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We Don’t Want To Remove Wigneswaran: Suresh Premachandran

Calls by Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran to remove C.V. Wigneswaran from the Tamil National Alliance and the post of the Northern Province Chief Minister is the opinion of one individual and not that of the entire party, Suresh Premachandran said.

Suresh Premachandran

In fact, Premachnadran noted that both the TNA and the people of the north fully backed Wigneswaran.

Premachandran however went on to say that Wigneswaran too should be mindful that he was elected to the coveted post as a representative of the party and not as an individual candidate.

A group of Sri Lankan Tamils in Australia recently had protested against Sumanthiran while he was visiting the country, accusing the TNA parliamentarian of betraying the struggle of Tamil political prisoners and the Tamil people in general.

The Tamil diaspora also had severely criticised Sumanthiran for backing the domestic mechanism proposed by the government to investigate war crimes during the war.

Premachandran said he too had come to know about the protests against Sumanthiran and also about an interview given by Sumanthiran to foreign media where he had said that Wigneswaran should be removed

However Premachandran said that he had no knowledge about a proposal made to ITAK calling for the removal of Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran from the TNA.

Premachandran said that all affiliated parties in the TNA had invited Wigneswaran to be the chief ministerial candidate of the party and any decision on removing him too should be taken in concurrence with all the parties.

He said that the matter would be taken up for discussion during a TNA leaders meeting which is to be convened shortly.

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