1 March, 2024


Ranil At The Kurukshetra, Do Not Cry !

By Grusha Andrews

“Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good. What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything, whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to Him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows. Do not cry, Arjuna”- Bhagavat Gita

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe

Mahabharat is the epic saga capturing the interconnected and intercalated conditions of the world, power, greed, right (dharma), wrong (adharma) in breathtakingly philosophical language. The Bhagavat Gita, a component of the Mahabharat is a heart to heart conversation between Arjuna, the Pandava warrior and his soul mate Krishna touching topics spanning from power politics, art of war and half-heartedness to kill the enemy bound by blood. The above quote is the immortal advice given to Arjuna by Krishna as Arjuna lays his bow and arrows on the ground in abject sorrow at the realization that he will be killing his cousins at war.

Two camps of cousins, Kaurvas and Pandavas belonging to the common tribe of Kuru engage in a game of dice, the stake being that the losers will leave their kingdom for 13 years of exile. The Kaurva player Duryojana wins through cheating but the Pandavas, keep their word and go in to exile for 13 years and return to reclaim their kingdom. They face the resistance of Duryojana leading to an epic war. The decisive last battle of this war is fought in Kurukshetra for 18 long days.

“Whatever happened, happened for the good”

Ranil Wikremesinghe, who has been in the political arena for decades will battle his last in his Kurukshetra with the no confidence motion (NCM) of 4th April 2018. If you count 18 days back from the 4th of April, it falls on the fateful day of March 24th, Ranil’s 69th birthday. For decades Ranil has weathered a humanly impossible load of uncivilized mockery, criticism, defeat, betrayal and brutality with the silence of a sage, nonchalance and equanimity. However if defeated on the 4th of April Ranil is likely to surrender his bow and arrows at the Kurukshetra to end the Ranil era. This would not be because it is actually warranted constitutionally. This would be because Ranil is the last remaining statesman with an internalized, conscious bond to the authentic version of parliamentary democracy tradition in Sri Lanka.

The last battle of Kurukshetra is won by the Pandavas denoting the triumph of Dharma over Adharma. Ranil has arrived at Kurukshetra and us –the democratic people of this country through his inability to stand up for dharma at  pivotal moments, choosing instead to protect his buddies, Royal College friends and empty people who to belong to his ‘cultured’ class.

In 2002, President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga shamelessly usurped Ranil’s democratically earned term of government, dissolving the parliament. Thousands of citizens took to the streets to march to the President’s House to reclaim their mandate. Ranil quoting the constitutional provision available to his childhood friend  turned his back to the people and went home without a fight. Thirteen years later (ironically 13 is also the duration of Pandava exile!) in 2015 he repeated history. He watched a bunch of Royalists commit the historic bond scam and watched still as one of them mysteriously disappeared off shores.

All this is history.

What good has come out of it? Ranil is no longer the mythical ethereal gentleman who speaks gospel. He is like the rest of us, rising, falling, wronging, faltering, and sinning and with sin. He is just a man. But in today’s politics he is the only politician demonstrating the soundness to muster a globalizing world. In spite of his faults, Ranil remains the last trump card of a meaningful democracy for all races. Internalizing this conclusively itself is a triumph because it will hold Rail to the same standards we assign the much maligned politicians and pave way to applying civic pressure on him to deliver more if he delivers himself at the Kurukshetra.

“What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost?”

Ranil is a leader of fate and not of intention. He ascended to the UNP leadership on the assassinations of UNP giants, such as R. Premadasa, Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake. He is the uncertain leader who materialized through a mist of graves. His “Royal-ness” nor his “states-manliness” can shroud the inferiority complex that is apparent if one looks at him eye to eye on equal grounds as an ordinary man, beyond his inflated westernized persona sans titillation by an imagined reality.

Ranil’s struggle to establish himself as the undisputed leader on the UNP consumed a large number of political years. He is cursed with an inherent affinity towards persons who are literally hated by society. The likes of Malik Samarawickrama and Sagala Ratnayake are not only despised by the common man, but also hated, mistrusted and considered simply dishonest by those who have insights in to financing, economics and the private sector.

Sri Lankan women constituting 52% of its population don’t share an attraction with Ranil as they do with Mahinda Rajapakse. As the leader of the largest singular political party in Sri Lanka, Ranil has woefully failed to use the potential of women in securing political stability for his party. Both Ranil and ’Ranil-philics’ suffer in abundance from the selective political blindness of not being able to see a woman beyond Rosy Senanayake for the UNP. However it’s a twist of fate that in spite of his political malaise, it was Ranil, and not Rosy, Talata, Hirunika, Dr. Sudarshani or Pavithra who conceptualized and carried through the reforms to ensure a higher female participation in Sri Lankan politics during his current tenure. This is Ranil’s ironic political greatness.

“Whatever you have given, you have given only here”

Perhaps the deepest tragedy of Ranil’s internal power struggle is that his vast political knowledge, wisdom and economic vision had to take a back seat to entertain his messy struggle in the murky swamp of politics. The time invested in dealing with the giant alligators such as Mahinda Rajapakse, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and Velupillai Prabhakaran are justified. However, puny series of thorns such as Sajith Premadasa, Sirasa Media Network, Buddhika Pathirana, Shiral Lakthilaka, Palitha Range Bandara, Maithree Gunaratne, Palitha Thewarapperuma who are not worthy of the dust at his toes consumed and putrefied his intellectual and political energy causing him grave damage. Ranil does not appear to be perturbed by any of their actions. He has consistently demonstrated the hard heartedness of a man giving his children in alms. This is not to say that Ranil embodies the qualities of an exalted Bodhisatva with whom such altruism is tied to. It only denotes that Ranil is the cleverest emotional manager of Sri Lankan politics.

Ranil is the only modern politician who has a heart hardened enough to disregard self-defeat of his personal power struggle and willfully forgo his ascend to the throne in the name of liberal democracy. He holds the office of the Prime Minister through the democratic process and not through a political game in the brand of “Jehan Fernando-Maldeniya” of Koombiyo fame. He has not partaken in genocide to cater to those who maligned him as a traitor and an anti-nationalist. Even during his darkest and most hopeless day in politics, Ranil never resorted to racism to negotiate an easy political resurgence. Sajith Premadasa’s inability to emerge victorious in his political dual with Ranil is Sajith’s political impotence. Sajith’s decade long childish project carried out hiding behind a media Moghul is only symptomatic of his political immaturity and emotional bankruptcy. His pathetic “Tall for security- short for laborer’ saga summarized his political puniness. 

Ranil’s fearless economic vision is not fully embraced by the public, not due to a natural error in its conceptualization, but because opportunistic politics compounded by Ranil’s original sin of his inability to latch on to power leading to missed opportunities. However it is only Ranil that appears to have the long term visionary capacity to deliver these economic reforms.

What is yours today, will belong to someone else tomorrow”

Ever since the emergence of the NCM of April 4th the fractures within the Yahapalana government are widening rapidly. If the NCM is passed, it will also spell the no confidence in the Yahapalana government. There are two unwavering allies of Ranil in this dilemma. One is the majority of the MPs of the UNP. In spite of their dissenting views about Ranil they seem to display a conceptual coherence in their support. The other ally is the Tamil National Alliance that has demonstrated political maturity and intent that merits a separate essay in these insidious times. 

Shamelessly fishing in the murky waters are Rauf Hakeem and Mano Ganeshan. If they extend their support to Ranil, this would not be out of any ruth towards their suffering electorate. It would be because these crafty and ruthless political brains recognize that their electorate trust Ranil’s non-racist politics. The fortunate day that their electorate, and in fact, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims recognize them as political opportunists to wake up from their illusion, they will not need a Ranil to save them. The people will do it themselves. Instead of coming to term with this political reality the President appears to be sitting on the high branch of his office gleefully sawing away his very seat, indirectly supporting the NCM. It is his ill fate and ours that he in his glee, does not realize that he will pay Gotabaya Rajapakse with his Presidency and life for his disloyalty towards Ranil.  This path paved will only end in one fearsome destination called ‘Gota 2020’.

At the 2020 Presidential election the common enemy of both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Sirisena will be Ranil. They fear not the present Ranil who is hacked by Sirasa and is listening to abuse in nonchalance. They fear the Ranil of 2020 who will rise articulately and fearlessly for liberal democracy; the Ranil who will carry out economic reforms empowered by the constitutional reforms. It is the moral prerogative of both politicians and the public to rise against any force that attempts to usurp the mandate of the people. To uphold that moral prerogative one does not have to be a fan of Ranil nor cast a vote for Ranil. Ragardless of who owns 2020, we must not disown our democracy. Ranil should emerge victorious at his last battle in the Kurukshetra only for this reason.

*This article was originally written by the author in Sinhalese and subsequently translated to English by the author for the English readership.

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  • 39

    Ranil should be there, if NON CO Motion should remove him, President Sirisena should long have been removed for standing on the way not allowing FCID to clean Rajapakshe led higher criminals.

    Not PM but President should go…. he has just supported his men introducing those highly abusive men to current govt.

    We want neither JO nor Sirisena supporters as rulers.

    • 4

      Simon de Silva

      Ranil is facing no confidence motion mainly because of bond scam issue & undoubtedly he deserves it & any attempt to whitewash him is an attempt to save a probable culprit or a maniac.

      It’s not clear whether it’s the president or the PM standing on the way not allowing prosecuting previous regime Rajapakse culprits. However majority people believe it’s the PM responsible for it.

      If president has taken highly abusive men to the government, UNP could have opposed @ the very beginning

      • 0

        No real @

        in that case, UNP cant disagree with any statements being made by Prez.

        He is the elected EXCUTIVE prez.. this is according to contitution.

        Remember the manner how Sirisane gave nominations to all illevil buggers.
        That was the days where Mr Sirisena diverted his directions.

        SB, Dilan, AND OTHER FEW should not have been taken into cabinet.

        On the other hand, if those wer not part of govt, President could not ahve been powerful… since JO rascals could even become more stronger.

        W eknow how Dayasiri reacted prior to 2015. These men are highly abusive.
        Not many in UNP are that abusive as THE BUNCH of SLPFrs.

        • 1

          Simon De Silva

          When we hold people or parties in high esteem we may not see them as they really are.
          It happens to me as well as to you.
          Actually people like SB, Dilan, Sarath Fonseka should not have been appointed through national list as they’d been refused by the people.

          Both the UNP & SLFP are responsible for that.

          I don’t think president gather power through people as he has constitutionally vested power.
          He could keep anybody as an adviser in case he wants it.

          To our general observation majority politicians are rascals & unfortunately the best example was recently set by Ranil, the most trusted man.

          What I believe presently is Ranil must be defeated in the no confidence motion unless all the UNP members & all the other members use their vote in favor of him are not abided by the concept “country first”.

    • 10

      What has proved wrong of the Rajapakshe’s ???? nothing.. there is many that has proved of Ranil W and his stooges who robbed the Central Bank, our hard earned EPF dues through the bond scam. Why is this not spoken ??? The Rajapakshe’s are the best in ruling the country and they did well during their term by eradicating the LTTE and the development that followed thereafter…..

      • 5


        1) ALONE that house build in Gampaha
        2) Rajapakshe – BILLIONS looted or wasted by SRILANKEN airlines4

        3) Rajapakshe son s- ,millions went missing in siriliya and namaöla baby s playful life
        4) Rajapkshe – Avand garde issue still under way.. there are prima facie evidence
        5) ANd and an..


        1) Bond scam – this is not loss, money is there.
        2) Vehicle import – in MR days they did even more.. but nothing came out since there had been no press freedom
        3) Not having done much as was the case with Rajapakhe rascal admin.. they the hedgemaony of rajapakshe made lankens debtors, but RW and Mr Sirisena have to pay them back. Alone those sums are huge as nobody can afford.

        Ballige putha rajapakshe behaved as if a man ate a lot and left the shop so that others have to pay off.

    • 8

      Why is NewsFirst pushing for Sajith P!? Hope he is smart enough not to get caught in their trap! A United UNP is the only way the Rajapaksas will be defeated in 2020 all this is just an attempt to create cracks in the UNP…

      The attacks in Kandy were planned to happen when Ranil was Minister of Law and Order for a short time. Ask yourself who benefits by orchestrating those attacks on the Muslims!?

      Looks like the Rajapaksas desperate initiative to gain an advantage by any means necessary even playing dirty!?
      After all there is just 21 months till the next Presidential Elections.

      The people still want action against the Rajapaksas Criminal Network and not to bring them back to power…
      Enough of this “Game Of Shape” (cover up) we have seen by some elements within the Good Governance Coalition Government. It’s time for action no more delays or excuses…

      Be smart don’t be fooled…

    • 4

      Newsfirst has a poll asking the question “Can money change the decisions of MPs on the No-Confidence Motion?”
      Who has the kind of money to do so!?
      Rajapaksas and the missing 18$ billion!?
      So now we can see by who votes against Ranil who might have been bought!?

      Newsfirst did President Sirisena buy that rusty old overpriced Russian warship yet!? Can you report on that too please!?

  • 24

    Nice comparisson with the Kurukhestra war and the Bagvatghita.I like itThe NCM should be defeated.There is no doubt about it.Having said that in the last 3 years he made a quiet a few blunders after blunders..If the NCM is defeated he will be the Arjuna of this scenario.
    If he loses the NCM then he will be the Karna.(had to pay a severe price for joininga/appointing bad friends).We all hope the good wins against the bad.

    • 15

      It is a known fact: “One does not change horses in mid – stream”

  • 15

    Come November Ranil will have no political party and will remain as a political hobo for the rest of his life. Grusha Andrews must be living in some la la land to even think of Ranil running for presidency in 2020. April 4th, I hope SL parliament together with UNP will put this man out of his misery for good. Being born into English speaking elite doesn’t increase ones IQ or save them from mediocrity/stupidity, it only can give opportunity that others will not have. His life would have been so much better if he understood that bit and picked up some thing within his capacity when he was a young adult.

  • 43

    The motion of no confidence against Ranil Wickremesinghe is a move to prevent action from being take against the Rajapaksas Criminal Network!

    It is important to keep an eye on all those who are playing their part in attempting to topple this Government in order to bring back the Rajapaksas…

    Who are these elements within the government trying to protect these criminals!?

    • 2



      The so called GG government failed to prosecute rajapakses for 3 years because your hero PM.
      He saved MR.

      And now your hero PM has proved without any doubt that he’s the gravest, corrupt to the core man ever produced in Sri Lanka.

      It’s people like you protect criminals in SL.

      • 4

        Real or Unreal
        I agree with you.
        RW is the one who chased out that brave lady, Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe simply because she dragged Gota and 3 other former “Rana Viruvos” to the courts.
        RW is the one who protecting that Kamba Hora Mahindananda Aluthgamage.
        RW is the one who protecting “Kamba Hoar Pin Amathi” Dilan Perera
        RW is the one who protecting other kamba hora, Thel Baala, Susil Premajayantha and Anura Priyadarshana yapa.
        RW is one who protecting “Gewal Hora” S.B Disanayaka.
        RW is the one who instructing Courts that whenever Gota goes to Courts asking relief it should be granted and make sure that hearing dates should postpone by 8 to 9 months every time so Police can’t do anything.
        Therefore now you send a massage to “Aappa Sira” to use his sword against those who mentioned above and others who are in 34 reports submitted by Presidential commission. May be still he is not aware about that until educated and intelligent people like you points them out. You just ask him to use even “Madu Walige” if his “Sword” is not sharped. I suggest you may join in hand with “Baka panditha” Shiral Laktilaka and Dayan Jayatilaka.
        anybody notice the change in the like unlike pattern?

  • 21

    Whoever who reads this should read its Sinhalese original. I just did. I am awed.

    • 1

      Kindly give us the reference.

      • 3


        “This article was originally written by the author in Sinhalese and subsequently translated to English by the author for the English readership.”

        This is at the bottom of the article ………… check and click on the appropriate ……….

        Now it’s crystal clear why you are a Rajapakse supporter! :))

      • 0

        Go to CT Singhala version. I also red from CT Singhala version before this as sarath de alwis mentioned.

  • 6

    Dear Grusha;
    I read this article with keen interest although I am not a regular follower of Sri Lanka politics. I have written articles about politics at times of need to express what my common sense dictated, not with any serious knowledge of inside politics but believing that common sense takes precedence over logic, at least, at times.
    You seem to have the perfect knowledge of the inside story. I am impressed more so having read that you had written this article in Singhalese before (I ardently refuse to spell the word with only n, without g). I was not fortunate to read it in Singhalese. I have no doubt you would not have attempted if you are not confident that you can write in Singhalese equally well or even better. The irony, a word you have used quite frequently, is that, while I am writing this, I can’t help talking in my mind to another writer whose style has been very much similar to yours
    You have justified your preference that RW should not be defeated at the NCM. I agree with your justification, despite sentimentalising of the need for RW prevail, in light that it is unwise to let evil forces to re-emerge. The issue is, can even such a crucial defence wake him from his slumber? Is there enough time for him to shed his lethargy and inject some energy into his persona to turn the tables. People cannot wait another ten years for him to deliver. In his snail pace, it will take that long, if at all he would be able to deliver.

    • 0

      Dear Helasingha and Soma,
      Getting at the Sinhalese version, dated yesterday, is simple: scroll up from these here comments. Just below the main article you will have a sentence beginning:
      “*This article . . .”
      There are, in that sentence, these words in bold blue:
      “originally written by the author in Sinhalese”
      Click on those words in blue, and you get taken to the Sinhalese article, posted yesterday. Three comments had come in yesterday, another, in English, by Sarath de Alwis, has just appeared.
      I need more time to think out my response.

  • 4

    Friends: Why do you need enemies when you have friends like these?

    All who support Ranil seem to blame Sirisena to some degree. But that is wrong. You may not see it on a cursory glance. But if you go deep and view it in a philosophical sense it is Sirisens who has brought the best in Ranil. We all agree that he is decent, patient and clever man. But all that is at the Putujjana level. Sirisena has thrown a new light at Ranil on a Lokottara level and what we now see is Ranil as a Bodhisatva. As Henry Ford said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me”. And wittingly or unwittingly that is exactly what Sirisena has done.

    One of the qualities that a Bodisatva should have is Upeksha (Equanimity) – the quality of not reacting in extreme ways in sorrowful situations as well as in happy situations. And Ranil has this quality in good measure. It is a marvel what this great man can take. Daily he has been put under pressure by Sirisena (of course, with the best intentions of bringing out the best in Ranil) and Ranil has behaved as a Bodisatva would. I think Sirisena, who happens to be another aspiring Bodisatva, should give full marls to Ranil.

    Ranil is a model whom everyone should try to emulate. Just watch him and learn.

    • 2

      No Edwin,
      unlike in Euroepean political compositions, ours have failed to express their views properly.
      This is the point here. Those advisers of MS cant get on with those of RW. It is seen that both parties get on together, but when making decisions, they have been like pora kukulas.

      Where there is no peace between, how can a govt move forward.

    • 0

      What have you been smoking?

  • 2

    A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. (Walter Winchell). In the context of the Sirisena/Ranil duo, this quotation should be slightly modified as “A real friend is one who walks in with his sword many time in a day, cutting a small piece of you each time, while the rest of the world walks watches with amazement”.

    Again, this is being done with good intentions – to make Ranil practice ‘Ivaseeme Paramitha” ( Virtue of Patience), which happens to be as important as the virtue of Upeksha. The problem is that it tests the patience of others like me, who have no intention of becoming Bodisatvas right now, having better things to do, like writing comments in CT.

    • 1

      What can we expect from a person who did not attend his own brother’s funeral?

      • 1

        Man that has nothing to do with his politics right ?

        You mix it up as no other why ?

        Are u suffering from demencia – being in your early 70ties ? Oh man. IH and Rajendran may be sending you signs.

        Please see it that way, if his brother is said to be a multicriminal, woudl you ever take part in his funeral.. I would not.

        I would not follow the nature of Rajaakshe pleasing the gathering. He would even hug and lick poor children to send the message across how human he has been. But tonight, he would plan to kill anyone that would stand against RAJAPAKSHE famly.
        Example – Lasantha Killing:
        Baratha killing
        Eknaligoda missing

        Even MR wife had called POLICE men over night shortly before Rugby player was found killed in a car. Remember ?
        Rajapakshes are born blood suckers. No doubt the satakaya shold have been wet by the blood he sucked across the country.

  • 14

    Very true Grusha Andrews, Ranil is the only democratic leader and statesman remaining, if we are to think of our generation to live in a democratic country it will have to be Ranil. If its Gota it will be like a Mafia world, they would be very nice to you, if you are with them and do what they want you to do, whether it is good or bad, and if you don’t, that would be the end. All of us know what Gota did to protect his mafia group member Duminda as he was with him. If all of us imagine how we should be governed, the answer is simple.
    Unfortunately, most of the time we think how others should be governed, and often miss to think how we should be governed.

    • 1

      In a country of 22 million people, where everyone is a political analyst and around 200,000 are professional politicians of some sort, saying Ranil is the only man to run the country, is a great shame.

      When Gamal Abdul Nasser died, everyone who thought that Egypt is finished were found to be wrong. An unknown politician, Anwar Sadat took over and won the 6 day war and then went on to make peace with Israel – Something that Nasser could not do.

      What I want to say is that, if Ranil goes, that should not be the end of the world for us. We should not allow it to be. The hour will produce the man as happened in so many countries. Best example is Sirimavo a widow who was a novice in politics, reluctantly taking over on the death of her husband and doing quite well.

      Whatever happens, a Rajapaksa in whatever Avatar form taking over is unacceptable and should be prevented using all means available.

      • 0

        Edwin Mahaththayo.. you have changed your thoughts to all good directions how come ?

        I agree with you. And we dont want our lovely ones to be led by Rajapakshe rascals again.

        The trick behind the NCM is to blcok the pact just introduced to the parliament – on bringing special courts to punish all those already on that lists (34 and bond scam).

        There, most of those 34 files are from JO men.
        They want to avoid the bill being passed by pARLIAMENT next days,..

        Do you notice that Udaya Gonthadipila or Wimal Buruwanse are made somewhat silent these days ?

        Forme if i am given a choice – I prefer RW to others.
        Since I know Rajapkshe rascals would never think twice, behaves like bulls in porcelan house.
        We have enough exmaples from their terms. People that have been suffering from unique amnesia cant know it .
        Our average mind set are no knowlegeble about anything.
        They are the target of Rajapakshe or any other extremism promoters.
        They are the prey of those predators.
        But our people dont care.. they just behave as if they know everything.

  • 9

    Why not Sirisena? Who got 4%.

    • 1

      After 4th April this 4% will drop to 2% without any doubt. There are some Ministers like Duminda Dissanayaka already against the NCM saying that this Govt. has no right to go against Jan.8th Peoples wishers. Now there is a clear division in the SLFP and “Aappa Sira’s” voter base will drop to 2%. If the UNP losses the NCM Mahinda Rajapaksha will take over the balance Voter base 2% along with “Aappa Siras” 2 balls. If the UNP Wins the NCM without this ungrateful man’s help then UNP radical parliamentary members will hang “Aappa Sira” with his 2 balls. Either a way “Aappa Sira” will be the loser.

  • 14

    Time is ripe to kick all the over 50s out of the Parliament and from the President’s seat and appoint under 50s to those posts. We are governed by liars, rapists, murderers, bribe takers, thieves, paga kings and kudu mudalalis’.

    • 2

      Change must come from the people, at grassroots level. The people at the top don’t want to change, they are benefitting too much.
      The people are now fed up of hearing the false promises from these politicians, and watch them break it all, ignoring them.

  • 2

    The usual deification of RW by a Thisaranaya who had the same adoration for a Premadasa.

  • 9

    The yahapalana camp is already mourning, even before the death of the man. This is not the first piece alluding to “crying” over Ranil’s impending erasure from politics. People who live in awe of Ranils background and the Royal College connection etc should give themselves a good shake up. It is usually the rustic, unsophisticated, godaya types who present this Ranil adulation syndrome. People who chose to be blind to Ranils dark past, his Batalanda torture camps his patronage to Biyagama Sunil who among other things raped a 14 year old Colombo school girl. Sunil was identified by the victim, tried by a jury and sentenced to 15 years jail. He only served 6 months of it as he was given a Presidential pardon by JR at the request of Ranil. His golayas are now crying forgetting the monster that Ranil is. Wake up you idiots.

    • 4

      HE engineered the greatest bank robbery in Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    If RW is the UNP presidential candidate in 2020, then he must secure 30 percent of the Sinhala-Buddhist vote to win. This is off-course assuming he will get 100 percent of the non-Sinhala-Buddhist vote. This is going to be a very hard task if there is a run-ff between RW and GR. People here are still in denial about RW being hated by the Sinhala-Buddhists. Unlike 2005, the Sinhala-Buddhists are more nationalistic or simply out-right racist and hostile towards others. Sinhala-Buddhist are likley to be less divided than in 2005. 2015 does not count since MS was seen as a rural Sinhalese. Actually, for the Sinhala-Buddhists, I am not Sinhala enough for them. And for some I am not even Sinhalese I’ve been told that to my face on numerous occasions. All I can say to them is “Go F— yourselves”.

  • 0

    It is perhaps the translation. I find many grey areas in the article and am confused what the Writer seeks to convey. I see little reason why the author should malign Malik Samarawickrema and Sagala Ratnayake. I am not a friend of both but I know of them and have close friends who are close to both. The pleasant and gentle Malik is a reluctant entry to cut-throat politics. By himself, he was a millionaire Garment exporter years ago. He has helped the UNP in many ways. His love is Rugby and here he has helped many youngsters come up. He is fiercely loyal to Ranil and hence his direct entry politics from January 2015.

    Sagala’s high Cabinet Post was a mistake of the adamant Ranil. Ranil should have
    given Sagala only a Deputy Ministership in 2015. Anything more could have been considered later after seeing how the novice politician fared.

    As to the mixed-up Rosy the least said the better. If this regime lasts beyond April 04 you can see her making a mess of the CMC.

    Let us also accept the fact everyone has space in their private life – though be it Ranil, Malik or Sagala. What they do in their personal life is their prerogative so long as this does not impinge in their official work. Let us for once be decent.

    R, Varathan

  • 6

    MR and other leaders ( rural background)are essentially bad but RW is only misunderstood is the theme of this article.

    How RW consolidated his power in the UNP and made himself a leader for life shows how lacking in democratic and honourable ideas this man is. Why have people like Ravi, Malik,Sagala, (businessmen who are in it to accumulate money) as UNP bosses and RWs lieutenants ?
    This devious cunning rascal. only wants his band of private men grabbing all money and power .
    What has he done in 40 years of politics ? Compare that with any other politician, At least they have made roads , schools. Every major decision of RW has made backfired. His dealings with LTTE, how he scuttled Chandrika’s attempt to do away with the Presidency, how he stopped the Marine city development.( Sri Lanka ended up paying a big penalty to China !)

    Under his management the dollar is Rs 158, inflation is rising( Bond scam) everything is being taxed and middle classes being wiped out financially .
    Look at the people he appoints, Mahendran, his aunt as our high commissioner in UK, 3 UNP lawyers to investigate his own Bond swindle,the non-performing pundits on SriLankan board.His overestimated lawyer buddy Ratwattes own brother as CEO of the airline. Is there a single good and honest man among his friends ?

    But these writers keep talking of old Indian philosophy to describe a devious rascal riding on the stupidity of so called Colombo elite.

  • 5

    The hallmark of a civilized man is is ability to accept provocation without feeling the need to retaliate. Ranil in my view, passes this Test hands down.

    I am glad Grusha Andrews has had the guts to stand up and state the unpalatable and the unfashionable truth. Day in and day out, we have witnessed the hypocrisy of much lesser men baying for Ranil’s head, as though that would be the panacea for all ills. Some members of the electronic media have displayed such a shocking lack of caliber and class, they have unmercifully pilloried this man, as part of their NEWS. The higher their profile, the lower has been the depths they have stooped to. Ranil has withstood them all, unflinching and without turning a hair and without feeling the need to defend himself through press conferences and counter accusations. Indeed we are seeing a remarkable man in our midst and it is our karmic fate that we dont recognize it..

    Make no mistake, Ranil has made several mistakes he could easily have avoided. That’s the cross he will bear till the end of his days. HOwever with his removal, the nation would not be richer, but poorer for it. In my view there is not one man in the horizon who could measure up to his bootlaces whatever the aspect.

    All what we now see is a mass scale agitation by the unthinking, in a struggle to descend to the age of mediocrity.

  • 4

    Well written. RW is not a radical, but a man of class and a person of international recognition. He has never faced humiliation abroad. Small parties are good at resorting to petty politics. These are parties without policies. Such discriminating parties should be scrapped for good. MP’s must vote for RW to win and establish the will of the people given in 2015. MR and the gang is making all the effort to protect the billions they had robbed from the citizens. It is very strange that JVP has decided to vote for NCM, while it is common sense that MR and the gang are covering up the loot. How can JVP form a govt. when they cannot understand such conspiracy?

  • 0

    IN SRI LANKAN consitution fist and foremost place in given to lord budda so why the hell you are writing about hindu bavathgeetha to sort out the problem between half buddist half angilican ranil and 75%BUDDIST singala modayas.dont you have anyting to quote fromTHE GREAT MAHAVANSA-WHAT A SHAME

  • 3

    He may be nice decent man,but he fail to put the country first,look at the list of politicians crime list all the evidence are there to prosecute but he seems to too scared he has to be turf look at Ravi K he should have been sacked by now,lack of leader ship
    One thing we all agree he is not hardliner that’s why UNP is surviving if he goes then UNP slowly loose grounds.
    Now my3 make way for old his 3pakshayas to come back and take over the country and dive
    We all lacking a good leader,we need a person who put the country first and not for particular race or religion,present patriotics are holding foregion passports and invest overseas also harmonizing the hard earned peace instead of unite the people they make divisions
    At the moment 2 countries are putting vast investment only for their territory battle,leasing out for100 yrs ,we don’t have any impact at the moment after 20 years time we slowly loose our integrity, then will see what these saffron robes will do

  • 2

    Who is Duryojana in this epic battle?

    Maharajah of Sirasa Sakthi fame or President Sirisena?
    …..For decades Ranil has weathered a humanly impossible load of UNCIVILIZED mockery….
    Lesser men would have caved in, but PM-Ranil W.has demonstrated a solid inner strength.The NCM would be only an A1 scratch and it would by no means be a U[ Dent] !!

  • 0


    Nice piece . He’s been PM on four occasions . What would you say are his most significant contributions to uplift the lot of the 40% + of the population living on less than US$ 2 per day ?

  • 2

    Everything happens for good?

    Goodness gracious me!

    So Ranil’s saving MR clan & his involvement is bond scam issue are good?

    Why don’t you try say No Confidence Motion is good & defeating Ranil is good too?

    Grusha Andrews, please stop writing nonsense.

  • 3

    Ranil’s liberal policies represent consolidation with the greater Indian conglomerate. That done, it will be the inflating money for workers and low-caste masses to work hard to reach the inflated monetary standard. All will be at the demise of our natural farmlands, forests, fisheries and cultural and religious heritage. We’d be nicely in the GMO, Robotic, Depopulation mode that the West is desperately trying to get away from, now that they have realized the error of their ways.

  • 3

    Ranil was the Leech who was thrown under the Yahapalanaya cloth for medicinal purpose.
    Now the itch caused is unbearable…………………..

    What do we do? Throw in some salt water??

  • 5

    This article crafted by the Diaspora has nothing to do with the Sri lankans who are suffering at the verge of total collapse . Their lives have become miserable without any redress on sight living in a country of shame without any option of living. I know personally many lankans who had the opportunity of migrating are now cursing themselves for not saying good bye to this country. What is written here is only good for Ranil and the writer.

  • 1

    statesman cannot survive in SL and only cheap politicians are welcome. that is our history. as for chavinism ranil is no match for mahinda or w.weerawansa, even JR had to seek help from chavinist elements like cyril mathew. your article is excellent by any standards. i would give a plus as a uni. teacher. ranil was not given a freehand to act like mahathir mohamed or lee kwan. i hope ranil will survive on 4th april.

  • 3

    It’s a great article and to elaborate a little more wish to state; Ranil is dragged into that focus all the time and attempts are being made to disgrace him. All Opposition guns are on Ranil. As a historical fact, we can recall how Ranil Wickremesinghe had been the bullseye of the Rajapaksa attack men even during the time the latter had been in government. He was labelled a failure; unable to win elections. This criticism had to be contrary to the position that he had succeeded in being Prime Minister three or four times. At the last General Elections, Ranil broke all records by registering over 500,00 votes in his electoral district. This was no mean achievement.
    About twenty years in opposition, Ranil managed to keep his party together without breaking up against the intense manipulative pressure of the Rajapaksa government. His party leadership was challenged twice by his own men. However, Wickremesinghe showed considerable understanding and emotional management to override all these attempts-subtle and direct- and to ride high. In this way, Ranil’s political resilience is outstanding. One cannot easily put Ranil down as like a rubber ball pressed to sink in water, he keeps coming up. He had predicted the UNP will form government two years before it did this time and so that happened.
    From this perspective, the myriad attempts by Opposition over the years to target Ranil Wickremesinghe speaks more of his attackers than of him; for that demonstrates that Opposition’s number one bogeyman is none other than Ranil Wickremesinghe. That throws light on Ranil’s effectiveness and not of his weaknesses.I firmly believe the rejected SLFPers and SAK Kili Maharaja’ Sirasa will not be in a position to do anything since the GOD’ blessings are with him.

  • 3

    “Dr Ranil’s fearless vision” .. helped his ex Royal Buddy Singapore Mahendran to make the SIL the richest man in Srilanka in just one Bond Deal .
    And put Dr Ranil’s loyal Deputy’s girls Meela and Amiliya in a Multi Million Dollar Pent House in the future Homeland of the Toiyas.
    What a beauty.

  • 1

    agree with dayal
    the SL masses do not want statesmen they want politicians. as a result
    when ranil tries to be a politician he makes a mess of things
    he has done it before

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