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WikiLeaks: UN Commission Of Inquiry Was Not Necessary, But US Would Like Answers On What Took Place – US On Sri Lanka

“South and Central Asia Bureau Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael Owen agreed that access to the IDP camps was improved and resettlement and reconstruction activity would now be major humanitarian challenges. It was important to also emphasize the political dimension and give the Tamil community the sense that have a credible voice in government, said Owen.” the US Embassy Brussels informed Washington.

Michael Owen with Obama

A classified diplomatic cable which details a meeting on United States – European Union on South and Central Asia, just after the Sri Lanka’s war. The Colombo Telegraph found the related ‘Confidential” US diplomatic cable dated June 22, 2009 from the WikiLeaks database.

The Embassy wrote; “The GOSL should now be considering how to accomplish reintegration of Tamils, including former paramilitaries and LTTE. While a UN Commission of Inquiry was not necessary, the U.S. would like answers on what took place in the north during recent weeks. As for reconstruction, the U.S. hoped to provide up to 10 million dollars in demining assistance and might also be able to contribute up to 50 million dollars for Sri Lankan IDPs over the next two years, depending upon Congressional budget decisions.”

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