7 July, 2022


We Printed Posters For MR On Credit In 2005: JVP

JVP Leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the heights of plundering carried out by the Rajapaksas have been made evident by the heaps of cutouts and posters featuring the President that have been put on display all over the city of Colombo.



Parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing their supporters at the party’s inaugural rally for the upcoming Presidential elections said it should be probed as to how the Rajapaksas who were not equipped with enough funds to print posters during the polls in 2005, are now able to print millions of posters and cutouts to be displayed all over the country.

“It was we (JVP) who printed posters on credit for the Rajapaksas in 2005,” he said while adding that today, elections are thought of as festivals by the Rajapaksas.

He also said that the upcoming Presidential polls incur the highest expenditure ever recorded during a poll in Sri Lanka.

“We have received information that two containers full of watches bearing the image of Mahinda Rajapaksa have been imported. Moreover, they have also imported thousands of saris with blue borders and several millions are being channeled into funds that would be distributed among the public in order to bribe the voters,” he said.

Dissanayake went on to state that the people are being bribed by the very money that the Rajapaksas swindled off state resources that were meant to be put for public use.

He also added the Rajapaksas have also made preparations to spread fear throughout the country in order to intimidate voters into supporting them and to oppress dissenting views and the Opposition.

“Houses and buildings have been already bought from various parts of the island to accommodate army soldiers and thugs who would be deployed to carry out the bidding of the Rajapaksas. They come out in the night and instill fear in the hearts of the people,” he added.

Watch the full rally here;

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  • 17

    Here is a hypocrite who was in bed with MR when the country was about to be taken over by the clan. Now he sees MR in a different light.

    Didn’t his former leader Somawansa willingly support MR? It amounted to political prostitution.

    Then again what else one expect from political sex workers?

    JVP has to review its past 50 year history if it wants to be a credible political alternative.

    • 18

      I do not think he is a hypocrite. The JVP which is against devolution of power wanted to defeat Ranil in 2005 because Ranil had signed a truce with the LTTE. The JVP which wanted a war not peace ably supported a monster to come to power to remove another monster called Prabha.

      • 7


        “The JVP which wanted a war not peace ably supported a monster to come to power to remove another monster called Prabha.”

        Well, if one goes by your logic JVP should celebrate Premadasa for removing another monster Rohana Wijeyweera.

        The entire JVP’s outdated ideology and practices were constructed on hypocrisy, false consciousness, brutality, hero worship, hatred for people, Sinhala/Buddhist racism, naked narrow nationalism …. sheer stupidity.

        The party (JVP) which professed to fight for the peasants and workers branded the up country hard working Tamils being the 5th column of the Indian Expansionists. But it later transpired Tamils from the North were play the role than the Tamils of up country. JVP also supported the expatriation of the same working class people, Five Classes (Panti Paha).

      • 3

        You cannot really blame him for supporting MaRa. Even Hitler was once hailed by the whole of Germany and like Hitler, MaRa duped the whole country into electing him twice. We now know better and let’s hope we oust this despicable regime at the next election. MaRa’s only claim to fame is that he defeated the LTTE but he does not give credit to our glorious Army, Navy and Air Force and the Police and also the villagers that made great sacrifices with lives and limbs. Our Army heroes like the late Janaka Perera etc. cast into oblivion and Gota acclaimed as having won the battle single-handed.

        • 5

          Sylvia Haik, punchisingho, Amarasiri, anonymous, Aela, Pot Shot, JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA,

          JVP’s hypocrisy, blatant mistakes, brutality and opportunism

          •Five Classes (Panti Paha).singularly identified Upcountry hardworking Tamils were being the 5th column of the expansionist India. It turned out to be the northerners who indeed were the Hindian frontline soldiers. Further JVP actively campaigned for the expatriation of these “stateless” workers back to India irrespective of their contribution and period of their presence in this island. If that wasn’t a racist act against the working class then what is?

          •JVP used the Indo Lanka pact to revive its lost fortunes. It never accepted 13th Amendment however it was happy to field its own candidates in the Provincial Council elections and win few seats enjoy power and privileges.

          •JVP never ever willingly surrendered its arsenal while demanding LTTE to surrender its arms.

          •JVP knew innocent people were being killed by the armed forces, however it maintained a deafening silence through out the war and still it does. Knowing full well innocent people were being killed it continued its war mongering.

          •JVP has been mute on war crime and crime against humanity. It does not see the need for an independent investigation and accountability. Does JVP believe in dignity, respect for human rights, right and wrong?

          •As far as JVP was concerned LTTE was a terrorist organisation, rightly so. However JVP has not yet explained why it was not terrorist acts what it did in 1971 and from 1987 and 1991.

          •JVP killed tens of thousands of innocent people. It never apologised to the people unequivocally. AKD did whisper his apology on BBC however it was followed by if and buts, loaded with qualification.

          •JVP continues to commemorate November Heroes day while numb on the brutal suppression of Northerners remembering their kith and kin. If this party is pro-people and seeking justice to all it would have actively campaigned for equal treatment of Northern victims.

          •JVP continues to harp on Indian expansion into this island (rightly so) while mute on Chinese expansion.

          •From 1987 to 1991 JVP went for the jugular counting on its anti Indian rhetoric. Later it transpired Somawansa and his fellow comrades sought asylum in India.

          •When the case against merger of North East provincial Council was presented at the Supreme Court Sarath Silva refused to accept submission from the Tamils. JVP happily colluded with him. Now JVP believes he is corrupt.

          •JVP was happy to share MR’s bed however now it believes MR is corrupt.

          •Recently AKD warned that violence could flare up. What did he mean? Has JVP collected enough tyres to go around?

          •JVP since its inception maintained an irrational position on devolution of power. However it never put forward a cohesive alternative except to maintain that its brand of Socialism would be the panacea for all national questions. It seems the party is still betting on its outdated, discredited, inward looking Marxist/Maoist ideology when the other countries have moved on from tried and failed system of governance. JVP ought to be told that the world has moved on since 1960s.

          •JVP’s latest publication “Our Vision” look like and read like Chinese propaganda magazines of the old days, according to my elders. Is AKD in competition with North Korea?

          How many members can JVP boast are from non Sinhala/Buddhist community?

          •JVP refuses to discuss the history of this island where the real problem lies.

          AKD may be a poster boy he may not make a honest leader until he visits his party’s mostly violent and hypercritical past. He has to say a big sorry to all people of this island.

          Read below:

          Veddahs say JVP’s ‘Our Vision’ is not their vision
          June 10, 2014, 9:59 pm

          By Norman Palihawadane

          The JVP’s policy framework titled Our Vision could not certainly be called our vision, Wimalaratna Attho, spokesman and translator for Veddha Chief Uruwarige Wannila attho said yesterday.

          Wimalaratna Attho told The Island that former leader of the JVP Somawansa Amarasinghe had visited Veddha Chief Uruwarige Wannila Attho recently and presented his party’s new manifesto titled Our Vision to him. “He [Somawansa] just presented a sheaf of papers to the Chief. Various people come to meet our Chief who grants an audience to them. The Chief does not differentiate these visitors on their political or ideological differences. Welcoming these visitors also does not mean we subscribe to their policies .”

          Wimalaratna Attho said that many people had visited the Veddha Chief and presented papers similar to the manifesto of the JVP. “These pieces of paper have no value. There would be value only if they could put the content into practice. We cannot comment on the content of the manifesto. If the JVP could implement what they promise on the paper, then we might be in a position to comment on their policies,” he said.

          JVP as a part of their campaign for the forthcoming Uva Provincial Polls, got its former leader and current Foreign Secretary Somawansa Amarasinghe to visit several places in the province during the last week of May and present its manifesto to prominent persons in the area.

          • 0

            Native Vedda, If we do not forgive people for their mistakes, we would remain still in the dark ages. People learn from their mistakes and if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn anything.

            • 3

              Sylvia Haik

              “People learn from their mistakes and if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn anything.”

              You know what in this island our politicians continue to make same mistakes and the voters continue to vote for them. The corrupt politicians take their votes for granted.

              If JVP wants a clean start it has to review its past, accept its blunders, publicly declare the party has made mistakes in its ideology, approach, how it conducted its armed upraising, killing thousands of innocent civilians, foreign policies, and being hypocritical through out their existence, demand independent investigation into all war crimes committed by all parties from 5th April 1971 to date.

              Then apologize to the people by saying ” WE ARE SORRY”. in all languages.

              It has to find new ideas, humane approach, renounce violence, make unity in diversity as its central theme and devolution of power as its main tool.

              Finally it has to surrender all its arms and publish a list of persons who were killed by its armed wing DJV.

              Then can we trust/support JVP.

              On the other hand in this island no leader makes any mistake therefore JVP would not dare experiment a new honest way of doing politics.

          • 0

            SO this aswer is saying it was wrong to support MR in 2005. Had JVP did not support MR and did not brought him to power, the war would be still continuing ne…

            Do you like had war continued? or do you like had LTTE won the war?

            We know who you really are! Human rights everything is important only when LTTE is getting or got defeated. When LTTE was indulged in unspeakable brutal violence we cannot find these aswers in vaddha clothes.

    • 8

      Native Vedda

      He was in bed withMaRa when he did not know Medamulana MaRa was Mara.

      He has woken up and realized the situation and avoided being a shill, unlike Wimal Weerawansa or Baluwansa.

      Give AKD him credit for that and what they are doing now to expose MaRa.

      Did you hear about Angulimala?


      Daku Angulimala (Pāli: “finger necklace/garland”; Sinhala: අංගුලිමාල, Burmese: အင်္ဂုလိမာလ; Chinese: 央掘魔羅) is an important early figure in Buddhism, particularly within the Theravada suttas. A ruthless killer who is redeemed by a sincere conversion to Buddhism, he is seen as an example of the redemptive power of the Buddha’s teaching and the universal human potential for spiritual progress, regardless of one’s background.

    • 13

      If you call Anura D a hypocrite, I have to say you are either afraid of the truth or and ignorant supporter of the regime in disguise. Anura does not have to take the responsibility for the mistakes Somawansa or Loku Athula or anyone else made. The present JVP is not an extremist group or wanting to be the ruling party (at least for now) but the most effective opposition against ‘Falsehood’. They are the only ones walking the ‘Middle Path’ preached by the enlightened one. Anura, may you have the strength to carry on and get that lovely islands future back on track. Metta!

    • 14

      Cone on NV, what has happened to you now? Somawansa & AKD surely had no idea that MR & the clan would misbehave like this. Think you are being too harsh on AKD.

    • 12

      Native Vedda,

      I am against violence and terrorism and hated the JVP equally as I did with the LTTE. But this man Anura Kumara Dissanayake is different. I trust his sincerity, his boldness and his passion for his country although I still can’t come to terms to supporting his party.

      You talk about JVP’s 50 yr history. True but it is nothing comparable to the mayhem unleashed by MR and his family. The most unpatriotic family who have robbed their own people through thuggery, violence, murder and financial and moral corruption. They are a family = to the LTTE.

      They need to be wiped out. I cant wait for the 9th of Jan to come sooner.

    • 2

      N V ;
      IS IT WRONG to correct one’s own mistakes when they understood that they are wrong?????????.
      I hope JVP Now realised that, they have done many mistakes and misguided the youths of Sri lanka,

      Better give them a chance to speak truth and get corrected.
      GUYS, DONT YOU AGREE with that idea. !!!!!!!.

      • 3


        I am told you are being sentenced to 28 years and six months rigorous imprisonment and fined Rs.20,000.

        I am sure you will enjoy your time outside the prison if you have the right connections. You can arrange someone else to serve the time if you have the right kind of funds.

        “I hope JVP Now realised that, they have done many mistakes and misguided the youths of Sri lanka,”

        No they haven’t.

        Some weeks ago I wrote a comment in which I mentioned most of what they did was wrong and most of what they said were hypocritical.

        From day one JVP’s ideology and practices have been racially motivated, opportunistic and sheer stupidity.

        I can give you at least 15 historical incident that will show you their true nature. We are not in a hurry therefore JVP will have plenty of time to revisit itsr past and accept they were wrong and hypocritical and apologize for every thing that they said and did.

        And the voters also have very short memories which suit them well.

  • 11

    WOW !!! what bold allegations… ummm from PAUERS to zillionaires in a span of 9 years…

  • 8

    There is a NEW distance measure in SL.

    “How far is your home from Nugekoda junction?”

    “It is 20 Mahinda billboards towards Maaragama”

    • 0

      Should we not Number these cut-outs and equate them to the No. of
      fake Ballot papers being printed at a Naval Camp?

      Even if this tip-off is within the ECs knowledge he dare not make
      any raid as he too must have been “bought” in a few million???

  • 8

    Sri Lankan should chase away this barbaric Rajapaksha and his brothers. Do not scare to barbaric Rajapaksha goons. We need to teach good lesson. Open your Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2

      The Horse and the Stag
      An Aesop’s Fable

      An Aesop’s Fable

      The Horse had the plain entirely to himself. A Stag intruded into his domain and shared his pasture. The Horse, desiring to revenge himself on the stranger, requested a man, if he were willing, to help him in punishing the Stag. The man replied, that if the Horse would receive a bit in his mouth, and agree to carry him, he would contrive very effectual weapons against the Stag. The Horse consented, and allowed the man to mount him. From that hour he found that, instead of obtaining revenge on the Stag, he had enslaved himself to the service of man.

      Moral of Aesops Fable: He who seeks to injure others often injures only himself.

      Lesson Learned
      Pirabharan went; King came. When the King is chased, The horse will be slaved!

  • 6

    Hope people power will win with all these money powers

    MR i hate u day by day

  • 2

    We live with one another in a global village. No country can exist alone. We live according to the civilised norms accepted and expressed by the world, through the UN, to protect humanity and one another.

    Mahinda Rajapakse(MR) in his last address to the UN general Assembly asked as to why SL is being pursued for its Human Rights violations and not other countries.

    Three things became evident;

    1) MR indirectly admitted guilt.
    2) In his view massacring 100,000 Tamil civilians is not a serious crime.
    3) He prevents truth and justice.

    Ranil recently said that he will not handover MR to the UN or ICC confirming that MR is guilty.

    Along with MR at the UN was GL Pieris(GLP) who claims to be an expert in law and has 8 Top Law firms to advise him but;

    a) He could not guide MR correctly at the UN.
    b) He wrongly insisted that the UN cannot interfere in Tamil genocide, an
    internal affair of SL, eventhough the UN could intervene as genocide is
    not an internal matter.
    c) GLP, failed to submit to the OHCHR, a report deadlined in November.
    d) He arrogantly refused to request for an extension from OHCHR

    What was told by MR at the UN and done by GLP is rightly deemed as actions by all Sri Lankans and so the talk of sanctions by Britain.

    • 4

      Get lost like your Velu did……this election is about having a clean governance in Sri Lanka , what the govt of the day did during a war is what it had to do inorder to stop the terror by a terrorist group that was using children in war and killing even their own people,

      First ask the UN if they are fair organization ? Ask Palestinians if UN,US,UK and the so called justice front of the west have done anything , at least condem Israel for its killing of people in a captured land of their own ?

      Now it’s about MR corruption and better governance for SL future, let’s all get together and clean up a one family one government

  • 4

    Thank you JVP and AKD for talking on behalf of deprived, helpless, powerless and voiceless people.
    You are true heroes and true Patriots.

    Bay God Bless you and protect you and give you more strength, wisdom and power to talk on behalf of people in Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    Wake up Sri Lankans. This should be Sri Lankan springs. There is no USA, UK or Australian conspiracy. American citizens are in the Rajapakshe camp and Maithreepala camp consists with normal citizens.

    Please wake up for better Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    People of Sri Lanka should thank Mr. Anura.K.D and the JVP for supporting HE MR the President in 2005. It is one of the right decisions JVP made in their history. Today we are enjoying freedom because HE MR became the president and he freed our mother land from terror.

    In that way HE MR has paid dividends to the country as well as to JVP.

    So, Don’t cry. Enjoy the freedom and the development taking place.

  • 1

    Has this dude lost the plot?…

    He is the leader of the party who killed innocent people for turning on power in the night.

    And threatened to kill wives and kids of the Army Soldiers during their brave efforts in 71 and 89 ..

    Now he is winging about the soldiers guarding their village folk when the Foreign funded and aided bankrupt politicians are trying to destabilize the country and take over the Govt.

    Does Anura want CBK and cousin Ranil running the country?.

    Didn’t they do enough damage during their previous stints ?

    Why doesn’t he join the Opposition gravy train too ,instead of sitting in the gutter and trying to pick up turds to throw at the Government ?…

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