25 September, 2023


An Appeal To The President

By Rajeewa Jayaweera –

Rajeewa Jayaweera

Mr President,

The media frenzy, following the testimony by Minister for Foreign Affairs and National Lotteries on Wednesday, 02 August before the Commission of Inquiry appointed by you and his claims ‘I did not know’ and ‘I cannot remember’ to the origins of his over a million rupees a month abode for half a year, has been unprecedent. 

6.2 million voters took your word and elected you to the highest office in the land on January 09, 2015. The bond scam took place within six weeks of your election to office on a Good Governance platform.   

Both electronic and print media besides social media and gossip columns are agog with news reports and comments related to the minister’s testimony. The rumor mills are working overtime. The current guessing game in some sections of the media and political circles of minister concerned being requested by you to resign and his denials is unbecoming.   

Despite the difficulty in accepting statement made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and National Lotteries of not having known the origins of the luxury apartment obtained by his wife and daughter, he, currently must be given the benefit of doubt and considered innocent till proven guilty.

However, his ministerial functions related to foreign affairs necessitates him to meet world leaders, representatives from multi-lateral organizations and a host of opinion makers in the international community. The United Nations General Assembly is due to begin in September and he would either represent this nation or at least be a member of the delegation. To carry out such duties on behalf of the nation while being under a corruption cloud amounts to shaming the nation. Besides, it is unethical.

In developed countries, similar situations would result in ministers tendering their resignation post-haste.  Maintaining current status quo is not a viable option.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s newly appointed Defense Minister Sylvie Goulard had to resign from government after a magistrate launched a preliminary investigation into allegations of her party misusing European parliament funds. Similarly, President Macron’s Justice Minister, Francois Bayrou, tasked with promoting a law to clean up politics, a key election pledge by Macron, resigned following allegations of misuse of European Parliament funds by his party. It may be noted, both resignations took place prior to commencement of investigations. 

Your indecision to remove former Governor of Central Bank till such time his contract expired earned you no plaudits. Let there be no repetition.     

You will recollect, you travelled to London in May 2016 at state expense to participate at the Anti-corruption summit in London, hosted by former British Prime Minister David Cameron. During your address, you stated; “The people reacted strongly against corruption by changing the corrupt administration by the power of the ballot, by changing the government in January 2015 at the Presidential election and again at the parliamentary election in August 2015. The people acting democratically got rid of the corrupt leaders and their supporters”. Let not nature repeat itself in 2020 

Your Prime Minister and your good-self erred when you appointed the minister concerned as Finance Minister in January 2015 while he was under investigation for money laundering. He could have been appointed after he was exonerated of charges.

This is an appeal to avoid making a similar mistake. For the sake of what is left of the good name of this country, your government and your name, the minister concerned should be requested to step down till the Commission of Inquiry has completed its deliberations and arrived at its conclusions. He could always be reappointed, if and when his name has been cleared. 

I quote once again from your speech at the Anti-corruption summit in London; “The current national unity government, consisting of the two major political parties in the parliament, one under my leadership and the other led by Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, we were elected to office on the policy platform of good governance, democracy, and rule of law. Therefore, we consider it our prime duty to root out corruption from the country.”

Deeds Mr President and not words are the need of the hour.

In conclusion, may I state Mr President, I am thankful to your administration for paving the way for the publication of missives such as this, in the media, since January 09, 2015. 

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    I don’t think President will here. Earlier, Mahinda Rajapakse gave white van rides to those people because that was his way. MY3 has learned it from Ranil and they pretend they do not here anything. MY3 showed that when he became the president by appointing the politicians who rejected by people. That is humiliating the voters. It is not your words that counts. That is the think of evey politician. Ranil does the same. I KNOW NOTHING RAVI openly has said that. Sri lankan politics is a complete fraud and they are living lives with public money. IT says, even Mahinda Rajapakse and Ranil have MOUs. SO, they will oneday might gang up. JVP is also getting money via Malik Samarawickrama. So, JVP is silent.

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      Rajeewa Jayaweera,

      President Sirisena is part of the gang of thieves, crooks and killers, and he is protecting the killers by using various rouses. He certainly has let down tgose who voted to elect him.

      That is why he has earned the Titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona ( Colloquial Sinhala) , Mala-Perethaya ( from those killed by MaRa and cronies), from all those who voted for him, as he is bent in protecting the MaRa Crooks and well as the Yahapalanaya crooks.

  • 2

    Sorrysena is gone unless he punishes Ravi, Arjun, Arjuna and Rajafucksas.

    End of story.

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    Mr Jayaweera makes a valid plea. My contacts in the diplomatic watering holes tell me that the misfortunes of our Minister of Foreign Affairs are being followed with great interest. Some anticipate a future where the Hon Minister will be able to claim to forget many things; conveniently. War? What war? and so on, and so forth. Opens up all sorts of possibilities.

    Anyway, Mr Prez and the Pee-Em are hoping that all this pakka-kathawa will end following a favourable confluence of the Yahapalanaya stars after yesterdays full moon, and every one can live happily ever after.

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    I heard in a TV program can not do that. Instead, AG can recommend to President to do it. Rnil wickemasinghe can do that as the prime minister. But Raniil will not ask RK to resign as Ranil appointed a MP who was aught in Money laundering and Money laundering is now proved as one Lakshmi Kanthan had brought Rs 75 ad Rs 70 million bags had been deposited in his companies vaults and his wife had used that money to pay for the pent house.

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    Dear Mr: Jayaweera, please try to understand that this is a game being played by two sets of thieves and neither party will change this, so, it is upto the intellectuals of this country to get together and form a political party with the sole intention of salvaging this country from the depths in all spheres it has deteriorated into.

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      If there are intellectuals in our country they can be loaded into a single CTB bus.No one will hear them. Just do not waste your time.

      People will get their leaders.
      Lions will have lion as their leader
      Foxes will do the same.
      So let our majority decides whom they want

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    Writing is on the wall. Ravi must go.

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    Mr Jayaweera

    Good of you to remind the President of his commitment at the International Anti Corruption forum. However, I think he just read what was written by a professional speech writer & never intended to do anything about it, knowing very well his own family are also implicated in corruption. Just like a frog in the well, he seem ignorant of world affairs & the integrity expected of a leader, probably assuming that pledges to an International audience are soon forgotten, like in SL. After all, there is Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, Mugabe, Kim Jong Un, & many more, past & present, all heroes to the misinformed people of their respective countries.

    I don’t think he is too bothered about his credibility internationally, as long as, he can extend his term in office to the maximum period possible to earn enough for a comfortable retirement, not only for himself himself, but generations to come as well. Similarly, RK also has no scruples when it comes to looking people in the eye with all his sordid dealings but in the eyes of the world, SL’s credibility is at question with Foreign Minister still in office even with an on going allegations of corruption, money laundering, & obviously, conflicts of interest, being investigated. Therefore, SL is likely to be dismissed as just another corrupt third world country & sends out a wrong message to potential investors & donors but I doubt very much if the President (& PM) & all the cronies are bothered.

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    you guys are gullible.
    Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist Country.
    The apparent feud between UNP and SLFP leadership is a mirage.
    The leaders of all Sinhala political parties belong to the ruling class or to the I scratch your back class.
    The real issue in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese against the Tamils.
    The Tamils are divided but they are the minority
    The Sinhalese are divided on the surface you scratch the surface you see the corrupt Sinhala establishment.
    what we need strong minority force to keep the check and balances.
    A LTTE with the same force and appeal as a policing influence rather than a terrorist image

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