7 December, 2023


An Open Letter To The High Commissioner For Human Rights – Part III

By Brian Senewiratne – 

Dr. Brian Senewiratne

Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) governments – unable to govern

A feature of every government since Independence in 1948 is that they have had no idea of proper governance. This is a serious problem especially where there are two separate nations in one country – in Sri Lanka a Sinhalese Nation and a Tamil Nation.


There has been a mass relocation of Sinhalese from the South to the Tamil areas by the Government. What is not widely known is that the Sinhalese military and police who have quit their jobs are being relocated in the North with their families.

The result is a massive increase in the number of Sinhalese in the North and East. If this continues, the North and East will be dominated by Sinhalese. The electoral consequences are obvious. This will not  be reversible as has happened in Amparai in the East, which was a Tamil area that has been ‘Sinhalised’.

The long-term objective of accelerated Sinhalisation of the Tamil area is to destroy the Tamil homeland and establish a monoethnic identity throughout the island – a Sinhala-Buddhist nation.


Buddhist temples and structures are proliferating in an area where there are no Buddhist civilians. The only Buddhists are members of the Armed Forces and Police.

What often happens is that a ‘Bo-tree” (Ficus Religiosa) is planted in an area which is then declared a Buddhist sacred site. A Buddhist temple is then erected.

The British Tamils Forum (BTF) has published an excellent book, “Proliferating Buddhist Structures in Tamil homeland – Sowing the seeds of Disharmony”.

Poverty and unemployment in the North

Poverty and unemployment are higher in the Northern Province than anywhere else in Sri Lanka. At the Northern Provincial Council’s 2nd budget reading on 12/12/17, the then Chief Minister of the Northern Council, Justice Wigneswaran, said that out of all 25 districts in Sri Lanka, Kilinochchi was the poorest. Mullaitivu which was previously the poorest is now number 2 on the list of poverty by district.  Jaffna is the 5th poorest district.

The level of unemployment is also highest in the Northern Province than in any other province.

Sexual violence in the North and East

Sexual violence has increased across the Northern Province. Women widows in their 20s are sexually assaulted at work. Women teachers are sexually assaulted in schools. Gangs commit sexual violence for money.

Unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancies are an issue. Many men come to Jaffna from other places, have relationships with women, marry them and then leave them. Society shuns these women seeing them as indecent.

Sex is a taboo subject in Tamil culture. As such, sex education is not taught or taught poorly. In what is still a male dominated society, such issues are difficult to deal with.

My book Sri Lanka: Sexual violence of Tamils by the Armed Forces has nearly doubled in size in two years since it was first published in 2015.  It is now (March 2019) 264 pages.

Violation of human rights

There continues to be involuntary ‘disappearances’, abduction, arrest without warrant, illegal detention   at unknown sites and a failure to release those who are being held without charge or trial. Nothing has changed in the North and East with the replacement of the dreadful Rajapaksa regime by Sirisena. All of this has been well documented in several publications, including publications by Amnesty International, a Nobel Prize winner.

The 2017/18 Amnesty International Annual report spells it out.   Concerns have been raised about arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and other ill-treatment, enforced ‘disappearances’, impunity that has persisted for crimes under international law, harassment and surveillance of Tamils in the North and East by security forces, the finding by UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that the PTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) was disproportionately used against Tamils and was discriminatory in effect and that violence, including sexual violence, persisted against women and girls.

The Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA)

The PTA has been condemned by every human rights group in the world. It has been used for extensive violation of human rights. It has been used for numerous illegal arrests, detention without charge or trial, ‘disappearances’, sexual violence, torture and much more.

The current Sri Lankan government committed in the several UN Human Rights Council Resolutions  to repeal the PTA and replace it with anti-terrorism legislation in line with “contemporary international best practice”.

A ‘Counter-Terrorism Act’ (CTA) was drafted by the government. Rather than reining in the PTA’s definition of ‘terror’, the CTA expanded upon it, criminalising any activity that threatens the ‘unity’ of Sri Lanka. This includes gathering information to supply to a third party deemed (by the Sri Lankan government) as a threat to Sri Lanka’s unity. The potential for local activists collecting information about human rights abuses being accused and charged with ‘terrorism’ is very real.

In early January 2018, the Sri Lankan cabinet approved the CTA. This was slammed by civil society groups stating that it fails to meet international standards and “leaves the door open for future abuse”.


Torture by the Sri Lankan Military and Police is widespread, especially in the Tamil North and East. This has been well documented by the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP)[1] administered by the Foundation for Human Rights South Africa under its director, transitional justice expert, Yasmin Sooka.

The ITJP  has a detailed account of ‘Joseph Camp’ (Joint Operational Security Forces Headquarters – JOSFH) in the middle of Vavuniya town in the North. It is the main torture centre in the Tamil area. Torture rooms and equipment used for torture are clearly seen.

There are more than 40 other torture sites in Sri Lanka run by the Police and Armed Forces and include the notorious CID (Criminal Investigation Department) torture site in Colombo, the dreaded “4th Floor” where torture has been well documented. This has not changed after President Sirisena took over the country.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)[2] put this well: “Torture is part of the day-to-day operation of the Sri Lankan State………Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that Sri Lanka is a ‘Torture Republic’. The only inaccuracy may be about the word ‘Republic’, given the constitutional changes which have virtually created an authoritarian system”.

National reconciliation is nonsense

I have published a detailed paper which is on the net [3]“Why National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka is not possible”. The Government, past or present, has no interest in national reconciliation – a term used to bluff the international community.

Genocide of the Tamil people

I have dealt with this in detail in an article on the net[4]. It is not only physical genocide but cultural, linguistic, religious, economic and structural genocide. All these terms have been defined and justified in my article.

The need to establish a vaid legal and justice system in the North and East

Court cases, especially when the accused is a member of the Armed Forces or Police in the North and East, are being transferred to the Sinhalese South. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the victim and witnesses (Tamils) to go to the new location which is miles away and where the proceedings could be in Sinhala – a language they do not understand. As a result, the case is usually dropped and the culprit gets away with no conviction.

This is unacceptable. Court cases that come up for hearing in the Tamil North and East must be heard in Courts in that area.

Chaos in Jaffna

It is not widely appreciated by the outside world that the social situation in Jaffna is chaotic.

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs are being brought by the Navy from Kerala in South India and sold in Jaffna. Illicit drugs are freely available and sold even to school-going teenagers, some as young as 11 years. The increased use of drugs has increased the crime rate massively.   Drug users commit murder, rape and all sorts of crimes. Drug dealers are openly selling them. They are also being sold in villages, creating huge issues for the community.

Domestic violence

There has been a marked increase in domestic violence after the end of the armed conflict.  Drugs, alcohol, the husband being unemployed and not earning any money, the husband believing that his wife is having an affair (largely untrue), are some of the causes. There are even more serious issues which I will not deal with until I am able to verify them.

Women tolerate this violence for the sake of the children and they do not want to lose the respect of the community.

Women rarely report these cases to the Police for fear that there will be no action. When the situation becomes critical and they cannot bear the physical violence, they seek help from NGOs (Non-government Organisations) but there are too few and are poorly resourced.

 Sinhalese Police

The Police are 95% Sinhalese and do not know Tamil. This language problem means that many cases go unreported or if a case is reported, the process is long and drawn out and often ineffective.

Often the Police just tell people to come back because they do not have a translator. The message finally gets through that it is an exercise in futility.

Corrupt Police and Armed Forces

The Police and Armed Forces are corrupt. The Sri Lankan Police are reported to be the most corrupt in the world.

The Police, Army and Navy are involved with in the drug problem plaguing Jaffna. As such they are not trustworthy particularly if the criminal act is drug related and involves the Armed Forces and Police.

Some of this is dealt with in my book on Sexual Violence of Tamils which I have referred to earlier.

Women-headed families (WHF)

There are 69,000 women-headed families in the Northern Province of whom 34,000 are in Jaffna.

A great deal of money is wasted by the government building houses that are of little use. If this money is given to families, they could build larger and far more useful homes for far less money.

Many of these women do hard labour to support their families. Some of their children also work from an early age to support the family. Children having to work have an adverse effect on school work.

The definition of women-headed families (those who have lost their husbands during the war) is too restricted. There are many who are unmarried women with children, divorced women with children, and women with alcoholic or unemployed husbands who do not work. However, they are not officially recognised as needing help.

[1] https://www.google.com.au/search?q=itjp&oq=it&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j35i39l2j0l3.9652j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

[2] http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AHRC-SIM-127-2014

[3] https://www.scribd.com/document/36771329/Reconciliation-in-Sri-Lanka-Brian-Senewiratne

[4] https://briansenewiratne.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/genocide-of-tamil-people-in-srilanka.html

An Open Letter To The High Commissioner For Human Rights

An Open Letter To The High Commissioner For Human Rights – Part II

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Latest comments

  • 4

    Thank you. Very much. Now we will have to read all the abuse lies and concocted history from many Sinhalese and some Muslim bloggers

    • 1

      William Samuel Waithman Ruschenberger
      A Voyage Round the World: Including an Embassy to Muscat and Siam in 1835 ..

      When the Portuguese first visited Ceylon, they found it inhabited by two tribes or nations differing widely from each other. Those living on the north part of the island were called Vedas, and, like the Scotch Highlanders, were associated in warlike tribes under a patriarchal government. The Singhalese, who resided on the southern extremity of the island, compared with the vedas, were civilized, wearing clothes and being divided into castes as in India. They were Boudhists, but the vedas had no religion. They were also warlike, and often prevailed over Europeans in consequence of their superior knowledge of the mountainous country.

  • 5

    I think you are too old to learn new things. But why the hell not teach you anyway!

    The North-East of Sri Lankan soil is where Sinhala Buddha was born, lived and attained the final Parinibbana. The Sri Lankan history before the 2500 year mark is now out in the open.

    Not just the Buddha a Sinhala person, I could go on revealing more but there is enough here to digest I feel. Digest and reflect on your life’s work.

    I think it’s good to know the score before the final day comes. There will be no surprises when you emerge from the other side.

    • 3

      Jumbu or Parmbu, you must be the most ignorant man under the sun. To identify the greatest of all saints Lord Buddha a Sinhala person is a huge insult to him. I am ashamed to identify myself as Shinhalese. I have worked with practically every race in the world. The scrap like Singhalese are seldom to be found. Recall what happened to the money kind souls donated to the Tsunami victims. Is it necessary to tell you more?

      • 2


        I think it’s strange to identify oneself as Sinhalese but find it an insult Buddha could be one!

        Nevertheless, I have given the link up there for everyone to read. Open the link under the name “Jambu” first.

        Then being specifics so I can address them.

        • 3

          ” I think it’s strange to identify oneself as Sinhalese but find it an insult Buddha could be one! ”

          (Good one man!)

          But why would you call “Sinhala Buddha”? There was only one Buddha; Hindu Buddha. He came from Lankawe (Ceylon) because Lankawe was one time 110% Tamil – Hindu country. Ask about it from Malay Hybrid Mahindapala. He could read it out from Mahanama’s Mahavamsa.

          You probably misunderstanding if hancho pancha is thinking Buddha is worse than the War Hero Old King ot the Brother Prince. Not that any way.

          • 1


            I feel you jumped the gun there somewhat. Reading the article I bring to this idea is a prerequisite..

            Just click on the name “Jambu” above and read the article underneath. It’s written even a child can understand.

            When you come back bring back an explanation to what Marco Polo the explorer said in this regard.

            • 0

              This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 4

    why cant the sinhalese live in the north when there are thousands of tamils living in the wellawatte area which is now a tamil ghetto in a sinhalese area

    • 5

      No body is opposing the Sinhalese coming to N/E on their own. They however, oppose the state sponsored colonization of the Tamil areas, so as to change the texture of the population. Tamil were never sponsored occupants of the south.. They came to the south in search of employment due to lack of development and employment opportunities in the N/E. No efforts are being made to revive and resurrect the Valaichenai paper factory . KKS cement factory, Paranthan Chemicals. Salterns etc. The offers made by foreign countries to revive the factories are not being entertained. Why?
      The whole purpose of Sinhala colonization is to reduce the representations in Parliament and refer to the Tamils as a ‘Microscopic Minorities.’
      Even if the Tamils as a whole are re-distributed to the south they can never overtake the Sinhales as thy are only 25%. But the Sinhalese can cause a Tsunami destruction of the Tamils by their 75%. 25 %can go into 75 % and get lost but 75% can never get lost into 25%.
      What ever the Tamils explain to the Sinhalese, it is pouring water on ducks back. We need at lest a 100 BRIANS to bring justice to Tamils.
      This is why Tamils require a Power Sharing under a Federal setup. Will yo like even your own siblings to occupy your homes and over run?

      • 4

        According to Dr. Sebastian Rasalingam who had studied the problem of social exploitation by the upper castes in the Tamil areas, one way of correcting the problem is the Sinaliazation of the North and the Tamilization of the south.

        (See also the article in the Daily Mirror by Ahilan Kadirgamar pointing out the inequalities in the North created by Tamil caste system which has reared its ugly head again)
        Sinhalese should be encouraged to go to the North by giving them incentives. The Tamils need no incentive to come to the south, because that is what they have done all the time. The moment they get a bit rich they come south. If they get even more rich to immigrate to the West.
        Now the Eelam Tamils are claiming that Toronto is the exclusive homeland of the Tamils, with the recently-rich-from-LTTE colelctions living in Markham.
        Bryan Seneviratne worked for the LTTE and he knows bvery well how the LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing of the Muslims from the North that he defended as a means of preserving Tamil culture and we know how he was recompensed for saying so. If there had been more sinhalese and Muslims in the North (as was the case in 1800 according to the account by Captain Percival), there would never have been a 30-year bloody war and ethnic cleansing

        • 3

          ‘… one way of correcting the problem is the Sinaliazation of the North and the Tamilization of the south’

          Nice idea!
          To make it a fair endeavour you would, l trust, also suggest to bring in Tamils from Tamil Nadu (who are your ancestors) until the ratio is equal before we do that

          • 0


            “… one way of correcting the problem is the Sinaliazation of the North and the Tamilization of the south’”

            good idea,but can you handle it. Traditionally we have been the buffer between tamilnadu and the sinhalese.People in tamilnadu won’t encroach or give trouble to the northeast because we share the same language and religion. Once we are gone and you take over the north and east, that attitude will change and constant trouble will break out from the teeming millions there.The million dollar question is can your armed forces handle it?To fight with less than 2 million tamils in the northeast it took 25 years and 25000 armed forces dead and 75000 injured.To fight against 80 million tamils what will be your casualties?I personally prefer your idea,but as you can see there is a catch to it.

            ps.i know you meant it only as a joke.I have a healthy respect for the shrewdness of the sinhalese who fool us by calling themselves modayas.I know all what i said would have been taken into consideration by sinhalese.

      • 1


        “They came to the south in search of employment due to lack of development and employment opportunities in the N/E.”

        Not only employment,for business too as the sinhalese constitute 75% of the market.You can’t expect the sinhalese copy the tamils and go to the north when there is as you rightly pointed out less development and business opportunities.

        therefore they need some incentive to go there and that is why the government helps them with state sponsored colonization.

        regardless of how and why it is done the end result is a mixing up of the population.We humans have to adapt and live with other humans in this increasingly globalised world.I think i have mixed and lived in the same shared houses of most of the ethnicities of the
        world,chinese,pakistanis,indians,philipinos,italians,anglosaxons,irish,scots,africans,latinos you name it and i have lived with all.I know their food,habits and culture intimately and am the richer for it.One thing i always noticed is there is more common things among all humans than differences.No mysteries there at all.

        • 4

          What a load of garbage. Incentives for Sinhalese to colonise Tamil areas to deliberately change the demography but no incentives or help for the Tamils to remain in their areas and develop them economically. Everything is done to empty the Tamil areas of Tamils and settle outsiders. You ought to have your head examined . If people want to mix or not mix that is their wish but the sate does not forcibly move or colonise the historic lands of one ethnic or racial group to deliberately change the demography and marginalise the other group. Utter rubbish. Looks like a Singhalese Buddhist Fascist posting nonsense under a fake Tamil identity

          • 1


            why don’t you just tell all the tamils who are outside the north and east to move back to their traditional homelands.If they do that then the sinhalese will not be able to point out to us that we are living among them but there are racists who howl in protest when they go to live with you.So the simple solution is to ask us who were born and bred in colombo to go back to our ancestral lands in north.

            So go on try to convince them to go back without shouting at me idiot.The culprits are the tamils living outside the north and east.If they go back we are halfway towards eelam in a natural manner aren’t we.So instead of bleating on this blog like a goat everytime colonisation is mentioned,just start a movement to convince the tamils outside north east to do their nationalistic sacrifice for tamil brotherhood and sisterhood and go back to ancestral land,otherwise sinhalese will occupy it,forget about their comforts here,think of future benefits in the long run,reverse the process of migration from northeast to south west.

            C’mon ROHAN you can do it.Where their is a will their is a way.Only problem for you is our patriotic tamils even if they get hammered won’t go back to their ancestral lands which they love so dearly and talk about the whole day.So you are going to have a difficult task unless you light a firecracker up their arse and point the direction to run to north and east.Meanwhile vacant lands will be occupied.Let alone in the north,if you leave a land vacant in the south it will be occupied.You can’t have the cake and eat it.Only solution is to go back to where we all came from.That is the first step towards safeguarding our ancestral land.

            i of course are a pragmatist.I look at what can be achieved and what can’t be.Then i try to find the best possible solutions for the tamils in the future.

            • 4

              Blah Blah Blah . Why did some one light a firecracker up yours? Looks like it that is why you are screeching and being selfish and posting stupid excuses. Tamils have legally purchased lands and opened businesses down south and if the north and east is developed , many not all will return, however when all Sri Lankan governments, armed forces and Sinhalese like you are only making life difficult/impossible for the Tamils already living in the north and east and a re forcing them , so that they can settle these emptied Tamil lands with Sinhalese from the south with all sorts of incentives and benefits and development schemes , that were denied to the Tamils who were living there, why should they return. The Sinhalese are getting a lot of freebies and Tamils nothing. Not even what is legally owed to them. Lots of Tamils are landless in the north and east and these vacant lands should be given to them first to utilise and develop them and not to outside Sinhalese or the armed forces and many of the Sinhalese are not settled on vacant lands but on ethnically cleansed Tamil lands , in many cases lands that were legally owned by Tamils, just like the armed forces stealing thousands of acres of privately owned Tamil lands. No other country does this. Lots of fertile vacant lands are available down south and the Sinhalese can be settle there or on the thousands of acres of property owned by rich Sinhalese families, instead on stolen Tamil lands in the north and east. I don’t see the state settling any Tamil on vacant lands down south, only Sinhalese own Tamil lands in the north and east. Your lame excuses to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing.

              • 0


                “Tamils have legally purchased lands and opened businesses down south and if the north and east is developed , many not all will return,”

                they can legally sell them for a huge sum now and go to the north east,can’t they?I know that the north and east is poorly developed because of the 25 year war of prbhaharan,but so was singapore when they broke away from malaysia.Let alone the tamils here,has anyone from abroad even come back to north and east even 10 years after the end of the war?During the war one day i was walking through wellawatte and saw massive aprtment being constructed.On enquiry i was told this was all from money sent from canada. They just buy the apartments and lock them up for the future.So much for the love of ancestral land.Pooh.GG ponnambalam started the ball rolling by pointing Colombo,colombo,colombo,unlike jinnah who said pakistan.

                ps Best of luck on you trying to reverse the process mate.I of course won’t waste my time trying to do the impossible.No point now in crying over the political blunder of GG,instead try to see how best to extricate out of the situation,think outside the box and see what direction is best for tamils now.

      • 0

        Why shouldn’t the state sponsor Sinhala people to live in predominantly Tamil areas? It will bring understanding and peace. The trouble with the Tamils is that they want to have their cake and eat it. They want their fake ‘traditional areas’ as well as the right to live anywhere.

  • 3

    Glad to see Australians being so concerned without having spent a second in Jaffna.

    • 2

      UK, USA, CANADA ,… all are concerned . Their PMs ,… did not spend any time in Jaffna

    • 1

      Is Thangamma appointed as the new invigilator for North? Tamil Buddhist is grumbling that Tamils refused to invite him saying that he is not a son of the North “Mannin Mynthan”

      But anyway, when she there last time?

  • 3

    Perhaps, The High Commissioner UNHCR should read what Hugh Cleghorn, the The First Colonial Secretary,to the British Governor in 1799 had to say………

    Two different nations,from a very ancient period,had divided between them the possession of the Island. First the Sinhalese inhabiting the interior of the country,in its southern and Western parts,from theRiver Wallowe to that of Chilaw,andsecondly the Malabars[ Tamils ] who posses the northern and eastern districts.
    These two nations differ entirely in their religions,Language and manners……..

    This is what is admitted by a Senior Public Servant with the Ministry of Land and Development Sunday Times 26th August 1990………….
    All wars are fought for land. We conceived and implemented a plan which we thought would secure the Territorial of Srilanka for a long time. We moved a large group of 45,000 land-hungry [Sinhala] peasants into the Batticaloa and Pollanaruwa districts of the Maduru Oya, we were seeking to have in the Batticaloa Zone a mass of people opposed to a Separate state [ Tamil state……

    This is what is known as State aided Colonisation. At the end of the War in 2019 this is now being staged in the Northern Province!!!!!!

    • 1

      This is how Tamil political groups came to selectively choose the following from the Cleghorn Minute to buttress their claims: “Two different nations from a very ancient period, have divided between them the possessions of the island: First the Cinhalese (Singhalese) inhabiting the interior of the country in its southern and western parts from the river Wallowe to that of Chilaw, and secondly the Malabars (Tamils), who possess the northern and eastern districts. These two nations differ in their religions, language and manners.”

      It was no surprise that the TULF and the LTTE conveniently ignored the fact that even the then Governor of Ceylon, Fredrick North, expressed reservations on the accuracy of Cleghorn’s statement. In the same Minute, Cleghorn also erroneously stated that the Sinhalese derived their origin from Siam (present day Thailand).

      Bujt even Cleghorn recognized that the Tamils were mostly indentured labourers from Malabar. All British documents referred to them as Malabars. It was Arunachalam Ponnambalam who introduced the name “Ceylon Tamils” in the 20th century, but even during Donoughmore times, these people were referred to as Malabars, from the Indian coast. Check where SJV Chelva’s father was born.

      According to Captain Percival, in 1800-1820 there were a majority of Mhameddens (Muslims), and then Sinhalese and Malabars in Jaffna. The true histroical residents of Jaffna when Ceylon became a crown colony are Muslims and not Tamils

      • 5

        Oh really high on Ganja and posting Arabian night Thulluka fairy tales. When did recently migrated, fake Arab, low caste , Dravidian Tamil converts to Islam from Tamil Nadu become a majority anywhere in the island. You now trying to this in the east , where you arrived as refugees , by breeding like mice, killing and ethnically cleansing Tamils and obtaining funds from certain Gulf Arab nations and Porkistan to fund your islamisation programme. Googled and checked cannot find anyone called Captain Percival. A figment of your imagination. There is enough and more evidence to prove Tamils have been in the island from ancient times and are indigenous to the north and east of the island and rule there and there is enough evidence to prove that fake Arab largely low caste Dravidian Tamil converts to Islam only arrived in the island as recent migrants. Now you fake Arabs are trying to concoct stories to steal Tamil lands

  • 1

    I heard some one from SLPP who was very influential in the WAR is saying that Brian Senevirathne wants to come back to Sri lanka as he is not happy in australia. but, he is scared. So, he is negotiating. Probably, these letters are related to that.

  • 4

    According the latest news the armed forces were seen selling Keerai( Green vegetables) at the Mullivaikal market depriving the local population and sellers of their income. This is what they are doing confiscating private Tamil lands on the flimsy excuse of security and then farming or distributing these lands to Sinhalese colonists from the south. This is called ethnic cleansing and is a war crime. The Nazis did these sorts of activities in Eastern Europe and western Poland

  • 5

    Brian Senewiratne is a rare breed of Sinhalese, who has consistently stood up for justice and rights of Tamil people in the island.

    “The Government, past or present, has no interest in national reconciliation – a term used to bluff the international community.”

    Well said. As far as majority of Sinhalese are concerned, the “Tamil problem” has ended in Nandikadal. They do not even acknowledge the existence of a national question. As far as Tamils are concerned, there is no reconciliation while living under the boots of the oppressor state. Hence, reconciliation is a farce, very often repeated to reassert the Sinhala buddhist narrative and to deal with international pressure with respect to accountability/justice.

  • 1

    thamizh…Brian Seneviratne is a rear breed of Sinhalese who occasionally experience bouts of uncanny imagination.
    What reconciliation are we talking ? As long as the Northern caste system prevail Nandikadal will prevail…. Do not blame the government or the Sinhalese for the Northern caste outburst.
    Tamil problem ferments plagued by Caste issues. Settling this Caste issue should be the National problem.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 0

    I am not clear what B.S. wants for Tamils (all Tamil speaking people irrespective of their religion caste or the date of arrival). A separate Homeland OR the right to live anywhere? I tell my Sinhala friends let them have a separate Homeland and here is a solution to your problem of Tamils living in Sinhala majority areas. You must demand them to be relocated. On the other hand +50% Tamil desire to live in Sinhala majority areas makes me proud as a Sinhalese proving the superiority of our accommodative culture. I tell my Tamil friends the moment you express your desire to stay put you are negating all accusations against the Sinhalese and justification for a Homeland. You must give up your differences among yourselves ( religion-Christian, Hindu, Islam , caste -high, low or the date of arrival- pre colonial, colonial) and demand GIVE US A SEPARATE HOMELAND TO GO.

    (I am the only Sinhalese in this forum who supports a separate Homeland for all Tamils)

    • 0


      “I am the only Sinhalese in this forum who supports a separate Homeland for all Tamils)”

      how much of land are you willing to give?Wellawatta is not enough for us.How about the former jaffna kingdom as the separate homeland for all tamils.Once the UN supervised relocation is completed sinhalese accept a new country in the UN?

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