17 May, 2022


Why The Pāda Yātrā Had Only One Objective

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“The Yahapaalana government must realise one thing, namely that freedom and liberty has a way of consuming itself”

Plainly, and demonstrably the Pāda Yātrā led by the so-called Joint Opposition (JO) had just one purpose. This was to frighten those who are entrusted with investigating the serious charges for murder, embezzlement and abuse against Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family and against the second line of leaders. Pāda Yātrā was a campaign of the accused and the impugned.This is evident from the fact that the campaign had ‘political witch hunting,’ as one of its vociferous slogans. This witch – hunting referred to the investigations ongoing and yet to come. Curiously, during the very first few months of the Yahapālana (YP) government these first rung and second rung leaders mocked and challenged the government to come out with the findings related to alleged corruption. JO told the nation that the government was conning. On the other hand,now, when the investigations are getting into shape and when arrests are being made the JO accuses the government of witch hunting. Not-doing is wrong and doing is also wrong!

True, there were other slogans, mainly relating to the rise in the cost of living and the proposed VAT increases. These slogans are merely being dragged in to provoke the people who now face the burden of the increase in cost of living. The economic slogans are mass -mobilisation – slogans. JO cannot be serious about these problems because they know only too well that their ten year long dispensation had created the crisis. Indiscriminate debt, wasteful profligacy, corruption, absurd White Elephant projects had all brought about a serious crisis at the time of the fall of the Rajapaksa government. Here is an extract of a report pertaining to the state of the economy after the YP government came to office. Obviously, the negative outcomes were products of the Rajapaksa government. The report is by Professor A.D.V. de S .Indraratna – independent and respected economist:

“We have been experiencing,” says professor Indraratna, “falling current revenue relative to current expenditure and bludgeoning budget deficits rising to unsustainable levels on the one hand, and a crippling public debt and unsustainable external debt burden on the other hand, in the face of sluggish inflow of FDI. There has been agreement among the enlightened economics analysts that every effort should be made to increase current revenue while containing current expenditure, and to decrease the debt burden so as to halve the 2015 Budget deficit before the end of this decade.

It was also advocated in my SLEA Presidential address, last year October titled ‘Living Beyond Means’ that direct tax revenue must be increased to narrow the resource gap and make  our tax system less regressive, while putting on hold for a couple  of years, some of the less essential construction expenditure which has been planned. In this context, It has been advocated that supplementary estimates should be avoided as far as possible, and a little austerity should be the hallmark all round.

More importantly, the purpose of this note is to draw attention to another significant announcement the PM has made a couple of days ago, that the forex market will be fully liberalised before the end of the year.  With the free flow of foreign exchange, this would allow, the PM thinks, Foreign Direct Investment to increase. The Minister of Finance wants this “to keep abreast with other countries” (Island, 13 June)! However, in my view, this is hardly the opportune time to do it.

Apart from the very adverse fiscal position at present, the country’s economic growth has declined from more than 8% in 2010-2012 to less than 5% during 2013-2015, and is estimated to grow not much higher than 5% this year. With the mega infrastructure investment on board, imports are likely to rise relative to exports against the backdrop of also a fragile global economy.  This would bring about an increase in the current account deficit of the balance of payments.

The movement of the exchange rate which may improve immediately due to the IMF bailout and associated multilateral and bilateral lending, may also reverse and decline with increased imports. Gross official reserves, which were at around $ 6.3 billion in March 2016 – adequate only for about 3.5 months of import coverage, are at low levels. Although tourist earnings are envisaged to increase, remittances are not likely to rise due to fiscal reforms in Gulf countries. Therefore, the country’s external situation at present is not at all favourable for relaxation of the forex market.

Nor will the FDI readily flow in as expected by the PM. If relaxation of the forex market was the only factor lacking for FDI to flow in readily, it should have come in amply, at least after the end of the terrorist war, because even then there was no barrier to remittance of profits and repatriation of capital by foreign investors.

FDI has not been coming in to the country for no other reason than the absence of an “enabling environment” comprising good governance marked with transparency and accountability but without waste, corruption (including nepotism and favouritism) and extravagance or ostentation, with the operation of the rule of law, efficient and independent public institutions, the right to information, simple rules and procedure of investment and business, etc.

Without first effecting fiscal reforms and creating an enabling environment with  good governance, etc.,  if forex market were liberalised, instead of capital and FDI flowing in on a  net basis , capital would flow out allowing also those earning undeclared big money in rupees converting them to foreign currency and sending abroad. This situation would aggravate our present exchange problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to first effect the necessary fiscal reforms and have in place the enabling environment with good governance and its attributes, which the present Government had promised the people at the last presidential and parliamentary elections. This will enable us to achieve both internal and external balance and eventual accumulation of official reserves sufficient for more than six months’ imports. Then the Prime Minister can think of full liberalisation of the forex market.”

That is the truth-the hard truth. This state of the economy will take at least three years to set right. It is so bad. The theory that Mahinda Rajapaksa called for early elections not due to the astrologer but to a fear of being unable to confront a deep crisis like this may well have some validity. President Sirisena put it beautifully when he sated that had the previous government run the country well they would not have had to walk the streets like this until their feet get blisters.

Besides, why protest against VAT increases? How else can government collect money to payback the massive Rajapaksa loans from China? Will the former leaders give back their ill-gotten money to bridge the gap?

One does not need any smartness to reckon what’s really going on. The idea is to orchestrate a campaign that creates public disgust in the government, that creates fear among crime investigators that they may be taken to task upon the return of the Rajapaksas, and that creates doubts among the MPs who crossed over to President Sirisena. The compound impact of all these fears and doubts is to ensure that investigations get sabotaged.

The YP government must realise one thing,namely that freedom and liberty has a way of consuming itself. The freedom given to all these ridiculous protests can have the effect of disrupting confidence in the government, depriving essential government services to the people and breaking down the law- enforcing apparatus. The process would be faster than white-anting. Just observe the number of times our key traffic junctions like Liptons and Hyde Park get blocked by all kinds of wild cat protests. Instead of permitting such a laissez-faire expression of freedom government should tighten some reins without resorting to the former regimes fascist tactics and white vans. One suggestion is for the government to designate a park outside the CBD for use by protestors-doctors, politicians, Port workers and so on. They can carry placards all day long there.

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    As usual, very well written and timely , Mr.Jayasinghe. And I am in agreement with you.congratulations.

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      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      “Plainly, and demonstrably the Pāda Yātrā led by the so-called Joint Opposition (JO) had just one purpose. This was to frighten those who are entrusted with investigating the serious charges for murder, embezzlement and abuse against Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family and against the second line of leaders.”

      “Pāda Yātrā was a campaign of the accused and the impugned.This is evident from the fact that the campaign had ‘political witch hunting,’ as one of its vociferous slogans. This witch – hunting referred to the investigations ongoing and yet to come.”

      Succinctly stated. That is it.

      This was the Dhushana Pāda Yātrā of MaRa Mara ChaTu Mara AmaNa MaRa HoRa MaRa DhushaNa MaRa and his cronies.

      • 1

        Shyamon Jayasinghe

        RE: Why The Pāda Yātrā Had Only One Objective

        Yes One Objective. Listen to රාජපක්ෂ පරපුරේ ඝාතන , වංචා , දුෂණ – Anura Kumara Dissanayake.


        Hats off to Anura Kumara Dissanayake. and his courage as we cannot see other politicians like him behaving bravely.

        Anura Kumara Dissanayake, please take care as we feel that your life would be in peril from the corrupted leaders, MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa and Cronies. We love You and your policy. of exposing the culprits.

        • 1


          Were you born today. We don’t hear Anura complaining about any thing RW has done including Batalanda. Why is is do worried about Pada Yattra. Is it because he knows that his honeymoon with RW cannot last for ever and his deals will come out?

    • 0

      Only one objective was to permannently support the views of MR supporters to continue their thoughts that the current regime is on a revengeful agenda in terms of cornering Rajaapkshes.

      These men continuously eating Punnakku will take even more time to realize the way MR et al looted the people and their assets.
      Those who really know it well – will have to wait until those MR folks realize it.

      KNowing the truth current president has not yet abused people s sums for his survival. Nor have the others inthe regime done so.

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    Shyamon is right about the objectives of the PY – in fact spot on. His warning to the Govt is also timely. The media too seems to be stirring the pot. The Daily FT reported that 200,000 people gathered at Lipton’s Circus. Could this be correct? How are such random calculations done so authoritatively?

    What I really wish to know is, who are these people who march, hoot, dance, congregate and demonstrate? Are they public servants? Private Sector employees? Do they really sacrifice their casual leave for such tiresome jaunts? Or are they self employed? Or unemployed? Or a collection of people from various electorates brought in with the promise of a pound and a pint? Do they realise that they are only being used by these rouges and will be discarded,disregarded and disenchanted soon?

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      Writer could be right about the objectives of PY, but his remarks about present government’s objectives seems very obscured. For example, MS , Mangala, and most young UNP leaders loudly said that by stopping mass corruptions and misuse by previous Gov would be enough to do lot of new developments, reduce consumer prices, repay loans, etc… They pointed out that huge presidential staff, misuse of luxury vehicle fleets, huge cabinet, introducing Rs/ 1m mansion TAX, etc.. etc.. were the brave changes they would do.. Have new Gov did any? MS took back all the SLFP crooks and made a huge cabinet, they keep updating their luxury car fleets, official mantions in Col 7, increasing dumb presidential, ministerial advisers, .. even a fleet of brand New BMW motorbikes for president motorcade, bla bla..
      We may need to compare these misuse, waste with so called most crooked MR Gov figures in their 2nd year in office. There is bigger chance that YP MS/RW Gov waste & misuse in their second year exceeds MR’s Gov. second year

      Can’t Shyamon see what MS has done in the last two years was completely opposite of his preaches. Huge cabinet again, his SLFP ministers openly hiring 200~300 O/L qualified election supporters as advisers… After repeating waste/misuse what MR was doing on his term, now MS/RW increasing public TAXes using high VAT?
      And intelligent people like Shyamon Jayasinghe can’t see that nothing changed in SL even after YP revolution… It can’t be , it won’t change…. Even Shyamon can’t see the witch inside MS and SLFP (& UNP)…

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    There is no doubt that the previous regime led by MR & Co. messed up the whole economy and put this country into bankruptcy levels. We have been talking about these “Pipe Dream Projects” of MR clan all the time; but all the members of the “Royal Family” and the “Goons” had a field day of amassing wealth, without which they could not have become that rich and attained “Elite” status overnight. Recently, it was reported when a MP was summoned by the Prime Minister in regard to the sale of condemned rice stocks, the reply was: ” I lost 30 million in election time and that has to be recovered” Then the PM asked: “why you sold rice stocks that were condemned and made Rs. 58 million”. He didn’t have an answer; but made a clean sweep of Rs 28 million. That is the type of Legislators we have. How brought this “CULTURE” of “IMPUNITY” to the Parliamentarians? It was MR and continued, of course, in a very much lesser degree as of today. The trouble with this administration is two fold. (1) The President is embroiled in a struggle to keep his SLFP in tact and distracted with all these “Pada Yathra” and campaign carried out by the so called “Joint Opposition”. (2) The Prime Minister, on other hand, very secretively supportive of the MR & Co.; firstly because he is obliged to see that the “Royal Family” is not taken to task that harshly and cunningly wishes a split in the SLFP to gain political advantage in the forthcoming elections. His policy is as that of JRJ “Divide and Rule”. Even the President in his frantic attempt to keep SLFP intact was compelled to attract some of the rogues of the previous regime, as otherwise he would not have had a chance to withstand the onslaught of the UNP as a majority party in the Parliament. This is the “Political Disaster” we are faced with as at date. In this environment, yet again a the “Dream” of attracting foreign investments and building on exports would remain a “Pipe Dream”. While all these “dreams” are being talked of the people are getting more and more frustrated with the cost of living escalating on a daily basis. That would help all the trouble makers to thrive.

    On another note, I would like to point out another “bankruptcy” of thinking and planning on the part of the Government in regard to the granting of duel citizenship. With the introduction of this “Duel Citizenship” applications were called and the successful applicants were asked to deposit the required fees. How did they do that? Very interesting. All such expatriate applicants were asked to deposit the fees in “Sri Lankan Rupees ONLY” at the Immigration office in Borella. This decision gave a “safe heaven” for Money Laundering. So the “Black Money” in the hands of the launderers in Sri Lanka got exchanged for Foreign Currency through their agents based in foreign countries. The country lost a good chance to collect much needed foreign currency remittances from abroad. Why couldn’t the Government require the money be deposited into bank accounts of Foreign Missions OR remit by means of Bank Drafts in foreign currency and submit receipts as proof of payments. Please visit the Immigration office in Borella and see for yourself how the people are lined up with huge sums of Sri Lankan Rupees to pay the fees. Simple things like these are neglected or else the sabotaging the Government machinery is continued. So what do you talk of “Progress” and “Good Governance”. We do not see any way out of this MESS yet. Period.

  • 9

    This P Y was to cover up all the corrupt activities and State Officials embezzlements. The platform promises of GG will be made good once this updated
    list is looked into:-
    a) Computer purchases for Mahindodaya labs. in Rs. 5.87 Bil..
    b) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule.
    c) 3 PSD Officers: Brig. Capt. & Major in Money Laundering during MRs rule.
    d) Tourist Board Officials Rs. 5.7 Mil. . transactions
    e) SL Insurance re involvement of a Doc. & ex-Minister
    f) S.E.Corp Rs.4.7 Mil. transaction
    g) Diary Printing by an ex-Minister Rs. 1.4 mil.
    h) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 91 Mil.
    i) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian
    j) 40 luxury vehicles rented by S.Eng.Corp.
    k) Rs. 3117 Mil paid by a Chinese Engineering Co. into 6 Banks A/cs.
    l) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons & exp. of Rs. 358 mil. thereof
    m) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during Dec.2014/Jan.2015
    n) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of 40 Kg.
    Gold, also Siriliya A/c.
    o) Air Force Commanders dealings in the hire of Helicopters to Crain Ltd.
    p) J.C.Weliamuna Committee Rpt. on Lanka Airlines still in the hands of
    the PM of Sri Lanka.
    q) An ex-CJ admitting his lenient or corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping
    Hambantota” Case!
    r) An MR Co-ordinating Secy. holding multiple jobs arrested with 10 Gold
    Biscuits,(1106 gm) by FCID
    s) CICT paid Rs.19.41 mil. to Pushpa Rajapakse Foundation on 21-5-12 before
    Cololmbo South Terminal Contract commenced.
    t) JVPs petition filed in Supreme Court re 193 charges against K.P. & his
    assets disposed during MR Regime
    u) Min. Rambukwella`s Rs. 20 Mil. Ex Presidents Fund plus Insurance obtained
    over Med. Treatment in 2012.
    v) illegal renting of Fisheries Harbour by then Minister of Fisheries
    R. Senaratne, under previous Govt.
    w) One man Commission Report by ex- S.C Judge Nimal Dissanayake on Elephant
    x) Rs.372 Mil. Fraud by Diplomat U.Weeratunga in 2006 in MiG purchases
    under Gota then.
    Y) White vanning by the past regime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgn0k-
    z) Vihanage Rpt. Re Security Forces Headqrts.Bldg. and overpayment of
    Rs.173Mil.by D.Secy.
    a1) 11 Dept./Com./Board/State Secretaries (incl.Gota) for corruptions,
    as detailed here:- http://www.lankaenews.com/news/1423/en

    b1) Auditor Gen. Rpt.on SLBFE under Dilan Perera spending Rs.925,309/-
    on balloons ex-Mattegoda
    c1) The real value of Suriyawewa Cricket Stadium estimated at Rs. 852 mn
    by valuation officers though the previous government claimed to have
    spent a staggering Rs. 4,500 mn on the project ,says Hon.Ravi K.
    d1) Over-valued rice purchases by K.Attapattu of Sathosa and related
    e1) FCID updates – No.64/15 Basil R. Rs.396 Mil. In 3 Property purchases
    FCID No.17/15 Yoshita R in 8 Transaction Rs. 707 Mil., FCID 138/15 Namal R
    in 16 transactions Rs. 347 Mil., &
    FCID 82/15 Champika Karunarathna Rs. 5 Mil in Extortions.
    f1) Dr.PB.Jayasundera questioned over an allegation of importing 100,000
    metric tons of rice from an Indian Company against Cabinet Decisions,
    incurring loss of Rs. 5 billion.

  • 4

    Well written. ,My congrats. I also admired your performance when `Maname` was staged in Kurunegala town hall in 1957. Your pal H.H.Bandara was also with us!Am I correct?

  • 3

    Well this Yahapalan apologist should read what Professor Razeen Sally told Galeon Ravi few days ago at the Sri Lanka Economic Forum. The Yahapalana incompetent double came with the belief that the West will give them a sack full of money. Sadly the West did not give even a dime. But banking on the West’s donation the Yahapal Double Heads spend money on consumption (Razeen Sally telling this not me). Now people don’t believe the Mahinda Hora story anymore. Basil is behind bar for giving flag poles to a government department not for appointing 94 party supporters and coordinators like Kiri Elle. It is the LTTE diaspora funded Yahapal and the ilk of this writer who brand MR as a Hora because they want to take revenge for beating the day light out of Thambi at Nandikadal. The Pada Yatra Symbolizes the national uprising against this government. When JVP cant even get twenty people to a party rally in Pannala the unofficial Opposition got the biggest ever crowed in the history of this country to take to the roads. The strength is testimony to the the strength of support that the country has for MR. It is two bit Yahapal supporters like this writer try to portray it as an exercise by Hora to come to power. Biggest Hora in contemporary Sri Lanka is Ranil, engineering the bond scam with Malik and Arjun Mahendran to enrich the party coffers. The VAT is unreasonable it this writer is a Kira’s supporter may be he is also consultant to the RDA and getting subsidised by the Yapal Government. Rest of the folk do not want to be ripped off by two faced lying Government. The tide is rising very soon the Yahapal guys will be washed away.

    • 8

      It is credible to be aYahapalana apologist than being an apologist for the corrupt and despotic individual like MR. This is what you are!

      • 0

        Burning Issue your elation might be short lived because the Hora has been gaining momentum day after day.

    • 6

      Patriot, there is no need for the Tamil Diaspora o take any revange on MR, the king was twice thrownout in elctios and it was pitty enough. There a be lots of blames and allegations, which may or may not be proved to be true, but there are unbanishable evidences of mismanagement and corruption like the mattala Airport, hambanthote Port, etc. Where dies all that money came for the Carlton tv company and why was it running under bogus ownership, How dies the sons came to somuch money to have somany sportcars and conductnight races???? Not that the Mara Fans like you sponsored the, i presume. How come that somany Clan member were Installer in state companies and foreign missions? And the mihin Air and firing the srilankan Airlines manager and kp and ww …. Wake up from your dream of a allmighty king man!

    • 3


      Hell hath no fury like a diplomat(aspirant)dumped in a dustbin!

    • 3


      How much did MaRa and his cronies pay you from the stolen billions?
      Laptops? Any other perks?

      Loans from Chinese loans are not giving an economic return, and the loan payments is a burden, that has to be covered by VAT etc.

      MaRa Ego projects:

      Mattala White Elephant
      Hambantota Stadium White Elephant
      Hambantota Harbor
      Colombo Port city
      The Stolen Billions

    • 2

      Are you talking about Razeen Sally he is the biggest joker in town these days and sadly the Daily Mirror gives him all publicity because he is the harbinger of bad news.He goes to an Islamic Forum and uses the opportunity to criticise the government and the DM gives him banner headlines and he continues his tirade in another forum and the DM again gives him plenty of coverage there too as he speaks negative of the Govt. While the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank says that Sri Lanka is on the correct track and also for the fact that Singapore is keen on investing in SL this Razeen Sally by his tirade against the Govt seems to be driving the potential investors away. Why does the DM give him all the publicity baffles many a mind and all this publicity is centred around bad news about the government economic moves.At the Islamic Economic Forum instead of talking on the topic he completely diverts and runs down the governments economic policy/
      Its no wonder that our PM criticised the Daily Mirror by name for its anti Govt stand and also anti Tamil and anti Muslim

  • 7

    You are off your rocker Patriot…

  • 1

    Shame-on upto his old tricks. Hora has to be decided by a court of law. According to Shame-on he decides who ‘hora’ is. Kangaroo court judge – literally !!

  • 3

    “Besides, why protest against VAT increases? How else can government collect money to payback the massive Rajapaksa loans from China?”

    HOW? Reduce the number of ministries to 30 cabinet in accordance with the 19th ammendment of the constitution. UNPers and half of the SLFPers of the parliament have formed a so-called national government to enable them to increase the ministries to almost 100. According to the 19th amendment the government requires only a maximum of 30 cabinet ministers to run the country. By reducing the 40 odd unnecessary ministries the government can save a huge amount of money to pay back the loans. If the UNP and half of the SLFP MPs in the parliament want to serve the country 40 odd MPs have to forgo their ministries.

  • 2

    This is for CHEDI. Liptons Circus cannot accomodate even five thousand. FT has been pulled up for distorting in favour of the JO

    • 1

      Thanks KG. Looking at 3 people standing on one square meter you will need at least 70,000 square meters for 200,000 people.

  • 1

    DIOGENES. Like to know who you are. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation about my MANAME way back in 1957. Yes, those were great days. HHB was close. A sad untimely end to his life. Very talented guy. He did the music for “Gal Lena Bindala.”

  • 2

    The Pada Yatra was obviously against the ongoing investigations of corruption, of the previous regime.
    But there are exposures in the media about corrupt persons and corrupt practices in the present regime too.

    Are we the most corrupt nation in SE Asia?

  • 0

    Daham is talking nonsense. The government did not get enough numbers so had to get the jokers from MR’s former set up. They are less corrupt than persons like Johnny, Gammanpilla and that fellow called Rattaran who were all walking with MR and Namal in the procession. Rattaran snatched necklaces from ladies. MR made him a Minister. What a bloody joke MR did. They went in the air and are now walking on the roads demanding to come back without anything new to offer and no saying ‘sorry’ for what they did. Are you mad, Daham?

  • 0

    Mahinda Rajapaksa still claims there were no crimes committed during the last phase of the war. He even made the ludicrous claim that “there were zero casualties” during the war. If this true then the thousands of civilians who died must have committed suicide or self-immolation.
    Rajapaksa repeated his pet theory during the just concluded pada yatra that the armed forces that won the war against the LTTE should not be put on trial for war crimes. One of the major objective of the pada yatra is to oppose any move to put the army personnel suspected of committing war crimes on trial. The question may be asked if the army personnel in charge of war has not committed any war crimes, why Rajapaksa is loath to put them on trial to prove their innocence. That way Sri Lanka could enhance its global image as a country where there is respect for human rights and humanitarian law. Why Rajapaksa wants to miss a golden opportunity prove innocence is any body’s guess.
    Contrary to what Rajapaksa and his cohorts cclaim the UNHRC report issued in September , 2015 by a three man expert committe on alleged war crimes committed during Sri Lanka’s three decades old protracted and bloody civil war says both sides in the conflict — the Tamil separatist group LTTE and Sri Lankan government forces “most likely” committed war crimes.

    The report went on to say “There are reasonable grounds to believe the Sri Lankan security forces and paramilitary groups associated with them were implicated in unlawful killings carried out in a widespread manner against civilians and other protected persons.” “The investigation also gathered information that gives reasonable grounds to believe that the LTTE also unlawfully killed Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese civilians perceived to hold sympathies contrary to the LTTE.”
    There are well documented cases supported by eye witnesses to prove that LTTE cadres over 300 who surrendered to the army with white flags were shot to death after torture. Photographic evidence obviously taken by soldiers show at least 3 senior functioneries their mutilated and burnt mark dead bodies lying on the ground. Another video shows the interrogation of one Ramesh who was the deputy head of the political wing of the LTTE. Another batch of middle level LTTE cadres who surrendered to the army on May 18th evening at Vadduvaakal taken for inquiry by the army in CTB buses never to return. Some of them were taken witnessed by their spouses who were told that they will be released after a short inquiry. I have published their names in Colombo Telegraph on previous occasion.
    Rajapaksa has roared like a lion on many platofrms that he will brave the electric chair in order to spare the lives of guilty army generals. He must live up to his family reputation. If the internation court convicts him he will become a hero over night. After all his father D.M. Rajapaksa was called the Lion of Ruhuna!

  • 0

    Dear mr Jayasinghe

    Can you do a favor to your CT readers as matter of respect to them?

    Can you view these YouTube clips and give your comments:




    • 0

      Change means Progress – these are prior to “last Hoppers dinner”! Now it
      is PY time against YP regime !!!!

  • 0

    Wasn’t Shaymon in that Helicopter with Kady Kirra, who said to the Media that the Pada Yara was ony 100 metres long?

    May be Shaymon penned, sorry typed this after watching the footage in Adderana Web page…..

  • 1

    Oh! Sumanasekera is back to suck for MR!

  • 2

    Most esteemed Sri Lankan economists and those involved with the countries finances over the recent years all admit that we don’t stand a chance. The situation is hopeless. There is no way out of the mess. The YP GOV has its flaws but they are a huge improvement on the scoundrel that they disposed of. The enabling environment needed for greater inflows on FDI is sadely lacking and is also linked to the slow pace of the investigations underway into the scoundrel and his minions escapades. The entire government services including the judiciary is riddled with politically appointed stooges brought in during the previous era. Due to their crass partisan and corrupt actions all endeavors to move in the right direction get bogged down. Then there are the opportunists in the new regime who think it is carnival time. The common problem in all of this is the reluctance and refusal to get rid of anyone engaging in these activities. This is RWs biggest weakness and it will come to bight him in the backside well and truly one of these days. His stubborn refusal to sack all the bums is the main problem gripping the nation. We need to move fast but without a good clean up what we do instead is move at the speed of a bullock cart in every way imaginable. It is pathetic and laughable if it were not so serious.

  • 0

    Shyamon Ayya, Diogenes calling:Although I have had some arguments with Socrates I have no grudge against him. What annoys me is that this bloke who argued with everybody did not know how to argue with that harridan Xanthippe who harassed him all his life and finally said that he was a bloody fool. May be she was correct.Well, I think , in some way I am related to Nietzsche,Dostoyevsky( though I woud have hated to meet him personally),Kafka, Zorba the Greek, Good Soldier Sweik, Strinberg, Ionesco, Robert Ingersol et al..And I love Queen Shubad of Ur,Nefertiti, Boudicca of Albion Lara of Zhivago,Grushenka, Aksinia of the Don and I Feel very sad about Marie antionette, Hypatia of Alexandria, Mata Hari, And Maname Biso, Atilla the Hun`s last wife amongst others.
    I shared the same hostel cupboard with HHB when we were in the college 1955/56. I was his companion flutist in the college orchestra. Last time I met him: at some cultural get together held by the Chinese Embassy.(Maybe in 1971/72 before he went abroad)Ramya Thunpala,Malini Swarnalatha,Wanaya ( Died a few years ago) B.Sira were also with us – our seniors. I will contact you if/when I happen to find your e-mail address.

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    “One suggestion is for the government to designate a park outside the Central Business District for use by protesters – doctors, politicians, port workers and so on. They can carry placards all day long there!”

    This is an excellent idea. There will not be any traffic congestion in the main thoroughfares. The only question is whether the protesters will get much exposure and attention as the public will not travel all the way to the park to watch them waving placards and chanting slogans!

  • 2

    All want SL to be like Singpore, Malaysia and Dubai but no dog could do these kind of things and get away in those places, by now all of them would be locked up and counting the bars, and also those people wouldn’t go for all these kind of things for they have fine lives.

    Mind you, when Lee Kuwan Yu, took over Singapore for two years they did a cleaning up operation – physically eliminating all bad elements who were hindrance for the progress of the country and society. After this only, they set about building the country.

    Who said price control is not good – Malaysia has eighteen items essential for people’s daily needs under price control like – petrol, cooking gas, one variety of rice, electricity, water, one variety of cooking oil, sugar, wheat flour etc.

    The government should get tough with troubles markers who are bent on sabotaging the progress of the country.

  • 1

    If as the writer alleges that the purpose of the defeated, corrupt and rogue politicians is to gather some momentum against the government, how come then the momentum was gathered without public support? This is a self contradiction.

    It is clear to me from the tone of the writing that clearly the writer like me was definitely against the former regime. He also not that enthusiastic of the present regime as he was at the beginning. Why is this loss of enthusiasm? It is the writer and many others who lost the enthusiasm can answer that and it is this loss that gathers momentum to the Pada (පාද) Yathra which is really a Pada (පඩ) Yathra which blocks traffic on the road.

  • 1

    In the pada yathra rally Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa stated, among other things, that it will provide training for opposition MPs on how to achieve a government. That is perfectly true. What we are missing in the new Ranil/Sirisena government are, white van abductions, disappearances, murder, assaults, bribery, corruptions and interference in the judiciary, police, Army,Navy and Air Force etc. There must be somebody missing these idiots.

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