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Video: BBS Gnanasara Back In Action, Promises To Repeat Aluthgama Mayhem

As Sri Lanka marked the second anniversary of the Aluthgama carnage, Bodu Bala Sena’s Galagoda Atte Gnanasara has threatened to repeat the Aluthgama mayhem in Mahiyanganaya if the government and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) fail to take steps to ensure that the police in that area work without partiality.

Addressing a Satyagraha mid this week (21st), to protest against the arrest of two youth from the area, Gnanasara told the IGP to take action against the senior police officers in the area, as they are not working in accordance to the wishes of the Buddhist clergy. “If you can’t handle them, tell us, we will take care of them. We only need about 50 people to take care of them, and we are not scared to go behind bars,” he said.

Gnanasara added that the Buddhist community was losing patience as the Muslim community was continuing to work in a manner to penalize them, and testing the Buddhist community’s patience. “First they threw rotten eggs at our teachers in Madawala, and then they tried to build a mosque which was taller than the height of the Dalada Maligawa,” he said.

He accused the Mahiyanganaya police officers of siding with the minority community and instead penalizing the Buddhists. “Even the Buddhists can’t demonstrate, because action is taken against them by the police for voicing their disapproval. There is no democracy or yahapalanaya in the country,” he said.

Gnanasara added that if the Buddhist continued to be penalized and if action was not taken by the IGP to address the issue, then the BBS will show its power to the country by getting everyone in Mahiyanganaya to shut down the entire area.

He added that if they don’t receive a favourable response from the IGP and the government, the BBS will not think twice to commence ‘phase 2 of the Aluthgama’ mayhem.

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