6 February, 2023


The Mystery Of Christ

By Jagath Asoka

Dr. Jagath Asoka

I invite you to take a break from mundane things such as petty-party-politics and pay attention to things that will remain as mysteries forever, because no one can know these things; we are moving in a world of images and concepts and none of our reflections touches the essence of these mysteries; perhaps, we can experience them.

There is only one way to look at mundane things that are going on around you: With aloof amusement because soon you will forget everything, and everything will forget you.

Even a Buddhist must ask, “Is it possible to live my life that is modelled on Christ’s or to live my own life as truly as Christ lived his: betrayed, denied, mocked, crucified, and abandoned?What is the driving force behind your own life? Does the public opinion or the moral code stands behind your action, or is it your unconscious personality, which is a mystery? Just like the Buddha and Christ, are we what we always were?

Recently, I did a small survey and asked, “What is the actual meaning of the word ‘Christ’?” I am not going to reveal the results of my survey for obvious reasons. Go figure!

If the divine experience is lost, God is dead, and the mystery has faded in you, what is next for you?

Probably you have heard or read the following: The son of God died; this is believable because it does not make sense. And after he was buried he rose again; this is quite certain because it is impossible.” Wow! Surely, this kind of thinking is not for the faint hearted.

If you are a Christian, the grace of God is everything to you; you are puny, so always be mindful of your impotence; the death and resurrection of Jesus brought salvation. In Buddhist soteriology, when the ego disappears, man redeems himself; a Gnostic would say that the divine substance hidden within us is known only to a very few. When you look at what is happening everywhere, it seems like “God is really dead; He is not pretending to be dead. Who is going to resurrect Him?”: at least psychologically. The Old Testament God is like a sea of grace on fire. In the Old Testament, Yahweh revealed himself in Nature; sometimes he was cruel; in the New Testament, God became man: Now, man is God, and God is man.

If you are a Buddhist—I invite you—visit an empty, old church; if you are a Christian, visit an old Buddhist temple on a full moon day when people are not around. You will experience numinosum which will alter your consciousness. When there is religious sentimentality instead of the numinosum of divine experience, then you know that religion has lost its living mystery. For most people, creed and dogma may not after all have any meaning in their lives. There are people who have had an immediate experience; they would not submit to the ecclesiastical authority. For dogma to survive, dogma must be a living thing which is capable of change and development.

Is Jesus God? This is a theological question, and I am—a student of religion—cannot answer that question. My views on religion are not based on creed, dogma, devotion, or faith, but on my own experience. Around 2.4 billion—out of 7.6 billion people—would say, “Yes, Jesus is God.” Though I am not a Christian, how Jesus became God fascinates me, and I plan to be a student of religion for the rest of my life. If I must bet, I would go with Blaise Pascal to satisfy both contingencies:  existence and not existence of God.

The claim that Jesus was God separated early Christians from Judaism. Why did Christianity spread through the pagan world so rapidly? Was Adonis, the archetypal dying-and-rising god, a prefiguration of Christ? Was the Osiris-Horus-Isis myth a prefiguration of the Christian legend of salvation? Why did the pagans embrace Christian symbols with such alacrity? Was it because they were similar or sometimes identical? If Emperor Constantine had not converted to Christianity, or Emperor Asoka had not embraced Buddhism, all of us would probably be pagans or Jews; certainly, I would be a pagan!

Throughout the history, there have been numerous ways that people have understood the divinity of Jesus. The Trinity, which is a mystery to me—there are three distinct persons, namely, God, Jesus, and the holy spirit, yet there is only one almighty God who manifests in all three persons—was not the view of Jesus or the followers of Jesus during Jesus’ life time.

The basic historical questions are very simple: When did the followers of Jesus start believing that Jesus was divine or God? The sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John about his divinity do not make much sense from a historical point of view; theologically, of course. When they started believing that Jesus was God, what did they mean? Was Jesus co-eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and identical with God, God the Father? First it was homoiousia then homoousia. In addition to being fully divine, Jesus is fully human, so the Trinity is a revelation of both God and man: man is God, and God is man. Some people think that other peoples’ religions are fiction: They think only their religion consists of facts.

Throughout Christian history there have been several ways that his followers have understood how Jesus is God.  As far as history is concerned, what people thought of Jesus’ divinity has changed over the years. The divinity of Jesus changed from the beginning with Docetism, Separatism, Modalism, and the Trinity. I have no desire to explain these concepts because most people do not give a hoot about these concepts, but these concepts will edify, illuminate, and tantalize you. In Christianity, God and Satan are separate: Two separate seas, a sea of grace and a sea of fire.

The Shadow is very much a part of human nature. When the learned try to repress the demons within them, they force the demons to revolt. A small evil becomes the Devil if you disregard and repress it. Are you weary of bad people of the world, especially when you are one of them? A Buddhist would say the gods and demons are truly within him; they well up from unknown depths and reveal themselves to us through our feelings, thoughts, and actions. Know your gods and demons because they have an effect on you.

Every deep realization of humanity arises from the suffering of the body and soul. All people suffer, but not all pity themselves: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. All of us die, but not all of us die whining: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit!”

Whether you are a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, or a Muslim, if you can help it, please never preach your belief! I think God and Christ would hate exaggeration.

I know that I am an omnireligiophile and a perpetual student of religion. If you know in what form a man can experience God, please let me know.

Merry Christmas. And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness, for auld lang syne.

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    I am not a Christian, but a Hindu. However, I have been doing a research of my own about religions. As far as I am concerned all religions are like various flowers in garden called earth. Therefore it is unfair to criticize one religion. The goal of all religions is to reach God, i.e. unionize with God. Only the approach to God is differs. There are two types of religions viz. God-centred religion and Prophet-centred religion. All religions have their founders, a central authority, a prescribed text book and the place of origin, other than Hinduism. Hinduism has no founder, no prescribed text book, no central authority or where and when it originated and these the beauty of Hinduism. Moreover, it is Hinduism which gives an explanation of the creation of the Universe and the age of Earth. I would say Hinduism is Science, Philosophy and a Universal Religion. Even in Hinduism there is one God with many manifestations. As it is, Jesus being a Jew in my view was enlightened and preached what is good for the people. He is against violence. Both Jesus and Lord Nuddha advocated love and compassion. As for me, Jesus is a messenger of God. However, Hinduism and other religions have different views on the concept of heaven and hell and Christianity speaks of Satan and God, whereas Hinduism speaks of Mind. These are all controversial issues. Further, Jesus is human but would have reincarnated for the good of the people and therefore would have some divine powers Lord Buddha was keen on non-violence and that is why Tibetian Buddhist leader says love and kindness is my religion Jesus Christ also had the same characteristics. Finally according to Hinduism, God is all pervading.

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      Dr. Jagath Asoka,

      RE: The Mystery Of Christ:

      In theism, God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, while in deism, God is the creator, but not the sustainer, of the universe. In pantheism, God is the universe itself. … In the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God, coexisting in three “persons”, is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

      So, in Christian Doctrine, Trinity God is 1/3 Father, 1/3 Son, and 1/3 Holy Spirit, all adds up to 1

      Who Is God – Who Does He Claim to Be?

      Who is God? He’s been described as everything from an impersonal life-force to a benevolent, personal, almighty Creator. He has been called by many names, including: “Zeus,” “Jupiter,” “Brahma,” “Allah,” “Ra,” “Odin,” “Ashur,” “Izanagi,” “Viracocha,” “Ahura Mazda,” and “the Great Spirit” to name just a few. He’s seen by some as “Mother Nature” and by others as “Father God.” But who is He really? Who does He claim to be?

      So, is God an invention or imagination of man, because man’s closest relatives, the primates, have no God (?), and the animals have no God(?)?

      Which came First? God or man? Is God Energy that permeates space?

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    Jagath Asoka,

    Merry Winter Solistice.

    Jesus, was not born around the Winter Solistice, but supposed to be in the Spring.

    If Jesus is half human, based on the Theory of Evolution, did Jesus evolve too?

    Regarding Trinity, it is


    The Algebra is confusing. It was all right before the invention of algebra, for the Romans who used Roman numerals.

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    As a buddhsit, I am told not to disrespect other religions. but, I can not believe, as you have education and as you are living North america, how yu wrote this Crap. MOSES tried to take His relatives from Egypt to abandon alnd of ISrael. Similarly, Jesus helped, poverty stricken people of Rome. Cunning roman politicians created a Vatican, a Religion founder, bible is a late introduction etc., etc., for example, go to Sri lanka, check the buddhist literature to understand how many 100s of Saint Nicholas lived. christianiry also made one Santa Clause. Buddhists, even at the time of Buddha, livred among 62 of Other doctrines. So, they know how to live with other religions. YOu remember OLD and numerous Crusades. You know how 41,000 of other forma of christianity is destroying and side lining Catholicsm. I think you should have written the true picture and not what you imagine. I heard MCC oays even when you write reconciliation among religions. Once it is Catholic, others come and take the place.

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    in name of religion crusades took place for 200 hundred years. Now, in the name of religion more people are killed. If Christianity is truly practised in the world why more and more conflicts and wars. Today weapons of mass destruction are produced by christian nations. such as US. UK, French and Russia. So, where is faith of these people? to protect politics.

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    omnireligiophile?…a word coined by Dr. Jagath Asoka

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    JAgath Asoka: Do not take it offensively. I say, you are very Naive with respect to the knowledge in world’s Religions. Buddhism began in India which has so many religions even todate. But, Christianity was hostile even to it’s Related version of Judaism. christianity killed so many via Crusades. If you go to Vatican, Even todays some Frescoes have names of Islamic people. Hinduism is a collection of so many Brhminic religions and therefore it is multi GOd.

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    The author has asked “What is the actual meaning of the word ‘Christ’?” Here is one of the possible answers:

    Jesus (peace be upon him) was born in the Jewish community, speaking Aramaic dialect of Hebrew. His name was Esau in his dialect.
    In Matthew 27:45-46 about the Ninth Hour when Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” it was in his mother tongue.
    After he became a messiah he was known as Esau the Messiah.
    The Greek Gospel writers translated his name into Greek as Jesus Christos meaning Jesus the Messiah. Some Greek names usually end up with ‘us’ such as Julius. When the Bible was translated in English Christos was written as Christ after omitting the Greek extension ‘os’.

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    I know that I am an omnireligiophile and a perpetual student of religion. If you know in what form a man can experience God, please let me know.///

    So We ( GOD )revealed to Musa, “Strike the sea with your staff.” And it split in two, each part like a towering cliff. And We brought the others right up to it. We rescued Musa and all those who were with him. Then We drowned the rest. There is certainly a Sign in that yet most of them are not believers. Truly your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful. (Qur’an, 26:63-68)

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      If you have a brain you can experience in many forms as people do now otherwise you are dumb.

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    You asked:
    If you know in what form a man can experience God, please let me know.
    I have experienced God in accepting the forgiveness for which the Jesus prayed on the cross.
    It was my sin that sent Jesus to the cross.
    It is I who should have been on the cross but He became my substitute.
    He went to hell in my place and now I will be with Him in heaven,
    the very moment I die
    It was His love for you and I that He let Himself be crucified and then to rise again the third day
    to give you and I the hope of life after death.
    You too, and everyone in this world can experience God through forgiveness .For God is love.
    John 3:16-18 King James Version (KJV)
    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    The Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.
    He came not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.
    If you consider yourself a sinner, you can come to Him ,
    just as you are. He said , He will never cat out anyone who comes to Him.

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      Lekamge, how wonderfully blind you are. Where was Jesus when his fellow Jews were being gassed? What was he doing when Hiroshima was bombed? Was he on leave when the USA were raping and slaughtering their way through Vietnam? Is he actually helping the millions of women and children caught in the World’s sex trade? How many more tears are to be shed before he helps?

      Please don’t imagine that I am criticizing Jesus alone. The same applies to Mohammed, Krishna, Thor, Our Lady and all the other gods and goddesses that humans pray to.

      And yet when a man has a heart attack he does’t rush to God in the church, he rushes to the Doctor in his hospital.

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        Did man create the Gods?

        Did evolution that “created” man, also create the Gods through man?

        Did man create the Heaven, Hell And After Life, Life Hereafter?

        Any unbiased demonstrations or data in support for one or the other?

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          Amarasiri, I like your thinking. Strictly speaking, all the opinions both for and against the existence of God, Heaven, Hell etc are just that, just opinions.

          Now the Buddha advised (not commanded) us to put opinions to one side as they are not proofs. He advised his followers to try the methods he had discovered so that they would be able to know directly, each man for himself, the truth about all these things.

          Once a man has seen directly, the need for Faith disappears. Its opposite, Doubt too disappears.

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    From the Buddhist point of view, it is ‘desire’. From the very moment of our birth, we cry/suffer, and keep suffering as a child, teen, and adult throughout life because most often we don’t get what we desire and we get what we don’t desire. Even if we get what we desire, we get fed up with it immediately or later, signaling that it was not what we desired.
    Basically, during the course of life, we get sick, age, and we all die at the end, whether our desire is that, or not. No almighty god can help us change this universal reality. Then, we ask ourselves if we are so helpless? No, I don’t think so.
    When prince Siddhartha (the Buddha) faced this universal issue like you and me, he didn’t seek divine help but was determined to find a solution by himself, and actually did so. Whether we accept it or not he found a method/path that Almighty God or you and I failed to find. According to him the root cause of all our issues (crying, lamenting, suffering, chest-beating, and dissatisfaction) is the ‘DESIRE’, (‘the driving force behind you’ as Asoka mentioned). If you eradicate this single root cause: DESIRE you and I will not suffer today, tomorrow, or be reborn to suffer again and again in this cycle of ‘SAMSARA’. (Samsara’ is the cycle of wandering through births (becoming) and rebirths (re-becoming); those who wander in Samsara firmly believe that RAGA (desire), DOSA (dislike), and MOHA (lulling between Raga and Dosa, selfishly anticipating ‘positive favorable’ results) are important and useful for their survival.
    I mentioned the above with due respect to all religious believers; may I also wish CT and its writers and readers happy holidays and a very happy new year 2019!

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    Is Jesus God?
    Who but God alone could raise a dead person back to life, and cause the spirit of the dead person to return back to his body? Yet we see that Jesus did raise people from the dead. Being the Living God, He is still at work today, and there are several testimonies of people who have died, and Jesus has given them their life back. In case you are feeling sceptical, I myself am one of those people to whom Jesus gave back the physical life, after physically dying in 1987. Today, in His Holy Name, His servants have been given the power to raise the dead too.
    So… is Jesus God? Without a shadow of a doubt He is the Almighty Who left His glory in heaven, was born as a human being to a virgin girl, taught all humanity the way to be reconciled with God, carried all our sins and diseases on His body and was crucified for our sins on the Cross of Calvary.
    He declared: “I am The Way, and The Truth, and The Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me” (Jn.14:6). As He has said, the only way to get ourselves to heaven is by receiving Him in to our lives.
    Is Jesus God? Please tell me who is the other prophet, or spiritual leader in all of history who ever brought back a dead person to life. None other, but Jesus!

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      ,Please tell me who is the other prophet, or spiritual leader in all of history who ever brought back a dead person to life.’

      How about Moda Sira? He brought the Rajapakses back to life, but only for a short while.

      Seriously, Jesus was a very troubled person. He whipped money lenders, cursed fig trees, threatened all sorts of horrific outcomes on non-believers, sweated blood in fear at Gethsemane. He cried frequently. ‘Jesus wept’ is the most common sentence in the Bible. Truly a man who needed serious mental counselling.

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        who baptised JESUS ?

        • 1

          I think it was John the Baptist.

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    Have you noticed? The theistic religions start with God, Sin, Heaven, Eternity, concepts that are beyond our imagination. We can’t really understand them. We have to accept them with faith or reject them as nonsense. Now Buddhism starts with dukkha (suffering, for want of a better translation). Everyone knows what suffering is, from the most minor discomfort to the most excruciating pain, both physical and mental. So we don’t have to have faith or doubt, each of us can see suffering ourselves. And from that starting point we can test the Buddha’s discoveries that lead to Awakening.

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    Is anyone serious here? We are seriously discussing the human-made phenomenon, the theory of god, a meme, which lives only in the human imagination. There is no supportive evidence with a minimum scientific standard. It doesn’t explain the world in any form. God theory ( standing on mythical stories) was possibly one of the earliest developed to explain the questions early humans had. Scientific explanations have pushed the god theory on an ever-receding path.
    I assume most here would have read the books ‘God Delusion’ and ‘Selfish Gene’ if not I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about this topic.

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    Appreciate very much for Dr.Jagath Asoka for the valuable contribution by way of his research on religions. Encouraging people to understand other religions is a high moral practice and a priority in today’s context. This would certainly eliminate religious hatreds. We all should take steps to work towards maintaining religious harmony which is the ultimate path for peace and the need of the hour. According to my understanding, all religions could be categorized into two sections the Front-end and the back- end. Front-end is the places of worship (Pansala, Kovil, Church and Mosque etc.) and back-end is common for all religions which is a huge entity could not be measured or visualized by known means (infinity). Backend could be visualized or realized by only a handful whilst devotees of the front-ends mainly carryout worshiping, reciting, chanting and offerings or meditation etc. are confined to the materialist life are the majority.

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    What big words you use,sir.
    When the Lord Jesus spoke, it is written that
    ‘ The common people heard Him gladly’.
    People flocked to hear Him..
    ‘ No man spake like this Man’, they said.
    To us,who believe in Him,He is most Precious.
    The Lord our God,Who Loved us and washed our sins in His Own Blood.
    At this Christmas time
    We specially remember with great joy and gratitude, our Beloved Saviour, Who has given us who believe in Him, forgiveness of our sins and the Gift of Eternal Life.

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    I am a buddhist, not just because I was born in to a family that was labeled “buddhist” by the Sri Lankan state, but rather because of the appeal of its basic tenets of live-and-let-live and be independent in your thought.
    Even as a child, I have enjoyed and celebrated christmas. Of course as a kid, getting all those cards, and sometimes special goodies from my christian friends, and decorating the house were what made it fun.
    But now I see a more fulfilling reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Regardless of all the theoretical conundrums about his birth (virgin mother or not, son of a human or of a god, etc.), the true idea of Jesus to me is this:
    A human being who loved and cared so much for others, that he sacrificed his life in order to “save” (as christians put it) others. One could argue ad nauseam what “save” means, without finding common ground. Yet, what is true is that during his life he helped others who were less fortunate than he was and inspired many people to help yet others.
    He was full of caring and kindness to friend and foe. Such a man deserves to be celebrated!!! (especially when one looks at how our politicians treat their foes)
    But what is even more important is that he inspired many generations of people from around the world (some even hiding underground to escape persecution) to be kinder and more loving. That is worth celebrating in this day and age of Trump (who says”Mexcians are criminals and rapists”) and Putin and MBS in Saudi Arabia who order their enemies killed in even foreign lands!
    In the eighties, my grandmother who was a devout buddhist from Matara would watch the TV movie “Jesus of Nazareth” that was shown over consecutive nights during this time of the year and would cry her eyes out in praise of Jesus. Why??

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      Sinhalese buddhist is a devout Christian. IF christians love everybody WHY THERE ARFE 41,000 OR MORE DENOMINATIONS TO REACH THE SAME GOD, CHRIST AND TO READ THE SAME BIBLE.

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    I studied comparative religion briefly and found out that there are only two religions in this world. 1. God based and 2. Non-god based. All major religions except Buddhism are God-based and Buddhism has no almighty God, no creator, and no central power, no one above you but you who are responsible for your own existence from birth to death (and even afterwards). You are born for a valid reason and you age, suffer, die for a valid reason! Without knowing this valid reason (the root cause) you cannot find out the solution. And the Solution lies along a path that should be earnestly and methodically followed. This sounds very interesting, but you need a ‘knowledgeable friend’ (Kalyana Mitta in Pali) and time to understand and identify this seemingly complex but very simple and practical path.
    Today, you may discard the above words as another religious (Buddhist) ranting! However it will be so until you experience a major agony in your life (like the untimely death of your son, daughter, wife, husband, friend or parents or some major suffering similar to that). Then, you start crying for help and others look at you compassionately but helplessly. Then you start thinking but your mind is not stable to think and you give it up at the end as usual! A few days later, it is business as usual! My experience is that while you are following any religion (Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, or even atheism) you can still practice this path to freedom and experience good results!
    Dr. Asoka’s ultimate request is: “If you know in what form a man can experience God, please let me know.” My simple answer is man can experience God (freedom) in the form of man only if you as a man trust and rely on your ‘knowledge and ability’, and not as a subservient slave creature of another almighty power!

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    The best that I read of this “GOD” is this: ” You begin to reawaken your natural energy, curiosity and wonder, rediscovering a place within yourself where you are Strong. Clear and Whole – some name this place ‘SOUL’ or ‘SPIRIT’; some call it “OUR INNER LIGHT” which softens the darkness in our hearts. Others call it the “DIVINE” or the “BELOVED”. Still others described it as our “TRUE NATURE” or our “BUDDHA NATURE”. There are many others simply name it “GOD”. With this narration, try to understand “CHRIST”; “BUDDHA”: “ALLAH” and many others named in the “Organized Religions”.

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    All of us are correct and at the same time all of us our wrong.

    Think of a cloth which is used for tapestry.

    The front is the destination and the back represents all religions.

    Each one of us look at the back and predicts the beauty of the destination.

    As per Christianity, bible clearly says “God loves every one without discrimination “

    Bible also says “Do not judge and you will not be judged”

    When we read the bible a little bit more then we find “You will be judged by your own standards”.

    Christmas day could not be the date when Jesus was born, but it definitely reminds the birth of Jesus.

    The message of the season are the 4 stages to achieve everlasting love.

    1. Biblical hope
    2.Hope in abundance = peace
    3. Peace in abundance = Joy
    4. Joy in abundance = Love

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    Allah Means god , Arambic word for “God” it is not muslim God.

  • 2

    the last part of my comment abpve was cut off. Here it is:

    In him she saw a Bodhisattva, a person who has reached enlightenment (nirvana), but has chosen to live among humans in order to help others accomplish the same.

    There indeed are 10,000 doors to our “salvation”. But the key to any one of these lies in how you live your life. If you follow a path of loving kindness, you cannot go wrong.

    This Christmas, I hope all of us will explore the joy of Christmas not just with friends and family, but with strangers (like people of other ethnic groups, refugees and immigrants) reminding ourselves that Jesus loved ALL and worked to help uplift ALL.

    Merry Christmas!

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    All this discussion pre-supposes that there is an entity called “God”.
    God is said to be the creator of all things – animate & inanimate – living & not living.
    We know only this planet Earth and what/who are on it.
    It is a scientific fact that these living/non living entities on planet earth are derived by the conversion of energy radiated from the Sun – the star in our corner of the universe. (Early man knew this & worshipped the Sun)
    This was preceded by matter resulting from the Big Bang.
    Recently, it was reported that Stephen Hawking had said that “There is no God” before he died; he has also said that mankind must emigrate to another planet within ten thousand years, as the Sun will enlarge and engulf the entire solar system of planets in fifteen thousand years.
    “A brief history of time” by Hawking is a good read – available on the web.

  • 4


    You are not making any sense here.
    In view of the time that has lapsed since the supposed events concerning Jesus, the state of mass communication at that time, the advances in our scientific understanding since then, etc., much of the story about Jesus must be false. There is no need to deny that there was a rebel against the prevailing culture and people called him Jesus. But giving divinity to Jesus must have been the work of those who came later.

    And Christmas has become just one big holiday for people to bury their heads in the sand about the realities of their lives and have a party.

    So it is bad for someone who studied science and even got a doctorate in it to come up with this mumbo-jumbo. Maybe getting married to an Italian American lady ( probably Catholic) has confused your mind.

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    Dear Dr Asoka

    Thank you.

    I was born into a Hindu family. After 1981 I have come to believe that god is inside each and every one of us…..we should pray god by delivering justice to fellow man…………no need to have tags/names/identity because god never asks us to do so……….do not waste materials on religious symbols/buildings when they are not serving fellow man who need a home………….a society without religious references but the faith of the individual/ community/Nation reflected in the manner we treat each other etc………then we see god everywhere /then we thank the creator……..this applies for those who do not believe in Darwinian principles.

    Some of our faiths/beliefs have conflict with the very science we study and apply requires that more understanding of the open mindedness the god/nature demands from all of us positively.

    Most of the faiths have healing power naturally/scientifically but some time lost in the ‘translation’ naturally. We are all humans after all:)

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    Jagath Asoka writes:
    Probably you have heard or read the following: The son of God died; this is believable because it does not make sense. And after he was buried he rose again; this is quite certain because it is impossible.” Wow! Surely, this kind of thinking is not for the faint hearted.

    Clearly the writer has not accepted that we are talking about the Almighty; virgin birth, no problem. Resurrection, easy-peasy. The test is your faith. Go figure!

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    JAgath Askoa: You come to PReach to buddhists. How many millions of animals are kiled to celebrate the birth of your God sent MEssenger. Why those animals do not like to live ? This is for all the muslims and christians who kill animals to celebrate their god.

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    This is the Message of Jesus, in all it’s straight forward simplicity.
    Christians call this Message, ‘ The Gospel’ or ‘ The Good News’ of Jesus.
    ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him
    Will not perish but have Everlasting life.
    For God did not send His Son in to the world to condemn the world,but that the world through Him might be saved.
    He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world,and men loved darkness rather than the light,because their deeds were evil.
    For everyone practicing evil hates the light,lest his deeds should be exposed.
    But he who does the truth comes to the light,that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.’ ( John.ch.3. Holy Bible).

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    Jesus Christ is The Living God.
    He is not a Philosophy..
    He is God of Relationship.
    Not Religion.
    ‘ As a father pities his children,so the Lord pities…’.(Psalms)
    ‘ Our Father in heaven..’
    ( Matthew.ch.6.)

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    Seven leaps atheists have to explain :

    Everything ultimately came from nothing.
    Order came from chaos.
    Harmony came from Non life.
    Reason came from Irrationality.
    Personality came from Non -personality.
    Morality came from Amorality.

    The above was taken from the book by Ravi Zacharias,in the book Jesus among secular Gods.
    He was quoting Robert Morey from his book New Atheism and the erosion of freedom
    (Minneapolis:Bethany Howe publishers,1986 )p 46.

    The belief that there was once absolutely nothing.
    And nothing happened to nothing until the nothing magically exploded (for no reason),
    creating everything and everywhere.
    Then section of the exploded everything magically rearranged itself(for no reason whatsoever)
    into self-replicating bits that then turned into dinosaurs.

    The above was taken from the book by Ravi Zacharias,in the book Jesus among secular Gods,
    in which Vince Vitale writes the chapter on Scientism.

    Jim Williams in What does an atheist believes.
    The world came into being by itself , i.e. there is no intelligent design.

    To explain what is meant, this can be show from the simple formula:

    Matter + Time+Chance = the world.

    • 0

      Agreed, there are plenty of questions needs to be answered however answering all those questions simply with mythical stories converge on a supernatural power is lazy and unproductive. If we settled down to that easy answer then how are we going to explain the origin and existence of the supernatural power, which intelligently designed it all? with more mystery stories and more supernatural powers?
      There plenty of questions our ancestors had no longer need a supernatural explanation which evidently continue to recede with the expansion of scientific knowledge.

    • 1

      ‘Seven leaps atheists have to explain……’

      Atheists don’t have to explain anything. When they don’t know, they say they don’t know. Theists say they know, but they do not know, they just believe blindly with faith.

    • 0

      The laws of physics are what you need to understand the seven leaps. I suggest that some time be devoted to learning science from what is spent on fairy tales.
      Btw Zacharias is talking cock.
      Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone at CT and all visitors

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