuba for a urgent matter with regard academic work.
    She did not bothered to help him and refused to see him too, this is the treatment my son got from this arrogant lady now trying to defend mother Lanka on human right issues.
    Finally Cuban ambassador in SL came to his rescue and solved the matter in no time.

  • 1

    Tamara yours is a good display of language skills and outdated diplomacy. With the present day fire power super powers possess we will not be able to guard our shores with the best we have and you have forgotten the balance 1/3 of our shores. Anyway none of the Srilankans have been able to summon enough courage to tell the world that we are not scared and will face any inquiry.

  • 1

    Recycled, retired and now in limbo. Start a lobbying firm with DJ, MR might need it but ensure you get paid in advance. Or for the sake of patriotism work free but remember dark days are ahead for your pal the deposed king.

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