30 May, 2024


A Painted Ship In A Painted Ocean

By Sarath de Alwis –

Sarath de Alwis

“Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion. As idle as a painted ship, Upon a painted ocean.” ~ Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

In a volatile global economy, our economy is contracting. We are in default. We are broke. Our economy is as idle as a ‘painted ship in a painted ocean’. In “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” Victorian poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge narrates the misfortunes of a sailing vessel. Dead winds keep the ship motionless. Spending days in this terrible immobility, dull and depressed sailors gave the place their own name – a period of no energy, utter helplessness, low spirits. They called it the doldrums.

Most people in this tortured land of ours are now in the doldrums. The harsh truth seems to escape current clique lording over the land.    

The ship by chance manages to break free of the ice and sails followed by a giant albatross. Then quite inexplicably the Mariner kills the bird with his crossbow brining a curse upon the vessel.  

After much muddling and confusion, other shipmates vilify the Mariner and hang the bird carcass around the Mariners neck.

It is a tantalizing story. Something must happen for nothing to happen. Then again as the Government Printer has demonstrated over the printing of ballot papers in these strange times, something and nothing can happen simultaneously. 

President Ranil Wickremesinghe thinks that we are well on the road to recovery. In his second ‘Address to Parliament (Some call it the second ‘throne speech) he told us: Now there is stability in the economy. People are comfortable. We have been able to safely guide Mother Sri Lanka a long way across a challenging course. It was not an easy journey. However, it is not yet over.” 

To my simple mind, people are not comfortable. To claim that people with no medicine, no fertilizer, no children’s shoes, not enough food are comfortable is holy BS. I am talking about ordinary people.  

But then, he could also be right. To him ordinary people are those who read the Sunday Times and express their ‘weltanschauung’ in English. He points out to a young lass who tells the venerable Englisg broadsheet “I have not given up on my Sri Lanka.” To me living in proximity of the Passport office I see thousands daily with a totally deferent idea. 

The rulers are comfortable. People are not. Since April 2022 we don’t meet our debt obligations. Negotiations with the IMF is only for a respite. Only after reaching an accord with the IMF, that we can chart our path to recovery. We still do not know when or at what cost. 

Some people go through life believing in an image of themselves that is far from real. It  is as if they are trapped in  a narrow passage of mirrors. By breaking that passage you are only doing them some good. You can set them free and make them see how horrendously mistaken they are. 

President Wickremesinghe told us  “The moment the school children sang the National Anthem and Jayamangala Gatha during the last Independence Day Celebration, I was convinced of the need to secure their future.” 

How times change?  Now we are reduced to peddle simple sugary talk. Alice in wonderland had seen plenty of cats without a grin. Alice was truly amazed to encounter a grin without a cat!  

A politician who spent a lifetime in the quest for power must invariably arrive at being either self-centered or simply egoistical. When in charge of an institutional set up, they believe that the institution cannot succeed without them.  

He is at the top of the mountain. That isn’t good enough. He must demonstrate his mastery of the mountain. This line should be deleted. 

This deep-seated desire to keep it going may at times compel such driven leaders to stretch the limits of their power to bizarre levels. More simply these leaders inhabit a make-believe world.    

To prove they aren’t usurpers they drive hard to portray perfection, betraying a terrible incapacity to acknowledging their failures. When confronted by failure, they convince themselves and others that these problems are neither their fault nor their responsibility.

 Their own distortions convince them that they are doing nothing wrong, or they rationalize that their perversions as justified to achieve a greater good. Surrounded by cronies they lose their capacity to think logically about important issues.

If the idea was to explain policy, why on earth should it involve pomp and ceremony? Why tea and canopies in times of hunger and distress? 

The Policy Statement could have been presented to parliament avoiding ceremony. Why address parliament in a new session? Well, that’s all about hubris. Getting to the top of the mountain isn’t good enough. You must show that you are the master of the mountain. 

We are a long way from the path of recovery. I don’t expect the economy to recover under the Ranil Wickremesinghe Presidency. The well-read, well-informed  politician seems to have missed the key global indictors as amplified in the Global Risk Report 2023 of the World Economic Forum: 

“Economic warfare is becoming the norm, with increasing clashes between global powers and state intervention in markets over the next two years. 

Economic policies will be used defensively, to build self-sufficiency and sovereignty from rival powers, but also will increasingly be deployed offensively to constrain the rise of others. Intensive geoeconomic weaponization will highlight security vulnerabilities posed by trade, financial and technological interdependence between globally integrated economies, risking an escalating cycle of distrust and decoupling. As geopolitics trumps economics, a longer-term rise in inefficient production and rising prices becomes more likely. Geographic hotspots that are critical to the effective functioning of the global financial and economic system, in particular the Asia-Pacific, also pose a growing concern.”

Harsha, Eran and Kabir are right about what needs to be done. Although I have not quite forgotten their ‘foot notes’ to explain the ‘hocus pocus’ of the bond scam they seem honestly intent on grappling with issues identified as immediate. One hopes that they will be good at persuading ordinary people to make extraordinary sacrifices in these aberrated unimaginable times.

The SJB trio have squarely recognized a fundamental that the well-meaning people of the National People’s Front insist on sweeping under the carpet.

All nations and much of humanity has been integrated in to a single ‘global economy’. We have transitioned from a world of regional and bilateral trade into a new international order where production processes and wealth creation is organically linked to a global process.  No single nation-state can remain insulated.

from the global economy. We cannot prevent or even attempt to dilute the penetration of political, social, and cultural superstructure of global capitalism. 

If Comrade AKD doesn’t like it, he can lump it. 

To return to the point of departure of this essay, the Ancient Mariner presides over a painted ship in a painted ocean. 

For four decades he engaged in politics, preached economics, promised reforms, and held out hope and prosperity. The people rejected him decisively. So much so that he failed to retain his seat in parliament. 

For the least popular politician in the land to say that he will not be hesitate to take unpopular decisions is both comic and tragic.

As Prime Minister of the ‘Yahapalanya ‘government he was the one single navigator of the economy. 

His economic profligacy during the 2015-2019 period is worse than the decades under the Rajapaksa fiefdom.  Here are some glaring examples.  

As Prime Minister of the ‘Yahapalanya ‘government he was in sole charge of economic policy. His economic profligacy during the 2015-2019 period is worse than the decades under the Rajapaksa fiefdom. Here are some glaring examples.

Under his stewardship the ‘Yahapalanaya’ regime borrowed a massive USD 11.5 Billion through International Sovereign Bonds during the period 06th March 2015 and 28th June 2019. (see table 6 in the Quarterly Debt Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance)

With this massive borrowing what did his government achieve in terms of growth, employment generation and poverty reduction? 

At least the Rajapaksas built an empty sea port at Hambanthota, an empty Air Port at Mattala, a forsaken Cricket Stadium in Sooeriyawewa, an Empty Convention Hall in Hambanthota, and a concrete contraption called Nelum Kuluna. 

What has the Economic Maestro got to show for the USD 11.5 Billion his administration borrowed.  

In a Press Release dated 28th May 2015 the Department of Public Debt of the Central Bank explained or rather gloated over the new Regime’s rush to jump on the Slippery Slope to Insolvency. The Governor at the time was Arjuna Mahendran. And he knew his business.     

 The final order books stood at US$ 2 billion, an oversubscription ratio of 3.08 times, from 173 accounts. Distribution was very well diversified, with Asia taking 23 per cent, Europe 27 per cent and the US at 50 per cent. Global Fund Managers were the largest investors in the transaction, representing 79 per cent, with Banks, Pension Funds/Insurance and Private Banks taking 9 per cent, 7 per cent and 5 per cent respectively. 

With this transaction, this Issue represents the first Sovereign Bond Issue for Sri Lanka in the international capital markets in 2015, post the change in government. This Issue also succeeded in achieving a ten-year cost of funds which is inside the current Sri Lanka US$ secondary levels and at tighter spread vs the US Treasury compared to the last ten-year Sri Lanka US$ in 2012. This achievement is all the more impressive, given the recent volatility in US Treasury yields and anticipated Fed rate hike later this year.” 

Quite oblivious to his own performance in his second peroration to parliament he pontificates:   

 An international organization with experience in solving financial crises made the following statement about our country.

“Sri Lanka has a reputation for ‘kicking the can down the road’ – this leads to problems avoided rather than solved in the long term.”

Who kicked the can in 2015? Whose behavior is he talking about? 

During the Rajapaksa presidency between 2010 and 2014 the country spent an average of USD 662 million per year on imports of ‘Personal Vehicles’. The ‘Yahapalanaya ‘campaign condemned the Rajapaksa profligacy. 

The Clever Competent Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe promised to do better than Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He was not ready to do business as usual. He did better. He did business better than the usual. On borrowed funds the exchange rate was steady. It was fun time for the upper middle class. Encouraging times for the middle class. Borrowing time for the lower middle class.    

In the period 2015- 2019 a total of USD 1,064 Million was spent on the import of ‘Personal Vehicles’. RW recorded an increase of  61% over MR’s profligacy. (see Table 75 in the Statistical Appendix of the Central Bank Annual Report 2014, and Table 78 in the Statistical Appendix of the Central Bank Annual Report 2021). 

An overvalued Rupee deadened the value judgement of the class that shopped in glitzy malls and drove Maserati’s Porches and Mercedes Maybachs. The wretched of the earth did not grumble. They went on living. They were content because even Mahanayaka’s were choosy about which brand of vehicle offered them ‘niravanic comfort’!  

C.J.P. Siriwardena the then Assistant Governor of the Central Bank explains Sri Lanka’s 2007 entry into International Capital Markets. (Chapter 16- 60th Anniversary of the Central Bank Commemorative Volume.(www.cbsl.gov.lk) His concluding remarks are prescient and nearly  oracular.   

“Sri Lanka is determined to continue with marking its presence in the international capital market, which has enabled the country to raise funds at competitive rates to finance infrastructure projects and restructure some of the debt accumulated by financing development projects.

It has also provided an added incentive for the authorities to be more prudent and implement policies with a long-term perspective as the country is now subject to further attention of market forces, which while blessing ‘good behavior’ punish severely any ‘wrongdoing'”. 

Now we are being punished severely for our wrongdoing!  

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Latest comments

  • 19

    Our problems are not economic problems: problems brought on by the economy.

    Our problems are economic problems brought on by the inept politicians.

    What we have are political problems.

    It’s nothing but typical-Lankan moronic to say the youth/inexperienced/new can’t solve the problems. The worst they can do is bankrupt the blooming country. Which is already done by the “experienced” politicians who have been in the game for almost half a decade!

    Ranil’s great economic wizardry/talent he boasted about ……….. is nothing more than declaring the country bankrupt and stop paying the interest on our loans/debt ….. and paying for gasoline and cooking-gas with the funds saved. Presto! queues gone: Ranil is a self-described magician enthusiastically supported by self-described Einsteins.

    Ranil is also responsible for the bankruptcy: the highest number/value of sovereign bonds were issued during his last tenure as the prime minister. He was borrowing to pay interest on Mahinda’s borrowings. Ranil didn’t solve the problem but just kicked the can down the road …… for the next generation/youth to carry the old geriatric bastards burden and solve/deal with it once they are gone.

    • 15


      This state of affairs can’t go on: something has to change.

      The name doesn’t matter …… ‘system’ or whatever the fuck you want to call or not to call it …… has to change.

      What will the new look like? Who the hell knows! …… Could it be any worse than now?

      • 14

        Nimal, you’re absolutely right. People are so happy to parrot half baked BS told by their cunning politicians. I’m still struggling to understand, “how on earth, so called educated / literate retards could continue such idiocy for 75 years.

        • 3

          “how on earth, so called educated / literate retards could continue such idiocy for 75 years”
          Just look at the bigger democracies for an explanation?
          People believed that Iraq had WMD.
          People believed that the Taliban had a hand in the 9/11 terror.
          They even believe that the US had nothing to do with the NordStream pipe blasts.
          The “so called educated / literate retards” have no geographic boundaries. They can populate whole nations and include those who call others various names.

          • 4

            Are you trying to prove you’re one of them.

      • 12

        NF, nothing like plain speaking!

      • 4

        1/”During 2015-2019 US$ 1,064 million was spent on imports of ‘private vehicles’. RW reported a 61% increase over MR. (see Table 78 of the Statistical Appendix).”

        That’s because “import of so-called luxury vehicles” is a primary source of government revenue with high interest rates for consumers. They were able to cover up people’s subsidies with that government revenue. It has been proven that an illegal route to government revenue does not last long in any country. That profitable business is drug trafficking, which is carried out with the direct intervention of Mahinda Rajapaksa (Nimal Lanza, the murdered Makandure Madush and several other drug lords). Bulk import of hazardous agrochemicals and import of alcohol and pharmaceuticals were not forgotten. Those businessmen acted like “their own body parts” of the Rajapaksa regime giving publicity to the media mafia and preventing the truth and facts behind these barbaric activities.


        • 5

          “The over-appreciated rupee eroded the value of the class that shopped for glitz and drove Maserati’s Porches and Mercedes Maybachs. The wretches of the earth did not complain. They lived. They were content to let even the patriarch choose what brand they were given.” Had a good night’s sleep!”

          I visited Bali a few years ago. What caught my eye there was that their vehicle fleet consisted mostly of Japanese vehicles. normal vehicles had more than they needed to sustain their economy and today’s affairs.
          They don’t have super luxury vehicles imported from West and South East Asian countries like in our begging country.

          Why on earth do people who imported to a country like ours get involved in luxury vehicles? If the roads are improved, carpeted and properly maintained, why on earth are we importing the priceless vehicles into the country?

          The idiotic acts, the displays of the Rajapaksa regime undermined the culture of Sri Lanka and also destroyed the mentality of the yellow pet community. The story of Ummagga Jataka makes it clear that if one becomes a monk, one should give up attachment to anything. That’s what makes you shake your head. However, the Sri Lankan style of Sinhala Buddhist monks becomes like the street prostitutes of New York City. ::::Many people don’t respect them today…. They did it themselves.

    • 3

      nf, So cleverly announcing the problem as geriatric bastards, you said it all. Push into abolishing this dictator executive presidency

  • 3

    People are comfortable. Only Ranil is saying people are not saying
    Citizens are the cause, citizens are the effect.
    Once the citizens wake up from Minimal Activities hopelessness it’s time for their last wish.
    Why keep election swinging like the boat as postal vote since people are comfortable as you will win the election as second throne speech We have been able to safely guide after 66 % TAX,

  • 9

    What could one expect from a man who has been an abject failure in a professional career in politics spanning almost half a century? Now that he has his hands on the wheel, he seems to be hell bent on punishing the hoi polloi who unceremoniously dumped him from his own electorate. He single-handedly destroyed the UNP, now he’s going straight for the jugular – a hapless nation of ignorant bystanders.

  • 2

    S de A, Leaders can be idiots and not know it except that their plans are vicious. Lack of money for elections can go on for ever and ever, even up to 1948 centenary. Imprison dictators now even violently to save what is left of this nation, even to sing the national anthem and jayamangalani.

  • 4

    Looking at the most recent leaders, much hyped CBK, took corruption to new heights but in a subtle manner, her successor, MR, the humble party loyalist, out did mentor CBK when it came to corruption & probably due to his lack of education, did it blatantly, then came slimy Sira, another village yokel, completely out of his depth, did his best to out perform MR in the corruption game, gathering much ‘hay’ as he could while the ‘sun shined’. Then came dumb GR who knew only to follow orders in the Army, suddenly in a position to give orders, & did so like a monkey with a razor blade, & finally, RW, a failed politician, given the hot seat by the grace of God.

    In this despicable lot, RW stands out as better, & to be fair, Slimy Sira was always an obstacle for him but RW also had cronies around him who helped themselves to the gravy train. However, whatever sympathy I had for RW went out of the window when I saw him responding to a question about his responsibility in the Easter bombing by an Indian journalist on TV. His words, quote -‘Wat’ to do? I was not informed – unquote, with a stupid grin on his face, said it all. He is incompetent – period. His laissez faire approach maybe OK in good times but not when the country is in dire straits.

    • 2

      Our people fall for anyone’s easy tricks. Although a revolution in information technology has changed the world for many countries today, Sri Lankan youth are the same. Many YouTubers who were part of the “struggle” are doing the same style of spreading myths to grab their “dollars” from the YouTube company. They don’t care about the long term impact of the nation, they are fooled by their myths that the videos spread. Opportunism and selfishness are the habits of earning their living today.
      The South Asian mindset is unique to their DNA. Europeans would not be able to imagine it, however, Asians would not be so opposed. Europeans will see “karma” as something exotic that is praised in Asia, however, if they live in such countries, they will not tolerate it.


      • 2

        Neither are Africans because the culture of Africa, South Asia is more similar and their poverty levels allow them to easily follow myths so my creators and myth spreaders can make millions by abusing the gullible mindset of the masses. So the message is so long poverty remains, nothing would change a lot in a country of our nature.

        Media bias misled the nation and falsely praised Rajapaksa’s capabilities. They the media is speechless today, but they continue their bias also today.
        The catalysts were Sangha forces, artists (Jackson Anthony, Malani Fonseka, Geeta Kumarasinghe etc) and media scumbags (dearna Beach boy, Delete jayaweera and Reno Silva of Hiru).
        The Abhayarama temple where they gathered to mobilize the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna resembled a brothel of a gang of pimps.
        Nevertheless, the yellow pets were kept high in the society, fooled the majority and distorted the mood – all this for the activities of the voters.

  • 8

    “He is at the top of the mountain. That isn’t good enough. He must demonstrate his mastery of the mountain. This line should be deleted.”

    I think there was an editing problem.

    “Sri Lanka has a reputation for ‘kicking the can down the road’ – this leads to problems avoided rather than solved in the long term.”

    This applies not only to economic management but also to dealing with the Tamil-Muslim national question. After all, it led to a 30-year war, devastation, loss of thousands of lives, international intervention, and a massive brain drain, all of which ultimately led to more borrowing and economic fallout.

    And yet, the country’s leaders are still content to let the people be misled by Buddhist monks and extremist or cunning politicians, still not focused on creating the conditions for all ethnic groups to thrive and to have a reverse brain drain from the diaspora that can contribute to economic growth.

  • 6

    “Now we are being punished severely for our wrongdoing! “
    We have a habit of blaming others for the failure of ours. It is the failure of the people that encouraged the politicians and religious fundamentalists to do the wrong doing. This island had a very long history of success but the period when the state become in the hands of those Buddhist Fundamentalists and few Capitalist families who sold the religions for financial benefits. e.g. DS Senanayaka to Ranils who were in power from the so called independence. They all have blood and corrupted money on their hands. The law and the constitution of this nation made to safe guard crimes and corruption of the politicians and religious fundamentalists.

  • 8

    Chiv and OC,

    Comments are closed under the article where I posted two poems by ChatGPT on capitalism, so let me explain it here.
    ChatGPT as a language model doesn’t have full awareness. It is very susceptible to suggestions. In the first case, I explicitly asked it to write a poem on why capitalism is ‘fundamentally flawed?’ And for the second one, I asked why capitalism is good.
    Also, it regenerates the poem when asked again, not repeating the same.
    See this:

    In the world of wealth and money,
    Where fortunes rise and fall,
    The game of capitalism,
    Can leave many feeling small.

    The rules are set by those in power,
    And the players, too, must play,
    But the game is rigged from the start,
    In a system where greed holds sway.

    For those at the top, the riches flow,
    As they hoard and amass their gain,
    While those at the bottom struggle,
    To make ends meet, toiling in vain.

    Inequality reigns supreme,
    And it only seems to grow,
    With each passing day and year,
    As the system deals another blow.

    The environment pays the price,
    As resources are exploited,
    And the pursuit of profit,
    Means that life is often shorted.

    So we must ask ourselves, is this the way,
    A society should be run,
    Where a select few control the wealth,
    And the rest are left with none?

    Capitalism may have its merits,
    But its flaws cannot be denied,
    For a system built on exploitation,
    Is not one we should abide.

    • 5

      Yes, ChatGPT is sometimes inconsistent. On one occasion, it supplied family details of person A. The next day, it put forward moral objections against providing details of person B. I pointed this out and got a sort of apology. The next day, it freely supplied details of person B. Perhaps it is amenable to argument, learning from experience ?

    • 5

      Agnos, pretty interesting. To be honest I think it’s not far from reality. The west should combine their Capitalism with some reasonable and realistic Socialism to narrow the gap. The rich should be taxed , but not at the expense of hardworking daily wagers. Instead of subsidiaries people who deserve should be provided with Education, Health , vocational education, training and placement, address inter racial issues so that there is real progress through commitment.

      • 4

        As long ChatGPT being susceptible to suggestions, in our pre arranged monthly Zoom discussion yesterday with my medical school friends around the world , some are already using though limited to practice. I guess, the thoughts are with time, ChatGPT too like our brains will develop new neurons to store information. When real clinical information provided ChatGPT seems to be flawless in making absolutely appropriate decisions.

  • 7

    There are many writers displaying their writing skills in CT and elsewhere Criticizing Ranil Wickremasinghe. Then there are many comment posters, who believe they are some Pundits of sorts spitting their two cents worth feeling elated, equally berating Ranil Wickremasinghe projecting as a Failure. Ironically, beating all their predictions and expectations, Ranil Wickreasinghe ascends as the President, defying his Critic’s claim that he will never become the President of this country ever, proving all wrong. Now that he has become the President, they are all Hoping and Praying him to fail, little knowing that we all will have to suffer. But these Critics care less, as long as Ranil Wickremasinghe is ousted, which is their main concern. It is like cutting one’s nose to spite the face. These are the supposed ardent Patriots, who love this country more than their lives. They are certainly free to have their say. But Ranil Wickremasinghe will have his way. He will salvage this country establishing Law and Order with an independent Judiciary and a Police Force with a disciplined society, in time to come, not very far away, although these Critics will want it to happen overnight. What miserable people we have living amongst us?

    • 7

      This is a strange country. Everyone is quick to criticize without offering alternatives.
      Consider the media presentation of the rice and egg situation . Six months ago, they showed people buying rice at 300 rupees. Now they show farmers grumbling that the price of rice is too low.
      Wen eggs were going at 75 rupees, the cry was for imports. Now the egg producers are saying bird flu will wipe them out!
      I wonder how the Indian farmers didn’t get wiped out?

      • 5

        Can you please tell us what particular decision of Ranil reduced the price of an egg or did away with petrol queues ? Was it only he who knew ? Why was it not done before ?

        When you look at a government there are thousands involved. Did Gamini Dissanayake make the Mahaweli project ? Did MR defeat Prabakaran ?

        Today in Pakistan many things are cheaper than in SL and there are no petrol queues. Is there a brilliant man running Pakistan ?

  • 3

    Now it’s very easy to blame Mr.Soft but if he couldn’t make it who is there to lead
    Even Gota knows his loyals like Johnston Ganampiilai Soorawamsa Vasu GL patiya pada patali…….
    Even his own brothers not going to stable the country and reduce the cues for
    Now this aiyo samylas threatening and warning there will be blood path ,test the water by electricity enjoying the subsidies with V8s
    These kiri baths now coming to the streets, pay for it you modoyos instead of Hambatota air port should have improve the regional air port and having BIA as hub.same as the harbour, the port city we have plenty vast bare land we are not Hong Kong.

    • 2

      “Now it’s very easy to blame Mr.Soft but if he couldn’t make it who is there to lead”
      What did Mr.Soft do when “Aragalaya” was protesting. Very softly told Gota, you go out immediately and I will look after you and your way.

  • 0

    Excellent analysis Sarath de Alwis, except for the part : “We cannot prevent or even attempt to dilute the penetration of political, social, and cultural superstructure of global capitalism. If Comrade AKD doesn’t like it, he can lump it.’

    You see, when stupid Lankan politicians attempt to enter global markets (on the backs of the hardworking-suffering-Lankan -Masses……..ancient Egypt style; American tobacco farms with slave-labour style……….and yet fails ALL the time for the very fact that our Lankan people are slaves ; thus modern capitalism in Motherland never having the spark to ignite capitalism)……….. the rest of the global capitalized world will be relieved when a stupid country like ours finally becomes Communist!

    The two ideologies will complement each other. A natural symbiosis will be formed. Newest World Order thinking!

  • 0

    We welcome the essay of Sarath de Alvis. Not disappointing, but still agonizing was that none of the Patriotic Opposition had criticized Evils’ Slavery Day Thrown Lecture. Probably this is the only one I came across directly questioning Evil’s gaming plan. Sumanthiran PC had criticized here about a “Thrown Speech” in a wastepaper basket, based mainly on his personal expectation, that was on the “Secret Solution.” When Sumanthiran was a close associate of Evil Emperor, he challenged himself to quit politics if could not bring the Federal Constitution through the Secret Solution. (It was Sumanthiran who won the case at SC for Mavai that Federal is not separation). Interestingly, Evil had flatly denied that he ever said to anybody any solution was possible. Recently another talk is also out that the Indian FAM, the Demola Pariah Dr. Jaisankar had told Evil, as no government in Langkang will implement 13A, so it should be ok for TNA (There is nothing as TNA anymore) to accept whatever Evil is gracing by his heart. The ship Langkang and its 40 years of Captain Evil Emperor became the painted picture, because of Evil’s evaluation of everybody in the world as like Sampanthan Aiyya, i.e., are only painted pictures. But unfortunately, the Communist China is virulent wind, and President Xi Jinping very much a assail bird in that wind.

  • 0

    There is a lesson teaching Nursery poem, taught in our time, “Kuruvi Ondru Marathile, Koodu Onrai Kaddiyee Arumai Kunchu Mooraiyum Athu valarthu Vanthau.” What is said in that the mother bird, when it was time, tried to teach her chicks to fly. Two of them found thrill in learning that wonderful lesson. One lazy chick repeatedly skipped the practice saying he did not want to go today and waited in the tree hole for mother to bring food when they return home. One sunny morning, the forest became bursting vivacity; all the birds started to chirp, twist and flirt in the airy sky. Moma bird called her little kids, “Children let us go to find food for us.” As usual the two of them followed but her, the lazy one remained. On that unfortunate day, a hunter the searching for bird holes on the trees claimed this chick tree, picked up it for a tasty curry. Singapore, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh………. Story after of the bird chicks flew away in time before the Covid-19 or Ukraine war. But the Lazy one waiting for the China commission is in the curry chatti, turned into another Peking Duck today. Racist UNP & specifically Evil, take the pride of having turned Ceylon into curried chicken.

  • 0

    In 2015, West and India brokered a regime change and throne the Evil, first time, with his 19A. In one year, as a revenge to India and the West, he sold the Hangbangtota Harbour to China, felt mighty on that achievement, and then called the American Ambassador, Athul Keshap to his office and kicked on the butt. He used all the energy of the government to protect Old Royals, locally and internationally, from any of the crimes Royals committed. He retaliated against India, West, UNHRC, UN, IMF, WB, FATF. FATF broke the back of Langkang rupee’s exchange ability, opposing Evil and Magala bringing Foreign Exchange Fraud Amnesty Act of 2017 to save the Royals robbed money by laundering into Langkang. That is the final nail bang into the coffin of the Langlang Economy by Yahapalanaya. I repeated this story many times here. Once the exchange rate was out of control, Evil tried to quit Yahapalanaya and ran out of it. The Royal bragged that they could fix the exchange rate, but Chandrika laughed at them, shamed them as they knew nothing managing a country’s finance. Evil supported the Royals in 4/21 Tamil Churches bombing.

  • 0

    Evil protected the Old Rowdy King from the Unconstitutional Coup and that legal case. He went to Singapore Hospital to negotiate with Hitler King to take over the power. Then, one year earlier than the election time, he dismissed parliament to call the election, uncalled for.

    For 75 years, UNP had kept its rudder straight in destroying Tamils’ and the country’s economy, starting first on the Estate Industry. Evil, the Jewel of the crown within the UNP devils, pledged the country for the impunity for Royals’ crimes. West and Sampanthan Aiyya thought Evil is their man. But this foxy Evil maneuvered his ship though the innocent volunteers’ faith & stupidity. Furthermore, Langkang is famous for setting up superpowers and warming them up in that fire. Tripping the superpowers’ relationship is easy because they often ride on a two-wheel bicycle. A small push is more than enough.

    Recently, Harsha, a Yahapalana performer with Evil, left the band because he was not given the FM position to him, advised Evil to ask America to release the IMF loan, if China is not cooperating with Langkang. So, the Evil dropped Erhu he was playing and took the fiddle in hand and now advertising to the media that the IMF is going to release the loan before March. We have to wait and see what it is going to be.

  • 0

    But why China would not tell IMF to release the loan to Langkang, after all, which for last 20-15 years have been a faithful dog of the master. The only reason could be it does not like Langkang getting money from IMF, it is against China built BRICK development bank. IMF’s object is putting the countries on autopilots, instead of these sucking predatory lenders. Langkang had not shown until now that is gutted to oppose China, ditch it in the sewage pit and accept the loan from IMF. Without export there is no exchange recovery. Without FDI no export. IMF loan is not FDI, it must come from private investors. China must give 30-40 years deferment for Langkang to come back to normal and repay. Defending on 2year guarantee and ignoring China is like Langkang giving up Arasanaiyum Purusanaiyum at the same time. Without China and West in one line, there is no recovery for Langkang. At this era of the economy, anybody knows a b c of it knows all countries need China and West and India for their smooth trade operation. In that situation, Moda Harsha advice to cut the Langkang’ umbilical code with China for $2.9B loan for 4 years in only to fully drone in Marianna trench. Why did IMF president personally negotiate with China for Langkang? Anybody has an answer for this?

  • 0

    In 2013, Old Rowdy played the same game for China, he was playing for India-Sampanthar Aiyya. He told China, if they are not fixing the NuraiCholai Generators, he would give the maintenance contract to India. That’s it; 50 of the Government Computers came down immediately. Old Rowdy not just gave back Nuraicholai maintenance to China, he even gave the maintenance of government computers to China, so legally China will be responsible to bring them back if it makes them die.

    When IMF president tried to negotiate with China on behalf of Langkang (an unusual step of IMF President) China is pointed out that it is a mid-income level country and Langkang too mid-income level country so it cannot write off their Langkang loans. Further it is pointing out the IMF is asking China to write off its loan and have a rigid term clause to have IMF loans collected fully. So, practically, that is, as per China’s opinion, the IMF is forcing Langkang to obtain a loan from China and settle back to the IMF and wants to cancel China’s loan. That is unfair, absolutely random & arbitrary.

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    If China is discontinued from the settlement group (creditors) of Langkang, the two years moratorium China gave is no longer binding on China.

    We cannot predict if one is hit with a multi-pronged mace, how the wound is going to look, or how it is going to hurt. This time the setup is the IMF over China. Whenever more the Sinhala Intellectual believed they were smarties, the more they clawed into China’s hook. Let us wait to see what direction Harsha Moda’s advice turns into.

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