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Which Mahinda Chinthana? Rajapaksa Or Hathurusinghe? Asks Justice Wigneswaran

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran , Chief Minister Candidate for the Tamil National Alliance queried as to which Chinthana was in force for the Northern Province. “Was it Mahinda Rajapaksa Chinthana or Mahinda Hathurusinghe Chinthana?” Justice Wignswaran questioned. He made remarks above at a TNA Propaganda Meeting held in Kokuvil last Sunday.

Justice Wigneswaran

Justice Wigneswaran in his speech said; “Last  few meetings I have been referring to the undue interference visible from the Armed Forces resident in the North  in relation to our Northern Provincial Council Election. I chanced to find a good example of it today. Today’s Sunday Thinakaran, a pro-government paper, carries a news item wherein the Commanding Officer of the Army in the North, Mr. Mahinda Hathurusinghe, is reputed to have given an interview to the Thinakaran stating that he strongly objects to Mano Ganesan who had come into the North as a Tourist venturing to criticize  interference from the Army at the local polls. He went on further to say that I am looking at the Northern politics through my Colombo glasses and that he is surprised at my Supreme Court judgments. Who is this Hathurusinghe? He is after all a paid Government Servant. What right does he have to criticize Mano Ganesan or me? If any prejudicial statements had been made by anyone it was his duty to inform his Minister in Charge and it is that Minister who has the right to answer such criticism. Who has given this Government Servant the rights of his Master? It is such unwanted impertinent statements by the members of the Armed Forces which have prompted the Tamils of the Northern Province to ask for the withdrawal of the Army from the Northern Province. Does this mean that there is no more the execution of Mahinda Rajapaksa Chinthana and that it has been replaced by Mahinda Hathurusinghe Chinthana? Whatever said and done Mahinda Rajapaksa is the President of this Country. He is the Commander of the Three Forces. That a Government Servant functioning under the President-(Minister in Charge) voices his sentiments without recourse to the President is a shame to the whole Country. Let me ask this Public Servant to stop commenting about the People. This Government Servant should not think that merely because he is armed he has the freedom to say anything he wants and frighten the People.

But we are learning a lesson from this episode. The Armed Forces must be kept well under control. They should not be allowed to transgress their limits. If we do, it would bring untold calamities to the Government as well as to the State. It is to question such indiscretions on the part of the governing elite that the TNA is asking for 30 seats out of a possible 36. This is only an example I have given. But if a proper inquiry takes place it would be possible to assess the extent to which interference on the part of the Armed Forces take place in the lives of the ordinary people. Since after the 18th Amendment we cannot expect proper impartial inquiries into these matters it might be necessary to call for an International Inquiry. To do so we must have two thirds majority in the Council. Hope all of you could join together and ensure a good victory.”

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