16 June, 2024



We accept ads in the main industry standards, including:

  • Ad sizes – 728×90, 468×60 and 300×250 pixels
  • File Formats – jpg, gif, png or Flash,
  • File size – no more than 40Kb

Contact us on colombotelegraph@gmail.com for more information.

Advertising policy

To ensure a high standard of advertising on our site, advertising of products or services from the following categories are not accepted.

  • Nudity or sexually explicit adverts
  • Deceptive or misleading adverts
  • Colonising adverts that spawn additional windows or messages
  • Adverts that distribute adware/ spyware or viruses
  • Adverts that auto-forward users’ browsers to different websites
  • Adverts that resemble system dialogue boxes, error messages, etc.
  • Pop-up or pop-under advertising
  • Take Over creative that covers over the content or navigation

Behavioural targeting and audience data

With the goal of ensuring relevance in rapidly changing global advertising markets, Colombo Telegraph finds it necessary to allow advertisers to use behavioural targeting. As such, audience data is collected from our website for the purpose of targeting advertisements more precisely to our visitors.

Any visitor not wishing data to be gathered from our website or any other website should adjust their browser settings accordingly and available online tools that track and remove cookies. In addition, Colombo Telegraph supports ad industry processes to protect privacy based around IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) principles.

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