4 June, 2023


Weerasekera, Senadhipathi Train Guns On AKD: Warn Of ‘Live Bullets’ And 6000 “Uncontrollable” Soldiers

Public Security Minister Sarath Weerasekera has issued a direct threat against lawmaker Anura Kumara Dissanayake when he claimed that the JVP Leader would soon see if the government was firing “blanks” or “live bullets”.

Soon afterwards, Dissanayake recognized the threat but shot back that Weerasekera’s threats did not scare him.

The spat began when the JVP Leader accused the Government of ‘firing blanks’ to distract the public when the country was in the throes of crisis. These were ‘puswedili’ to keep the people preoccupied and distracted from their daily woes, Dissanayake claimed, referring to the announcement that the slaughter of cattle would be banned, or that all young people would have to undergo two years of mandatory military training. “Rather than confront the issues facing country, they make these grand statements that the media laps up, only to walk it back a few days later,” Dissanayake charged at a rally a few days ago.

The remarks reportedly incensed the menacing Public Security Minister, a retired Rear Admiral of the Sri Lanka Navy. Weerasekera said the JVP would soon face the music for putting the father of two Easter Sunday bombers on its national list for Parliament. “Very soon Anura Kumara Dissanayake will see whether these are “puswedili” or live bullets,” Weerasekera threatened.

The intimidation comes in the wake of similar remarks by Avant Garde Chairman and Presidential crony, Nissanka Senadhipathi. Senadhipathi who is a former major in the Commando unit of the Sri Lanka Army, said that if the smear campaign against his company continued, he would not be able to “control” some 6000 emotional ex-soldiers he had employed.

In an interview this week Senadhipathi issued the warning to SJB politico Asoka Abeysinghe and JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake that the patience of “his people” should not be tested unduly. Abeysinghe was recently interrogated by the CID for making statements to the effect that Basil Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa had been behind the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019. Abeysinghe said the Avant Garde chairman had financed the plot that killed 269 people.

Senadhipathi said Abeysinghe had been trying to incite a riot in the country.

Senadhipathi claimed that he had “stopped” his people from reacting to Abeysinghe’s remarks with great difficulty.

His soldiers, the Avant Garde Chairman said, were “very emotional people”.

Senadhipathi: Asoka Abeysinghe and co should remember that my people’s patience cannot be tested beyond their limits. It is with the greatest difficulty that I stopped them from doing something.

Interviewer: Who are these ‘people’?

Senadhipathi: My people. The army soldiers who work for me. I employ more than 6000 former soldiers. People should not test their limits. When the former government was in power they lost their livelihoods because of this slanderous campaign (against Avant Garde). If this slander begins again under this government too, I will be powerless to stop them. I am telling Anura Kumara Dissnayake this too. Do not insult these people, they are very emotional people they just want to be left alone. There is a limit to our patience.

Describing the JVP as a plague upon the country, Senadhipathi vowed to reduce the party’s polling percentage down to zero in the next election. “Not even one of them will enter parliament – mark my words,” the Avant Garde Chairman said. He said he was willing to spend his entire fortune to make this a reality.

Senadhipathi’s threat has dangerous undertones and deep historical context.

The idea that “people” would rise up to avenge beloved leaders has been repeatedly floated by the Rajapaksa administration in the past. Brutal consequences have almost always followed.

In June 2008, then Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa summoned two Lake House journalists Poddala Jayantha and Sanath Balasuriya to his office, after they participated in protests about ongoing media suppression. The meeting took place a month after journalist Keith Noyahr was abducted and assaulted. The defence secretary’s summons pertained to a complaint made by then Army Chief Sarath Fonseka who was irked that Balasuriya and Jayantha had been among those at the protest who cast aspersions against the government’s war effort. Both Balasuriya and Jayantha were members of the Working Journalists’ Association. The Defence Secretary told the two journalists that they had no right to participate in protests as Lake House employees and said criticism of the military leadership, particularly Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, and the conduct of the war would not be tolerated.

The Defence Secretary then warned the journalists: “There are large numbers of military personnel who ‘revered Fonseka like a God,’ and that I cannot control these people. Don’t come and cry to me if something happens to you.”

Less than one year later, Jayantha was abducted, brutally tortured and dumped on the side of a road. Both Jayantha and Balasuriya eventually fled the country.

In 2010, then Defence Secretary used the same tactic on then Sunday Leader Editor Frederica Jansz when the journalist questioned him about a puppy he was air couriering to Colombo for his wife. A frothing and foul-mouthed Rajapaksa told Jansz the “people will kill you”.

The exchange follows:

GR: But I will put you in jail! You shit journalist trying to split this country – trying to show otherwise from true Sinhala Buddhists!! You are helped by the US Ambassador, NGOs and Paikiasothy – they pay you!!!

FJ: I wish.

GR: You pig that eats shit!!! You shit shit dirty f…..g journalist!!!

FJ: I hope you can hear yourself Mr. Rajapaksa.

GR: People will kill you!!!  People hate you!!! They will kill you!!!

FJ: On your directive?

GR: What?? No. Not mine. But they will kill you – you dirty f…..g shit journalist.

A series of threatening incidents followed and Jansz was forced to leave Sri Lanka soon afterwards.

Making the argument that the “people”, angered by the slights against their dear leaders rise will attack those that dare to criticize and slander, allows the principals to escape blame for violence that follows. The strategy is a key part of the Rajapaksa Government’s brutal playbook.

Senadhipathi’s threat about his “people” – a force of 6000 former military personnel trained to kill – resorting to “uncontrollable” behaviour coupled with Weerasekera’s threat of “live bullets” place Anura Kumara Dissanayake directly in the regime’s crosshairs, said political observers who expressed alarm about the ratcheting up of intimidating rhetoric by key members of the Rajapaksa regime.

It is incumbent upon the Speaker of Parliament and the Government to ensure the protection of an opposition parliamentarian exercising his democratic right to dissent and criticize the ruling party and its policies, political analysts insisted. Dissanayake is currently the Gotabaya Rajapaksa government’s fiercest and most fearless critic, the analysts said. They added: “If any harm should come to Dissanayake, it will drive criticism and dissent to the ground in Sri Lanka. All of the opposition needs to rally to demand that the Government ceases these threats and takes steps to ensure the security of even those who are their biggest detractors”.

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Latest comments

  • 25

    Politicians are experts at taking the Sri Lankan voter for a ride.
    Puwedili, carrots, boru jathi ale, seeni bola are all tried and tested methods used by politicians
    to get the vote and show the middle finger to the voter.

    • 9

      REAR Admiral!

      Says it all.

  • 33

    Remember Gota, Mahintha, and their hit men have got away with mass murders with impunity provided by the Sri Lankan state and the Sinhalese people in general.

    In the above article you can hear about Sarath Fonseka’s dirty deeds during the war. Now he pretends to be a clean man!

    So many war criminals, and genocidaires are in power and walking freely. They are bragging that Geneva cannot do anything to them, despite their international crimes in the past and on going crimes.

    All these lawless strongmen in power obviously don’t believe in the Judgement day.

    Hope justice catches up with them all.

  • 6

    Don’t worry…..
    People of Sri Lanka…..
    Will make Mr. 3% down to Mr. 0% in future elections.

    • 24

      S.C. Pasqual: Senadhipathy said: “I will spend all my wealth to reduce that 3% to 0%”. How about you? Are you one among in the company of that “Wealthy”? You are correct because, in Sri Lanka, how much one spends decides how many “SLAVES” could be “BOUGHT” at elections.

      • 2

        Mr. Simon,
        You people get carried away very easily.
        Do you know how much money Joe Biden/Trump campaign cost.
        Battle for the White House and control of the Senate and the House hit nearly $14 billion.
        Is that all to make American slaves…?

        • 6

          Mr/Ms. S.C.Pasqual: Please note, I will not be carried away that easily. Over the last few elections, I have SEEN what the political parties have done to “Win”. In the USA, those election campaigns, “Fund Raisings”, “Expenditures” are well “Monitored” by Law. You perhaps remember once Hilary Clinton had to “RETURN” the contributions made for the campaign by the “Tamil Diaspora” because it was subject to scrutiny. How do you see the distribution of “Ambrella”, “Wall Clocks”, “Sil Redi”, “Cement Bags”, “Roofing Sheets”, “Cycle Tyres”, “Wall Calendars”, “Arrack”, “Bath Packets” “T-Shirts” “Hand Bags”, “Sarees” “G.I. Pipings”, “Job Applications”, “Cash” etc? I have spoken to those who received these items and they said: “How can we forget the “UTHTHMOYA” (The ELITE) who gave all these “GIFTS”. So we have to VOTE for them”. Isn’t that an attitude of “SLAVERY”?

    • 10


      What happened to REAR Admiral’s burqa ban?

      Ranjan loves REAR Admiral you know.

      • 5

        Personally I believe people should have freedom to wear what ever they wants.
        This issue has couple of folds.
        Ultra liberals thinks that it should be banned as a religious symbol.
        Same people advocate open society where people can wear anything they wants. Evan Nudity.
        Having said that…..
        Lots of countries have full or partial ban of the burqa
        Republic of the Congo
        Turkey – In the judiciary/military/police
        Bosnia and Herzegovina
        – Check how many Muslim countries are there.

  • 37

    Creating a lawful and moral Vistas of splendour nation is turning into bankrupt low and odor run by 6000 emotionally unstable junta.

  • 23

    Leopards do not change their spots, even when reincarnated.

    • 4

      I thought leopards all died in 2009, and these are just lions roaming. So maybe you should find a better metaphor

  • 31

    The voting members of the UNHRC are taking note of these threats against critics of the government and there is no doubt this will influence the way they vote. All these actions will have reactions!

    • 9

      Forget it, all the voting members are merchants they will look for SL govt contracts and trade, bit about HR issues. The HR issues are lip service for media.

  • 34

    Law and order is not for the Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera. He continuously makes statements which make me wonder if he is “Sane”. How can he threaten the life of another party leader and not be arrested and investigated by the Crimes Division. Is Sarath Weerasekera above the law?

    • 17

      Buddhist1; “Is Sarath Weerasekera above the law”. He makes the “LAW”. You decide whether he is “Above” or “Below”. To me “HE” is “Below” the “Hell”.

      • 6

        Simon Aiya,
        Yestreday, Rohitha Abegunawardhana got his on going investigations exonerated (නිදොස් කොට නිදහස් ) Our Ranjan’s accusation that the JUDICIARY is highly biased – is proved. Almsot everyone knows that RA ‘s fund grabs during that period. All these are public secret but millions stay behind the criminals yet today. Is our motherland NOT wonderland on this planet ?

        • 11

          Not just UNHRC, but much more pressure should come on the CRIMINALs. Today people are speechless. See how many more months these men would be able to rule this nation ..As was the case with Hitler in the last moment, Gotabaya will have to commit suicide sooner than later. That would be a blessing for the country /world.

        • 5

          Dear LLM: The “JUDICIARY” of S/L OR of that “MIRACLE OF ASIA”? More than this the biggest wonder was the “Withdrawal” of the case against Sajin Vas Gunawardane who was charged for corruption involving Rs. 800 million while being the CEO of Mihin Lanka. The then “Chairman” of Mihin Lanka was the then Secretary of Defense NOW the President of S/L. This case was “Withdrawn” citing a “Technical Issue”. Arent’ the “My Lords” – the Judges got the courage to say “NO” to these “Withdrawals” of “On-Going” (these cases were taken up in courts on several other occasions and were postponed) cases? Don’t they have the “Courage” to ask, why such cases were at all allowed to proceed at the very “Initial” hearings? Don’t they “SMELL” a rat in these “Tactics”? Perhaps, those “Sense Organs” of “Smelling” have been “Circumcised” with the “20A”.

          • 2

            How the Minister of Justice Mr. Ali Sabry passed his law exam is a million Dollar question. He has disgraced the so called learned profession by being a doormat to wipe off the muddy feet.

  • 22

    No worries my friends. Nothing untoward will happen to AKD. They know for sure that it all are damp squibs like for example 300 kgs of Heroin that came in a container for which the Buhddasana Ministry pleaded with the Customs to let it in without let or hindrance and many others have hit the dust.

  • 22

    Why didn’t the last government get rid of these 2 state terrorists?

    Both are US citizens.

    • 19

      Because, the last govt was led by the international 21st century fox who was the best buddy of of MR. After the 2015 election this fox promised the the uneducated thugs clan that he will save them all the way.

      • 6

        But Ranil also tried to join with Rajapaksas and punish Sirisena. Ranil’s FCID, etc. saved all Rajapaksa crooks after initial drama. Then Sirisena felt uneasy and did the same.

        Gota is still an American citizen. Even JVP, SJB, TNA, SLMC don’t mind it.

        All are opportunists. People of the cursed island nation pay.

  • 25

    Rajapaksas have a characteristic of getting angry and take revenge against anyone who speak about their crimes and corruptions. Recently, Military leader Gota made a threat even after becoming President. He cannot change his way of life and the followers of him do the same. Not only they will stop with verbal threat but they can do their way of abduction and ……. Now they are in power. 6.9 million Buddhists are with them. China and Myanmar are with them. Who will save the country and people? !!!!!

  • 29

    The expose by AKD ON THE SUGAR FIASCO has turned sour for the EX:Admiral and Avant Garde fame gangster.

  • 23

    Do not underestimate the murderous intentions of fascists like Weerasekara and Senadhipathi. Their power comes from Gotha himself and his militarised regime. These utterances are threats not just at Anura Kumara but threats aimed at what remains of the threadbare fabric of Sri Lankan democracy

  • 8

    All the while Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena been busy shamelessly trying to hoodwink the UNHRC voting members.

    How many of those Senadhipathi’s 6000+ emotional people working at Avan Garde are capable of committing crimes, and have already committed crimes!?

  • 5


    I don’t think that the Sri Lankan voter approves human rights violations or impunity. The former “Yaha palanaya” was not able to demonstrate that they can do any “palanaya” let alone “Yahapalanaya,”.

    This was the main reason that the majority voted for Gota and SJPP rather than Sajith and SJB / UNP.

  • 4

    Who knows heroin may be helpful in attaining enlightenment no?

    • 0

      It sure is the Path to Nibbana or Nirwana for Singhalese Buddhists. Heroin helps to achieve tranquility for those living in the World of true Singhalese Buddhists.

  • 13

    “There are large numbers of military personnel who ‘revered Fonseka like a God,’ and that I cannot control these people. Don’t come and cry to me if something happens to you.”
    The same family then proceeded to assault, then drag commander fonseka like a common criminal and throw him in prison after the war ended.
    The irony!

    • 6

      Great observation. Hypocrisy of Senadhipathy.

    • 2

      How is it that Soma who comments on almost every article, has nothing to say here?
      Remember that he was employed Avant-Garde for a long time. Since he says nothing here, he, too, must be added to the list of hypocrites.

  • 15

    His soldiers, the Avant Garde Chairman said, were “very emotional people”
    If the chairmans allegations are correct, he is slandering his own men!
    Soldiers are not supposed to be ‘very emotional’ but highly disciplined and
    an example of self control.

    • 4

      Dear Humble, precisely put!

      Yet, there are far too many propagandists at every echelon of our morally deficient population irrationally and deceptively professing the innocence of our military from the brutal crimes they have committed throughout the civil war and well preceding the civil war.

  • 11

    Weerasekera said the JVP would soon face the music for putting the father of two Easter Sunday bombers on its national list for Parliament.

    Millionaire businessman Alawdeen (owner of Alawdeen Jewelers), the father-in-law of the Easter day suicide bomber at the Shangri-La hotel, Mohammed Ibrahim Ilham Ahmed who gave copper to the Easter day suicide bombers, has fully sponsored Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s presidential rally held in Mannar on 10th November. He has organized a banquet to Gotabaya at his Mannar residence. Investigations uncovered a sum of Rs. 200 million in a secret bank account of Alawdeen’s daughter.

    Can Weerasekera ready to do the same to President as well?

    • 2

      Dayan you seem to have forgotten to turn off bold. When everything is in bold, it becomes more difficult to read. Let me see if I can turn off bold.
      In passing, may I also request Soma to tell us what he knows about Avant-Garde?

      • 2

        @Sinhala_Man – Sorry for my blunter.. Let me try

  • 9

    This is a very sad but accurate portrayal of a bunch of thugs who are running amok in Sri Lanka. The timing cannot be worse for this shameless regime, bearing in mind the UNHRC vote on Monday.

    I am astounded to hear that Senadhipathi has 6000 ex-soldiers at his disposal. On scratching around a little, I learn that these fellows are mercenaries, who are given arms and put on ships to ward against the threat of pirates on the high seas.

    Clearly these vacuous souls, whose patience we are asked not to test, don’t realise that the biggest, boldest and most flamboyant pirates are strutting their stuff on the streets of Colombo, lording it over the populace, and living the high life off the poor man’s larder.

    Perhaps they should lose their patience at the skullduggery that is being perpetrated on the citizenry, and maybe train their weapons on the ruling class….. they’d be doing the biggest service to our dear country, if they only do that just once.

  • 4

    Further proof of SL’s lawless regime. If a Commander cannot control his team, is he a leader? I find it hard to accept GR & other heads of security forces who have publicly stated they can’t control their own men as effective leaders. Now that GR is President & Head of the Security Services, is he unable to maintain law & order of the country & helplessly watch his (ex) Generals take the law into their own hands?

    AKD has shown himself as a rational opposition politician whilst his opponents have displayed the age old syndrome of ‘brawn but no brains’.

  • 2

    Maybe Cowardsekara is dreaming to become a Got-A- Baya(scared) when the
    latter is felled down in the next term , by being an Arm Chair Defence puppet !
    Either way , Martin Nie Moller of Germany keeps coming to my memory about
    what is in store for Intelligent Srilankan Voters . He gave us all a real clue !
    First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because
    I was not a communist .
    Then they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because
    I was not a socialist .
    Then they came for the Trade Unionist and I did not speak out because
    I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came out for Jews and I did not speak out because
    I was not a Jew .
    Then they came for ME and there was NO ONE left to speak out FOR ME .

  • 3

    From the president to his cabinet to his cronies, the rogues can’t contain their demonic thoughts.

    The confidence with which they express their demonic thoughts and threats is rather unsettling.

    They must think that their 69 lakh fans also think the same way and have given them the blessing to utter threats and carry out crimes that will be pleasing to the fans.

  • 4

    “Face the music for putting the father of two bombers on national list”. OMG, then what will SW will do to Rajapaksas for putting Pillayan and Karuna permanently in Parliament.

  • 0

    I haven’t succeeded above in my efforts to turn off bold. Let me try again.

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