30 June, 2022


Ravi Karunanayake Should Resign, Not Because Aluthgamage Says So

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“It is another matter that the very fact that investigators now, unlike during Rajapakse rule, invade the person of powerful political figures stands as a most refreshing outcome of yahapalanaya.”

The gentleman by the name of Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is one of the black sheep falling off from the broad ranks of the yahapalanaya movement. He must resign; if he doesn’t, he must be removed. This is not because former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage says so; that was a the pot calling the kettle black. It is easy to explain why.

Yahapalanaya -not the Property of any Political Group

Firstly, let us all realise that Yahapalanaya is not the property of any political group. It is a social movement originally led by the Late Revd Maduluwawe Sobita that took off during the later stages of the Rajapaksa ten-year-old regime. Socially conscious intellectuals and others banded together to change the direction of the country on to a sustainable path defined  by democratic freedoms, accountability, and the supremacy of law and order. This, they saw, as the fundamental base from which economic and social development can be predicated and the life of people made to flourish. The present government is only the chosen political instrument for that transformation. If the government fails to deliver, the movement will opt for another political instrument. Black sheep will fall by the wayside.

From the vantage point of my location in a country (Australia) defined by established systems of yahapalanaya, I have mentally aligned myself with this civil movement.  Our country profoundly needed a broad social movement emerging from the civil community since the more progressive of the political class seemed locked in an intrinsic inability to extricate itself from the menacing shackles and growing darkness of the Rajapaksa regime. The Mahanayakes and the GMOA, who shout now, were conspicuous by their inactivity then-at the hour of national crisis.

Ravi’s Myth Building

To begin with, I didn’t like Minister Ravi advertising himself with third party testimonials as  “the best Minister of Finance,” somewhere. What a wise move it was, made just in the nick of time, to have replaced this best Foreign Minister! Simultaneously, what an unwise move to have attached the Lotteries Board to his new portfolio of Foreign Affairs!  Sans any logic, it also smelt bad. Yet, Ravi got into the saddle. He now talks of “commercialising,” the orientation of the Foreign Service. As if that styling wasn’t there in the first place!  I am fed up with these kinds of slogans which our politicians have been feeding on. Be it “Gam Udawa,” Uthuru Wasanthaya,” or “Mathata Thithak”-these slogans have not meant anything real in the life of our people. They are meant to deceive by myth-building. I am glad President Sirisena has not come out with something like that.  Or has he?

Our religious leadership, educational institutions and media have never made it their serious responsibility to help build a critical community that would see through political myth-building. They want a worshipping community. Why on earth should we worship any entity-God,King, monk, or other person? The media is still full of astrology and superstition stalks our island.

The News Story

Let’s extract the story from a news report (Colombo Telegraph 26/7/17):

“Anika Wijesuriya, this morning told the Commission to inquire into the Bond Scandal that, her super luxury apartment at the Monarch Residencies was taken on lease by Arjun Aloysius who paid for it on behalf of the then finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

She also said that Arjun Aloysius had called her and told her to “destroy” the lease agreement pertaining to the transaction.

When deciding to give it on rent, Karunanayake’s wife Mela had called the brother of Anika who had then put her in touch with Anika.

The wife of the minister had then arrived at the apartment to inspect the apartment with two bodyguards. Thereafter she had taken a call and told the witness that, “a person known to both of us will be here.”

A short while after, Arjun Aloysius had arrived at the apartment. Thereafter, following discussions the witness said it was clear that Arjun was going to pay the rent for the house in which the Karunanayakes were moving into.

The entire lease amounting close to 9 million was paid for by a company named Walter and Rowe which Arjun and his father Geoff are both Directors. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the holding company of Perpetual treasuries.

Thereafter the Karunanayakes had moved into the apartment.

Accordingly, following the end of the lease period of 6 months, which commenced in February 2016, the Karunanayakes had decided to buy the apartment. Their family company of which Mela and the daughter are Directors had paid 165 million rupees and purchased the apartment the witness said.

The witness also said that Arjun Aloysius had called her last week and insisted that she destroyed the lease agreement. She said that she had decided against it.

She also said that the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Ravi Karunanayake had called her father Nikhil last week.

The witness said that she knew that the information on the transaction had been found out by the investigators when officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) visited her in March this year.

The witness Anika, provided her name as Muthukudarachchige Vinodini in order to protect her identity during testimony.”

The ethics

To be sure, the Ravi Karunanayake allegations aren’t  judicially examined yet and on that score one cannot assign guilt to him with regard to any possible involvement in influencing the infamous bond deal. But the following basic facts thus far reported appears to tell us something substantial that Foreign Minster and Minister of Lotteries Mr Ravi Karunanayake, should answer before the people, Parliament, and media. A prima facie case of serious inappropriate behaviour is what appears to emerge from the following facts as reported in the press. The yahapalanaya government faces a crisis of credibility as never before, from which it must come out if it is to go forward.

Let’s leave the matter of judicial determination to the Commission and the courts. I am in the area of public ethics. The incident occurred in 2016 when Ravi was Minister of Finance. The fact that Ravi’s wife, Mela, did the transaction is immaterial. Any rational being will construct  the following narrative: First, Mela was acting as proxy of her husband. She eyes a penthouse belonging to Ms Wijesuriya and then approaches Perpetual Capital Holdings belonging to Aloysius to pay the money.  Aloysius is a principal player in the capital market and the main party in the controversial Bond deal that was being examined. It was, therefore, in the interests of Aloysius to  privilege Mela with a special offer. The lease rental was paid for by Aloysius through another company owned by him. Being a luxury penthouse, the lease rental was enormous. The payment had been made partly in cash, thereby undervaluing the amount stated in the lease agreement.Subsequently, a company belonging to Mela and Ravi’s daughter purchases the property for a huge sum of Rs 165 million. Furthermore, Ravi had been pressurising the owner of the property to tear up  the lease having realised the CID was investigating.

Our reasonable man will perceive a clear case of conflict of interest, bribery, and undue influence. Second, he would  infer that Ravi was attempting to stave off the judicial proceedings by trying to get the documents destroyed. Third, The reasonable man cannot also be blamed for believing that the subsequent purchase was also done probably with Aloysius’s money. Fourth, while all this went on Ravi stuck to his influencing position as Minister of Finance after the deal. Sixth, our reasonable man would perceive that there had been an ongoing  dialogue between the Minister and Aloysius while the bond case was on. By doing this, the Minister opens himself to charges of cover-up for favours granted.

Other Aspects

There is another aspect to this. How did Ravi get the money to pay for the penthouse? The Inland Revenue Department, comes under the Minister of Finance. Why did this department not question Ravi ‘ wife, Mela, how he got the money. Isn’t there another big conflict of interest here to continue to be in charge of that department? We also know that Ravi Karunanayake made a fuss about been suddenly transferred from that portfolio. Why did he want to cling on to that?

Again, from the point of view of public taste, the greed of the Karunanayakae family for luxury living becomes questionable in a country where over 75 per cent of the people are poor and struggling. Are these appropriate values to be displayed by public figures?


It is abundantly clear that the whole transaction opens the former Minister of Finance and present Minister of Foreign Affairs to very serious charges of  corruption. The Commission and courts will decide on that, but we can conclude  on ethical grounds that the Minister acted most inappropriately and has lost all credibility to remain a Minister of a yahapalanaya government. He cannot function even as Minister of Lotteries or Minister of Sugar. The yahapalanaya movement, for which I have written to public media so profusely, cannot agree to Ravi continuing as Minister. Keeping him in cabinet would seriously tarnish the public images of President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in such a way that they will not be able to take the yahapalanaya program forward. 

It is another matter that the very fact that investigators now, unlike during Rajapaksa rule, invade the person of powerful political figures is a most refreshing outcome of yahapalanaya.

*The writer can be contacted at sjturaus@optusnet.com.au

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  • 10

    Ohh its just hora raviyas fault, nothing with shanil hamu…lol
    take this, the fraud was established two years back, first they even dissolved event the parliament to scuttle the first cope report, then appointed three stooges from his own party which found nothing seriously wrong, then promised to put in place criminal proceedings through AG after the second cope saga doing all most everything to scuttle it, which never materialized…now sira has appointed just a fact finding commission to find same thing that is already established for two years, and its going on and on and on like the postponement of elections with no end in sight (just yesterday it is extended to another 3 months)……
    with all this here comes the old shanil hamu stooge, and compliment main robber him self for the grand show …lol

    • 8

      Now or later his resignation is eminent.

      Now or later Rajapakshes will have to face jails sessions.

      Now or later, Thadjudeen Innocient Boy killers, will have to be convicted.

      Now or later Ekanaliagoda killers or abductors have to march to Jails

      Now or later LASANTH wikramathunga killers have to march to jails.

      All in all, these are THIRD WORLD country affairs, even if HIGH LITERARY rates re identified in lanken population.

    • 15

      Shyamon Jayasinghe, ——————————————————————————-
      RE: Ravi Karunanayake Should Resign, Not Because Aluthgamage Says So————————————————————————————————————————
      Ravi Karunanayake is just the tip o the iceberg. There are 223 of them. below the water, in Parliament. Today, it was Ravi’s turn ti be above the water to be seen. just look beneath the water for the crooks and criminals.————————Shouldn’t the Mahanayakas resign as well for insulting Buddha?

    • 4

      “Ravi Karunanayake Should Resign”

      A noble thought!

      But …………… then he’ll join the JO and be the minister of whatever he wants. Wijedasa Rajapakse; the same.

      It’s never your track record but whose team you want to play for.
      There are ministers who have been ministers longer – without a break – than the parliment-building’s time on this earth.

      Lankan pols have set up an excellent system where all the pols are well looked after. It’s just the people who have to live in hope for the second coming of ……………….. their savior of choice.

  • 19

    Wish you’d state in your write up that Ranil too is as guilty as hell.. cause he did desperately try to justify the bond deal as well . He actually said ..” normal people don’t understand how these bond deals works.. there is no misdeed here !!..

    Why absolve him of that guilt? You really think that he was not aware of Ravis shady dealings? If so.. then he really is a special kind of idiot!

    And it was NOT the proponents of yahapalanaya that screamed till the president appointed a committee… most in the government were dead quiet..some vigorously defended it…and these included champions of good governance like Ranjan, Mangala, Harsha and Eran..Nope.. not a hum from them asking for an inquiry! Not even from our worthwhile “opposition ” the TNA..!! Makes you wanna scratch your head and think hard doesn’t it???

    It was the JVP and the JO that pressured for an investigation.

    So, really the whole bloody government should resign.!!!

    • 8

      Coincidentally, not much scream for investigation from MR either, because the ill gotten money has been invested in his sons media enterprise. The whole roost of scammers of national assets, “eka walle pol”

      • 9

        Had MR been cleaner, he would have turned srilanka today.

        I mean, UNP ought to get rid of RK. They should finally come forward and clear and open the way to serious investigations. Gone should be the days, those exercises and efforts were not strong enough. People want to see justice being served in this country..Then the rest can come by own.

        Current prez should be wholehearted with investigations on the allegations made on Rajapakshes. No body would criticise him, if he would be genuine on real culprits. Even mahanayakes have to work with the prez if they really love this country. Just to work for Rajakashes, cant further be allowed. THis country is not just for buddhists, but also minority other adherents… finally all srilankens should feel being served and treated equal.

        Basil Rajapapakshe should be beheaded to feel srilanka – free from all evils. He is the underhand to create all kind of protests be it in petroleum or any other places.
        Wimal and Udaya Gonthadipila too ought to be jailed at least for 10 years each.

        Then it will be somewhat easier to handle the issues mouting in today s srilnaka.

      • 2

        You guys presume to know so much.. but have no proof.. love making up stories!

        Lamboginis, white horses and all those fairy tales seem like child’s play compared to what this group of inefficient morons are doing

        Today I hear they are contemplating power cuts.. for crying out loud.. is there anything they can do properly

        Oh yes.. actually there is!!

        DESTROYING THE COUNTRY.. Ranil has lots of experience doing that!..this time he makes that mad woman Chandrika also look a better administrator!

        • 0

          In fact, Primary dealers must be investigated as far as possible! This gravy train must have been running for a long time enriching dealers, politicos and some in the central bank.
          All at the expense of hard working private sector! they two cents saved for the rainy day!

  • 11

    Ravi resigning from his ministerial post will not recover the Rs 100 billion that was looted would it? Either one or all of Ranil, Malik, Arjun should go to jail and Alloysius should pay back the damage.

  • 8

    Don’t talk nonsense. Since this government which was backed by India and Western powers came into power our economic growth rate fell flat to 3% which is way below than the growth rate currently experienced by Bangladesh. Inflation is nearing double digits and foreign reserves are just enough to manage two months of imports. Not to be outdone they are relaxing foreign exchange rules so they can shove away what ever they manage to pocket from us. Do you mean we should be happy just because after a major scandal there is pressure for a minister to step down? Remember Central bank wasn’t under Ravi when they looted it. It was under “Mr Clean” and Arjun is still an economic advisor of him.

  • 6

    Not only the little guys are corrupt, even super rich politicians like Ravi Karunanayake are also corrupt. Here is a Minister who leases a property to live till his own house under goes renovation, gets the prime suspect in the Treasury bond scam to pay for it. Someone who asked Arjun Aloysius to pay Rs.1.45 million as rent for a penthouse occupied by his family. How then he maanaged to buy the same property for Rs.165 million! A reasonable inference is that this money too came out of the pocket of Arjun Aloysius!All these transactions were taking place while the government is investigating the bond scam! Like Shyamon, I too was flabbergasted why Ravi Karunanayake wanted the Lotteries Board to be attached to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Not only the Lotteries Board but the Mahapola Trust Fund as well! What have Lottery Board and Mahapola to do with Foreign Affairs? Are these departments’ cash cows? President Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe proved that they cannot stand up to the wealthy politician. Sheepishly they complied with his demands. The irony is on one hand the government is probing bribery and corruption, on the other hand allows a corrupt Minister to indulge in brazen corruption! It is time he is shown the door at least to salvage the poor image of the Yahapalanaya government!

  • 6

    UNP did nt appoint anyone that were defeated by people Of course with exception former Army Commannder. If they would not come to a decision by calling the party #s executive committee on the revealations of former Minister of Finance -Ravi K, they will have to face the consequences, people will be caught by Rajapkashe LOOTERs again in the next election.
    The only wayout would be UNP seniors to make a decision asking the resignation of RK.

    • 0

      Yes, Rosi Senananayake for example was a good and people s candidate. She unfortunately was kept aside.

      But Mr Sirisena had no other choice than bringing all high record culprits as minister to the curent cabinet.

      There no criticisms could be made, since the current govt is a combination of both grand parties.

      All in all, lanken situation is fallen to the levels, that you protects your bunch, I protect my bunch. But the wagon not seems to be moving forward as kept much hopes in the begining of the buid:

  • 9

    It is clear Ravi Karunanayake has cheated and robbed the people of Sri Lanka wearing a tie, and suit.
    He should resign and go now. If he does not the Government of Sri Lanka will go with him! So this is the corruption free government Maithripala Srisena’s Government promised to the people after backstabbing the former President Rajapakse accusing of corruption.

  • 5

    Ravi K was always known as a wheeler dealer, ready to please the ‘business’ community with ‘concessions’. An example would be his decision to impose duty on used car imports without factoring depreciation to make them less price competitive was to please the franchised new car importers who wants to monopolize their respective brands. Why else would he want to increase the cost of used imports which only benefits those who are unable to afford a new car? Probably the President & PM were aware of his sordid practices because removing a Finance Minister hailed as the Best FM in the SE region of Asia by a reputed International journal doesn’t seem prudent.. Anyway, whatever his questionable past in his political career, he has now blatantly violated the principal of Conflict of Interest by financially gaining (or did his wife & family live separately from him in the penthouse graciously allowed by Aloysius?) from a transaction involving the principal businessman in the center of a controversy for which his Ministry was implicated. So was RK naive, plain stupid or so arrogant that he thought he can blatantly abuse his power & get away with it?

    Maybe Conflict of Interest is not breaking the law in SL but even in some private sector companies, at least in the developed countries, it is not permitted to accept gifts of any sort from clients & even ‘souvenirs’ have to be disclosed. So Mr Jayasingha, we need more than the ” …Black sheep will fall by the wayside” scenario. The Yahapalanaya Govt. needs to round up all the black sheep pronto & investigate their wealth (including their spouses & immediate family) & treated under the same law as normal citizens. Until such time investigations are concluded, it is also the normal practice for those under investigation to step down from public office until proven innocent.

  • 1

    I can remember that a poor woman a political supporter of Ravi Karunanaykea was killed by accident in a violent political clash between Ravi’s supporters and another opposing group. Then it was revealed that this poor woman was involved in Ravi’s campaign simply with the expectation of getting a house from the government for and her children to live. Later Ravi got a government built house for her children. Now we can see the house he got on lease as a bribe. What a terrible shame!

    • 3

      SWRDB brought a shipload of Race & Religion in his Sarema from Oxford.
      SriMao joined NAM Nasser and brought in I_slam humanity methane gas that you are experiencing.
      Bamba boy Desmond de Silva brought a shipload of Baila from London.
      JR has his % from Dr Renzi and markelle his nephew is no cleaner but just a Tao leaving it to the Gods.
      Now Ravi K just follows Branson the glorified pirate and is acting like Peter Mandelson for a home courtesy Hinduja- await more from this bloke who is playing the parallel freemason with Galleon style insider trading to hoodwink the Indian with his Hong Kong song.
      Coming Soon Coming Sweet- paperclip exchange!
      ?Budai : The Laughing Buddha ?

  • 2

    The extension of the time period of the Presidential Commission of inquiry to investigate and inquire into the issuance of treasury bonds by another 3 months by President Maithripala Sirisena is much welcomed.
    With the revelations made by certain witnesses called to testify before the commission on 24.07.2017, Minister Ravi Karunanayake and family have been accused of engagement in large scale fund cushioning to rent and then buy a luxury apartment for Rs. 165 million by companies belonging to Arujun Mahendran. These matters have been revealed just now (when there is only a few day for the time period for the commission to lapse), which has prompted the President to extend the period to carry out a complete probe. One has to accept the fact that he was a “RISING STAR” within the UNP to reach the pinnacle of the party leadership over riding even Sajith Premadasa in the future, to take over the UNP leadership from Ranil Wickremasinghe. Can it be that, Ravi Karunanayake’s exposure of “much hidden” secrets regarding the “BOND SCANDAL” is an inside job by the exclusive “inner group” of the UNP to oust Ravi Karunanayake so that this “threat” will be eliminated and Ranil can groom one of his selected hierarchy “henchaiya” to the post when the need arises?
    But what disturbs the political minds of the ordinary voter is the “SILENCE” of the President not to take such action to probe, especially, Dr. Rajitha Seneratne and Minister Rishad Bathiudeen against whom much bigger corruption scandals and rackets have been reported to the other corruption probing institutions and the CID. The Sri Lanka Muslims have been “hoodwinked by our own politicians”. The Sri Lanka Muslims, especially the “YOUTH” do “NOT WISH” the president to sweep the allegations against the Muslim politicians/Ministers at any cost.

  • 1

    If Ranil Wickramsinghe knew all the way That Ravi Karunanayake is this corrupt, Why did Ranil only remove the PArt of the finance ministry and gave the rest to Ravi Karunanayake. What is the leadership of Ranil here and how can we trust him if we contest again for Prime minister post, forget if he comes to the presidential election what would happen to him.In some other newspaper it says, Ten ministers are responsible for stealing Rs 131 billion. I think you can understand three of those.

  • 4

    Shyamon Jayasinghe: “Ravi Karunanayake Should Resign, Not Because Aluthgamage Says So”
    Sorry Shyamon. Because Aluthgamage says so, JK must not.
    We have known all along that politicians had skeletons in their cupboards. The RK expose has a silver lining – will it open more cupboard doors? Or will only certain cupboards be targeted? This is ominous.
    We have heard the skeletons knocking from inside Aluthgamage cupboard. Aluthgamage knows that if one waits, the skeleton will be tired.
    Cupboards of some politicians have drugs, some have blood of opponents.
    Hope white-vans will not be back taking away cupboards.

  • 4

    Giving The Lottery Board to the one that aided and abetted the bond scam as Finance Minister is like giving a jackal the role of protecting the roost of chicken. Sack this basket and lock him up until the investigations are completed; then put him on the docks to be dealt with him by the law, before he strips the profits from lottery sales too.

  • 4

    Scam or no scam; fraud or legal; crooked or straight, what bothers me most is the mentality of this government minister (of one of the poor countries of the world) wanting to live in a $8000 a month penthouse..if this is the Yahapalanya aren’t we screwed my dear fellow citizens! Greed Oh greed what a colossal greed!

  • 3

    What kind of power and nerve these two women had got to ring up a businessman and tell him to pay for their luxurious living? Why would they do it in the first instance, and why would the businessman oblige like a puppy to his mistress? When the businessman happened to be the one, along with his dada, that scammed the central bank, whose political boss is the two women’s next of kin, any blind person could see the logic behind their connection. One could also see an “ambalaya” and “honey pot” connection in it when it comes to young blood, which could be just fudging a corrupt business connection.

  • 3

    Lotto Ravi is no easy push over………If Shaymon reckons Ravi will heed his call from the comfort of Melbourne, he is must be kidding. , as the Yahapalana Aussies would say…….Instead of fronting up to Sira’s Judges, Lotto Ravi put in 3 Cabinet Papers , to collect more ……. Lotto now wants Visumpaya as the Official Residence……That will be the best collect if Lo tto gets it……. “No smoking” will get him out of there , unless Barney Raymond collects him. Even then he will stitch it up so that even Judge Ialchyien wouldn’t be able to evict even Lotto’s beneficeries,……………Remember the 3 Million from Galleon………His second CP is also a ripper…….. Lotto wants a Chief of Staff in his Office on LKR 250,000 a month…… As a keen Yahapalana follower, I reckon this is a tailor made gig for the Daughter ,……………Third one is even more exciting , Lotto wants to be the caretaker of the Mahabodhi Property / Properties in the Nadu Capital……..Wonder Vaiko thinks?……

    • 4

      K A Sumanasekera,
      “”Wonder Vaiko thinks? “”
      He has nothing to think or play because the chess match is a Modi Vs BoJo so that UK does not go to ICJ.
      Wasn’t this the administration team that Modi & Obama team dreamt of having for the Spider?
      Ravi & Co are scraping the tasty bottom to increase their wealth and bury any resistance. Seems he wants to match the viper CBK offshore funds- very tall order; 60 years of kussi amma and watti amma at a gas pump..
      All wallawes must go into exile for anything called Yahapalana to prevail.
      Thunderbirds should make the Auto baldies scatter for they are outdated smelly ambudes retaining the Spider.

  • 1

    Shyamon, you lost your trousers long time ago. Ravi has removed your underwear too…….

  • 4

    There is absolutely no doubt Ravi should go.

    Ravi Wickramanayake has no place in a decent, honest, transparent government. If he doesn’t go, he must be removed. If he is not removed, then Ranil and the President must both go. If they don’t, they will all be shown the door, in the not too distant future.

    There is only one way folks: And that is the right way. No other at all. Ranil and Maithri have been long enough in politics to know that.

  • 1

    Mahindananda himself is a fraudster, can he explain about Malwana mansion, Rajapaksa built using poor people’s money. If you ask people in Malwana how they used public property while constructing the building, using heavy equipment and vehicles belong to various ministries. Pushpa Rajapaksa was inspecting and instructing through out the duration staying in the site. Now they say the property has no owner. Court cases give them enough time to come back to power to get the ownership back.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 0

    The following 2 paragraphs are from another CT writer:
    “The silence of the Prime Minister and the defiance of the Foreign & Lotteries Minister tell us that this government is far worse than the one we had before.”
    “ Ranil Wickremesinghe and Ravi Karunanayake should be held to account on what they have pronounced publicly. When we match their promises available on record, it is clear that they have embarked on a trajectory that will alter the public framework of what is left in our moral values in public life and public probity. Ranil and Ravi are in self-service and not in public service.”

  • 0

    Sumanasekera should go

  • 1

    nothing has happened to arjuna so nothing will happen to ravi.
    nothing as long as the great protector is pm
    so carry on ravi don’t be afraid you need not play hangi muththan any longer
    join o join the jolly royalists as we go marching on

    • 3

      FOB school ties do not matter it the Useless Tree that has to be felled then the monkey’s scatter.

      Call on the Thunderbirds when monkey’s scatter dirt and watch the fun.

      Mugabe beacons You Dosia!

  • 0

    The minister has a duty to explain or answer the questions. It should be brought under the justice system if it is unlawful. Prime Minister and President should explain why the Minister should continue if the accusations are true.

  • 0

    Dirty Harry does it again. This time the wrong doing has been exposed with clear cut evidence and media had gone to town with it. This topic is not at all new to the public of Sri Lanka. He came, He saw and He conquered. This time it is a huge sum by swindling people’s money from the most trusted position of Minister of Finance from Central Bank of Sri Lanka which is the most prestigious monetary organization of any country. This time no escape.

  • 0

    Investigators now, unlike during Rajapaksa rule, invade the person of powerful political figures is a most refreshing outcome of yahapalanaya.

    Well This is something we could un hear during the time of MR!
    Ape man and shape theory was the norm and that facilitated his down fall!

    But will I compromise the economic drive we had at that time? I would be a fool!

    The previous government had a vision and a plan for the economy and it was on the right track!
    We were trying to be developing an economy that was not dictated by US, EU, India or China!

    Now what has happened?

    West, India and IMF

    I am not blaming IMF for a minute as the responsible lender they dictate the terms of copulation the way they feel is right: globalisation and liberalization!

    Are they serving people of SL and it’s national intrests by selling national treaures? our harbours our air ports!
    Sri Lanka is at the mercy of Modi and West!
    Trade deals to appease them!

    We need privatisation, but that privatisation must benefit Sri Lankan people, business community and finally our economy!

    How can one promote Ranil as a leader if you look at his qualities?
    Making jokes in the house!
    Talking incompatible gibberish!
    Fooling people with Volkswagen plants?

    For the benefit of UNP, The old fools must go!

    Where are they really taking us?
    Privatising our education?
    I am a strong opposer of GMOA,
    Yet we must fight to our death to save the free education and free health service in Sri Lanka

    Mother are jumping into rivers with children!
    Fathers hang their children!
    Epidemics are destrying our population!

    How long are we going to carry on like this?

  • 3

    How can Ranil take action against Ravi ? If he tries, Ravi will spill the beans and mr. clean will be gone for good !

  • 1

    In Sri Lanka political system “Resign” is taboo. There are no honorable politicians in Sri Lanka by deed it is only by name. What should be done is remove Ravi from the parliament and strip his civic rights so that he cannot join the JO. Same treatment should be given to the leader who tried to cover up the corrupt deal and tried to expose Ravi’s misdeeds.

  • 4

    “”“It is another matter that the very fact that investigators now, unlike during Rajapakse rule, invade the person of powerful political figures stands as a most refreshing outcome of yahapalanaya.”””

    The Artful Dodger in a Charles Dickens comes to my mind-
    With austerity in the UK syndicates operate like Fagin the Jew and rob the chain stores of bulk pay a £250 at site because it cost the cops £750 to be there. Finally the customer foots the loss while syndicates alone carry knives.
    Australian the Banner Murdoch had just a cake on his face to be saved by his pathetic Chinese wife. Now he is back once more with new wife and a bid from 21st Century Fox’s £11.7bn takeover of Sky-that would hand the family influence over news and politics in the UK.- the cultural secretary who is backing the family has postponed because of resistance.

    Unless the Rilawoo Wall awes, are exiled it will be like the Marcos familial propaganda that provides “Rody” the right to kill at will and own the Spider.
    Another spice island- Commerlization of Civilisation

  • 3

    “”The yahapalanaya movement, for which I have written to public media so profusely, cannot agree to Ravi continuing as Minister.””

    Has the Viper Video Jived the Old Man by any chance??

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