10 August, 2022


Why David Cameron Is Not In Thrall To The Tamil Diaspora

By Dave Rush

Dave Rush

Dave Rush

As international pressure builds in the lead up to the UN Human Rights Commission session in March that will discuss a third resolution on alleged war crimes and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, column inches on the subject also multiply.

The most notable thing about the government’s response to this is how consistently it has trotted out the same arguments, and how rigidly it has stuck to tactics that have served it well domestically, but continue to fail in an international context.

As a Brit who lives in Sri Lanka, one of the most interesting sub-plots to follow has been the reaction the involvement of David Cameron and the UK government.  But before examining that in a bit more detail, it’s worth taking a quick survey of some of the common counter-arguments the Sri Lankan authorities have made to criticism from around the world.

Smoke and mirrors

The most common of these is the notion that governments, NGOs, charities and research agencies around the globe are simply being deviously manipulated by a seemingly all powerful Tamil diaspora.

This argument takes several forms, but it can best be summed up as – there is a global Tamil conspiracy that is trying to destroy Sri Lanka’s international reputation by funding a global media smear campaign.

Around the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the UK, Chris Nonis, told CNN that criticism of the country’s human rights record was a “proxy propaganda war” being carried out by those who funded the nation’s “terrorist conflict”, whilst Gotabaya Rajapaksa repeatedly invokes the spectre of an “LTTE rump” who are agitating from the shadows.

This seems particularly ironic as Sri Lanka’s government itself has employed two PR and lobbying firms handsome fees to engage in a very real propaganda war.  The Thompson Advisory Group, who are paid $66,000 a month by the government, recently aired a 30 minute infomercial on Sri Lanka’s reconciliation and post war progress on US TV, and the film was also show to US politicians.

The government have also contracted the infamous UK agency Bell Pottinger to look after their international image – and the choice seems revealing given that past Bell Pottinger clients include Gaddafi, Mugabe and Monsanto, to name but a few.

If the Tamil conspiracy is not explicitly named, then it is either implied, or another international plot is inferred.  The recent report by PIAC that suggested that Sri Lankan security forces committed the “vast majority” of war crimes in the last part of the conflict, and that they may have engaged in systematic destruction of evidence since, was dismissed by the military here as the result of a “hidden agenda” designed to “mislead member countries” in the UNHRC.

This is not to dismiss entirely the notion of political pressure from Tamil communities around the world.  There are many powerful groups within the Tamil diaspora that are actively putting what pressure they can on the international community over war crimes and human rights abuses, but the power of these groups is far less than the government would have you believe. And indeed far less than the government’s own power.

Other favourite lines rehearsed by Sri Lankan politicians (from Chris Nonis, to all of the Rajapaksa brothers, to Lalith Weeratunga) are that Sri Lanka does not need outside interference because it has a 2,500 year old civilisation, and that foreign nations should sort out their own backyards before they come sniffing around here.

David Cameron is many things, but he’s not a Tamil stooge

These last two arguments bring us nicely to the case of David Cameron.

The UK Prime Minister snatched a lot of headlines during CHOGM last year, both for his visit to Jaffna, and for his strongly worded demand that Sri Lanka make meaningful progress on human rights before March 2014, or face international action.

In the wake of this, Cameron was effectively told to butt out by the government, with certain branches of the media suggesting that the UK should look into its own crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq before worrying about Sri Lanka, that Cameron was only interested because he needed the support of the Tamil community in London to win the next election, and most bizarrely, for “breaching protocol” when in Jaffna by not signing a visitor’s book and failing to acknowledge a dance reception.  The Daily News called him a “bumbling boor” and demanded a full and unconditional apology.

These accusations are predictable, but are also representative of the Sri Lankan authorities overall response to international criticism.  They are worth dealing with one by one, even though on another level they seem too ridiculous to be engaged with.

Firstly, the argument that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” does hold some water, but not in the way that it is deployed here.  That human rights abuses around the world are not treated equally and that powerful nations, such as the US, UK and China are able to get away with certain crimes whilst providing moral lectures to others is certainly true, and appalling.

But to say that justifies crimes you yourself have committed is both absurd, and on another level seems like a tacit admission of guilt.

Secondly, David Cameron did not engage in the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka in order to boost his chances of winning the next election.  There are somewhere between 110,000 and 150,000 people of Tamil origin in the UK (in a population of 66 million), and they do have strong representative bodies that lobby on their behalf.  As recent reports show, Cameron did meet with many of these bodies before he travelled to Sri Lanka for CHOGM.

But they are an insignificant voice in the British political landscape, and most of them do not even have the right to vote in the UK.  The notion that a Tamil conspiracy is pulling Cameron’s strings is absurd, not least because, as with the resolution presented to the US Senate last week, the UK’s rhetoric has always emphasised investigating crimes committed by both sides.

A comparison of the number of meetings that Cameron’s government has had with lobbyists for, and representatives of, big business in the last 12 months also puts into perspective the significance of the one meeting he had with Tamil pressure groups.

I taught Sri Lankan literature in a university in the UK between 2006 and 2009, and most of my students (who were all highly politically active and motivated) knew almost nothing about the Sri Lankan conflict.  That was at the height of the final days of the conflict, when press coverage was at its most prominent.  This is, of course, only anecdotal evidence, but it is indicative of the wider British perspective.

Sri Lanka got a lot of media attention around the time of CHOGM last year, but overall, the civil war here is not an issue that has much resonance with the British electorate.  Of course, Cameron got a chance to play the international statesman and all round “good guy” for once, and that was a political opportunity not to be missed.

However, within days of returning he was being accused of hypocrisy by the UK press, who took him to task for travelling straight from Sri Lanka to an arms trading fair, and then toadying up to China.  The upcoming UNHRC session will see Sri Lanka again make the UK media (especially Channel 4), but this will not be front page news, and regrettably it will probably be completely missed by most of my countrymen.

The fact is that people in the UK are simply too busy worrying about their own problems and lives to care much for the plight of any other nation, Sri Lanka included, and it will be Cameron’s record on, and promises about those problems that will win or lose him the next election.

David Cameron’s motivation for his involvement in the Sri Lankan situation is of course motivated partly by real-politik, partly by opportunism and the chance to play the statesman – but there is also a moral dimension here.  I speak as someone who cannot stand his, or his party’s politics, but I do have grudging respect for his actions over Sri Lanka in the last few months.  I hope he, and the UK government, will hold their nerve.

Let us not forget what we are discussing here – in the last few months alone, an edited highlights package of accusations and evidence against the Sri Lankan government could include: Sri Lanka produces the most torture cases worldwide, Sri Lanka has more unsolved cases of disappearances than any where in the world but Iraq, there were 7,000 human rights complaints in the country in 2013, the government has been condemned as increasingly authoritarian and anti-democratic by domestic and international critics alike – and that’s before we even get into a discussion about war crimes, rape, child abuse and violence against women.

There is hypocrisy in the UK’s stand, as there is in many of the other countries that have spoken out, and pointing that out is fair.  But the responses of the Sri Lankan government and state owned media have been transparently inadequate, not only in rebutting accusations made against them, but in doing anything to change the mind of the international community.

Time and time again, on top of the arguments discussed here, there have been suggestions that figures and organisations such as Navi Pillay, Nisha Biswal, Stephen Rapp, Stephen Harper, Manmohan Singh, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, international news media, and the UNHRC itself have been too easily duped by individuals with a sinister personal agenda.

This insult to the intelligence of major international figures is stupid in its own right – but it is also representative of the way in which the Rajapaksa government regularly insults the intelligence of its own people.

The level of media control that the authorities enjoy within Sri Lanka seems to have convinced them that the same tactics and arguments that have worked internally will work on the rest of the world.  As CHOGM showed, intimidation of journalists, banning opposing political protests and abusing any one you disagree with works to an extent within Sri Lanka, but manifestly does not elsewhere.  The UK’s ITV news, one of the most tabloid in the country, said at the time that “The Sri Lankan leaders… have created a disaster for themselves in the court of public opinion,”and it’s hard to disagree.

As I have argued elsewhere, creating a siege mentality (“no one likes us, we don’t care”) can be useful in shoring up domestic support, but it is absolutely destructive to international relations, both on a political and a public relations level. The language being used also presents exactly the opposite issue from the one that is intended – all the talk of “propaganda”, of “agent provocateurs”, of small powerful minorities who are really running things comes across as paranoid and more reminiscent of the rhetoric of a Cold War Soviet Union than an open democracy.

One voice of reason has emerged recently, in the shape of Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero who said in an interview last weekend that “Sri Lanka is a part of the international community, we have to abide by international norms, and if there is a call for an international investigation, I have no problem in agreeing. If we have done nothing wrong we can go before an international investigation and vindicate ourselves.”

It will be interesting to see how the government reacts to a challenge from a prominent and respected Sinhala-Buddhist monk.  Unfortunately, the response is likely to be one of the ones not discussed here so far – simply ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

*Dave Rush is Senior Editor at The Republic Square.  As a journalist working in the UK, he has also contributed regularly to Trebuchet magazine, journals and newspapers including the Guardian 

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Latest comments

  • 18

    I have no doubt that the author loves Sri Lanka and it’s various inhabitants, but his arguments are, somehow, not wholesome.
    We have evidence that SOME NGO’s are in the pay of the LTTE rump. That AI took part in gatherings purely for purposes of funding the rump LTTE and thereby benefited from the same funds is well known.
    The LTTE rump operates in various guises in different countries, and are known to have had some degree in unity of purpose till recently. That has not lasted and there are at least two factions fighting for leadership. Cameron got involved when there was unity, but now does not know which faction is in the led. He is but a politician and plays to the gallery as and when necessary.
    Bell Pottinger is described as infamous above, and the Sri Lankan government may have been better advised to have employed the far more believable Hill & Knowlton who brought us the Kuwaiti baby hoax, which was at least initially confirmed by AI (Wikipedia).
    As I have said elsewhere the US’s need is to keep the uppity little nations under it’s thumb, and in that task the proxies in the shape of UK and Canada among others come in handy. Those various Under and Assistant Secretaries from the State Department coming to us bearing ‘gifts’ should therefore be looked at with jaundiced eyes. Another of the Australian ‘NGO’s, we’d never heard of before put it’s head above the parapet walls to accuse our government and the citizens of possible war crimes without producing any evidence whatsoever.

    • 7

      Hey Ram, are you also in the conflict and peace consultancy business in Europe and competing for goodies with these PR and DIALOGUE firms?!

      Judicious my foot – its a human rights industry for shell companies.. who use victims’ narratives and play games with the perpetrators of violence and run with the highest pay check…

    • 5

      Ram you Sinkalam:

      Wake up man and stop calling LTTE Rump and start calling GOSL ( MR) Rump and that is where MR is heading and that to his GRAVE YARD.
      Even the Australian Senate has voted for War Crimes Probe despite the influence of the Sinhala Diaspora who have been marginalised by the Tamil Diaspora .

      • 1

        My friend, the Australian Senate vote might result in your friends being investigated for helping the LTTE!

        • 3

          Raja you Sinkalam:

          Don’t worry Karuna the minister will answer that.

  • 5


    Your presentation is reasonable. However nothing will come of it.

    The SL government has dug an imbecilic hole for itself and will not be able to climb out of it despite the unleashing of an eloquent Nonis or Bell Pottinger et al to dupe the world.

    However like the mafia clans, who are safe as long as they stay within their territory, the Rajapaksa clan will also rule the roost with a dictatorial grip on the locals and stay put within the confines of Sri Lanka. No matter how much noise David Cameron is going to make in Geneva or anywhere else, nothing will come it – sadly.

    • 2

      Your second para is very true.
      and the JT’s are a very difficult people to deal with.
      There lies the problem. If they negotiate then it takes just 3 days like bangala in 8 days- I was there then and squadron leader just told me jokingly- Air Vice Marshal was Metha. Remember when the Naked Fakir was shot in the heartland of Maratha at city center Nagpur the Pakistanis ran under the rocks.
      (see below- today you can call them the seals)
      NaMo is for Hindu/Sanskrit and this is from Maratha Dynasty Days where even Muslims fought on their side to oust not just the Mughals but all European invaders. The last battle was in 1818 “3rd Anglo-Maratha” for the British to take over the whole of East India Company.
      The Maratha army especially its infantry was praised by almost all the enemies of Maratha Empire, ranging from Duke of Wellington to Ahmad Shah Abdali. After the Third Battle of Panipat, Abdali was relieved as Maratha army in the initial stages were almost in the position of destroying the Afghan armies and their Indian Allies Nawab of Oudh and Rohillas. The grand wazir of Durrani Empire, Shah Wali Khan was shocked when Maratha commander-in-chief Sadashivrao Bhau launched a fierce assault on the centre of Afghan Army, over 3,000 Durrani soldiers were killed alongside Haji Atai Khan, one of the chief commander of Afghan army and nephew of wazir Shah Wali Khan. Such was the fierce assault of Maratha infantry in hand-to-hand combat that Afghan armies started to flee and the wazir in desperation and rage shouted “Comrades Whither do you fly, our country is far off”.[45][46][47] Post battle Ahmad Shah Abdali in a letter to one Indian ruler claimed that Afghans were able to defeat the Marathas only because of the blessings of almighty and any other army would have been destroyed by the Maratha army on that particular day even though Maratha army was numerically inferior to Afghan army and its Indian allies.[48] The letter is kept in the National Archives of India.

      Similarly Duke of Wellington after defeating Marathas noted that Marathas though were poorly led by their Generals but their regular infantry and artillery matches the level of Europeans, he also warned other British officers from underestimating Marathas in battlefield. He cautioned one British general that: “You must never allow Maratha infantry to attack head on or in close hand to hand combat, as in that your army will cover itself with utter disgrace”.[49] Even when Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington became Prime Minister of Britain he held Maratha infantry in utmost respect, claiming it to be one of the best in world at the same time however he noticed the poor leadership of Maratha Generals, who were often responsible for their defeats.[49] Most British Authors agree that Maratha infantry was equal to that of British infantry after the Third Anglo-Maratha war in 1818, Maratha agreed to serve British Empire, and Britain listed Maratha as one of the Martial race.[50

    • 2

      BBS rapper:

      But sadly for MR and the GOSL Rump the TNA ( Tamil Nadu Army) are next door and after March 2014 they will be arriving in their thousands and make no mistake.

  • 12

    Dave Rush:

    You have not addressed why the British (and the Americans) do not have any credibility in the eyes of Sinhalese in the South.

    Why do they not take their government to task when David Cameron says you need to get you human rights record straight? Is that all because of Rajapaksha propaganda?

    The British have no credibility mainly not because of whatever human rights violations that your country happened to be doing or have done elsewhere in the world but because you turned a blind eye to LTTE fund raising in your country while this country suffered immensely from terrorism.

    It took 9/11 and 3000+ American lives for you to get serious with terrorism and even then likes of David Miliband still say that terrorism is justified under certain circumstances!

    This is why Sinhalese have no respect for David Cameron’s utterances.

    You have conveniently (or out of ignorance) left out this fact in your article and continue to mock at the Sinhala people for not listening to international concerns.

    Where was this nebulous international community when we needed them??? They seem to only fight against terrorism when terrorist are a threat to the westerners like you! We don’t count as people. Terrorism against us is justified under “certain circumstances whereas terrorism against westerner like you is not justified under any circumstance!” Nice no eh?

  • 9

    Tamil diaspora is a terrorist group.

    DC is hanging in balance in parliament. He cannot survive without terrorists.

    • 2

      So what?? John Major stood with just one vote.

      • 0

        Major stood on one and he fell on the side!!

        • 1

          nai kollo, go practice nursery rhymes.
          he served his full term like Pakistani Manmohan is about to complete..

    • 2

      Fat ” Mama ” Fuk U Shima:

      The Idi Amin look alike.
      The GOSL Rump is made up of Terrorists , Drug Dealers , Thugs , Criminals and Looters.

      Where as Mr.Cameron has turned the Economy around and will win hands down.

  • 1

    [Edited out] Fathima (aka Lorenzo)
    so what are you?
    you declared yourself a Tamil or are you taking those poor sods at LW for a ride

    Nanda Says:
    February 10th, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Only good Tamils are,

    1. Those who hide behind MR for personal benifits
    2. Lorenzo.

    1. connot be good (morality), so Lorenzo stand alone.

    Senevirath Says:
    February 12th, 2014 at 10:54 am



  • 4

    Dear Mr Rush,

    Your argument on the number of Tamil votes in the UK is insignificant is wrong. Shows how experienced you are in politics. It is true 150,000 votes compared to 66 million is insignificant. However, every fool knows that 150,000 votes dispersed amongst key marginal constituencies will make a massive difference in an election outcome and can change a government. Just one vote will decide who wins or lose a constituency. This is why politicians of the likes Davids Milliband and Cameron and their parties are under the thumb of the Tamil Diaspora.
    Secondly, please understand that SL is a democracy and has a elected government. The international community cannot decide what SLankan people want. You seems to forget that this is what the US and the UK tried to do in many other countries, but look at those countries now, totally destroyed. If you visit SL you will know that majority of Tamils live in the south. Ask the question why? Will live in a city with strangers who you think will kill you? These are all our country men, women and children. We have a different culture form the westerners. Please accept and respect that. Instead of being an expert on SL human rights, you would do well to be an expert in UK human rights, like the likes of John Pilger.

    • 0

      “Shows how experienced you are in politics.”

      90% of the people of SL have an iQ of <50
      While 90% of the Caucasian have an IQ <120.

      UK is not the case of VP holding JT's to ransom but there would be another hung parliament and that is decided by the natives not immigrants. Which way it would be hung is unpredictable at present because even labour needs to borrow to carry out what it is promising.

      Don't comment for the sake of commenting moron.

      • 1

        Their actions amply demonstrate the level of their IQ without you holding the candle to them!

        • 0

          Keep on dreaming wonder of the world and light your candle both ends.

    • 0

      Freedom by gun will always remain peace for the gun with the gun!

      You both Southern Sihala and JT’s are a problem for your big neighbour- both meddling with the Dalit vote base.

      • 0

        “Freedom by gun will always remain peace for the gun with the gun!”
        Isn’t that the lesson VP taught you!

        • 0

          The mother of all step fathers VP & `Gooo`ta taught you and sundry how to live in a hell hole plagued by eternal war- watch out for drones by night.
          The the new american style of getting back at their citizens.

  • 1

    Dear [Edited out],

    All of the arguments that you bring about are completely nonsensical in the context of Sri Lanka’s thirty year civil war. Sri Lanka has suffered for thirty years at the hands of the Tamil terrorists and you want to talk only about Tamil disappearances and the shit that happened in the last stages of the war? [Edited out]. If you want to be serious and do a complete investigation of what happened in the last thirty years, then you can be considered to have at least an iota of objectivity. Until then, go fuck yourself. You must be a complete fucking moron to just disregard British and American brutality over countless decades all over the world as just the doings of powerful nations and that those action do not justify actions committed by the Sri Lankan Govt. Those actions were committed in the defense of a country at the hands of brutal fucking terrorists. If your own fucking countries can justify brutality at any cost to defend your [Edited out], why the [Edited out] can’t Sri Lanka do it to save some dark [Edited out]? You want to be [Edited out] objective. [Edited out]. I know you would love the dark Tamils to [Edited out]. If this has been your intent all along, I am sure they would love to accommodate you, you [Edited out].

    • 2

      “Sri Lanka has suffered for thirty years at the hands of the Tamil terrorists and you want to talk only about Tamil disappearances and the shit that happened in the last stages of the war? “

      Southern Sihala are the Cause and Symptom.

      The JT’s are the Symptom only.

      To address the cause the JT’s wont let Rajaporkistan loose his presidency until he is taken to Den Haag. So why do you worry because they made him president??

  • 2

    This analysis by Dave Rush carries three glaring errors.
    1). Unlike what Mr Rush believes, David Cameron and Ed Milliband are definitely playing politics with the Sri Lankan issue, to get the Tamil separatist vote, as they do control some marginal seats, important for both Conservatives and Labour to win. This does not mean Tamils control the British nation, but they do have the ability to deliver vital marginal seats to the best bidder.
    2). Again, unlike what MR Rush wants us to believe, people like Navi Pillay, Nisha Biswal, Stephen Rapp, Stephen Harper, Manmohan Singh, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, international news media, and the UNHRC, do play partisan politics, as anyone with common sense would realise simply by observing the people and organisations they have chosen to meet and listen to, and the speed with which they come out supporting their unsubstantiated allegations against the Sri Lankan Govt, matching closely the many fabricated stories of the wealthy Tamil separatist diaspora.
    3).Also, I would not buy Mr Rush’s shallow argument that, “This insult to the intelligence of major international figures is stupid in its own right –”, when this is not a case of judging their intelligence (whether they are major figures or not), but is a case where they are found working to an agenda hostile to Sri Lanka, as people like them did in the case of Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Vietnam, Syria, Zimbabwe etc.
    4). I do agree that Ven Sobitha’s argument is true. But the problem is Ven Sobitha being a Buddhist monk is assuming the investigation would be impartial and conducted by neutral honourable intellectuals and the evidence presented would be by genuine witnesses. However, the world knows how such evidence can be fabricated and Kangaroo courts appointed to give reports favourable to the powerful nations pushing these allegations. A good recent examples are many, including the Dharusman panel of the UNSG, which had no credible witnesses and therefore, hid their identities for 20 years or more, supporting unsubstantiated allegations.
    So Mr Rush please take a reality check and don’t be naïve to think the stake holders will be honest and impartial, when it comes to an international investigation.

    • 2

      Raja You Sinkalam:

      You fall into the same category of people such as Mad Professor Rajiva Mad Dr.Dayan who advise the fallen King Mahintha.

      If you have the intellect just go over what you have written and frankly it is a load of rubbish.

      1) Again unlike MR: What does MR believes in compared to Cameron and

      2) Again Unlike MR: What does MR believes in compared to Navi Pillai and the rest.

      3 & 4 are all a load of rubbish.

      The Kangaroo Court you are referring to only exists in Sinhala Lanka where Dr.Shirani was tried and impeached without due process.
      All the PSC members who voted to get rid of her were Kangaroos.

      • 1


        “The Kangaroo Court you are referring to only exists in Sinhala Lanka”

        I hate to agree with you.

        In the 1980s almost all Tamil liberators tried unsuccessfully to run Kangaroo Courts in the North and East.

        LTTE institutionalized Kangaroo Courts when it was running its de facto state.

        In 1971 JVP was in charge of few of these Kangaroo Courts and between 1987 and 1990 though there were no established Kangaroo Courts the punishment meted out to innocent victims were somewhat similar to verdict from Kangaroo Courts.

        Now you are complaining about Kangaroo Courts in this island.

        Please note if the Kangaroo Courts is a common feature of this island it is because your Tamil people share your stupid DNA with your Sinhala speaking Tamil brethren.

        • 0


          As usual you talk rubbish. What the LTTE had was ” Sankilian Neethimantram” ( which totally eradicated Crimes) and if you have a similar Court in Sinhala Lanka all the Thugs, Criminals, Drug Dealers and Looters like MR, Gotha & the PM will be behind bars. But sadly Kangaroo court that you have doesn’t have the Jurisdiction to prosecute the above.

      • 0

        `All the PSC members who voted to get rid of her were Kangaroos.`

        They cannot be because they belch and fart!

        There is no outright victory but as it stands today it will be a hung parliament once again.

        Of course he will keep his promise but all depends on NaMo!

        You have to now come our way to pray (Trimurti) but don’t let Vaiko lose the lungi as he lost to the Delhi lass ;)

  • 2

    It is pretty obvious that those who stand and speak for Tamils and Tamil diaspora are doing so for monetary benefits. Present day terrorism is a big business. Now that business is handled by the leaders of the Tamil diaspora. Therefore they have to fight for their survival. This is the truth

  • 1

    MR.Rush,First I must apologize,sorry,I did not read the whole article.
    It was too long boring with monotonous silly arguments. If,as you contend,Mr.Camaron is “not in thrall to Tamil diaspora” as you put it, can you tell us why he failed to show some impartiality on his part by engaging with some Sinhalese as well, at least for the show’s sake? He was that arrogant and ignorant.
    Re.Ven.Sobitha,He is being duped,as was Gen.Fonseka in to believing that he is going to be the next president. So he utters what Sisson puts in his mouth.
    As for UNHRC, the only real investigative report the have done so far is the Goldstein report on Israel. What happened to the report. If that report is not going tobe implemented what is the point or how fair is it to investigate Sri Lanak? and further, no one has so far given any justification as to why only the last five months should be be investigated. Has Mr.Camaron said why only the last 5 months ant why not the whole 30 odd years. Now do you see why he is seen as a diaspora puppet.
    But,actually it is the other way around. It is the US,UK rulers who wants to bring this government down and they are simply using the diaspora/TNA as convenient tools.

    • 0

      “engaging with some Sinhalese as well”

      Just like you they had not read the subject when interviewed by the press and this was shown world wide.

      `Re.Ven.Sobitha` Ho ho he is simply worried about his flock and you fear the net result of the saffron embalming you.

      ¬Gen.Fonseka` Just another upstart playing the fascist card was even the comment made by your over shadowing neighbour when he was contesting.

      `It is the US,UK rulers who wants to bring this government down`

      Rajaporkistan were given several opportunities at the cost of innocent lives but the tyrants hoodwinked everyone like the Ottomans-.

      Read history of the west and you can show this candle up your Khyber Pass. ;)

    • 1


      I did not read your comments. It’s probably same old boring LTTE Rump and foreign powers want to destablise Sri Lanka bullshit

  • 4

    I have a message for all the Sinhalese losers:

    Frustration and Defeatism has set in and you are all in Panic mode and have lost your senses. It is understandable because King Mahinthas Kingdom has Crumbled and there is no way back.

    Just redefine the following Words Terrorist , Rump .

    It is not Mr.Cameron who is a Terrorists but King Mahintha who is heading the State Terrorists.
    It is no longer LTTE Rump but GOSL Rump.
    Tamil Diaspora have won but the Sinhalese Diaspora in Australia have lost as the Australian Senate has voted for War Crimes Inquiry.

    • 0

      The Greens- Extreme left where are you heading???

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