16 October, 2021


Kattankudy Needs New Leadership & Direction

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the east, a lagoon to the west and two Tamil settlements, Arayampathi and Manchanthoduwai, to the south and north respectively, Kattankudy in Batticaloa district is almost one hundred per cent Muslim populated. This township, with land area of just 6 km2, is crowded with around 50,000 people. Its population density will look more striking if one subtracts land occupied by public buildings such as the 60 odd mosques, about half a dozen schools, a hospital, main roads and byroads and so on. With increasing population and an expensive custom of gifting a house as part of dowry to each daughter, Kattankudy has no room to expand except grow skywards.

The two most outstanding characteristics of Muslims in this township is their pursuit of business activities and commitment to the religion of Islam. A vast majority of Kattankudy men were, until recently, farmers, pedlars, petty traders and retail businessmen, whose shops and boutiques spread out all over the country. The popular saying that there is no place (in Sri Lanka) without a crow or a man from Kattankudy, amplifies those men’s business ubiquity. Because of their preoccupation with trade and commerce, modern education remained their least preferred pursuit for a long time. Majority of the boys dropped out of school after grade five or six and went into business, whereas girls dropped out even before grade five. Even though the colonial government opened its first Central College for Muslims in 1930 at Kattankudy, it was only in 1960 one student from that township was able to enter the University of Ceylon, and that too not from that Central College but from Colombo Zahira College.  

Today, the situation is different. Because of dwindling business opportunities due mainly to rise of an aggressive commercial class, particularly among majority Sinhalese, and to a lesser extent among minority Tamils, Muslim community in general, which historically earned the sobriquet “business community” had been forced to look for other avenues to survive economically. Education became a sought after alternative, especially after the LTTE and other Tamil groups began harassing Muslim businessmen and encroaching into their paddy lands. Facilitated by a number of changes in the national education policy after 1970, which made access to higher education more equitable, and aided by a Muslim Minister of Education, who wanted his community to take advantage of the changes, parents of Kattankudy began to show interest in their children’s education. As a result Kattankudy has produced a number of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, and teachers, both among men and women. Still, the lure of business has not disappeared. Kattankudy businessmen who, prior to the 1980s, had their shops and boutiques established in many Sinhalese and Tamil towns slowly started closing them because of stiff competition and drifted towards their home town. As a result, the main street of Kattankudy is one of the largest and bustling bazaars in the country today.  

Kattankudy is a Muslim enclave where piety and profit motive prosper together and feed each other. In 2009, I published an article titled, “Kattankudy in Eastern Sri Lanka: A Mullah-Merchant Urban Complex Caught between Islamist Factionalism and Ethno-Nationalism” (Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, vol. 29, no. 2, June 2009). The following quotes are directly from that article with minor changes: “After the 1970s however, the religious fervour of this place received a fresh fillip with … migration of Muslim workers to the Middle East, especially to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi-returnees brought … with them a strand of Wahhabi thought and practices … They reject Sufism and all rituals and teachings associated with it. They simply categorise Sufism as bid’a or innovation … crept into Islam and marred its purity… In Kattankudy also … Middle Eastern hijab and thobe increasingly becoming part of the female and male attire respectively, and … replacing the traditional sari-veil and sarong, with frequent fatwas from a new crop of inexperienced and young imams condemning music, films and other means of aesthetic and social enjoyment, and with an increasing …(mix) … of Arabic terminology in the spoken Tamil dialect of the elite there are clear indications that … local culture is undergoing a transformation towards Arabization.”

“Moulvi Abdul Rauf, a native of Kattankudy and … son of a prominent alim, and M. S. Abdul Paylvan, President of All Island Tharikathul Mufliheen of Maruthamunai … were two preachers who believe in the religious legitimacy of Sufism and many of its practices. Rauf has a long history of religious controversy in Kattankudy, but Paylvan’s influence came much later and particularly during and after 1990s. In fact Sufi ideas and … influence of Sufi sects or tarikas had been prevalent among the people … long before Rauf or Paylvan came into the scene. At that time there was no open and violent ostracism of such ideas and their advocates, although there were occasional outbursts against them in the sermons of mainstream ulema.” The ideology and practices of Rauf and Pylvan were rejected not only by the Saudi educated graduates but also the rest of the ulema. However, “the violence that occurred in 2006 after the death of Pylvan, which ended in … destruction of … houses and property, and the fatwa of apostasy against them was something new and mark the culmination of a puritanical trend that was growing since late 1970s. While the Wahhabi driven  Islamism is on the rise in Kattankudy, religious factionalism has also crept into politics of the area and is ripping apart the internal peace and tranquillity of the locality.”  

These were quoted not to claim that “I said so”, but to demonstrate how Kattankudy was transforming from religious conservatism to religious extremism quite unobtrusively. 

Since that article was published, Kattankudy has transformed into a mini Arab town with date palms decorating its main street and Arabic written signs decorating arches and shop entrances. There was also an attempt to change the name of this town to Qahatankudy, claiming, without historical evidence, that the early settlers in this town came from a place in Yemen called Qahatan. Later it was claimed that this was an attempt to attract petrodollars from a rich Saudi family, Qahtan.

Even before Wahhabism intruded and Arabized the hearts and minds of its people and the environment, Kattankudy was known for its religious conservatism. However, it was a conservatism of a syncretic Islam mixed with rituals, ceremonies and practices derived partly from Hindu traditions which, in a sociological sense played a positive role in bringing people together and maintaining social. A few examples will illustrate this point.

During the third month of the Islamic calendar, mosques in this town celebrated the birth of the Prophet over twelve nights, by reciting mawlood (panegyric poetry) after the evening prayer, and which ended in distribution of free food, mostly rice cooked with ghee, to all participants. More than a religious ritual it was a social occasion where people, young and old, gathered and dispersed with happy feelings. Similarly, during the eighth Islamic month there was Bukhari recital, which involved reading the multi-volumes of Imam Bukhari’s Hadith collection, by the ulema in the two big mosques.  That also used to end in food distribution. These were also occasions in which people fulfil their vows taken previously and donate food or oil or even chooks and goats to the mosques, part of which were auctioned and money went to the mosque fund. This was also a Hindu tradition crept from India into local Islam. There is a shrine in this town called Mawlana Kaburady, to which people used to visit and donate money on the eve of a wedding or circumcision.  Finally, during the two Eid festivals the main street of Kattankudy would be turned into a carnival site with food and game stalls, music and entertainment.  

After the 1980s with the spread of Wahhabism all this disappeared and occasions of communal gathering and socialising in public were lost. (Two years ago I visited the shrine at Mawlana Kaburady. It is now a small enclosed compound of about ten square yards visited rarely by any and cared for by one of the descendants of that Mawlana family). In the name of pure Islam festivals lost their festivities and religious ceremonies lost their sociological significance.  Even modern education could not change the puritanical mindset nurtured by the conservative ulema.

Before Wahhabi intrusion and since 1960s, Kattankudy had an island-wide reputation for Tabligh Jamaat (TJ) missionary work. Teachers, students, doctors, engineers and businessmen left for three days, three weeks or even three months at a time on Jamaat work sacrificing their studies, families and work. These missionaries were very peaceful foot soldiers of Islam and never preached violence or advocated Islamic state. Mosques were their abode when they were not at home or work. They were a type of mystics or quietists. They never openly criticised any variants in the way Islam was practiced by others. Their outlook was to seek success in the Hereafter by faithfully observing the ‘five pillars’ of Islam. On the contrary, to the Wahhabi ideologists piety must be pure and purity meant eradication of all accretions into the original Islam of the Prophet and his immediate disciples, Salafs. Shiism, Sufism, shrine worship and every other bid’a or innovation were condemned. It was this aggressive preaching and readiness to condemn the deviants as apostates that brought religious violence into Kattankudy in the 1990s. From the quietist Tablighis, Kattankudy was grsdually falling into the hands of Wahhabi extremists.   

Even then, Kattankudy did not grow into a hotbed for religious violence until the birth of the National Tawhid Jamaat (NTJ), which broke off from its parent Sri Lankan Tawhid Jamaat (SLTJ) sometime around 2015. However, between c. 2000 and 2015 something else was changing the mindset of a younger generation of Muslims. This change was not confined to Kattankudy alone but in greater part of the Muslim world. The young men and women of this generation who were in their late teens or twenties, like their counterparts elsewhere, were proud owners of a new set of electronic toys and gadgets such as laptop, and hand phone, which gave them instant access to news and views about happenings in the Muslim world. For example, pictures of US bombings in Aghanistan and Iraq, Israeli bombings in Gaza, India’s atrocities in Kashmir, NATO’s so called humanitarian intervention in Libya, the killings in Syria and Yemen and several other bloody scenes were now being relayed directly into Muslim bedrooms and lounges all over the world including Kattankudy. These were portrayed by the Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIS and several other radical groups, as the Crusaders’ war against the Muslim umma. Some Muslim youth obviously were attracted to this preaching of hatred.  

Ummat al-Islam is a unique concept binding all Muslims into a community, and it is more universal and inclusive than Ibn Khaldun’s Arabic concept of asabiya or espirit de corps, which is exclusive and more ethnic or tribal. The term umma occurs at least sixty two times in the Quran, and in one instance it occurs as ummatan wahidhatan, meaning one single community, and in another as ummatan wasatan, meaning a middle community avoiding extremism. The Prophet emphasised this oneness in his last sermon at Arafat. Umma binds every Muslim and that binding makes a Muslim feel for the sufferings of fellow Muslims, irrespective of their nationality or ethnicity. It is this feeling that is strengthened through modern information technology and its network society. Educated and reasonably affluent Muslim men and women with access to this technology and relying almost solely on information received through the social and electronic media are easily swayed by radical preachers and their (mis)interpretations of the Quran and Hadith. Those young men and women who migrated from various parts of the world to join ISIS were members of this network society. It is no surprise that in Kattankudy also members of NTJ, under its firebrand preacher Zahran Hashim fell prey to radical messages from abroad. However, Zahran’s link to ISIS is yet to be proved.  

Kattankudy has its own Jamiyyathul Ulema, the apex religious body. It is a branch of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema. Both bodies are now condemning NTJ and its jihadism. Were they totally ignorant of the activities of this group? In a crowded enclave like Kattankudy it is impossible to hide secrets. What we gather from Kattankludy sources is that Zahran was attacking the mainstream ulema rather than advocating Jihadism. Is this why JU and ACJU condemning him now? There are too many questions yet to be answered. 

In this context there is a crucial issue which the ulema has to confront and resolve. It is an issue common to all minority Muslim communities living in non-Muslim plural societies.  How do the ulema or ACJU in Sri Lanka reconcile the universally inclusive concept of umma, which binds all Muslims, with the nationally restrictive Prophet’s saying, hubbul watan minal iman, meaning, a part of the faith is love of one’s home land, and binds them to the country in which they live? Some say that this saying is a fabricated one. Whether it is fabricate or not the issue must be faced. To a minority Muslim community, which one of the two should take precedence? Should Muslims living in a non-Muslim country be encouraged to join an external group like ISIS and fight for a caliphate in the name of ummat al-Islam or be encouraged to defend their own country against ISIS and such other foreign elements and defend one’s homeland?    

There is an inherent clash between umma and watan. The answer to this clash lies in the Quranic advocacy of ummatan wasatan, and that should be taught to children in schools and explained in sermons in the mosques. NTJ was caught between the two, because mainstream teachers and preachers of Islam neglected this lesson. It is in the skilful navigation between the clashing waters of umma and watan lies the long run survival of the Muslim community. I agree with Professor Kumar David that only Muslims can eradicate the scourge of extremism and not the security forces or the government or and President. That demands an enlightened religious and political leadership. Kattankudy and the Muslim community have been let down by its politicians and the ulema. It is time to change the leadership and the direction.     

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  • 14

    Not only for Kattankudy but also for the whole country need a leadership.

    All so called leaders are extremely and horrendously corrupted. Not only themselves but also their henchmen and family members are terribly corrupted.
    Even their children are well corrupted.

    No hope for the better or future generation.
    Mahinda, Ranil and Sirisena competitively destroyed the whole country with their henchmen.

    Innocent people are suffering and have no any hope.
    People foolishly have selected their leaders and now they are punished by their leaders.
    If you have brains …..now everyone must think deeply and change this.

    • 2

      Dr Ameer Ali,

      Thanks for a well researched article on the advent of the Satan Following, per Hadith of Najd, Wahhabi Salafis and clones, the so called Tawhedis.

      Haves any Ulama been able to support that there is afterlife? All they seem to do is accelerate the Muslims tolerate Wahhabism, with Saudi funded money, due early and rot in the graves, here on Earth with no virgins.

      What can they do with 72 virgins with no body, when the body is rotting here on Earth?

    • 8

      Make Katankudy a multi-ethnic town, so that Islamic nonsense will be eliminated. There should be equal number of Vihares, Kovils, Churches and Mosques. Uproot all date palm trees and Landscape of the town should have coconut, palmyra and even kitul trees which are indigenous to the country. There is no place for Arab stooges.

  • 13

    Our dumb political leaders are trying to fool the Sinhalayo by saying this is an act of a small group of misled Muslim extremists. According to the way explosives, guns and swords were found all over the country it looks like a large number of people were involved in the operation they had planned. These swords were not meant to cut grass or protect girls. If it is for cutting grass why the hell they had swords in mosques in Colombo. If it is to protect girls why the hell they kept swords in Mosques. They were meant to sl*t the throats of Sinhalayo. They would have expected a backlash and if that happened, they would have turned this country to a pool of blood. That will change the picture completely. Muslims will be seen innocent victims and the whole blame will be on Sinhala Buddhists.

  • 6

    The proper thing to do is, appoint a Presidential commission with all the rights and investigate how would the CBK, Allowed to bull doze Deegavapi or Somavathi, Mahinda Rajapakse had two gazettes changed printed on behalf Rishad Bathiuddin. Rishad Bathiuddin became very powerful thuggish minister since Mahinda Rajapakse govt. They say it is Basil Rajapakse who was behind Rishad Bathiuddin. In this Yahapalana govt, Ranil Wicramasinghe was the Minister who was overlooking the Police department and Pujitha Jayasundara did not respond to the PResident but he responded to the parliament. Rishad Bathiuddin is a UNP minister, His Secretary is said to be the Father in LAw of the first Suicide bomber. Rishad Bathiuddin Secretary is also the father in LAw of the Suicide bomber. the same Secretary as well as Rishad Bathiuddin involved in so many corrupt and thuggish activities. So, how come all the presidents, PM ranil and some ministers were behind some Muslim politicians. I think FOWSIE crossed to the UNP side form SLFP side, may be some Muslim coup.
    Definitely, Muslims need some strict rules to say, you can not use democracy for your expansion and can not abuse the some one’s goodness. Muslims definitely need some tendering. Wahabi should be eliminated because it is Saudi arabian desert culture mixed with Islam which is interpreted wrong.

  • 3

    Gee Whiz..
    I knew only the LTTE boys mowed down nearly 300 Muslims in the Kathakauddy Mosque..
    This is serious.

    What amazes me is how UNP mr Ministers go about telling BS even now, ,
    Mangala Samraweera told the Matara UNP suckers that Muslim Terrorism is all gone .
    And everything is Hunky dory.-And it is on U Tube.

    Mangala went even further to say this is not a Sinhala Country and it does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists particularly.
    All this Terrorism is the handy work of the Sinhala Buddhistso to attack Muslims and grab the Country
    What fantastic Logic!! .
    Tank God for giving us Mangala and his other UNP Minister mates…

    I remember the TNA boss Sampathar telling the Journos ” Leave the Muslims to Me” , when the journos quizzed him about how the TNA Homeland Demand was progressing, when the then President called Sampathar for cordial talks after Nanthikadal.
    That was in 2009 , exactly 10 years ago.

    Not sure whether Sufi and Wahabis were abundant then in Kathankuddy with Palm Trees even in the Main Street.

    Sampathar’s deputy Abraham told the Journos this Terrorism is because the Federal Government of Dr Ranil didn’t get through Kotte..
    Wonder whether Sampathar and Abraham are still asking the East as part of the Homeland?..

    • 6

      @ K .A.Sumanasekara

      LTTE mowed down these fanatics then becaues they started to collect arms at this particular mosques to attack Tamils do you know this?

      But your SL cardboard security forces allowed these pests not only accumulate weapons, train musulim terrorists thus mowed 100s of churchgoers and foreign tourists.

      Even today it is because of the western intelligence people here on the ground your cardboard security forces discover arms at private homes and mosques else they will accept the bribe and cover up this.

      Wake up still you have not learned about your Musulim Bruders ?


    • 3

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Wonder whether Sampathar and Abraham are still asking the East as part of the Homeland?..”

      Don’t you think it’s high time the problem of running the east is passed on to Trinco Sam especially when the Global Caliphate MUSLAMISTS have just announced their arrival with big bang? So you can blame Trinco Sam for miserably failing to install peace in the East.

      It can facilitate the National Hangman to take over the island in his long planned and awaited “Putsch”, now that he had widely consulted the veteran security men (war criminals, kidnappers, …) .

      What will happen to the planned expansion of Islamic Republic of Kattankudy?

      Did Hopper Sirisena tell you that he was travelling to Mao’s country to buy military equipment to help deal with MUSLAMISTS?

      Take care.
      A piece of advice, don’t take anything freely available.
      If you find an unattended mobile or small or large parcel on the street call the bomb disposal squad don’t make strenuous effort to nick it.

      • 1

        Dear Native.
        “Terrorists are no more.. Everything under Control.”.
        Sinhala Buddhists have no country..
        All these Terrorism is instigated by them to grab the country by topping Him & his buddy Dr Ranil’s Yahapalanaya
        That is what your Buddy Mangala told the UNP suckers in Matara.

        Dr Ranil said yesterday that the Foreign Forces are in town after their people got blasted in Shangrila..
        And the Foreign Forces have done a fantastic job cleaning up the Terrorists and the Terrorism.
        How cool..

        So Samare perhaps repeated to UNP suckers in Matara what the Boss told the UNP Colombo Elite, Anglican and the Vellala members of his Faction in Colombo.

        Now you are telling me not to pick any valuables left on the Kerb side in Wellawatta?.

        Thanks for the kind advice , You must be a real mate to think of my safety in this hour of anxiety ….

        Do you have kids at School still?.
        Because Yahapalana Minister, Akila said the Classes are now Open to prepare the Kids..
        Dr Ranil’s Nephew , Minister Ruwan said all is cool.
        And children must go to School..-

        Where is your Trinco Sam BTW ?..
        Did he visit at least Kochchikade , let alone Kaththankuddy?….

        • 1

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “Sinhala Buddhists have no country..”

          The country and the people including Sinhalese, Buddhists, Muslims, Tamils, Hindus, Christians, ……………………….. can and should prosper by sharing the resources and opportunities if the Sinhala/Buddhist fascists stop converting the entire country into a Sinhala/Buddhist Ghetto.

        • 2

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “Dr Ranil said yesterday that the Foreign Forces are in town after their people got blasted in Shangrila.. And the Foreign Forces have done a fantastic job cleaning up the Terrorists and the Terrorism.”

          Isn’t it what the failed coup plotting clan chief and his brother the former national hangman told us just after the war had ended? The foreign forces never went away for they were not visible in the past 10 years. They are very much here as long as the state and its rulers find it hard or refuse to treat all people well. You know there are strangers and neighbours out there everready to grope console and grope your women folks.

      • 1

        “Wonder whether Sampathar and Abraham are still asking the East as part of the Homeland?..”
        You see Native I am the only Sinhalese on this forum who promotes a separate Homeland for all Tamil speaking people. Now there is a stronger reason for the Sinhalese to agree. Only Sampathar has the necessary wherewithal to unite with the Wahabis on equal terms. He has equal man power and same technology with disposable martyrs. Facilitated by common language intelligence is at fingertips and assistance is just 20km away.

        Long live Caliphate of Ealam!


        • 2


          When you started fresh riots this time against Muslims I was hoping to join you as a neutral observer. You have disappointed me for you kept your secret plans to yourself. Or was it that the rioters themselves have started it independently and outside of your plan? .

          This time around how much do you intend to profit personally? What are the Sinhala/Buddhist fascists going to gain, destroying competition completely in business and other areas, packing and sending them off to western countries and creating a Sri Lankan Muslim Diaspora (Saudi will not take refugees however it would accommodate former dictators),……………

          Sri Lankan Muslim Diaspora will not remain Sri Lankan any more they would be part of Muslim Diaspora.

  • 2

    How we respond to this analysis would show the psyche of us Srilankans. There is a major reason why Srilankan academics /professionals prefer to stay silent in their duty of opinion making,even when safely stationed abroad. Morons / Haters dominate the conversation in Srilanka with little opposition from the academia as a result. Srilanka has a brutal history of encirclement ,attack and silencing of the objective thinkers [Prof Stanly Wijesundara, Vijeya Kumarathunga, Kotikawatte Saddhatissa , Laxman Kadirgamer, Rajini Thiranagama, Neelan Thiruchelvam Iqbal Athas ,Keith Nohyar ,etc etc] and the current ones might remember that long list of names. More than 700 Buddhist monks perished from 1990 to 1993 .An untold number of intellectuals died in the hands of LTTE -all this for the cardinal crime of having a mind of one’s own…Lanka never learnt the art of agreeing to disagree.Thus the silence of the Educated, who are made in to ‘Lambs’, except a few who would risk a chance,

  • 1

    Religious discourse (part 1)
    Kattankudy sounded like a nice holy place at first….the type of Islam everybody appreciates and loves. With Isis around, it of course became terroristic.
    But the bombing of the churches were nothing to do with what the West has done to the poor Islamic countries. Nothing to do with the debauchery of modern society. The terrible reason is to do with the very founding of Islam- the core of the religion; the ancient antagonist and hatred against what God/Allah preached against- the idol worship!
    Christianity had actually come a long way from the idol worship of the old religions. It incorporated a very controlled culture, where so called idols were merely remembrances of those who lived good lives and were saints…..like photographs nowadays. This was quite unlike the making of imaginary figures and infused them with power, and worshiping them. The rest of the then Christian culture (now Catholic) was about using the faculties of the human spirit to create ceremony. All this infused into one divine set of religious rites.

    Once the prophet realized this, he appreciated the churches and gave scriptures of appreciation about them. He might have seen at some point, that people were juxtaposing the old religions with the new Christian religion and making a sham of it; the established church, he would have had to admit, had the same holy stance as his religion, Islam.

    • 2

      Old Codger

      Where are you?

  • 1

    Religious Discourse (part 2)
    He would have seen that the concepts of the religion like the Holy Trinity as of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, as one and the same as the singularity of Allah, but in more diverse form for easier and more interesting interpretation by the human mind. He would have seen that the environment creating differences in human physical and thought processes.

    And he must have read the Christian scriptures and known that Christ like him, was sent by God/Allah, but in Christ’s case, he was to sit at the right hand of God, and call himself God’s son. The prophet, however, realized that Allah did not have such designs for him.
    So, we can deduce that the Prophet, who honored Jesus, knew that Christ was indeed above him in a certain way. It was merely the juxtaposing of the old religions with the new established religion of Christianity that was so aversive (the Christian religion was just spreading and was not yet established in many places). And that was what the Prophet came to change.

    • 0

      Corrections: ……This was quite unlike the making of imaginary figures and infusing them with power….
      He would have seen the environment creating differences in human physical and thought processes.

  • 3

    Muslim enclaves need lot of attention. I think Sri lankan police did not do their job and Pujitha Jayasundara should be forced to retire. May be he had been paid by every side. Wahabbism should be not allowed. It is not Islam. It is Islam with the wrong interpretation by Arabian Desert living Maulavis who are used to violent warring culture of the Arabic desert.

  • 3

    Pivot to Asia program and the use of Muslims and buddhists of Asia to sail that program is important. But, Sri lanka cannot neglect the portion of the Sri lankan Wahabis. Thailand has problems with Malaysian muslims who settled in Thailand. Myanmar has problems with Banglsdeshi muslims who migrated to Myanmar. Sri lanka has problems with Wahabis and they should be man handled and removed. Sri lanka doe snot need Arabi Islam culture.

  • 7

    While Kathankudy (real name) remains an Islamic hot bed this wahabisim and Islamic extremism have become countrywide menace. It is true that Muslims have to be educated not only about moderate, rational, logical, practical and sensible religion but how to co-exist in a plural society. First and foremost they must be reminded that they Sri Lankan Muslims and not Arabs. If they believe they are Arabs then they have to go to Arabian countries. But they must be also told that many Muslims are running away from their Islamic countries to Christian and Buddhist counties where they are much safer. While Wahhabism is a curse for SL , the weak and selfish and stupid Sinhala politicians further contributed to this mess purely to get votes. This modakama is well and truly exploited by Muslims and they grabbed everything around from business, jobs, education, politics and this along with Arab money made then arrogant, aggressive and confrontational. The dress code is nothing but confrontation and despite knowing no others liked it yet they just carried on challenging non Muslims. There must me a two pronged measure. One is to ban all forms of Wahhabism in SL and pass new laws to monitor mosques, madarasas and check on people going to and coming from Islamic countries. The other is an educational programme where rational Muslim leaders to organise classes and lectures about a practical type safe And logical Islam and how to co-exist in their thoughts, deeds and attire. In the meantime Muslim leaders whose conducts are seriously suspected to be removed from their posts and for a commission to investigate their conducts. Sadly and also foolishly Muslims have become too overconfident because of a weak Sinhala government and thus finally embarked on this deadly mission. Their power made them blind to realise how vulnerable they are among the majority.

  • 1

    For the first time in.Sri Lanka’s history (With the blessing of His Eminence The Cardinal ) The innocents were spared .

    And ofcause with the desipline of the forces & police and to a great extend the government too.

    But there is a deep anger among a segment of people(may be not all) mostly who openly displayed hate towards members of the muslim Community .

    What I see (may be not all ) but a good number of people are now in belief that “Muslim ” Terororism can be defeated only by a government or leader who uses indiscriminate force on the entire community and consider any innocent lives lost as collateral damage , It is what we have been witnessing for decades all.over middle east and Afghanistan .

    Did it work ?

    Name one group that has been eliminated todate ?

    Not a single; they may have downsized some organizations like Al Qida ,but lead to the birth of a more sophisticated terror organization the ISIS , they may either regroup or another more dangerous group be born.

    Honestly the Security and The Police at present are doing a fantastic job because it is very evident that they do not have any interference .

    However its in the hands of the people , 2020 they will decide the future of this land ,for sure innocent Muslims may suffer the most depending on who comes to power ,if tjat happens it will never end.

    The present way of handling is the best ,but Muslims need to act fast, do alot to remove the hate ,false rumours and suspicion lingering .

    Muslims need to come out of their shells ,become totally transparent.
    May peace prevail .

    Only the Voters can decide the fate of the future of this country.

  • 5

    There seems to be something wrong in Kaththankudi; as 100% are Muslims

    Doesn’t that mean it’s unfriendly to Sinhalese & Tamils?

    When they start business in other parts, courtesy should be there to attract outsiders there.

    Who is responsible for high population?

    Letting god to reproduce (as they say) won’t work. Kaththankudians must be taught birth control.

    Not only them but also almost all the Muslims as they’re trying to grab the future through population bomb.

    Population growth should be in par with economic growth & women should be given equal opportunity; (means equal number of children) to produce children.

    All of them should undergo (mandatory) surgery to stop conceiving after the 2nd child birth.

    Polygamy should be banned & assure every male has a female to marry & there’ll be nobody to grab women from Muslim homes & there’ll be no need for swords as well.

    Sorry, bit offensive but food for thought.

  • 2


    There was a highly sophisticated equipment which was recovered from a person/persons or home .in the west Coast ………
    This equipment if used can make people using it almost invisible .,
    my question is, while so much of prominence were given to the finding of rusted old swords and kitchen knives ,why did the media suppress such a vital information from the public? not even the name of the person was mentioned ,ethnicity or religious affiliation was mention. ,are there other sources involved for money like during LTTE time.
    Can This equipment even block our radar systems?
    It is very disturbing .

  • 1

    Fresh tension in Kuliyapitiya last night ,The security forces and police were able to crush it immieditly according to.certain sources.

    Can CT shed some.light on this please ?
    It seems someone or a group.is trying very hard to destroy the peace achieved by His Eminence The Cardinal.even risking his own life (May God, bless him& protect him).

    And trying hard to discourage our forces and the Police.

  • 1

    I knew Ameer Ali as a serious student, then. He was always serious.He may grin; but, never laugh! Period. He has grown in a lot many ways. He is a serious scholar now. Is he honest? I don’t know. But, he is candid. That makes his writings readable. Keep it up Ameer.

  • 1

    who is going to provide the leadership hakeem or bathudin?

  • 0

    it is very informative and a good academic and therefore scientific analysis of the current situation. nobody can say anything more than what you have written sir.

  • 2

    I agree with the idea that the muslim community should work for the eradication of extrimism. But what is more important is the countrys preparedness for the elimination of extrimsts and also to prevent arabization. This includes bringing all under one rule and policy and preventing politicians used these minority votes to garner undue interests and destabilize the country.

  • 2

    beautiful article but there is one fundamental aspect where all the so called Muslim scholars , intellectuals, Ulemas and so called moderate Muslims ignore or pretend not to know is…..
    where does it come from ? (the urge to hate the OTHER(Kafir)

    When you told & taught that ALLAH is every thing, ..he has created the world and us , you should not at any point doubt his oneness or his existence and so on….

    does it leave any room to think other wise other than blindly believing in what the imams( who has no knowledge about co existence, economic systems, other civilizations/cultures, arts) had been teaching/preaching from very young age to the kids who are not allowed or not encouraged to mix, mingle and play with kids of other communities.)

    they will know things and human beings as black or white, US & OTHER ,BELIEVER & NON BELIEVER/INFIDEL, MUSLIM & KAFIR only

    when you are taught to despise, reject things & specially human beings from you tender age what else can be the last logical result?t .
    it will be only HATRED towards the OTHER (other man ,other community

    the day some real moderate Muslims start to look differently to what has been taught blindly for so many years we probably will see light at the end of the tunnel

    • 3

      The same applies to Srilankan Buddhism.Lord Buddhas virtue and sermons are in 5 precepts and 10 precepts.
      If the people were allowed to follow Lord Buddhas preachings this country will not be in this dire straight situation.
      The majority were preached to hate, kill, destroy and remove their worldly possessions and make the minority suffer homeless and starve to death, where’s the ” love thy neighbour ” virtues of wisdom.Its the same preachings ! inequalities is the word to follow in APEH Aanduwe.

      • 0

        “The majority were preached to hate, kill, destroy and remove their worldly possessions and make the minority suffer homeless and starve to death,”
        It is Demalu and Muslims who came from Hindusthan and settled down in Sinhale that kill native Sinhalayo. We have to curse Portuguese, Dutch and British WPs for bringing these people, dump them here and vanishing. They became rich by using the slaves brought from Hindusthan and have a nice time while native Sinhalayo are going through hell.

  • 5

    SL Muslims must decide whether they like to respect the local rules and regulations OR like to follow Arab traditions and culture while their mother tongue is Tamil. Time is running out.
    Isulam has no place in the modern world, 4th-century stuff is not suitable for the 21st century.
    Brunei wanted to implement Sharia Law( stone to death, etc.,) according to coly Buk from 1st April 2019, but following the outbursts from Western film stars and celebrities Sultan finally withdraw this comedy because otherwise, his Hotels in London, Paris and New York will be empty.
    BTW the family of Sultan of Brunei is guarded by HINDU NEPALI GURKHAS. Sultan has more confidence in Hindus than his own people.
    There is a Hindu temple in the capital BSB and every year during festival chariot stop at the PALACE OF SULTAN and HM come out and accept the offering of Hindu deity.
    The Family of Bahrain Sultan family is guarded by idol worshiping British Commandos.
    Indonesia has officially banned Mususlims there to call other religion as Kafirs.
    Isulam is against Taxing:
    From 1st January 2019 U.A.E has imposed TVA he he he.
    Bedouin Saudis for the first time got a loan from IMF last year and the Saudis have to pay interest. he he he
    Isulam says there is no contaminated diseases He He He but the guradian of Isulam the Bedouin Saudies now require a vaccination certificate for Visa He He He .
    Isulam is against Liquor .he he he , fly on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines Whisky, Brandy, Vodka etc., are flowing and most of the consumers are these Mususlims.
    Isulam is struggling today .Mususlims are scared for their own Shadow.
    Million of so-called 5 times praying Musulims are running to Idol worshiping Western nations to save their life because Isulamic GOD THE ONLY GOD couldn’t save them.

    • 0

      The Thamil Visaran continues with his Hindu Maya.

  • 2

    Yes, we need ‘yamaya’ from hell to take all Kathankudans away, together with Ameer Ali whos pen must be dry by now trying to exonerate Islam and Muslims from this atrocity.
    It will all be in vain!.

  • 4

    Ever heard in the past that SL Sinhala Cardboard Forces entered Mosques with Dogs ( Haram in Isulam but today in many Musulim countries Dog is a Pet animal ) broke doors and tear and throw coly buk ?

    Ever heard Musulims were told not to come to Mosque but pray at home?

    Ever heard Mususlim women stopped at the entrance of shops, malls, hospitals and even offloaded from the bus because of their so called Arabish clothes?

    Fake patriotism of SL Mususlims is exposed yesterday curfew in Chilaw today in Kuliyapitiya tomorrow
    Sinhalese have learned about the real face of these Musulims .

    SL Musulims change their thoppi whatever Modaya party come to power thus specially N-E Mususlims jumped too much after 2009. he he he . This is how these Musulim terroists were florished ,Sinhala police was dancing for money.

    A Tamil trader cannot do Business inside Kattankudy or anyother Mususlim areas but these jokers can come to Tamil areas and open shops ,today island wide Musulim business boycotting is risisng .

    Sorry your own GOD has washed his hand ,what next ?

    When you ignore your origin all are converted HINDU TAMILS – when you ignore your ancestor’s tradition and lifestyle …this will be the result.Mususlim women until a few years ago wear saree.

    In Maldives Islands, till 1970 women wore saree including the wife of then-President Nazir.

    Today a man on the street with Thoppi and Beard and women with Arab dress are being called as TERRORISTS how is this.?

    Why your one and only GOD is unable to help you?

    Shall we say this is a miracle of Idol God ?


  • 4

    First find out and punish who discovered God. If possible also punish this invisible God.

    • 1


      Also find out who created Satan? was Satan also born through Immaculate Conception? How is it that Jesus after crucifixion who was in a span cloth, when he rose was dressed in long garbs? Who did the tailoring of clothes to him? Is God a Tailor as well?

  • 5

    why is Royal Islamic State of Kaatankudy so important to have its own new leadership?

  • 5

    There were no MUSULIM in N-E before the arrival of Portuguese and there were 2 Hindu temples in Kattankudi.

    Go and walk inside Kattankudy you will die with smell and dirt …no Hygiene at all .
    50,000 population with 60 Mosques where is hygiene ?????
    Today Kattakudy people depend for their drinking water from Tamil area not from Zum Zum fountain created by one and only GOD.

    Few months ago in Canada one white guy entered a Musulim Mosque and opened fire thus killed many worshipers .He was arrested and sentenced to life with no parole for 40 years.

    After New Zealand Mosque attack the PM went to the Mosque and console the Musulims.

    After all, Canada and New Zealand are not Isulamic countries.

    Why these countries follow the rule of law and civilized.

    In Indonesia one Chinese woman complained about the noise from Mosque to her Mususlim friends during private discussion , this Chinese woman was arrested and sentenced to 10 years prison.

    In Pakistan, one Christian woman mentioned about Isulam during a fight with neighbor she and her kids was arrested and thrown into prison for 12 years.

    In Malaysia one old Chinese make some remarks about Isulam on FB, he got 10 years prison while a converted Chinese for the same got 7-month prison.

    He He He Mususlim can say anything about other religion .

    From Pakistan to Malaysia non- Musulims are being killed, young girls are being kidnapped and forced to marry to old Musulim men, Temples are being destroyed any action? NOTHING.

    Which religion is suitable for modern world?

    You will reap what you sow. Today Mususlims are harvesting for their sins. This is called KARMAM.

    “KAANA MAYILAADA KANDIRUNTHA VAAN KOLI THAANUM ATHUVAAK PAAVITHU” this is the result when you jokers try to pretend others.


  • 4

    Every Mosques in SL were fully aware of this attacks long ago.

    But Isulam say if a Mususlim expose another Musulim he will go to HELL ( where is this place ? Which airline fly there )

    1-Coly BUK allows keeping swords INSIDE MOSQUES made by pork eating Chinese to cut grass he he he.

    2-So they kept BOMBS inside mosques for to chase mosquitos he he he.


    MODAYA governments whoever in power used these Mususlims to challenge Tamils THROWING BONES, gave fund and arms now tasting the benefits.
    Who are these 35 Mowlavies paid by defense ministry for spying on Tamils?
    Big Nose JR encouraged the formation of Musulim Congress a circus suitable for his anti-Tamil agenda
    Alas, the founder (who is responsible for the massacre of many Tamils), of this Musulim congress is the only man in the Isulamic HISTORY went to Heaven on the helicopter with his bodyguards.

    These jokers started to jump too much and now paying the price.


  • 0

    define wahabism?
    why the attack? check zaharans youtube.

    analyse the problem before going into conclusions.

  • 0

    all this is well and good but there is no point inlocking the ststable door after the horse has bolted
    we want to know who knew about it beforehand and why was no action taken
    we want names not talk of political leadership

  • 0

    Very good article. We the people have to blame ourselves for electing our leaders since independence.
    Hope at least now both the people and the leaders would open their eyes and see where this country is heading too. Persons like the gentleman who wrote this article are a very rare species in our country today. God save us all.

  • 2

    To my mind and prolonged thinking I honstly feel that Muslims world wide will prosper, progress and will be respected and accepted if there is some form of censure on Islam. Most of what said in Quran are totally out dated and silly. They must first stop taking cover behind what Allah said and Mohammad said concept. For anything the answer is “allah said”. So sadly Muslims are just blocked from thinking any further. This is why they become easy prey to terrorism and ruthless crimes. How can anyone say of virgins in heaven for killing the innocent. Because of their thought block and fear of Allah not only they believe whatever being said as gospel but even fanatics mislead then and misfeed then and totally distort Islam and Quran.There are many good things in Quran but sadly Muslims have ruined it. Only salvation is to change the religious concept of Islam.

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