10 August, 2022


WikiLeaks: Chandrika Precipitated The Current Crisis – US

“The Ambassador said that he wanted to be sure the PM realized two things before going into a discussion of the current issue. First was that we believed that what he and his government had done in the past two years on peace and on bringing Sri Lanka into the modern economic world were unprecedented. Second, that we were clear that it was the President who had precipitated the current crisis. That being said, both the peace process and economic reform were at risk, and the challenge now was to find a way forward.” the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington.

ChandrikaKumaratunga 1 - Colombo telegraphThe Colombo Telegraph found the related leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database. The classified diplomatic cable details a meeting the US ambassador had with then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. The “Confidential” is cable signed by the US Ambassador to Colombo Jeffrey J. Lunstead on January 12, 2004.

The US Embassy wrote; “The Ambassador then described his December 26 meeting with the President when he had handed over the letter from Secretary Powell. The Ambassador told the PM that he had pressed the President hard to come up with a bold political approach to resolve the crisis, and that she had resisted initially but finally conceded she might have some new ideas. What was the PM’s thinking now on Defense? Was the Indian idea of constituting separate theater commands still in play?

“The PM said that he had made a proposal on how to handle Defense issues, which the President had rejected. Elaborating, the PM said that under his plan the President could remain as Secretary of Defense, he would be Minister of National Security and (former Defense Minister) Tilak Marapana would be named Minister Assisting Defense. The entire Defense establishment (Army, Navy, Air Force) would be put under the PM’s control (‘gazetted’ to him). All operational matters would fall under Marapana. The President would chair the National Security Council. This would be similar to the French system, he said, where there is a ‘Minister of Armies.’ He did not think the Indian proposal for separate theater commands, which would be gazetted to him, would work. Nor could he accept her proposal to gazette to him specific Defense functions relating to the peace process. He had made his offer, it was now up to her to come up with something new. Since he could not administer the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) without full defense powers, he had asked her to sit down with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), amend the CFA, and take it over.

“The Ambassador repeated that he had urged the President to look at the matter as a political, not a legal issue, and that he had also urged her to think of a way to bridge the gap. The two sides had actually made some progress, he said, and now seemed stuck on what would be gazetted to the PM. The PM wanted the Armed Services in toto under his control; she wanted to gazette certain Armed Services functions. Perhaps there was an answer in there.”

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    CBK is all the best of a rotten lot of politicians and since beggars cannot be choosers we will have to vote for her at the next Presidential elections.

    Just look at the pathetic so-called opposition whose leader the corrupt clown Ranil is covertly in bed with Jarapassa – destroying the UNP which is a National JOKE! Committees are appointed and those that left invited back and then the next round of bombing and shelling within the UNP starts. That party is DEAD – killed by Ranil and the uneducated moron Sajtih who pretended he had a degree from LSR in equal measure and hence UNP should be dissolved. CBK is the best of a bad lot – for joint OPPOSITION candidate to unseat the corrupt and stinking Jarapassa military dictatorship..

    • 6

      She would continue with the dictatorship done than said.

      Always deadlier than the male

      No one refuses the power or the money once in power.

      ( – >
      / )\ \
      " " This "Chandri" the penguin.

    • 4

      No, No, No.

      CBK is not the best available choice. You are right to say that she is much more suitable than those who are in leadership positions.
      BUT, do not forget the following:
      The electorate put unprecedented hopes on this lady (a tiny little bit like you, in seeing her as the most suitable game in town) in 1994, and what did she do? She screwed up big time, to an unprecedented level. She made monumental mistakes in appointing people to senior positions, and made strategic errors one after another in terms of defence, national security and economic policy. Hers was a dumb brand of politicking, in the course of which she ultimately shot her own good self on the foot (and bears the consequences of that since 2005).
      Why? One would ask.
      Because, and despite her education and political background, she has proved to be lacking in statesmanship, and most importantly, policy foresight. The latter is something that comes with experience in ‘policy-making’, and formal, long-term postgraduate study in politics and political strategy may also be of help. Now, by no means am I questioning Mrs Kumaratunga’s education and intelligence. She may be well-educated in politics, but she dramatically lacked experience in policymaking (required from a head of state at the helm of political power). Before she became President, the last time she held government office was under her mother’s premiership (a civil service-type appointment). All through the late 1970s and 1980s, she was in politics, and practising opposition politics under the UNP regime in the galactic polity (no easy ballgame). She may have gained additional foreign experience in the early 1990s after the tragic demise of her husband, but all that does not amount to, for example, a lifelong career spent holding high-level office in the civil service, diplomacy or being in politics and playing active policymaking roles over a prolonged period. She may have lived abroad, but had never worked for the UN, or any other international organisation.
      Mrs K. was grabbed out of her London home by anti-Anura SLFPers of the day such as SBDissanayake and Mangala Samaraweera. Presidency was, therefore, something that came to her out of pure luck, for being her parents’ daughter.

      This meant that in the early 1990s, when there was a global emphasis on peacemaking, she was handpicked to revive a political party, which she did. The electorate, desperate for a new leader after the Premadasa madness (an early version of what we see in Sri Lanka today), put all its hopes on this lady with a ‘toothpaste advert’ smile. The servile lot in the electorate was thrilled with her aristocratic credentials. So she was elected, for a job for which she (if her decade-long performance is anything to go by…) happened to be under-qualified.

      Don’t forget that it was Mrs K. who paved the path for where Sri Lanka is today. If she took the right decisions, the Rajapaksa phase could have been avoided. Bringing her back is like fully reverting to your granddad’s Austin Cambridge because of a minor technical issue with your brand new 2013 Mercedes Benz E class. In other words, it’s just bollox.

      What’s the way out, you would ask. The bitter truth is that there is no way out as such. If the Premadasa rule did not come to an abrupt end on May Day 1993, Mrs Kumaratunga could never ever have built the political career she built after the WPC election of 1993. If Premadasa been alive with a long life span, Mrs Kumaratunga would have spent all the 1990s and the 2000s in London, in the company of her pals Ronnie Peiris, Tara de Mel etc. etc……to say the very least….

      • 5


        You are absolutely right. She started with a bang in ’94 investigating all the Violence the UNP was responsible. Then I presume she realised that her action would cleanse the UNP of the violent element and result in a new face for the UNP. Hence she quietly dropped all that and even engaged the goons like Baddegana Sanjeeva, Nihal Karunaratne et al in her own security squad, who were earlier the culprits under the UNP who were responsible for the Violence. Thereafter CBK dined and vined with the Naluwa Type that she never could attend a single meeting scheduled with Heads of Govt Depts, in the morning hours for the entire period of her eleven years, while the Govt Officers were kicking their heals eating short eats and chatting, till she descended well past noon. Even attending important Meetings, what did she do? She pretended to be scribbling on her note pad as if she was taking down notes. Once she had forgotten to take her note pad with her and a friend of mine who attended, had quietly glanced through and found that she had been only drawing butterflies. So much for CBK’s ability and for those who think that she will deliver.

        • 1

          Yes. I could remember a Muslim politician saying that he was enjoying the short eats and soft drinks until the pet dog made the appearance signalling that CBK was on the way into the meeting hall. I am still trying to figure out how RW would manage if he ever becomes the Executive President. One thing is sure. The Leadership Council of the UNP will be abolished and the party will be back to the old system, with infighting among the hopefuls.

          He is sure to follow the advice of the late DSS; “As Prime Minister of independent Ceylon I only need 300 Civil Servants to run the country”. This statement is worthy of comparing with the present structure of governance comprising 70-Cabinet Ministers, many Project Ministers, many Deputy Ministers, 9-Chief Ministers and 36-Provincial Ministers etc. etc. with an uncountable number of subservient Administrative Service personnel. Under RW’s presidency there will be no Administrative Service but Business Management Service functioning under the motto “Everything has a price and nothing comes free”.

          • 0

            Let me add this quote I found in http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/1335445-il-principe?page=2

            “The new ruler must determine all the injuries that he will need to inflict. He must inflict them once and for all.”
            ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

          • 2

            But the question that many of the anti-current regime, longing to see a regime change, raise the question whether proved gentleman could be elected as the leader of the nation. I have no doubt in my mind, he is the best choice. I truly believe his policies bring the nation back in to civilised tracks, restoring peace and harmony as the sane people would waiting to happen, as one who respect dignity of life, he will bring all these, but the rascal minded masses would vote him in? the biggest worry of us all… or not ?

            • 1

              Ranil is a leader few generations ahead of the people. He is the next generation leader. Our people are still living in old monarchy mindset. That’s why they vote for thugs, gangsters, thieves. Now they are happy another monarchy of Rajapakses.

  • 2

    Munge baila…………..

    We must have a man to govern who is capable of setting aside criticism but capable of telling the bureacrats & clergy & trade unions either do your job or shut up & who will put law and order in place.

    There are too many arm chair & cyber critics sri lankans. Everybody up to now who had governed the country is or was bad. Therefore, nothing can get worse.

    This is the chamge we need to have.
    Mandate, put law and order in to its proper perspective a priority and this should be the criterion.

  • 2

    Thank god that damned CFA collapsed.

    That’s the best thing ever happened to SL.

    We have peace today thanks to its collapse.

  • 1

    Ranil got little power from back door ,by [Edited out]; tried to capture power from President to whom he lost in year 2000 loosing his deposit & [Edited out] (1000 times below his uncle JRJ in terms of political Machiavelli), so the traitor Ranil lost his underwear when Chandrika dissolved parliament & the rest is history now.

  • 1

    Al Jazeera brings open the hidden Scars of Sri Lanka thanks to CHOGM…

    While Sri Lanka was turning their guns on Channel 4 during CHOGM, it appears that Al Jazeera has ‘Shined the Spotlight’ on atrocities being done by the regime in their own quiet way…!


  • 0

    Tamil woman Chandrika!

    How she survived the genocide.

    Isaipiriya! Isaipiriya!

    • 0

      fatfuckimam boar’s back-slit Your preaching policy Sucks try some GASOC!!

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