22 May, 2024


29 November 1947: United Nations Created Israel In Palestine

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

At the turn of the 20th century, Palestine, now turned into Israel, was part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. About 95% of the population in 1896 were Arabs who owned 90% of the land. It was such a peaceful place that there was hardly anyone who spoke loud and using a dirty word was unheard of. In 1897, the first World Zionist Jewish Congress in the Swiss city of Basle decided to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. 10 years later in 1907 Britain decided at the London Colonial Conference to establish a hostile power which would keep the Middle East in turmoil.

This common conspiracy brought Britain and the Zionist Jews together. The two jointly manipulated and brought down the Ottoman Empire during World War I. As planned, Palestine was brought under British Mandatory Authority in 1917 paving the way for Jewish migration to settle in Palestinian lands.

Palestinians resisted. Migrant Jews responded by forming terrorist brigades such as Hagana, Stern, Irgun and Zvai Leumi, led by Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon, and started killing Palestinians village after village.

Designed to destroy the Palestinian resistance, Menachem Begin went on a murderous rampage and butchered hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and children – 254 in Deir Yassin alone – a village a few miles off Jerusalem. The Deir Yassin massacre has been one of the most barbarous crimes ever committed against humanity and could be coupled with the infamous “My Lai massacre in Vietnam”.

The helpless Palestinians rose up in protest and the British authority cruelly crushed the uprising.

Frightened Palestinians ran for their lives and ended up in refugee camps in neighbouring countries where they still languish in appalling conditions. Once sufficient numbers of Jews were brought in, the Zionists manoeuvred the UN to partition Palestine.

On 29 November 1947, the United Nations, blackmailed by US President Truman against the advice of several top US officials, passed a resolution partitioning Palestine offering migrant Jews a state in Palestine. In the proposed Jewish state too, the Arabs had a majority as of the total population of 1,008,900 the Arab-Jew ratio was 509,780 to 499,020.

On 14 May 1948, the British High Commissioner left Jerusalem to return to Britain, leaving the road open for the proclamation of the State of Israel the following day. Israelis did not wait until 15 May 1948. Just as the High Commissioner was leaving, at four ‘o’clock in the afternoon, Ben Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel in Tel Aviv, in violation of all accepted moral and legal norms, over a much larger part of the country than that was allotted to the Zionists by the UN Partition Resolution.

It was the upshot of inhuman force, created in violation of the principles of the UN Charter itself, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the very resolution under which the Israelis now claim sovereignty. 15 minutes after the proclamation of the Zionist state, recognition came from the White House followed by Kremlin both of whom, played a very crucial role in the creation of this entity.

Instead of directly engaging the Israeli forces, the Arab armies began to disarm the Palestinians. In addition, the combined Arab forces, comprising the Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Iraqi armies did not exceed 24,000 soldiers, all of which were disorganised and equipped with old weapons that sometimes went off in their own faces.

On the contrary, the Jewish army numbered 70,000 soldiers who were trained and well-armed by European countries and the United States. Therefore it was a question of an unequal war in every respect. Up to that time and in spite of the Israeli military operations supported by the British, 82% of the territory still remained in Palestinians hands.

On 19 May, the Israelis seized Old Jerusalem and moved into the city, but owing to the intervention of Jordanian forces and the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, the Israeli forces found themselves besieged.

On 22 May, the UN Security Council called for a ceasefire. The super powers exerted pressure on the Arab countries to accept it. The ceasefire was called with 100,000 Israeli soldiers besieged inside Jerusalem. Thus the Army of the Salvation of Palestine, under the auspices of the Arab League, pulled back, but the battle continued to be waged by Islamic soldiers and volunteers.

They had won a series of great victories. The Egyptian forces occupied Beersheba, Gaza and part of the Negev, while forces from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had taken part in the siege of Jerusalem. The Iraqi army had recovered Jenin, while Jordanian troops controlled Old Jerusalem after surrounding the Israelis in the western sector. They also liberated Jericho, attacked Jerusalem and encamped near Lydda and Ramallah.

After the ceasefire, the British General Glub Pasha, commander of the Jordanian forces and general commander of the Arab forces in Palestine said, “If the Arabs had allowed their forces to finish the job and continue fighting on 15 May they would probably have annihilated the emerging state of Israel.”

Since then Israel turned the Middle East into a killing field with its repeated wars, massacres and invasions. In 1956 Israel invaded Egypt with Britain and France. In 1967 Israel, backed by the US, Europe and the former Soviet Union invaded and captured Sinai and Gaza, South Lebanon, West Bank and East Jerusalem and Golan Heights.

Since then Israel has violated all United Nations resolutions and it is also the most condemned country in the world. The UN appointed committee itself found Israel guilty of war crimes. However no UN sanctions on Israel, as in the case of Iraq, Libya and Iran, were implemented.

Israel gets away with all its crimes and lawlessness with the open support of the US and Europe. It is this very same Israel’s security, US Presidents claim, cannot be compromised. However Israel’s victims, Palestinians, are not allowed into most of these organisations. This speaks for overall Jewish control over the US and Europe. Israeli killing of Palestinians and destroying houses and grabbing lands continue unabated.

Today Israel, the most condemned country by the United Nations with more than 125 UN resolutions, has become the sole source of instability threatening the region and beyond. The UN remains ineffective in the face of Zionist crimes due to US and European support.

Palestinians have no one to turn to. They are betrayed by Arab dictators and demonised as terrorists by the Western media.

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    Thank you for your informative article. Is Holocaust only applies to European Jews? I mean, why there is no condemnation of the apartheid of Palestinians by Israelists?
    Then, there is the Great Famine, which is called Holodomor by Ukraine, caused by Soviet Agricultural Collectivism in the 1930s across the Soviet Union. The Great Famine has killed millions of people particularly in Don and Kuban regions in the South Soviet. The famine death toll varies. According to one research, a total of 8.7 million people have been killed including 3.3 million in Russia, 3.9 million in Ukraine, 1.3 million in Kazakhstan (and the rest in the Northern Caucasus, Volga Region, the South Urals, and West Siberia). The demographic impact of the Great Famine shows that the terrible consequences of the Soviet collectivism policy were unintentional, unforeseen or as a result of not being prepared for eventualities.

    • 0

      Correction: According to one research published in 2020, a total of 8.7 million people have died (not killed) including 3.3 million in Russia, 3.9 million in Ukraine, 1.3 million in Kazakhstan (and the rest in the Northern Caucasus, Volga Region, the South Urals, and West Siberia). Source: Wikipedia.

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    LF, You have described a fairly accurate current picture of Israel. Boundaries of Israel were God given to Abraham long ago and there existed a long history of kings, prophets, judges and long drawn wars here under many nations. Rome was the final nation, during the time of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, after which they destroyed the Jerusalem temple in AD 70 and Titus went to Rome after having renamed Israel as Palestine, a mocking name similar to philistines, Israel’s long term enemy from Gaza. Story of Goliath reflects this. The Jews were scattered to all nations, but God had promised to regather them to their promised land, which occurred in May 1948. Many nations were involved in this regathering, never to be scattered again. Palestinians need to live in peace wherever they are now, until Jesus returns to Jerusalem at request of Jews, as palestinians will not request that. Jesus will end all wars.

    • 1

      God seems not good at keeping promises.
      There are still more Jews living outside the ‘Promised Land’.
      Please ask Jesus to come soon, for there may be no world left to save if He takes too long.

      • 0

        Those Jews who have not regathered to Israel cannot ask him to return to Jerusalem as promised. Jerusalem has an open portal already, since the time of creation of Adam and Eve who walked with God in the garden of Eden. God will restore what he created and any delay in the second coming of Jesus is to give time for all to repent and return and be restored. Useless establishing new nations on earth now as the only true rule will be the kingdom of God.

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      What you have written is a distorted history about the Pales people. There is no record whatsoever that Palestinians migrated from somewhere whereas there is all the evidence that Israelists have migrated from elsewhere. Egypt could have been Israel had they not banished Jews from Egypt. I can write more about it, but I want to write about NATO kettle calling pot black. Actually, something else. Will Mr Putin be betrayed again? Just a thought. No evidence. I remember writing something similar at the very beginning of Russia’s special military operation. Something to do with intelligence. This is not that. This is something relevant to a battlefield betrayal. Again, no evidence. I think Mr. Putin should stick to the old and trusted in terms of taking battle related decisions. I have to rotate my spiritual antenna to find out more. No, I am joking. I put two two together and got the picture. I found out the history of my ancestors in the arctic when I researched the history of old Crimea. I am immensely thankful to Mr. Putin for my great discovery. Anyway, that is irrelevant to my comment. I think Ukraine made a big mistake by flatly rejecting Russia’s proposal for a winter truce.

  • 2

    “Since then Israel turned the Middle East into a killing field with its repeated wars, massacres and invasions. In 1956 Israel invaded Egypt with Britain and France. In 1967 Israel, backed by the US, Europe and the former Soviet Union invaded and captured Sinai and Gaza, South Lebanon, West Bank and East Jerusalem and Golan Heights.”
    Let us get a few things right: the USSR was wrong in many matters, but when did it gang up with the US and Europe to help Israeli expansion?
    Is this some kind of ploy to dilute US imperialist crimes for the benefit of pro-West Muslims?
    Were the pro-US Arab rulers of the Arab peninsula any better for the Palestinians. What are their shady deals with Israel about?
    One has to admit that US and Israel have had Arab reactionary partners all along.
    Things are souring between the US and Saudi Arabia, but that is another matter.

  • 0

    Continuation …..
    The French President says the Russian President made a huge mistake by invading Ukraine “based on a fake narrative, saying NATO will use Ukraine to attack Russia, which is totally wrong”. Really? Was it a fake narrative? Isn’t that what NATO is doing right now? Although unsuccessful so far, NATO is militarizing and using Ukraine to weaken Russia militarily, economically and politically. When I first read Mr. Putin’s statement announcing his intention to launch a special military operation in Ukraine in February, his statement didn’t make any sense to me. (I supported Ukraine until the Ukrainian armed forces attacked their own citizens in Mariupol when they were evacuating.) But, when I re-read Mr. Putin’s statement today, I observe that every word in his statement has become true. These are some excerpts from his announcement on February 23, 2022..
    “…..What is happening today does not come out of a desire to infringe on the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. It is related to the protection of Russia itself from those who took Ukraine hostage and are trying to use it against our country and its people……” – Vladimir Putin

    • 0

      Another notable factor in Mr. Putin’s announcement was, his special military operation was totally legal and in accordance with international law. This is what he said.
      “….In this regard, in accordance with Article 51 of Part 7 of the UN Charter, with the approval of the Federation Council of Russia and in pursuance of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance ratified by the Duma on February 22 with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, I decided to launch a special military operation…..” – Vladimir Putin
      In addition, NATO’s own history of justifying the attacks on “dual-use infrastructure” such as power grids, bridges, transport and telecom facilities as “legitimate war strategy” have justified Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s power stations, too.

      • 0

        Unlike the US and NATO, which bombed countries the very first day of their invasions, Russia didn’t bomb Ukraine the first day. Instead, before launching his military operation, Mr. Putin offered a truce to Ukraine. But, instead of negotiations with Russia, the Ukrainian President announced that Ukraine would not surrender, thus green-lighted Russia to go ahead with its military operation against his country.
        I have the same question that everyone else has. When will the NATO-Russia conflict end and how? Based on battleground news, this is what I think. Russia will end attacking Ukraine the day NATO stops providing weapons to Ukraine. We should not forget that Russia hasn’t announced a full scale war against Ukraine as yet. Will they ever do it? Yes, most probably early next year, based on the type of weapons that have been sent to Ukraine by NATO.

        • 0

          For their own reasons (which is not known to me), Russia hasn’t targetted NATO supply lines as yet. I don’t know for sure, but the real war may begin with attacking NATO supply lines. The entire world witnessed how panicky was the West when Ukraine launched a false flag attack in Poland and tried in vain to trigger a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.
          Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine has four distinct features. 1. Fighting 2. Exercising restraint 3. De-escalate when necessary, and 4. Invitation for peace talks. We never know, advanced weapons from the US led NATO (which may have already reached Ukraine) may prompt Russia to give up 2. and 3. mentioned above.
          As for peace negotiations, the Ukrainian President says, even to begin negotiations, Russia should withdraw its military forces from Ukraine. I don’t know whether there is anything to negotiate in the event they withdraw from Ukraine. Russia has an undeniable responsibility to protect its citizens in all annexed territories. Therefore, I don’t see withdrawal is even an option.

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