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Video: Who Started The Riot?

The Colombo Telegraph last afternoon received a clip of the purported catalyst which triggered Sunday riot, which is currently being widely circulated on social media.

The clip has also been posted on a Facebook page purported to be that of the Bodu Bala Sena , under the title “who started the riot?” and affiliated social media portals of the BBS on Facebook and other avenues.

In a narration to the video posted on all pages, it says that the video shows that “those who walked in the procession were organised and threw stones at the bystanders”.

Colombo Telegraph cannot independently verify the authenticity of the said video.

Elderly Muslims are seen calming the bystanders who are believed to be Muslims by raising their hands upward.

While marching those in the procession are heard chanting “whose force is this? its the force of the sinhalese ( Kageda mey balawegey, Sinhalayage balawegey” after which at the end of the clip a few youth start throwing unknown items that they carried towards the bystanders who then flee.

The BBS has carried the entire narration which reads.

“Many of the Sinhala media attempted to show that it was the Muslims who attacked the procession first. But this video is slef explanatory, an organised group who were walking in the procession start pelting stones at the Muslim bystanders”

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