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We Are For Creation Of A Civilized And Moral Society: Maithri Movement

The common Opposition movement has pledged to abolish the preferential voting system and to introduce a new electoral system instead that would be an amalgamation of the previous first-past-the-vote system and proportional representation. In the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed by all parties that pledged their support to the common Opposition movement and for Maithripala Sirisena‘s candidacy in the run for Presidency yesterday, it has been noted that the new system would provide a fair representation for all communities and political opinions within an electorate and would also ensure that every electorate has its own MP.

Apart from the pledge to abolish the Executive Presidential system within 10 days, the MoU also states that the common Opposition seeks to repeal the 18th amendment and reinstate the independence of the judiciary, police and state service, elections commissioners and other institutions that ensure democracy and good governance in the country. Among its immediate tasks it has also listed salary reforms in order to meet the challenging needs of the rising cost of living and a program to encourage domestic industries, agriculture and fisheries.

Moreover, the MoU has also listed several other tasks which the common Opposition seeks to implemented within the period of the first 100 days, through a well laid out plan to which includes:

– Introduce a strict accountability system through grater transparency that would ensure the prevention of large scale fraud, corruption, bribery and earning of commissions as well as the wastage of public funds and to take legal action against financial misappropriations that have already been committed.

– Guaranteeing primacy to the Rule of Law and the restoration of democracy and good governance as well as securing the fundamental rights and freedoms, media freedom and right to Information in order to assure the right for Sri Lankans to live in dignity.

-Re-establishment of a stronger welfare state that would expand its beneficiaries to include women, children, disabled persons, elderly persons and pensioners.

– Empowerment of youth to meet the challenges of continuously changing world by providing knowledge in terms of education, technical and other skills and training.

–  Ensure dignity and equal opportunities for all citizens in social, cultural, economic and political spheres – Creation of a civilized and moral society and in particular, reform the political culture of the country that has sunk to unprecedented depths.

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