29 June, 2022


Yahapalanaya Government Sponsors Rajapaksa’s Personal Trip To Uganda

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s trip to Uganda has plunged into controversy, after reports claimed that the Yahapalanaya Government had sponsored his Business Class airfare of Rs. 425,000 to Uganda.

MahindaRajapaksa, is in Uganda to participate in the fifth swearing in ceremony of the country’s controversial President, Yoweri Museveni, and was taking part in the ceremony on a personal capacity, and not representing the state.

The Ravaya newspaper revealed that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s private secretary Udith Lokubandara had in a letter requested Foreign Secretary Chitranganee Wagiswara to bear the expenses of Rajapaksa’s travel, and accommodation cost. However, it is learnt that the Foreign Ministry had only borne the cost for Rajapaksa’s business class airfare. He and his delegation are reportedly staying at the luxurious Speke Resort Munyonyo, in Kampala.

Among others who joined Rajapaksa on the trip were; Gamini Lokuge, Udith Lokubandara, Lohan Ratwatte, Dhanasiri Amaratunge and several others.

The Foreign Ministry is yet to issue a statement explaining on what grounds the Government sponsored Rajapaksa’s personal trip to Uganda.

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    I think it was a strategic move by yahapalanaya. The fact that he accepted this invitation exposes not only MR’s stupidity but his support for like minded regimes which he himself tried to create in SL. Fortunately for Sri Lanka the people saw what was coming and ousted him just in time. He never things deep enough, does he? He is not only maligned locally but he is maligned globally too. Well done Yahaplanaya. You trapped this guy a 3rd time. This time the hopper meal was 450,000/- but I think it was worth it!

    • 3

      I happended to watch a programm on TASMANIAN DEVIL this morning. I have the feeling srilanka former presidents attitudes are no second the kind of animals. How would he react tomorrw if Lybia or North korea invite him to for a visit ? What would bring his current visit to Uganda ? NOthing but people those never accepted him in the world draw their conlusions, it was right that the man is defeated. He always pleases the wrong ones that have not th eleast respect to demo values but innocient gawky, gullible are being deceived by the kind of leaders. This is actually a global problem. He should explain the world on his return what srilankens would get from his trip…. ?
      How can a man in early 70ties abuse the very same poor folks this way ? Righ t at the moment every cent is being counted to cover his huge debts being made by previous regime. But his thieves are on a paint to white wash that… if this had been the case in Germany, bugger et would have been kept in jail for the rest of their lives.
      Law and order in this country is still not in action.

      I really dont know what should more to be there law and order to work to the manner Singap9ore and Germany do. Then only they would feel that fairness will be given to anyone regardless of the status.

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      Gune – Yahapalanaya may have achieved something worthwhile politically on this issue but public money should not have been used to achieve political gains for ruling party.

      The country is burdened with heavy debts, as you know and this is not the time for extravagant spending.

    • 3

      Dear Gune OR whatever your name is,

      This country is suffering because of ignorant people like you. Voting for a man because he said he will give free “WIFI”, hahaha. Jokes on you, mate. How are you liking the new TAX system. People like you don’t care about this country’s future. What has your sweet “Yahaplanaya” done ? Nothing comes to mind, yes ?

      Let me enlighten you on what i know sweet child.
      I agree, the previous government did some things that effected the country in a negative way, but the country went through some major positive changes as well.Foreigners come to “Sri Lanka” only for the, wait for it, the beach, that’s the only thing this country has to offer. If your going to say “What about the historic sites”, puh please. The Colombo fort project was going to put Sri Lanka on the map, but sadly because of uneducated people like you, we can kiss that goodbye.

      The former President did something for this country, that put the country in the radar of foreign investments. Eg: The Grand Hyatt, Investments from Australian Business Magnet James Packer.

      This country will never move forward because idiots like you only care about yourself and not the country.


      If you don’t know the concept of politics, please educate yourself before posting insulting comments about a man who stopped the WAR.

      I know people are tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.
      The previous presidents of Sri Lanka had the same weapons and the same army. Why couldn’t they have stopped it ?

      Sadly, there’s nothing much to do, cause the majority of people think like you and vote like you.

      “Was a former proud citizen of Sri Lanka”

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    The people are taken on a royal ride by the yahapalanaya government.and Rajapaksa is helping them for his benefit.
    We deserve this treatment for believing and trusting the rulers.
    It is all a farce the Rajapaksas are in this governments safe hands , they will be questioned for the peoples sake and
    All sorts of frauds , will be told to the masses to keep them happy and that’s IT !!
    The closed door meeting was the answer for all the big crooks to escape.
    But the small frys will be behind bars.

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    Perhaps we should be thankful that MR didn’t commandeer one of Sri Lankan Airlines’ new A330’s for this trip….

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