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Yahapalanayak Thiyenawada?

By Christine Perera and Visakha Tillekeratne

Citizens of Sri Lanka, especially those who worked for a change without expecting any returns nor positions such as posts of Permanent Secretaries or even Coordinating Secretaries or to be Heads of Authorities or to get a lucrative business deal and so on, are wondering now, about the definition of Yahapalanaya – good governance. Of course the manifesto did not exactly state the words “Yahapalanaya”. It said Maithri Palanayak, Sthavara Ratak. But all these words were supposed to be equal to Yahapalanayak.

Of course we see that Maithripala is in the driving seat doing a Maithripala Sirisena Palanaya, but citizens are not sure about Sthavara Ratak nor a real Maithri Palanayak. That is a Palanaya with loving kindness.

Why are citizens not assured about a Sthavara Ratak? The same bad eggs are going half a circle and sitting on this side, in very influential positions. These eggs or rather airheads only have had a little exertion, dancing the polka. The polka being to stay at home, give in their letters of resignation, get someone influential to write to the new loving President, then get their resignations withdrawn, then they trot back doing the waltz this time to the same position, to make yet another mess or to be non starters. This dance supposedly has gone on with the Authority that protects the little ones. In the same direction is a very handsome Minister of Lessons. Citizens wonder why this handsome boy has been allotted a post as important as that of “Lessons”. Who is he? What does he do? What has he done to get this make or break portfolio so important to future generations?

Another reason why citizens are not confident about Sthavara Ratak is the fact that the bad deeds that happened with the Henchaiyas of the previous regime, seem to be happening again. Take sand mining for example. Bribes are taken again to allow sand mining. Only the colour of the politics of the bribe taker has changed. In some areas supporters of the largest party in the Podu Wedikawa are wreaking vengeance on those seated on the opposite pila this time. Does this augur well for a Sthavara Ratak?

Should citizens only be satisfied that the Maithri Motocade stopped at a pedestrian crossing in the high land? And it had ONLY six vehicles?

11 days of the 100 days have passed and most of all, right thinking citizens are worried at the lack of access to relate these wrongdoings to those whom they supported. Those whom they supported are seated on big chairs, behind big tables and the eyes of these BIG ones do not now see beyond the big table as they are all very BUSY.

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