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Yoshitha’s Ex Talks About The Importance Of Being A ‘Fashionable Diplomat’

Yasara Abeynayake, ex-girlfriend of President Rajapaksa’s second son – Yoshitha who is currently holding the position of the Deputy Consul General at the Sri Lankan Consulate in Sydney has recently spoken about the importance of fashion when representing Sri Lanka diplomatically.

Featured in the Style Profile section of the Daily Mirror, Abeynayake has commented on the importance of fashion when representing Sri Lanka diplomatically while stating that she channels Coco Chanel’s rule of simplicity in making her fashion choices.

She has stated that she is required to wear sari due to her work and that it is a ‘great way to represent Sri Lanka’ as many have approached her and commented on how elegant it is.

In the introduction to her interview, she has been described as someone ‘who at quite a young age is going places with her career, from heading one of Sri Lanka’s newest and leading television stations to now being the consulate in Sydney’ – career advances that she was able to achieve owing to the rampant nepotism and favouritism promoted by the Rajapaksas.

Following her break-up with Yoshitha few months ago, Abeynayake who was the heading the Rajapaksa-owned Carlton Sports Network was given a diplomatic posting to Australia where several other Rajapaksa henchmen have already been appointed including Lakshman Hulugalle and Bandula Jayasekera. She had been given the posting in order to ‘keep her happy’ and silence her from revealing any intimate details about the Rajapaksa family.

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