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Woman To Challenge Cop Who Posted Recorded Video On Social Media

The police officer who video-taped a woman he stopped over an alleged traffic violation is to be reported to the Police Commission for exceeding authority by posting footage of the interaction in social media, Colombo Telegraph learns.

The video, originally posted on a Facebook page called පොලීස් මිතුරෝ (Police Friends) by a Police Officer named U.P. Dissa. While the said post has since been removed from the page without explanation, it has been copied and shared by others.

Sources close to the woman in the video told Colombo Telegraph that she will bring the matter to the attention of the Police Commission.

The video shows the woman holding some currency notes in her hand while the police officer accuses her of attempting to bribe him. The police officer then demands that the woman accompany him to the Police Station.

Colombo Telegraph is in possession of the video but will not post it since the Police cannot make public recorded material in the first instance.

While it is legal to take a photograph or video something in a public place as long as it is not offensive or does not cause nuisance to anyone, consent is required in the case of recording anything in a private place. In any event, no police officer has the right to publicize such material, according to legal experts. (By Renuka Jayasinghe)

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