14 July, 2024


A Matchmaker’s Unmaking –  Retort To Kumar David

By Thimibirivela Ranarala

Kumar David’s latest matchmaking (August 16, 2015) to preserve the status quo, demands that the JVP soft-pedal opposition to federalism, etc. 

Worse, matchmaker David ((hereafter, MatchmakerD) is essentially calling for the JVP to drop their program for a strong modern industrializing state, claiming such “dirigisme’ is past expiry date in the world. He upholds a “mixed economy” – whatever that is!

He insists that “After the end of the Soviet Union…a new model of mixed economic growth became apparent in China.” Really? We show below he knows nothing of China’s real economy or history.

MatchmakerD clearly knows nought of modern realities, of such strong national states that challenge colonial depredation and underdevelopment, offering the finest blueprints for our future.

In his willful ideological confusion and ignorance of the world and history, he wishes that the JVP cut the umbilical cord sustaining that party’s more rational cadre-base, a base sustained despite repeated annihilation. 

Having made a profession of whinging overtime about the Old Reds hanging on to the Blue hem of the bucolic Mrs. B’s sultry sari, look how he justifies his pendulous dangling off the fungal-Green lunkets of dead kleptocrats who refuse to die and still haunt us. Instead, he offers these thieves ‘critical support’, assiduously avoiding how the Bond billions were pillaged right under his watchful eyes.

How could wide-eyed corruption critic and good-governance proponent MatchmakerD ignore these unca-nephs’ very robber-baron DNA? He perhaps hopes our memories will dessicate with every dreary morning dew, while ‘retail’ corruption is highlighted: like killing petty drugdealers (that enable the Big Pharma monopolies – the real pushers!)

Such ‘Sari Pota’ analysts as MatchmakerD also conveniently ignore that their ‘hem’ construct is insulting misogyny. Derived from ‘hiding behind a woman’s skirt’, etc., MatchmakerD and these so-called leftists still claim advanced thinking. Well, their ‘slip’ is indeed showing! And such slips take us not to Freud (despite lusting for the ménage-à-trois of uncle, nephew and the holy ghosts of ’87-89) but to Marx.

For MatchmakerD declares himself not just Marxist but Leninist – though not Stalinist! He could still add Comrade Joseph Stalin to Hitler, Caligula and Jack the Ripper to namecall Colombo’s latest nemesis, but that may remind Gotabaya that Comrade Joe is demonized by the whites cos Stalin’s USSR blossomed into an industrial power in doublequick time.

Dropping historical notes and names from a selective socialist canon, MatchmakerD continually contradicts himself. Alternately rabid anti-SLFP and anti-UNP, he soon finds solace in these “good governance” coalitions headed by such parties. He even credits himself as originator of the common candidate, the matchmaker – but lo! that kapaveema soon went kapothi!

Hanging on to sagging Green jockstraps for dear life, awaiting enlightenment to trickle down on him, he now wants the ‘Young’ Left to continue his clinging. In asking the JVP to give up on building a strong country via challenging the merchant economics that underpins it, he cannot admit that new China has not, will never, abandon what Lenin called “the commanding heights of the economy”. 

Nor can he admit that his prime yaka, Comrade Joe, was only able to defeat Nazi Germany by building a modern industrialized state in a short duration unheard of in history. Yet oh how the white running dogs now howl (though Joe made the cover of Time twice, cos the mighty Red Army was smashing the Nazi war machine)! Before that, MatchmakerD’s ideological forebears – not understanding tactic – opposed the brilliant Soviet stroke of seeking detente with Germany to buy time, while the Atlantic powers armed Germany to attack the USSR.

Our socialists are not scientific socialists but utopians, romantics and anarchists!

MatchmakerD likewise misunderstands Lenin’s call for self-determination. Such sad leftists mimic Jehovah’s Witnesses (refusing blood transfusions because of misreading doctored texts). Lenin’s calls always had context and program: We are different from Russia, with its history of (largely German) Tsarist imperialism, in Poland, etc., nor are we the USSR either (soon simultaneously invaded by 14 different countries). Nor are we white-settler states like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, or South Africa. Our history is longer than English rope (and Birmingham shackles) and way different. Facile comparisons are bootless.

Held forcibly under colonialism, we (perhaps minus MatchmakerD) have fought them for 514 years at least. We are one and the same people, and before the invaders, a people-in-the-becoming absorbing migrant and mercenary over millenia. Think Southeast Asia where Chinese, Indians and Lankika over centuries became Malay until colonialism froze them into minority-hood. Just as much as industrial Tamilnadu (which, for all its ‘culture’, cannot provide residents clean water minus faeces) is an entity in the becoming (absorbing people south of the Deccan).

Except our history is way longer 

Likewise MatchmakerD misunderstands China, even claiming Taiwan as a democracy. He clearly misunderstands token showcase front-windows of imperialism, much like Singapore or Israhell. He even whinges about China fortifying the South China seas. Let us recall history for idiots: Why is the Philippines named after a white man, Spain’s King? What was Philip (and his pirate Magellan) doing in the China Seas? – plucking coconuts from those 7,700 islands?

After a Borgia pope divided the world between Spain and Portugal in 1494, the Portuguese invaded us from the west, while Spain’s Magellan sneaked in the other way to trade with China. Held to the Philippines, the Chinese state kept Spain at bay, off those very seas! From there the ‘Manila Galleons’ traded gold and silver stolen from the Americas for the great manufactures of China – from soft silk to delicate porcelain, taken back to Mexico and put on ‘Havana Galleons’ to Seville and Europe, soon plundered by English pirate Drake.

Staying with historical idiocy: He calls the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-76), “Maoism’s other great debacle… a harebrained stab at ideological and cultural purification, leading to a breakdown of state and society”. Really? He has too many ‘Wild Swans’ defecating in his brain. China’s current leader, Xi Jinping was sent by the Communist Party, along with 17 million other urban youth, to ‘learn from the peasant’. Read Xi’s biography: he learned lots. Our decadent corrupted urban youth in Colombo could learn more, not from white international schools that rob our wealth and brains, or from Hollywood or Harry Potter, they can share the needed magic of science from the villages. Xi says he owes a great debt to those seven years of rural experience. Combining urban and rural knowledge, that impoverished village he shared knowledge with, soon industrialized into a prosperous locale. So who’s the harebrain?

So what’s MatchmakerD’s actual point? He wishes to weaken an already weak state. His hatred for the Sinhala people, is not based on a love for Tamil people, despite his claims. For, like Colombo’s usurious mercantile set, his hatred is against real democracy, fearing the privileges unfairly bestowed by colonialism upon a minority (both within the majority, and those minorities within minorities) will go the way of the dodo. Rather than dodder quietly into the twilight, he rages not against the dying of the light but against rising of the dawn.

The bottom line is MatchmakerD deploys the English ploy using ‘minorities’ against Sinhala Buddhists anyway he can. He promotes ‘traditional homelands’, a term popularized by South Africa’s apartheid regime to relegate Africans to Bantustans – desolate reservations: Canada’s settler state taught them to construct. What is ‘traditional’ in a country as ours with such a long long history of contiguous centripetal continuity longer than India? He claims the cry for Eelam arose post-1983.

Yet the English massaged the dreams of certain class fractions (from low-country quislings north-south-east-west to fake upcountry aristocrats) throughout the 19th century, in order to fissure and capture the country. By the 1920s, even such liberals as Arunachalam could dream of a northern outpost plus a worldwide Eelam stretching throughout ‘Tamil Colonies’? Where’s that? From Malaysia through Ceylon and India to Durban, and who knows, maybe even Brent or Aberdeen (where our tea profits ended up) and even New York and Toronto (where free-education-trained brains drained to)! Some even claim Indonesia, Vietnam, and Yunnan (in China)!

MatchmakerD’s fervent domestic hope, as the English always wish, is these mythical hallucinations will take away land from the Sinhala, demoralize the Buddhists (adherents to a far more ethical and rational creed than any other), thereby undermining the real core of 514-year opposition to imperialism in this country.

Pity there’s no office at the Kachcheri or Colombo Town Hall to license ‘Marxists’. There should be a Marxist Gate-Mudaliyar post to deny poseurs such self-adulation! ‘Marxist’ is used in the morning and discarded by high noon, by those lured to jobs in INGOs or in constitution-making. 

He even lamented Nihal Jayawickrama’s constitutional interpretations, lamenting it was politically inspired. Indeed, as Marx noted, in consitutions always check the last line, which usually contradicts all idealisms afore-proclaimed. Why didn’t MatchmakerD? Marxists making constitutions for capitalists should never forget: our merchants are always enthusiastic about rights, but much more about ground rents!

Calumny against ‘Marxists’ has been widespread, as the 1848 Communist Manifesto ere pointed out: “Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power?…”

‘Marxist’ as a slander is now gouged from the gutters of corporate media, by death squad commanders as convenient slur to justify murder, or by any ‘modern’ dupe dismissing any argument as passé. 

Attacking Marxism is always good for fundraising from backward merchants: Recently a wannabe-Presidential-candidate insulted Marx to fill his campaign war chest, hoping to soon outmanoeuvre his current good governors to whose lunket he still cleaves. MatchmakerD once insulted this wannabe as “a Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist”, but then ‘tactically’ massaged this social climber’s ego to break up the previous government.

Let’s not call all this ‘Machiavellianism’ – for Machiavelli was an adept who wished to unite his country, not divide it. Hold up a mirror instead to this fake ‘prince’ (the nondescript Kumar, not Kumara or Kumaran) and show him for what he is, another rabid communalist, who clothes his desperate deshabille in borrowed plumage.

But just as there are many ways to fillet a feline, striped or maned, we here show that Master David (what Palestinian Goliath does he wish to slay, sticking to such doctored biblical nom-de-pens?) is exactly what he insults – the opposite of a Marx who would change the human condition.

Belonging to one or more of the numerous little Trot-groupuscules that his Hanoverian Majesty’s political police dream up to confuse the naif, MatchmakerD reserves his regular fire for what he calls the ‘Dead Left’.

Let’s annoint it the Annihilated Left! For if we truly can count, certainly tens of millions were slaughtered throughout the 20th century: dedicated people daring to attempt a better world on the basis of scientific socialism, from the nascent USSR, through Germany and Eastern/Central Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia (Indonesia 1965 springs incarnadine to mind), West Asia (O Yemen!), or the darker Americas, and of course Africa, from Algiers to Jo’burg, let alone Lumumba’s Congo, where millions still killed right now before our eyes. Or, not before any eyes! For this world’s BBCs and CNNs and Reuters carry no headlines about Congo or Yemen, nor did they in 1987-89 right here. 

Meanwhile, UN investigators prefer looking up other saris and skirts and hems!


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      Thimibirivela Ranarala

      “He upholds a “mixed economy” – whatever that is!”

      It is simple, read up on Social Democracy if you haven’t heard of.

      Definition of social democracy
      1 : a political movement advocating a gradual and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means
      2 : a democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices

      Stop being a stupid …..

    • 3

      Karl, wouldn’t you agree that Ranarala has an exceptional way with words, an enviable span of knowledge of the high seas of political history, and that he (Ranarala) uses both those to slip a knife here and their under the ribs of less enlightened, invective may be yet absolutely elegant.

      • 2

        SO DID HITLER!!

  • 9

    Thimbirala, you’re back with your paean to China and hatred to the rest of humanity – except the gullible Sinhalese, may be. I don’t think you really love China; you are propelled by your hatred of your own post-colonial hybrid identity. That makes you think people who support the UNP, or the so-called Dead Left, or who are liberals – are all elites. Now you have turned into an anti-Tamil racist to boot. Your sense of inferiority distorts your thinking. First you need to calm down and realize you’re all right the way you are. You may stand on your head, but you simply can’t dispel these fundamental truths about present-day China: 1) The economy is state-directed capitalism, it has nothing to do with Maoism anymore. And that is why China has achieved unprecedented success in reducing poverty. 2) China takes undue advantage of global capitalism by following mercantilist trade policies. 3) China is notorious for intellectual property theft.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m no China-baiter. I’m not saying our relations with the West or India is all hunky-dory. But you can’t just over-simplify the issues and try to bluff your way through. Thimbirala, please keep your creative urges confined to your poetry. In these matters we need a balanced, objective approach.

    • 5


      Why do you say ‘confined to your poetry’? Is this Ranarala a pseudonym of Malinda Seneviratne? Though the ideology is similar, I can’t say the same about the writing styles.

      • 6

        He’s not Malinda at all. You’re right, the writing styles are so different. You have to give the devil his due. Ranarala’s language is both sweeping and intense at the same time but, unfortunately, fuelled by an energy many find disturbingly perverse and irrational. That’s because his vision is totally consumed by his narrow, one-dimensional hate-ridden politics. Yes, he’s regarded as a ‘poet’ in a small circle of Colombo-based, self-described ‘Bohemian literary artists.’ They write mostly in English and mostly against the English. So you see, they are caught up in a postcolonial vortex mostly of their own making. Their daily lives are the stuff of epic poetry: they have to contend with much irony, paradox, pathos, and injustice at every turn due to the generation gap, culture gap (most of them had gone to neo-liberal international schools or had studied in the capitalist west) and with oppression by American imperialism and its proxy, the Ranil-Maithri capitalist government. They believe they’re making a contribution to “Sri Lankan English Writing” by recording these experiences. Thus they’re doing something good for the society and therefore entitled to self and mutual adulation. After fighting US hegemony in Sri Lankan affairs they like to take a break: eating pizza, burgers & chips, drinking latte, listening to Bob Dylan, and talking about their favourite uncles Marx, Engels, Mao, and Che. But Wijeweera is taboo because he had taken the chatter seriously and had decided to put it into action jeopardizing their class interests. Their definition of poetry is apparently different from yours and mine. Attacking the white man, the west, colonialism, and capitalism as the causes of their becoming misfits in society is their perennial theme and obsession – in fact, it is the only poetry they know or any art for that matter. Obviously, I don’t want to dox him, but I’m sure you will eventually find out about him as the group puts its monthly ‘poetry discussions’ and other artsy-fartsy activities online.

        • 3

          And, they have absolutely no qualms about firing these salvos at the white man, the west, colonialism and capitalism while perched comfortably upon the tools given to them by those “friendly” digital capitalist giants like google, apple, face book, microsoft etc. Why don’t they use wechat, renren, QQ, baido, weibo.. instead?

  • 7

    This guy is a real nut job. A pathological pervert and racist to the core . His real sickness shows up in his tangential (looseness of association) writings. Dude you are such a low life any professional help will not make a difference in you.The hatred and animosity has taken up the whole space within your thick skull.You are so pathetic even the Almighty will not be able to save you. AMEN. CT it is time to take a look at your publishing policy. Voicing dissent or an critical opinion is different from using these sites to spread racial and hatred opinions of a sick individual.

    • 8

      chiv, I totally agree with you. I too mentioned in my previous posts that something is seriously not right with this Thimbirigasyaya man. Looks to me like a tormented soul unburdening its putrefied contents on CT. The unravelling of a mind right before our very eyes. Sadly it does happen to long-term stoners. But you’re right, we shouldn’t be exposed to such nasty stuff. It is hate speech and racist bigotry. Totally offensive and unacceptable. It is sick and in a sense threatening the writer of the article he is criticizing. Any other forum would’ve banned him by now.

  • 6

    This man (the author) is demented, demonic, disconnected, dysfunctional and a stark raving lunatic. He is full of hatred, abuse and has probably been abused by some random Britisher like Whittall, Somerville or George Steuart and as a result suffers from acute PTSD. God save us from him.

    • 1


      i agree with you

    • 7

      karl singham, Ajay, chiv, Leon Anthony, K.Pillai,

      I re-read the Kumar David article.
      I agree with all of you.

    • 0

      LEON ANTHONY: if you know the real name of him you would say a first TIER journalist.

  • 5

    Thimibirivela Ranarala You may have misunderstood Kumar David.
    We have home Team A playing home Team B. Both teams are bad. If A wins there is no way our ills can be put right. Team B is not as obdurate as A.
    So purely as a tactical measure Kumar David might have suggested what he suggested.
    Thimibirivela Ranarala might have in mind Team C. Is there any chance of Team C winning.

  • 2

    Ranarala, mate 514 years, yes!
    Let us keep it going for another 514. No more recurrent 99 year deals with the Devils, Angels or Plain old Americans. Come out the field, on the 59
    Mate you string the words like jewels of poison arrowheads, but why not call the deadwood just that, why invent names like MathmakerD.
    As for self proclaimed Marxists, you can download the FB profile picture logo or whatever you call it, and voila you are a Marxist

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    RANARALA the protestant: All these presentations, hair splitting arguments on the Sri lankan economy is invalid. So, you people do not believe HARVARDS and not from HARVARD economists theories coming from Washington saying make it viable buying out by those companies. Because nothing works Billion dollars. Anyway, former VIYATHUNs and present high caliber businessmen say politicians ask us about so many things but they do not listen to those advices. Do you know they do not have people educated enough to solve the SAITM problem or the Railway Salary problem. Colombo roads are Traffic nightmare. Yet the govt cut down czar import taqxes and import helicopters for the parliament. So, what will be your proposal. another way to grab votes for the next elelction. I heard the VIYATH MAGA is defunct for the time being. A new viyathmaga consist of all the JACAKAL Oppostion and their children will come into light when the election are nearby.

  • 1

    Ranarala: Sri lankan voter population is mostly RURAL. Sri lankan Economy must be AGRICULTRE based as we do not have respurces for industrial manufzcturing. but, you are educated and, so they can be trained for anything. So, why there are difficult to understand word instead saying we need to increase the living standards of the majority and that is Agriculture based Technology. right now, prepare the Economy for take over by american companies. that I”S Ranil and Mangala way of economics even though the rupee is crashing and we are in a DEBT TRAP and Sri lanka is in a DEPRESSION which began after 2013. We are living thanks to women in the middle east and in a SERIVIOCE Sector run economy.

  • 0

    One wanna be MONARCH whose Thimbirigeyi idea was RANAWIRUKAM says as many people are talking about LICHCHAVI MALLA type Raajandu, what If my son Succeeds me. why it is wrong. I think the addendum to this article should have been that.

  • 6

    Thanks for the details, Ajay.
    What you have said reminds me of someone writing as ‘Seen It All’ on CT, complaining about the Gratiaen prize being awarded to Jean Arasanayagm. Against all reason, he was saying that it was a racist prize, awarded to those with an English-sounding name only. He dismissed Rajiva Wijesinha and others as westernized liberals. When I pointed out that the prize had been awarded to Malinda Seneviratne, who is a Sinhalese ultra-nationalist himself, he didn’t reply.

    But the irrational anger I saw there fits with a ‘poet’ like Ranarala. In fact, I would say with high confidence that ‘Seen It All’ = Thimibirivela Ranarala. He seems to have an inferiority complex with his ‘rural-sounding’ name while mingling in the social circles of those who carry more urban-sounding names, and is therefore lashing out.

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