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WikiLeaks: Boucher Noted The Difficulty In “Reading” Prabhakaran

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“Assistant Secretary Boucher emphasized the futility of further military action. He stated the Government has begun to see the consequences of its actions such as decreased tourism and investment, and the shutdown of Colombo airport following the Tamil Tiger aerial attacks. Boucher noted the difficulty in “reading” Prabhakaran and suggested broadening discussions with the Tamil side to include non-Tiger Tamils such as the Tamil National Alliance. Boucher suggested that groups of experts from countries with significant Tamil diasporas such as Canada and India could usefully meet to map out what can be achieved in negotiations.” the US Embassy Oslo informed Washington.


A Leaked “CONFIDENTIAL” US diplomatic cable, dated July 24, 2007, recounts the details of a meeting the representatives of the Sri Lanka Co-Chairs (United States, European Union, Japan, and Norway) had in Oslo on June 29,2007 to discuss the  developments in Sri Lanka.The Colombo Telegraph found the related leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database which is classified by DCM Kevin M. Johnson.

“Finally, while accepting Solheim,s point that the All Parties process should not be overstressed, Boucher emphasized that if the process can deliver a credible proposal, it would provide a strong signal to Tamils. For the moment, the absence of action to address their grievances had united Tamils on the wrong side.” the US embassy further wrote.

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