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We Inherited A Fallow Field And Now It’s Ready For Reaping, Says Ranil

Prime Minister and Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Ranil Wickremesinghe claimed that the party had taken over a country which was like an abandoned paddy field in 2015 but that it has been transformed and is now ready for harvesting. He also said that it is not only party loyalists but the entire country that can reap benefits.

He made these observations at an event held at party headquarters, Sirikotha, to mark the 72nd anniversary of the UNP.

Referring to the ‘Janabalaya Kolambata’ (Power of the People to Colombo) rally organized by the Joint Opposition (JO), Wickremesinghe claimed that the JO’s lack of ‘people-strength’ (janabalaya) and the lies of the media were both exposed. On the other hand, he insisted, that the UNP’s anniversary celebrations were held as planned.

Wickremesinghe also claimed that the government has put the country on a firm footing and that Sri Lanka would become a modern nation by 2025. He promised that he will lead this effort until 2025 and said that it will be the task of the next generation of leaders to continue to program until 2030.

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