15 August, 2022


A Message To Anti-Vaxxers

By Ranjula Ranasinghe

Ranjula Ranasinghe

There are millions and millions of people worldwide that are entirely against taking vaccines due to many controversial reasons and beliefs. So I am going to debunk some of the most common questions and claims.

Much of the modern Anti-vax movement is linked to a 1997 study published by a British surgeon, Andrew Wakefield (along with 12 co-authors), which ensured the whole propaganda of vaccines increasing the risk of autism. Claiming that their study suggested that the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine caused increased cases of British children having autism. His paper was published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

The study was conducted in the UK; they took 12 children reportedly at the hospital with some sort of developmental problem, i.e., autism. He then asked the children’s parents for their medical history, like since when did they start experiencing the symptoms, etc.

That’s when the parents said that there seemed to be some relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism since they claimed that the autism symptoms began around the same time.

Nine of these children out of the 12 had autism, and 8 of that 9, had parents who believed that the symptoms of their autism had developed after the MMR vaccine was administered. This then caused a ripple effect, where this misinformation was spread rapidly from parent to parent worldwide.

His paper was mainly about the gut. First, Wakefield examined the intestines of these children, and he noticed that a lot of the intestine tissue biopsies had inflammation, so he proposed that the vaccine caused this inflammation. He then thought that through the food the children eat, an unknown protein can now get across the gut (because it’s inflamed) and then affect the developing brain.

However, his paper and all these claims since then have been entirely discredited and filed fraudulent due to significant procedural errorsundisclosed financial conflicts of interest, and ethical violations. Wakefield even lost his medical license, and his paper was revoked from The Lancet.

This so-called “study” itself was just utterly ridiculous. The test wasn’t even via randomly selected children; it wasn’t a scientific study; it was just a description of a small group of children who had taken a vaccine. Such a study wouldn’t even get published in The Lancet nowadays.

Many scientific studies have then been put into this throughout the years. His study was proven false and debunked by 25 international large population research papers involving millions of randomly selected children worldwide for their study. Further, 10 of the 13 authors of this original paper have retracted and refuted their original statements on the suggested link.

Unfortunately, the true cause of autism is still unknown. However, there have been many recent studies that now identify symptoms of autism in children way before they even receive the MMR vaccine. Furthermore, very recent research claims that autism develops in the uterus, so before the baby is even born/vaccinated. So no, vaccines don’t cause autism. (read here, here, here and here)

Is Natural Immunity Better?

Well, yes, sometimes natural immunity is better. After your body undergoes the process of catching a disease and getting sick, your body now has a stronger immunity to that specific disease than a vaccine would. However, this is incredibly dangerous as the chances are not in your favour, so it’s not worth it.

New-born babies are indeed immune to several diseases because of the antibodies they receive from their mother’s breast milk and the thousands of pathogens they’re exposed to as soon as they’re born. Children are given jabs at a very young age since this is when they are most vulnerable to getting sick/dying.

But you see, vaccines protect you from diseases that you don’t have any immunity against, which is the reason why we don’t vaccinate for every single disease out there, just those that are the most dangerous.

For example, if you wanted to gain natural immunity to Measles, you would have a 1/500 chance of dying from your symptoms. Whereas less than 1/1,000,000 have had a severe allergic reaction from taking a MMR vaccine,Which is around ten times less likely than being killed by a lightning strike!

The Vaccine Gives You COVID-19?

No, it just doesn’t. The vaccine doesn’t have any Covid inside it. This misconception probably comes from the traditional technique of vaccinations, where you get injected with an inactive/weakened version of the virus, so your body gets a chance to learn and identify the virus so that the immune system can prepare itself for the same future attack, etc.

This isn’t the case with the new mRNA vaccines; they don’t have any Covid inside them. Instead, they work by training the immune system to recognise the spikes on the coronavirus. Scientists accomplished this by isolating the “spike” producing instruction from the virus’s RNA to make a messenger RNA, which can enter your cells and give those instructions only to build the spikes of the coronavirus, not the entire virus itself.

Can The Vaccine Change Your Genetics/DNA?

Nope. For the vaccine to change your genetics, it would have to go inside the nucleus of your cells; the nucleus contains all your genetic information, your DNA.

The vaccine works on the ribosomes, which is where protein synthesis takes place. So, the vaccine doesn’t even enter the nucleus. Hence it can’t change your genetics.

Do Vaccines Contain Nasty Chemicals?

Yes, vaccines do contain many toxic chemicals, such as Aluminium, Mercury, Formaldehyde, etc. But it’s not the chemicals that matter; it’s the dosage of the chemicals.

Too much of anything is bad for you. Take water for an example: it is an essential requirement for every single living organism, but too much of the compound is toxic and will kill you. A large dose of anything is deadly. And the amount of chemicals in vaccines are negligible.

For example, Aluminium (used to help our immune system work more efficiently) are present in 0.125 milligrams per dose. But, an estimated 30-50 milligrams of Aluminium are taken every day through food and drink by the average person, which is much more than having one vaccination every single day. Even breast milk contains a larger quantity of Mercury than any vaccine out there.

The dose is the poison; the dose is what matters.

Why Should I Get The Vaccine If The Coronavirus Survival Rate Is 99%?

You must be selfless and not think of yourself as an individual, but everyone as one community.

You see, vaccines protect you and everyone else since you can’t spread the disease if you don’t have it. And this is vital since you are essentially protecting those with weaker immune systems, such as infants or the elderly and those who have medical conditions where they are unable to get vaccinated; for example, those who undergo chemotherapy have this problem.

This brings us to a critical concept, “herd immunity”, when more and more people get vaccinated, there is less room in the world for the virus to hang on to, meaning that the virus cannot spread as much as it once used to. That is how we completely eradicated small pox by 1980. . This idea of herd immunity is critical for the vulnerable in our society; it is their best source of protection. Therefore, it is every individual’s social responsibility to get vaccinated.

Another essential aspect to acknowledge is, is that viruses have the potential for exponential growth. I highly recommend watching this video of an Oxford Mathematics PhD graduate explaining the concept; it will give you a clear understanding of the severity. 

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Unsafe Because It Was Rushed?

This does seem to be a very valid question, as it is unprecedented that a vaccine is available within less than a year of the virus being present. However, keep in mind that we are in an unexpected, catastrophic global pandemic. Scientists all over the globe worked extremely hard, and there were numerous collaborations across many scientists from different countries and organisations.

And the process of creating a vaccine remained the same; they have gone through all the different stages required successfully, proving that there are no devastating side effects.

Furthermore, the new mRNA technology isn’t technically “new”, since it is something that scientists have been researching for decades; it wasn’t just some idea someone thought of in the last couple of months. Now was the correct time to put all those years of scientific research together to form the mRNA vaccine.

Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Contain Microchips?

Yes, indeed, it really does contain microchips, lol just joking; of course it doesn’t!

Firstly, it just isn’t possible for a microchip to be injected with the 22-25 gauge needles used for vaccine injections; the needles are simply too tiny to allow a microchip to pass through.

Secondly, the microchip would have to be stable in liquid form; it would need to be incredibly small, even thousands of times smaller than the smallest microchip in existence. And here’s a question for thought:

Wouldn’t it make more sense if they planted the chip on your phone?

Many people have become addicted to their phones this generation; the first thing you most likely do in the morning as you awake is pick up your phone, then you always carry it around with you throughout most of the day, and you even pay with it nowadays.

Your phone tracks nearly everywhere you go, so wouldn’t them implanting a chip on your phone be more straightforward and more economical?

And why would they even want to place microchips in your body?

To know how much you urinate on average per day? Like, what’s the point??

*Ranjula Ranasinghe – St. Anselm’s College, Wirral

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  • 7

    The Vaccine Gives You COVID-19?
    Of course it wont because covid is a hoax.
    What the vaccine has been doing is paralysing and killing many.
    The freemasons will blame this on ‘new variants of covid’ or even claim some new virus has emerged.

    • 11


      Keep up the good work to inform the people …….. to shed light into dark recesses of ignorance.

      Don’t be sidetracked or discouraged by this Freemasons’ Freemason.

      The fact he has come out with so many posts to discourage you …………. shows that you have hit him where it hurts him the most! :))

      • 5

        Nimal, to make things worse our own health ministry mouth piece Dr. Hemantha Herath says “though there is infection reported from all corners Lanka does not have community infection yet, but somehow the death and infection rates are on the up rise. We are paying the price for the deliberate action of people in recent past”. Kind of death wish I guess. Are those parliamentarians included in it ??

        • 1


          All sorts of crazy things are floating around in SL …….. spoke to some friends who moved back to SL …….. they say they don’t know and haven’t seen anyone that died of COVID. That they were clearing the unclaimed bodies from the mortuary and someone took photographs and published and claimed those died of COVID. They haven’t stepped out of the house for some time and wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on outside. They seemed to have swallowed government’s/Gota’s/Rajapakses’ BS. They are well educated/travelled …… the wife was a researcher and a mid-level manager of a pharmaceutical company. If they are hoodwinked by all the BS that’s been spread around spare a thought for the ignorant village folk.

          • 0

            I am confused too. Ravi Perera, s article has the same message. How and when did our people regress so low ??? Amazing to see the uneducated condition those so called highly educated as in Pavlov’s model.

          • 1

            Immunity can be natural or artificial. Natural immunity is where you contact the disease and develop antibodies to the causative organism and gain cover for rest of the life. The problem in this process is that it could be costly in terms of life, as people have to undergo suffering and some may even die. When the whole population get natural immunity in this manner, it is called herd immunity. Artificial immunity could be got either by active immunization or passive immunization. Active immunization is where you give antigen and let the body make the antibodies while passive immunization is where you give prepared antibodies to the patient. Active immunization will take at least two weeks to produce sufficient antibodies while passive immunization gives instant antibodies though they do not remain in circulation for long time. In such cases demanding immediate antibody level, serum is given IV together with the vaccine IM, so that when antibody levels given by serum falls, vaccine antibodies will take over. eg Tetanus

            • 1

              Vaccines are of different types.
              1. Toxoids – some organisms produce toxins eg Tetanus, Diphtheria. Here toxins are taken and denatured to get rid of pathogenic property but retaining antigenic property.
              2. Live attenuated organisms. eg Polio (Sabin), Measles, Mumps, Rubella, BCG. Here the potency of the organism is reduced, retaining antigenic property.
              3. Killed organisms. eg Whooping cough (Pertusis), Polio (Salk).
              4. Part of the organism. eg Hepatitis B (surface protein is used)
              Policy is that if two live attenuated organisms are to be used, they have to be given at an interval of two weeks.
              DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetanus) are given together in a single vial, and is safe as Diphtheria and Tetanus is attenuated toxin and whooping cough is killed bacteria.
              In Children Polio vaccine is also given with DPT on the same day, but it is safe, as though Polio is live attenuated organism, other four are not live.
              MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) are also given together in a single vial but all three of them are attenuated viruses. There is a remote possibility that one or more of them can be triggered active inside the body in some patients. Mumps is thought to be the culprit.

    • 5

      Great article, Ranjula. It is sad that real scientists like you have left the country and we are left at the mercy of specialist quacks like Padeniya and Jayasumana. Your clear explanation of the subject shows that you have actually understood it.

    • 7

      Who ever heard of a free mason? Our Baas charges by the hour.

    • 2

      Maybe you should go into a hospital without a mask, and walk among the Covid patients, to make sure they are all play acting.

  • 5

    And the process of creating a vaccine remained the same; they have gone through all the different stages required successfully
    You are aware of the fact that a vaccine needs to undergo many years of clinical trials before being released to the public?

  • 4

    Dont worry about sending messages to ‘anti-vaxxers’
    I have a far more important message for you.
    If you are a freemason (as i strongly suspect you are), you better
    repent to the most high and leave the lodge while there is still

    • 5

      Is the proportion of absolute nutters in CT comments an indication of their proportion in the general population? Should we be afraid?

  • 8

    Hello Ranjula,
    It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into this and this is a really important subject that people should be aware of it. Keep up the good work

  • 3

    Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

    Vaccines train your immune system to create antibodies.

    Without vaccine people are dying

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