23 May, 2022


Weliamuna And Jayampathy Receive Diplomatic Postings

Lawyer J C Weliamuna and ex-Air Force Commander Kapila Jayampathy have been nominated to head Sri lanka’s diplomatic missions in Australia and Malaysia.

JC Weliamuna

The names had been submitted alongside 11 other names to the High Posts Committee for approval and among the other Posts where Chiefs of Mission will change include Qatar, Korea, Maldives, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kuwait, Cuba, Ethiopia, Nepal, Lebanon and Jordan.

Weliamuna was a prominent member of Transparency International Sri Lanka and took an active role in anti corruption activities. He even led an inquiry into financial misappropriations in the national carrier but was criticised for overcharging for his expertise and services in the probe.

Foreign Ministry had submitted the two names of Weliamuna and Jayampathy following instructions from Sirisena. Weliamuna however has been extremely critical of Sirisena following the 2018 Constitutional Coup.

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  • 23

    There are many well educated and well experienced individuals in diplomatic domain for these posts.

    So called corrupted politicians have ruined the whole society.

  • 15

    Weliamuna will not be that critical any more. His mouth has now been tapped with a diplomatic position. Rumors are Ethiopia is for Rajeewa and Nigeria for Laksiri.(looks like demotion to me). Any takers ????

    • 21

      I think My 3 can avoid much of the embarrassments if he could export Shiral Lakthilaka & Maithree Gunarathna as well.

    • 7

      A diplomatic Move?

  • 22

    Depending on what Pujitha told us, makes me to think, what did these guys do to earn these postings. Now a days diplomatic postings are returning political favors.

  • 9

    What a change to receive to a leader of the so called “regime change” clique in ’15! hurrah! (Just for few moons anyway). Lol.

  • 11

    OMG , End of the of a beginning or the beginning of the end of our Foreign Service?

    • 7

      cw – Actually foreign diplomatic service sector started to be politicized during the time of ACS Hameed, UNP Foreign Minister; the infamous Bottle- A- Day man; even his relative Akurana MP Haleem is also widely known to be a great Boozer, it is evident from his bloated face & stammer, and this fellow’s brother is linked to the ISIS terrorists – OMG where is Lanka heading????

  • 17

    Am I to assume that Hon Reverend Gnanasara taking the post of ambassador to Japan? How about Hon Rathana? Get rid of all the trouble makers from SL. We need not worry about foreign missions as we can’t salvage our reputation. We need missions for renewing pass ports and issuing visas. And bring back dead bodies of workers. Why not send Cardinal to Rome and Hizzbulla to Syria. I also suggest to send away Weeramonkey and Gamon-Pulle.

    • 9

      Nathan to hell will be a better idea!

  • 5

    J.C Welimuna has to back to lanka soon after the NEXT election. His private-own of that TIS is that
    pro-UNP stunt .
    What has happen to his inquire report of Sri lanka Air line by spending millions of rupees of Poor Tax payers money. Well place that Jabber of inquire report of Sri Lanka Airline by JC Welimuna recommendation has no returns to Tax Payers of our POOR citizens.
    Even that our -poor citizens consent are that not heed of mode of that willy-nilly has to pay millions of rupees to (dr) Welimuna’s report; really what a wasting of Tax payers funds which that has nothing return all from that an inquire..
    Who is an accountability for that? Is that transparency system of democracy!
    Then given another perks to Diplomatic post bring Benz Care of duty Free bonus by served for politics of lackeys of Ranil Wicks and MS of UNP regime change. In that 15/1/8 by looking after that interest of USA +UK +EU+Japan.
    Nevertheless this is new type of award that brought of “Good Governance and Rule of Law” to Lanka Transparency International by JC.Welimina !@ $$$$.%.

  • 7

    This is how everything. Even the very big boss is also for money. Every one is asking something from that small country Bhikkus are not allowed to talk because they talk about the country which they have to protect. KAru Jayasuriya and even Sarah fonseka is trying to be important by bashing some one else. Sarah Fonseka is really lost reputation. All others are just scum.

    • 4

      JD ” Bhikkus are not allowed to talk because they talk about the country which they have to protect “
      When did that happen? They are the modern day Billionaires. Where did the Dambulla money go. Calculate it thus: Rs 3,000,000 a day x 360 days x 20 years ( 1999-2019)= Rs 21,600,000,000.00

  • 4

    So this is how the pappadum crumbles…! All that roaring for perks ends up in lucrative PC ships for Saliya, JCW and othes and now, worst of all, acceptance of a diplomutt posting.

    Shame, shame, shame. With so-called ‘civil society leaders like this, no wonder Sri Lanka went off the rails.

    These diplomutts will have only a short posting once MR cruises in and boots them out! Shame.

  • 1

    Every President, every leader of institutions knows how to throw plums and discard a thing called professionalism and meritocracy. Conduct of MY3 is nothing new. Various heads of institutions have their agenda, which includes the lining of one’s pocket. If that is assisted with, you will get scholarships, foreign trips etc. It was clearly visible from MR times, even judges being offered and sent for “training courses”, not to learn but to enjoy, even pleasures of the flesh. It is regrettable that even during MY3 + RW times throwing plums at judges is continued. SO! where is the much talked of independence of the judiciary under a “Yahapalanaya”? Wasn’t even the IGP offered a so called diplomatic post if he complied with the “directions”?

  • 6

    All these chaps want something from the poverty stricken country. Ranil wants to travel first class to 7 star hotels overseas where his protocol allows him to hobnob with white leaders. He also will make money with the connivance of English speaking system players saying” we need money for the UNP”.

    MR and clan ,including followers like Welgama,Ratharan, Mahindananda will make money so they enjoy all the goodies out there – food, cars, houses which they never had in their childhood.

    Weliamuna ,Jayamathy use their professional qualifications like a knife to dig out some pundit status and of course comfortable lives.

    The common factor is that all these rascals make money ( and try to gain social recognition) through our much abused government sector.

  • 1

    Sharing of yahapalana spoils……….

  • 1

    So, all these come back may be less than six months.

  • 3

    These are rewards for their bump sucking and doing all illegal things to appease their Master when they were in thier jobs

  • 0

    The CT news: Lawyer J C Weliamuna has been nominated to head the Lankan Diplomatic Mission in Australia.
    Weliamuna, a prominent member of Transparency International Sri Lanka, took an active role in exposing endemic corruption in State Owned Enterprises (SOE). He led an inquiry into financial misappropriations in SriLankan Airlines.
    CT adds [“….but was criticised for overcharging for his expertise and services in the probe…..”].
    This is unfair CT. Please provide numbers.
    J C Weliamuna has been extremely critical of MS following the infamous October 2018 ‘Crisis’.
    Are there some wanting JC W out of the country?
    Ex-Air Force Commander Kapila Jayampathy is the nominee to head Sri Lanka’s Diplomatic Mission in Malaysia.
    Is there the message to Lankan Armed Services: “Swing your loyalty in my direction”

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