1 June, 2023


Yahapālanaya Euphoria Short Lived: Friday Forum

With the coalition government celebrating it’s first year anniversary this month, the Friday Forum has said that the ‘Yahapālanaya’ euphoria among the public has been short-lived as the government has faltered in several areas which has caused deep concern.

Ranil and MaithriIn a statement issued today, Friday Forum, which calls themselves an informal and self-financed group dedicated to democracy, good governance, human rights and the rule of law’ has urged the government to ‘redouble’ its effort, and the public to continue to keep permanent vigil and raise their voice to keep the march to yahapālanaya on course.

“It is a year since voters confirmed their revulsion against avapālanaya in August 2015, which they had first expressed clearly in January 2015. The leaders of the political parties who committed themselves to yahapālanaya brought quick relief to a public who had been plagued by a denial of the rule of law and opportunities for free discussion and debate, so much the essence of democracy. Policies of the new government greatly improved relations among the several cultural entities that comprise this nation. With the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, the public saw retreat from initial steps towards tyranny. It also saw the beginning, and some progress, in holding to account those who had held public office and brazenly broken the law, with massive abuse of public office and public property and corruption at all levels of government. Simplicity in behavior among people who held high political office was a most welcome change. So was the deft repair of badly frayed relations with other nations and the international community,” the Forum said in a statement.

“Friday Forum views with deep concern that that euphoria among the public was short-lived. Siblings were appointed soon enough to offices of high profit; friends were appointed to high offices of state whose misdemeanours and abuse of office were overlooked with ease; and advice was sought from among friends and colleagues who were too ready to satisfy the prejudices of leaders. Quick fixes were sought to problems whose solution required wide consultation with all stake holders. These undesirable practices inevitably led to glaring departures from established procedures, by-passing experienced and competent public officers whose advice and implementation capacity went unused,” the statement said.

The Forum noted that large investment projects, whose feasibility had been seriously questioned when initiated during the previous administration, have been re-negotiated, ignoring consultation with the people. “It is the latter who will suffer the ill effects of poorly thought out project activities. Political exigencies have installed a large number of ministries, wasting substantial amounts of public funds, making it absolutely necessary to establish working mechanisms for coordination among them. Their absence is glaringly evident,” the statement said.

Friday Forum noted with dismay that far too much time has been lost looking for a mechanism to replace the wasteful, construction- heavy, loan- financed pattern of growth which had then infused dynamism into the economy, but brought together with it, unbearable burdens of debt service and domestic government budget management, in the absence of income generation from earlier investments.

“These problems have been aggravated by far too generous additional payments to public sector employees and wholly ill-deserving and overly generous perquisites to Members of Parliament. Advice from short-term visitors, however expert and experienced, is no substitute for hard thinking on solutions to problems, which are mostly domestic in origin. Nor can large conferences with eminent panelists be of much help. The sooner government seeks solutions to these problems, the sooner is the public likely to see some fruits of yahapālanaya delivered to it,” the statement said. .

“Steps of the new government towards yahapālanaya are much to be commended. However, that it has faltered, in several areas, is cause for deep concern. Friday Forum urges the government to redouble its effort, and the public to continue to keep permanent vigil and raise their voice to keep the march to yahapalanaya on course,” the Forum added.

*The statement was signed by Dr. G. Usvatte- Aratchi and Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare for and on behalf of Friday Forum: Dr. G. Usvatte- Aratchi, Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare, Mr. Chandra Jayaratne, Mr. Priyantha Gamage, Ms. Shanthi Dias, Mr. Javid Yusuf, Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran, Dr. A.C. Visvalingam, Dr. Upatissa Pethiyagoda, Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris, Prof. Camena Guneratne, Mr. Pulasthi Hewamanna, Rt. Rev. Duleep de Chickera and Mr. Faiz-Ur Rahman.

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  • 31

    ‘Siblings were appointed soon enough to offices of high profit’

    As I have been saying for two years, the moment Sirisena appointed the SLT Chairman, we knew that yahapalanaya was dead.

    • 14

      May be so … but this is definitely better than the other alternative!! Thank you.

      • 20

        There’s got to be more than one other alternative. You don’t have to put up with anyone..

        • 9

          You are dead right and we could do well to start looking at some of the individuals in this “butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-its-mouth” brigade who have exhibited exceptional bravery because they have been at NO RISK WHATSOEVER BECAUSE THEY’VE HAD THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS!
          What did that old geezer say once upon a time? “Bah, humbug”

      • 3

        There is no other alternative. All alternatives are same with regard to past present and future. The only alternative is to do away with them all through a good Alternating Current from which they will never recover.

      • 1

        Step outside and get yourself some fresh air!!

      • 15

        Higgano have no choice??.

        Hingannage Thuwale..

        Marapalanaya.- MR1,MR2 awaiting MR3??

        disenfranchise the voter. wipe it off the map and start new settlers.

        Now go on husk daddy paddy baldie. .

    • 3

      Yahapalanya is when govt and people are all together would do the job.

      How can it be fulfiled if we have over 50% of Funlovers, Sumanayasa and the like culprits in this country. THese men will never learn, they have that in their blood. To the very same manner JVP reacted in late 80ties, these men should be tamed by hook or crook. If not by good means, by the langague they get it.
      We need leaders like Liqueanju or Mahathir Mohomad … to go forward in this country. With a police that would treat any kind of harm doers equally. Then we can clean this nation. Then the country will be free from FUNLOVERs.

  • 5

    and nothing about attacks on the media

    • 11

      You talk about attacks on the media but you fail to talk about the role some of the media is playing just to run down this Government.The Prime Minister clearly pointed this out and he did specifically made reference to a particular English Daily which appears that it mirrors out the views of the public,but then its far from it. Yes, you can be critical of the Government but when you go overboard in that criticism and do not give credit when it is due,then surely you have the public wondering. The good news is Ranil’s rant is paying dividends and this Daily is new moving towards some form of balance

      The main stream media covering print and TV should realise that the Social Media Network is now gradually taking centre stage and if main stream dont look out and be fair and balanced, Social Media will become the norm as in it bouquets and brickbats have a place.In such a setup the viewer can use his discerning power to find out the truth unlike in the past where he swallowed everything that is dished out.

      • 2

        Colinnn…..Ohhhhhhh.. really??? Where were you when crap website media like ‘enews’ (aka Lanka_goo_news) were hallucinating lies against the previous regime that was raising SL to new standards?

        Too bad people these days only see what they want to see and disregard the rest…

        ..At least you’re one who still is ‘yahapalana’….. most of those who voted for these losers now say they did not vote for my3 :)

        • 6

          Oh vis8 you are talking about the 20 million whom Geetha said took part in the march

        • 1


          Correction. The losers are you bloody lot who voted MR and not the 6.2 who voted MY3.

        • 0

          Yes your right vis8. How the social media and some of the main media did backing to UNP and its cohorts during MR’s regime, are too well known. Enews was in the front line among many of that kind those days. Even the so called ‘media hero’, the late Lasantha Wickremetunge was acting like an agent of LTTE those days. (By saying so, Im not endorsing his cruel death). The real threat to media freedom is now under yahapalanaya. All most all the TV, Radio channels have their own favorites and they work day and night to support their favorite politicians aspirations. Same goes to some of the social media too. Gossip Lanka back Maithreepala. Sirasa back Sajith Prema. Swarnavahini back cheaply to both Ranil and My3. TNL is anyway Ranil’s family business. Even though there is not much viewership, Sangeetha Weeraratne’s Siyatha TV also is a tool of Yahapalanaya. Derana and Hiru are somewhat balance, but they have to make the yaha leaders happy in order to be in the industry. Same goes with print media too.

  • 0

    “However, that it has faltered, in several areas, is cause for deep concern.”

    I, too am deeply concerned. So is the International community, which judges all.

    “Friday Forum urges the government to redouble its effort, and the public to continue to keep permanent vigil and raise their voice to keep the march to yahapalanaya on course,” “

    Or, Friday Forum, in keeping with democractic norms and institutions, dissolve the government and hold fresh free and fair elections.

    Some have raised their voice to be careful otherwise same fate as previous regime will befall the present government. Some of the Yaha…. (previous?) supporters.

    Elections are a part of Good Governance, Friday Forum, have you forgotten about elections? Maybe since they keep postponing the provincial elections.

  • 6

    Govt has failed in many areas,luxurious expenditure continues,helicopter traveling,no cut down in public expending.leaders have failed to set examples, corruption not curtailed etc.etc.public administration full of delays as officials are reluctant in taking decisions.The need of the hour is to replace the Cabinet with a set of honest ministers who can raise the moral of the public sector.If this set up continues even private sector will find difficult to work.

    • 5


      “The need of the hour is to replace the Cabinet with a set of honest ministers who can raise the moral of the public sector.”

      This is the most difficult part as there is no such person with honesty and ability and all the people are corrupt. If so the only solution is the hand back the country to our colonial masters to rule us for 100 years and instill decency, honesty capability to the new generation who are yet to be born. The present generation is a right off and we have to wait for 100 years when we have a generation disciplined by our colonial masters and let them take over.

      Hopefully there will not be another SWRD Bandaranayake to ruin us again and then we have to go through another cycle!

  • 9

    The most glaring recent example of profligate behaviour by the Government’s parasitic henchmen is that 40 of them accompanied 6 participants to the RIO OLYMPICS.

    Ayyo Sirisena tho koheyda balan hitiye?

    • 2

      Ballige puthas of your kind paved theway thugs to take over. Your behaviour andwording prove that further.

  • 2

    There are two farmers: one in a sarong, and the other in long trousers, in a rickety old cadjan hut built on a high-rise platform, squatting on their haunches, silently peering into the darkness.

    Actually they are two very hopeful and optimistic, chena farmers pondering over their joint project that they started two years ago. They had their plot cleared with a lot of help from volunteers, and they very hopefully planted all sorts of seeds that would have brought a really wonderful harvest; that was the expectation of the two farmers and all those well wishers.

    Unfortunately as the seeds were germinating and “shooting” there was the inevitable threat of dry season. So they looked for water; initially they found water from near by fresh water-springs and streams, which they cleverly diverted to the chena, sparingly. It irrigated the chena nicely and the plants were beginning to do well.

    Meanwhile, some mafia gangsters watching the progress of these poor farmers, got jealous: ambitious to either grab the farmers profits, or if not to destroy their efforts, they sent their agents to mingle with the farmers household, won their confidence, and became helpers. But at night they passed all the information about the farmer’s cultivation plans to their boss. As weeks passed the mafia boss kept sending more and more of his agents to the farmers, who naively employed them and paid them handsomely with important roles in his cultivation program.

    As time passed under the pretext of irrigating the chena, the agents connected up the fresh-water streams to the mafia bosses salt-water lagoons, that were further connected to the sea. In these lagoons the mafia boss kept all his man-eating sharks. Unknowingly to the two farmers, the agents gradually started lifting flood gates of the lagoon and started flooding the beautiful chena, while the two farmers were travelling around the world explaining how well their method of cultivating was going to generate good, hopeful, crops, and a country of happy consumers.

    Sadly for the two farmers, when they returned, the chena was fully inundated with salt-water floods, and full of man-eating sharks swimming around in the water. And the agents were throwing morsels of meat feeding the sharks. The two farmers were shocked, but somehow managed to swim across and scrambles up the rickety ladder to their watch tower.

    So they are there now, perched up the platform, marooned in a flood, infested with sharks, wondering what happened to their dream. They are gazing into the darkness, looking for a new light, as that one light that guided their previous vision sadly passed away unexpectedly, some while ago.

    Actually I am explaining the nightmare that I was dreaming last night!

  • 1

    Dhanapala, Radhia, the babysitters of these troubled kids have stepped out busy on their own agenda. The kids are waking up and crying! Anybody there?

    Friday Falsedom, the diplomatic whitewashers of the nation’s crime; a gang shouldered to bring the Yahapalanaya; now attempting to whitewash that as they were right in bring the Ayahapalanaya, but it was the one went wrong and had gone on its path which has been established by Solomon West Ridgeway dias, Stephen Don, P. Richard, Junius Richard et al.

    These ugly crooks are by these half truth, half lie statements, turning the Sinhala Buddhist as the ultimate Modayas. They are not tearing of the mask of Ayahapalanaya. But, what they are doing is they are going the path established by the Old King’s door-waiters, Dhanapala and Radhika. Those guys are eating on the Yahapalanaya plate. But the kids who were fed with the poisonous milk by their mentors is sabotaging the secret program Yahapalanaya taking forth to bringing Old King into their gang operation. The Ayahapalanaya is not ready to arrest and punish the Old Royals. But constantly cooking up mechanisms and issuing threats to have the Joint Comedian brought under their camp. Because their only intentions is saving the Old King, their respectable saviour of the country from Tamils, in the March 2017.

    The poisonous food fed kids are not ready to reveal why the government is negotiating a 15,000 acres deal in Hambantota to China. It is only to save the Old Royal from the IC’s punishement. They want China on their side to balance the West. So they have taken the consultation that the Old Royals gave to them. That is “Take the China’s hand”. That is sell the Lankawe to China and protect the Old Royals.

    There is no country in the world has come up by the investments of China. The neighbour Rangoon has been completely robbed out by China by building white elephants projects like highways massive enough not one can even see in the developed West, with 6,8 lanes with not just no cars to drives but the people in that nations are one of the poorest in the world. After releasing now the Regoon’s Military regime has come down to earth by reassociating it with West. .

    These poison swallowed kids are not telling the Sinhala Buddhist, in saving the Old Royals in March, 2017 at UNHRC, the entire nation had been suspended of any legitimate law and order maintenace operation by the Yahapalanaya gang. At the start of the Ayahapalanaya, it was only Sampanthar asked the Tamils to suspend their life as preparation for him to receive the secret solution that he thought he was about to receive from Ayahapalanaya. In fact it was idea of Ayahapalanaya to get him can the Tamils first, then they can easily can the Sinhala Modayas. No arrest in the country for genuine crime is taking place because the fear of it can be linked to the war crime of the Old Royals. In fact the New King, Rajitha and many other in Ayahapalanaya are the Old Royals gangs. They are looking for their easy commuting of their crimes. There is no minister in the cabinet who does not need the government’s power to save their sons or daughters from prison for the crimes they are committing.

    We are not here to save the Old Regime. But we saw how the Old Regime’s Pada Yatra was suppressed by the Ayahapalanaya. Everybody sees how the Ayahapalanaya is suppressing a democratic right to form a political party. This how Ms. Cooray murder was used through SLMC to suppress Muslims not protect even when their Dambulla Mosque was destroyed, but they went to damaged the UN Colombo office because the government which was breaking the mosques was about to be accused of war crime by UN. The only thing Ayahapalanaya doing is in an effort to save Old Royal in March, 2017, at Geneva, they holding the NPC on the tip of the Sinha Sward. A constant humiliation is directed against the CM of NPC by massive 120 members cabinet. This is while they are fooling Sampanthar that a devolved solution is on its way to North and East.

    The biggest Sinhala Cinema actress Chandrika has been re-inducted into the plays if in case Hillary take the US presidency Chair. The New York Resident Radhika is a mentor of these poison swallowed kids and member of the Ayahapalanaya government. This how Friday Falsedom and Ayahapalanaya are working together to bend the West, primarily the American opinion sympathising Tamils.

    • 1

      Is that a shark speaking? Or a mercenary or a family member with a tap to the stolen national assets? Royal College? What is that…..some kind of ‘ambalama’ for well-shod national beggars where giving and seeking bribes to enter sets the national benchmark? Oh sorry….. you mean the RW club ……. the pretentious lot wearing their “Hotu Ties”! Did n’t the President go to a ‘gamey iskole’ that was good enough for a budding President, but pity that he could not send his son to a real source of learning? Yahapalanaya has become “ahaya” in peoples eyes, because justice has not been dished out to the criminals that think going in and out prison is a sort of “nadagama”. We have the RW club working in collusion with criminals, which no doubt has marooned the President’s well-intentioned Yahapalanaya. Pity that the President discarded the principle of Exec Presidency before he cleaned up the country of corruption and criminal politicians.

    • 5

      moron can’t you cut your shite to five before posting???

      walla o wackbar boom!!!

      • 3


        “moron can’t you cut your shite to five before posting???”

        I cannot cut my shit because if the sword slips and moves little away, it is going to look short like yours. I hate that. Then, unlike you, it is an unpaid job for me.

        Idiot, if you are racist have the courage come with your own identity. Don’t steal others.

        • 3

          “”Then, unlike you, it is an unpaid job for me. “2

          You sit on your head paid master unlike me the curious, creative magnificent idler no one pays an idler.

          Get off your head and read about japanese techniques – they use 42 knives of different shapes to cut fish. They are the ancient masters of the sword. You are swollen headed by sitting on it and don’t `feel the truth`

          “Idiot, if you are racist have the courage come with your own identity. Don’t steal others. “”

          once again you are shanty town filled with foul language.
          You mean you are animal race not white race, black race, yellow race, horse race (V)??

          you need a vocabulary to fire or you have no shame.

          • 2

            “you need a vocabulary to fire or you have no shame”.


            “You mean you are animal race not white race, black race, yellow race, horse race”.

            I cannot see whether it is an Arabian imported horse race or Kandy Dalada Maligawa car race, when it is attempting to cover it with a cow skin to be harnessed to bullock cart race. But I am sure you have a sense of shame because you avoided to accompany the parade of the Vijaya’s Grandma’s Sinha Race to CT Circus, but you joined Arabian imported horse race parade.

            You are swollen headed by sitting on it and don’t `feel the truth` ………… once again you are shanty town filled with foul language.

            That is what happen when you jump into circus ring with a shanty town untrained tiger, wouldn’t respect the wresling law of not hit below the belt.

  • 6

    This self financed selfish lot did not know that it was the LTTE diaspora that was plotting all along to get rid of Mahinda. So they ended up having a plethora of losers and rejects coming together as a coalition. They are nothing but incompetent bunch of losers. Now it is too late. The polity will react with vengeance at the next election. Mahinda will be back.

  • 2

    All that Friday Forum politically line up with Neo-liberalism of UNP counter-revolutionary led by MS, CBK and UNP-Ranil W…to against the progressive Bourgeois Revolution led by MR since 2005 and alliances, was defeated 2015 January 8th election.

    The national bourgeoisie represtantive of MR led alliance has been an opposed by Friday Forum of the Bunch of Western oriented “Elites”.

    They(Friday Forum) who have been train and give their political credential by USA, UK and other Westerns civilization of Christin democracies.

    All leading members of Friday forum day and night work for UNP-led forces of the new counter revolution to turn upside down our infant system of young democracy ,the name of “God bless America ” that “Good Governance and rule of law” to be installed change of regime in Sri Lankan soil by US model of “democracy”

    That was new current ‘slogan’ of counter-revolution of US funded $ dollars, which is US new venture Capitalism of the neo-liberal model state of Monsoon politics in Indian Ocean by theory by Kaplian thinking tank in Pentagon.

    On that argument by Friday forum for “Good Governances” which an opposed MR led the progressive and democratic forces led by policy to End War launch by Tamil Terrorist and TNA separatism over 30 odd years.

    The very beginning of WAR politics of LTTE Terror that “GUN rule Democracy “, that seems to be fought for the right of “self-determination” of Tamil nation myth Homeland of their hand vested interest US Global hegemony.
    It is very beginning their Global Imperialist agenda of US pivot Asian path of uproot sovereignty and democracy of our nation political identify of democracy in an Island. LTTE and TNA was most reliable alliance of USA for that Tamil Terrorist against democracy of
    Sri lanaka.

    Tamil terrorism want Export their terrorism to other land including Tamil Nadu India.
    In the Result of that Global Tamil Forum and World Tamil Congress undertaken and become other agitation, propaganda and organizational outfit base in USA, UK and Canada.

    This was funded by USA-CIA and latterly join by Indian -RAW for partition of Island for Tamil “new regime in north council” and New Neo-liberals regime in Colombo centred power hand by UNP-Ranil W…. MS and CBK!

    The new “Good Governances and Rule of Law” is the root cause by wrong interpreting by Friday Forum “wise” elements.
    The Friday Forum do not let us deluded of “good governance “by phrase. Do not let us mistake led by Friday Forum the idea that all we have is the first steps of autocracy of UNP neo-liberalism not that democracy of has no relationships at all.

    If at all UNP-Ranil..W….MS and CBK only by making current regime in power capable making the most unscrupulous promises to all classes and masses without keeping any of them.

    The democratic forces led by MR and alliances has every opportunity and right to choose tactics and strategies forms ,or forms of organization that will in any circumstance prevent unexpected Tamil and US terrorism combine undermined democracy from cutting short its existence of democracy to messages to people of Sri Lankans..

    Despite of USA and Tamil-TNA alliances the difficulties for democracy and sovereignty and possible zigzags of current development of political forces ,I want draw attention of masses of people we will defeated both Tamil separatism and anti-sovereignty of Neo-liberalism of US hegemonies politics in our soil.

  • 3

    Strange…. nobody I talk to seems to have voted for yahapalanaya….Everybody is disowning this bunch of liars and losers. LOL.

  • 12

    “”*The statement was signed by Dr. G. Usvatte- Aratchi and Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare for and on behalf of Friday Forum: Dr. G. Usvatte- Aratchi, Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare, Mr. Chandra Jayaratne, Mr. Priyantha Gamage, Ms. Shanthi Dias, Mr. Javid Yusuf, Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran, Dr. A.C. Visvalingam, Dr. Upatissa Pethiyagoda, Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris, Prof. Camena Guneratne, Mr. Pulasthi Hewamanna, Rt. Rev. Duleep de Chickera and Mr. Faiz-Ur Rahman.””

    If you folk are assigned you would do exactly the same or worse. If you as a forum were great we would not have had misery from 48 to electing a common candidate. Mr1 to mR2 to MR3…

    You do not have a way of life of solving problems except your poty `ideas.`

    It’s like land of the Frog- buddhism and islam the culprit that drives 20 million. Land of beggars and preachers.

  • 1

    Hello D. Nimal,

    It appears that you have gone to study in a Chinese University. Why are you so against those educated in US and the rest of the west. May be, you were not qualified and bright enough to get there. I am sorry for you.

    However, I recommend you do the following:
    1) Go to school again, to learn and write and present your ideas succinctly in English.

    2) Without mastering any subject, don’t go to show you are a master of a subject. In this case, you try to mimic the role of a luminous political scientist.

    3)Can you explain Mara’s “progressive Bourgeois Revolution. We only know he and his brother Gota introduced “White Van Rule Democracy” which is worse than LTTE’s GUN rule Democracy

    3) Please reserve your ill-concocted ideas to decorate possible eulogies at the funerals of Mara, GoTa, Basil and company that have sucked the very blood of our economy and people for over 10 years.

    • 4

      This man Nimal, what ever his proper name is, shows the extent to which Diaspora backed CIA goes to. This man is singing songs of praise the Americans and the west. The country is in dire straits-economically and politically. US have succeeded in destroying Iraq, Libya, syria. USA is the most hated and reviled country in the world. Ranil is is us agent; Catholics, Diaspora and FIslamist Fundeermentalists have grouped to gather to help USA in its attempt to control the geopolitically strategic Sri Lanka.
      No true Sri Lankan has any feeling but only suspicion and hatred to the word USA.
      CIA will keep recruiting and financing subversive fringe groups. They will never succeed.

  • 1

    Perhaps,the time is right for the Friday Forum to take over the reigns of Govt:!
    It makes no sense issuing Pontifical statements,now and then.Chandra Jayaratne is also a member of the Friday Forum eh?

  • 1

    Yahapalanaya as the leaders said is something you will never see feel or hear. It is an illusion. Unfortunately it disgraced the nation in the international arena and dented the national pride for ever. Won the praise from the west but no aid without further control. Proved to the world that “API OKKOMA HORU”.

  • 1

    FF didn’t mention the main purpose for which Yahapalana was enacted by the West, Diaspora and India, through the good offices of UNP London, Whiskey Madam and Suren Surendran.

    It was to hold War Crime trials against the Rana Viru.

    And give Vllala TNA the Key to the North East Federal Eelaam ,which Sambandan’s boy Pirahaparan didn’t accept from UNP PM, Batalanada Ranil, back then..

    End of the story.

    But after the 20 year Elnino , UNP movers and shakers had other ideas.

    And they launched into them big time.

    Which occupied the first 12 months of Yahapalanaya.

    Re jig all big Development Projects with new commissions

    2.6 % extra on LKR 600 Billion in Bonds,

    Kandy Kirra’s 42 Advisers to build the Expressway,

    Dumiya’s LKR 1 Billion lease payment to his mates.

    Senasinghe’s LKR 34 Million 700 thousand instant Lottery Win,

    And LKR 10 Million ex gratia payments to Yahapalana Supporters in Kotte, to sit in the CC to draft Batalanada’s Federal thing.are the examples which even drover’s dog would have seen or heard.

    In the mean time the great majority of the inhabitant population, who are the rural poor Sinhala Buddhists in the main, have been hit with the VAT even on their Keeramin.

    Poor rural kids who found jobs in various Chinese Funded projects under the previous regime,have been sacked or transferred to areas where the pay does not even cover the rent.

    Their Monks have been jailed even for feeding Elephants.

    And it is still going on .

    Bodhi Sira the avowed Buddhist, who was hired to muzzle that great majority has failed miserably,

    And has been driven into the hands of the Nadu Poosaris to seek solace.

  • 1

    Most of the above responses are redherring and a waste of time. I sincerely hope that the President & PM take note or at least read this. FRIDAY FORUM, please send a hard copy to the President and the PM and ensure that they read this.
    Thank you.

  • 0

    “Yahapalanaya” is a process… also, it has to be assessed on a relative basis, isn’t it? Perfection will never come! Yahapalanaya (good governance) is a must, not a choice, from the other hand… basically continuous improvement to better the situation !! :)

    • 6

      school teacher what is concept of process?? In a simple algebraic formula.

      Patchwork, passa patch, waffel waffel, burp burp, Mara මැර Palanaya.

      shape shape shape waffel, waffel, burp burp.

      Hingannage Thuwale

  • 0

    Until the whole Rajapaksa filth are behind bars there will be no change?

  • 0

    masses do not have time or training to make a rationale assessment of the ground situation vis-a-vis the working of the present govt and the friday forum think tank is only helping them to have a clear idea. i take their words very seriously coming from a very knowledgeble and unbiased intellectuals and very good piece of ideas to the president and the pm. i think this will help them to make a change in their pattern of governance.those who rule the country should listen to their learned critics; otherwise they will get destroyed even in the absence of any other enemies. this is somewhat a vague translation (of mine)of the advice given by the saint thiruvalluvar.


  • 1

    Friday forum has correctly assessed the situation as ‘Yahapalanaya’ Govt. has faltered in several areas which cannot be rectified in the
    months to come as the damage is already done and there seems to be no clear distinction between the activities of the two Governments, the past and the present. However, the coalition between SLFP & UNP will complete its five years term without problems as there seems to be a
    clear understanding between the two leaders. They do not seem to be
    in greed for extra power nor wants to walk into other’s shoes. The advisors should see that the tie up between the two leaders works
    peacefully as disruptive forces are behind, working overtime, to
    break the unity.
    The Govt. should also admit to the people that they have faltered at times and assure that corrective measures will be taken to rectify
    the mistakes done in the past.

  • 0

    The comment by ” Nimal” and “ruwin-Semasinghe” are key approach is insulted write by term of Western educational qualification and language of English they had been obtain from western line of thinking. That is good for them.
    For me that I have never been to any University of any Country.

    They may be “super elites”, but system Globe Capitalism almost changing, it has no alternative except unbelievable, amusing and helpless fashion War on politics and democracy, by pre-empty strikes by US that against sovereignty nations.

    In my point of view is that metholodlgy of approach of “Yahapalana or good governance” is NOT that reflex of current democracy by UNP-Ranil regime politics of “Good governances” in our soil expected by Majority of masses of people since 2105 January 9th.

    The logic is that Democracy and Neo-liberalism of US hegemony are not going together. These are two entities of dramicatally an opposites political phenomena are non exist within that ongoing system of moribund Neo. con Capitalism in Sri lanka.

    In fact Neo-liberalism of UNP is always not appear or represtantive of Democracy. By the real terms democracy has played entirely different role beyond from the progressive Capitalism.

    The revolutionary democratic had the every right to rejects a slogan of “good governances” correctly expressing the fundamental interest of the majority people and those of ongoing revolution on grounds that the slogan could be realised only in the course of right direction of sovereignty and democracy in Island.

    Ours that so-called “Rainbow Revolution” by gang led of Neo con liberalist of western-oriented UNP-Ranil W… MS and CBK; if you elites please of Friday Forum, just when the course of last 19 months events has inexorable brought about situation in which the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie have stated dismantle sovereignty and democratic state of Sri lanka.

    At this time, it could have been done peacefully without objection of people, because majority rights has been supressed in systematic acts of Judiciary, Parliamentary and Executive power of President against majority masses, against people such as began after 2015 January 9th.

  • 0

    Friday Forum, at best,a bunch of educated idiots used by Jayantha Dhanapala to get at Mahinda Rajapakse for sidelining him!

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