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Vasu, Ranil, & Sumanthiran

By Jagath Asoka

Dr. Jagath Asoka

I once wrote about Pissudewa, Buruwansa, and Gommanpila, the latest incarnations of Sri Lankan Three Stooges; their hallmark is political farce, chauvinism, and Mahinda-nostalgia. Recently, as we say in the vernacular, Ape Pissudeva went bananas; in front of hapless school children, he displayed his arrogance and vituperative skills by using profanity. Bravo, my friend, you gave a pukka performance! You have concretized and given credence to my hypothesis. What an exemplary Marxist-Leninist? I don’t recommend a literal public beheading because Vasu has done it politically on national TV; however, I heard the following suggestion from another Sri Lankan: if Vasu has any decency, he should find a public toilet, immerse his swollen head filled with political fecal matter and flush it several times; by the way, if Vasu cannot do it himself, he should ask the former swine-faced, pseudo intellect, education minister, who appeared on TV and gave a lecture on the Sinhalese word “Paiyya,” to be a companion and participant in this ritual. After listening to my colleague, I watched Bandula’s comment. Folks, you got to watch this on YouTube; just search for the following: Bandula Explains Derogatory Word Used by Vasu in Parliament. Once upon a time, the name Vasudeva was synonymous with “integrity,” but now with the Sinhalese word “Pakaya.” What a pukka Shakespearian tragedy? A noble protagonist, who was somewhat flawed, ended up with an obscene conclusion. Vasu is throwing fuel into his own house on fire: He will not apologize, a true quality of a hallucinogenic revolutionary.

I think we have a candidate, not for President, but for Prime Minister: M. A. Sumanthiran.

The latest political fiasco is who is going to be our next Prime Minister. Pissudewa, Buruwansa, Gommanpila, swine-faced Bandula, and their ilk, in hallucinogenic ecstasy, keep regurgitating the same mantra: Prime Minister Mahinda. The majority of Sri Lankans are neither subversive nor incendiary. The majority of Sri Lankans are fairly intelligent and capable of critical reflection and reason; they were tired of corruption and knew that they had lost their freedom of expression. It is true that Ranil was appointed, not elected, due to peripheral issues. Ranil’s biggest faux Pas is to continue supporting Arjuna Mahendran, when the perception is that Mahendran’s son-in-law had inside information, participated in financial skullduggery, and swindled the hapless Sri Lankans. Speculation, trust, rumors, and ethics are the wheels of financial markets. I hope Arjuna Mahendran is not another Raj Rajaratnam. As I have written in my previous articles, Sri Lankans would not accuse Ranil of stealing, but the perception is that Ranil would protect his friends without justification. The conclusion of this debacle was that Mahendran was not directly involved, implying that he was involved, indirectly. Ranil had an opportunity to be a political giant, instead he dwarfed himself, politically. So, now, our quagmire is: Who is going to be our next Prime Minister?

Mahinda should not be our next Prime minster. You can tell a lot about a person’s character and integrity from the way that person behaves after losing power. Why would a person who was President and Prime Minister, crave to be the next Prime Minister, again? Only a pig would have a craving like that; surely, you do not want a pig as your Prime Minister. To paraphrase something that I have read somewhere—do not accuse me of cryptomnesia—pigs are intelligent, emotional, and sensitive; they like to be around people; pigs are not like dogs or cats; dogs obey, and cats ignore us; pigs even seem to have a good sense of humor when a pig says, “Boo and hoot at me because I have protected criminals, drug dealers, and rapists.” Do you want such a creature as your Prime Minister, again?

In one of my previous articles – A Tamil President In Sri Lanka -I asked whether the Sinhala-Buddhists in Sri Lanka would elect a well-educated, suave, Sinhala-speaking Tamil—someone similar to Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar—as our President in Sri Lanka. I think we have a candidate, not for President, but for Prime Minister: M. A. Sumanthiran. To me the only major difference between a Sri Lankan Sinhalese and a Tamil is the language. All the other differences are inconsequential and peripheral. If you are a Sinhalese, when you get a chance, listen to Sumanthiran, who always articulates cogently. For example, juxtapose Sumanthiran and Pavithra Devi Wanniarachchi, a Sinhalese lawyer. Would you rather listen to Pavithra Devi or Mariyakade Magalin, who makes an honest living? My point is that even education and fluency in Sinhalese are not good enough to be our next Prime Minister; we need to go beyond Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony to find a person with integrity, decency, and fairness to be our next Prime Minister. Both Ranil and Mahinda have held the post of Prime Minister. Do you think either one of them has the decency to suggest that someone like Sumanthiran be our next Prime Minister? I do not think either one of them would endorse a Tamil, because neither Ranil nor Mahinda has either the wisdom or the spiritual development to be such a far-sighted, magnanimous virtuoso in politics.

JVP, the watchdog of our nation, is wagging its tail to a different tune. Without focusing on recent changes that took place since 08 January 2015, JVP is talking about stagnation in economy. This Parliament must be dissolved, and JVP must do everything in their power to dissolve it; there is no other alternative. I do not know why Sirisena wants to keep this parliament. Sirisena, for God’s sake, use your executive powers to do something for the people who elected you. Do not give nomination to crooks, drug dealers, rapists, and yahoos, even if they have degrees, because we all know how Namal got his degree; surely, he did not earn it.

Rajapaksas were defeated because Sri Lankans knew that they were stealing money and abusing power. Now, we are in a different situation. Mere accusations of financial skullduggery is not enough; people want concrete action and proof; to say that Rajapaksas have stolen 18 billion is just asinine. Find evidence and prosecute them now, because we have the support of the international community; they have the wherewithal to prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

Since 1948, only one ethnic group has managed to keep the positions of Prime Minister and President. This approach is neither pragmatic nor wholesome. By electing members from other ethnic groups as Prime Minister or Speaker, we can truly say that we all are Sri Lankans with the same rights, privileges, and opportunities. If we want an undivided, stable Sri Lanka, we must share power, willingly; justice must be swift and blind, obviously.

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