25 May, 2024


What Covid Adaptations Are Likely to Stay Even Though Restrictions are Being Dropped?

At the beginning of 2020 the world was affected in a way that is hadn’t been for over 100 years as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world and stopped almost everything in its tracks. The way of life for everyone was massively affected as people were told to go home from work, stop socializing and to adapt their way of life to a method which helped stop the spread of the virus.

A lot of these changes were seen as short-term fixes and there were a great deal of people who assumed after a brief period of lockdown, the pandemic would cease to be a problem and the world could go back to how it was used to operating. Of course, it didn’t quite work out like that. Instead, the pandemic raged on and the virus is now something that the world seems content on living with, thanks to the effective use of vaccines around the world.

As such, restrictions are now being dropped and the sense of normality we were previously used to is returning; however, there are many adaptations that are likely going to stay even once restrictions are dropped entirely. This is because as people started to work and live in a way that complemented these adaptations, they realized they were actually much better than the previous methods.

So, now as restrictions are more or less dropped entirely, we are left wondering which of these adaptations are likely to remain in place. This article is going to look into that in a bit more detail.

Working From Home

One of the first things that happened as soon as the severity of the pandemic set in was that anyone who was able to carry out their job from home was asked to do so. This meant that laptops and mobiles were used to carry out office jobs which would normally have been done on a computer and surrounded by colleagues. Some welcomed the changes, others weren’t so keen.

The people who were happy to embrace these changes enjoyed the flexibility that came with it, in that they were suddenly given much more control over their work schedule. They also enjoyed the fact that they did not have to worry about undergoing the commute which came with getting into the office and so found themselves saving money on petrol and public transport.

There were of course some who did not like this adaptation as they preferred being able to separate their home life from their work life. It became increasingly hard for people to switch off from work when their office and the place where they relax became only a few meters apart.

The above in mind, as working from home became the norm for over a year, a lot of people are now more than happy to accept it. Offices everywhere, though reopening, are beginning to introduce new rules that allow employees to work from home a couple of days a week if they so wish.

Virtual Entertainment

As people were no longer able to go out to entertain themselves, there was an increase in demand for entertainment online. For instance, there were a lot of online pokies sites that saw a huge increase in popularity as people decided to spend some of their free time in lockdown online gaming and online gambling.

It is more than likely this is an adaptation that is here to stay as the amount of people who were gaming as a hobby was increasing anyway, but there was a huge spark throughout the pandemic. This means that there is likely going to be more of a focus on how people can enjoy certain activities online in order to complement this new increase in popularity.


Any kind of communication with friends and loved ones throughout the pandemic had to be done online and this meant that people have become a lot more content and used to speaking and communication with loved ones via their phones or video calling apps. This applies to both professional conversations and personal ones with the likes of family and friends.

The developments to such video calling apps have been coming thick and fast as our reliance on them has increased these past couple of years. This means that they are easier to use, clearer in image and sound than they have ever been and have plenty of bug fixes. They are helping people who continue to work from home, people who need to isolate but still want to be social and even help in the world of entertainment as press tours can cover wide distances without copious amounts of travel.

Granted, there have been a lot of people that fully embraced the fact they are now allowed to communicate face to face once again, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is following suit. Some people see the advantages that come with this more simplistic means of communication and therefore are more than happy to continue using it moving forward.


There is no doubt that the years 2020 and 2021 brought with them an unprecedented amount of change and confusion. There have been global pandemics in the past but none of them have happened in a time where technology was able to play such a huge role in its combat.

People were instructed to leave work and begin working from home, look online for their sources of entertainment and also reduce communication with loved ones to merely being over a screen. Whilst a lot of these suggestions were originally scoffed at and were merely choices that people put up with in such unprecedented times, as covid now comes to a halt and is something people seem content on living with, a lot of these adaptations have been adopted full time.

These include those that are listed above as many people have been able to see the convenience that comes with them. As such, even as restrictions are dropped, we are unlikely going to see any kind of change when it comes to these adaptations.

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