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Why Not Finish Wimal Weerawansa?

There is much speculation amongst the public, who voted in droves, to change the ugly and downward spiralling political dynasty of former numero uno Mahinda Rajapaksa as to the delay in bringing the plunderers to Court. The longer it takes to do so, the greater is the chance of obfuscating the issue with patriotism or some such nonsense.


Here are some of the theories that abound. President Maithripala Sirisena is being pilloried by the SLFP MP’s who want him to run for President the next time. Their fortunes lay in forming an SLFP led government on the back of a Maithripala victory at the next Presidential elections.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe wishes to be the President himself and therefore will not want the Presidency abolished. For the incumbent Prime Minister to be President he would want the SLFP divided. To keep the SLFP divided the Rajapaksa’s have to be free and politicking.

If this is the simple logic Sri Lanka has no chance in hell of ever giving her people a better and brighter future. It tantamount to treason. 6.2 millions of people voted on the facts presented to them at the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The civil society that rallied around the call for Good Governance must be relentless in holding on to what was promised.

The Attorney General’s Department is under fire. So is the FCID and the CID. Purely due to the delay in bringing the murderers and plunderers to book. Many a reason is thrust upon a gullible public given a penchant for amnesiac behaviour.

Consider two such open and shut cases. That loud mouthed Wimal Weerawansa and his wife were accused of altering their dates of birth in obtaining two passports.The news media was awash with these allegations sometime ago. What is the fate of these two cases?

To us laymen it’s a simple investigation. Obtain the two Passport applications. Ascertain the hand writing and signatures. Confiscate the two Passports in question. Check if they have been used. Record their statements. File action for tendering as genuine a forged document. End of case. Even such a simple investigation has not been concluded.

It is no small wonder that people, who are sovereign or supposed to be so in this thrice blessed land are agitated. It is no small wonder that the AG’s Department and the varying arms of the Police are under fire. It is no small wonder that there is suspicion that someone or more are vacillating. Who? Is it President Sirisena or Premier Wickremesinghe? It has to be one of the two or both. No one else will gain by this.

We challenge the civil society to push the Government to conclude the Wimal Weerawansa and wife’s cases. Ravi Karunanayake had to step down as the heat got intense in the kitchen. Stoke the embers to finish these simple cases. Civil Society, Media….where art thou?

Let’s get this out of the way. The rest will be like dominoes. (Minnell Goonawardane)

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