29 February, 2024


An Utter Failure & Historical Defeat

By Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera

Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera

“Victory leads to enmity, the defeated dwell in pain. Happily, peaceful live, discarding both victory and defeated.”

Twenty-Six centuries ago, an outstanding Spiritual Master, and the brightest Light in Asia, the Gotama Buddha firmly stated above mentioned resolute veracity for the betterment and edification of humanity.

General Parliament Election in 2020 is over now. Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has been given an unprecedented victory. Leadership of president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been devotedly and faithfully approved by the majority of the country in Sri Lanka. 

An extraordinary and distinguished fact in this election is United National Party is completely rejected and out of the entire vicinity of the victorious atmosphere. It is difficult to believe and an unfathomable to comprehend about this worst loss and the terrible defeat which ever happened in our political history in Sri Lanka.

Ex-president Maithripala Sirisena and his deserted team frankly realised that his party alone could not be able to win the election without attachment of Pohottuwa. That combination and amalgamation saved them from worst loss and deprivation. Somehow, Sirisena and his team should be grateful to Mahinda Rajapaksa and his team for giving them a chance to contest under the name and symbol of Pohottuwa.

United National Party is a remarkable and prominent political party which gave birth to very brilliant and outstanding political leaders and heads of state in Sri Lanka. Late Honourable DS Senanayake,  late Honourable Dudley Senanayake, late Honourable John Kotelawala, late Honourable JR Jayewardene and late Honourable Ranasinghe Premadasa were the unforgettable leaders who have led the party for decisive victory and overwhelming majority. They trained and paved the way to leadership for second generation. Though they were not enlightened, they did not embrace and hold the power for life.

What Ranil Wickremesinghe did was disgraceful and despicable. Even though people and members of the working committee constantly requested and appealed to handover the leadership to Mr. Sajith Premadasa for nearly a decade, Ranil never listened and was not flexible to do it. He, himself with his exclusive club and selected individuals shared most distinguished positions and never allowed anyone to lead the party.

Ultimately, people have taught him and his entire club an unforgettable and unimaginable lesson on the 05th of August in 2020. This is a historic and memorable lesson not only for Ranil and his whole club but also for those who hold power for life.

Legacy of Ranil Wickremesinghe has offered nothing except defeat and weak leadership. In comparison with leaders in the past in United National Party and also Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Ranil Wickremesinghe left nothing but devastation.

During the last presidential election campaign, Ranil Wickremesinghe honestly and genuinely did not dedicate and devote himself and his true energy for the victory of his party candidate. He did not nominate Mr. Sajith Premadasa in advance for the preparation of victory and also purposely uttered unnecessary implementations and enforcements which negatively impact for the victory.

Majority of the population were unhappy and not ready to accept as a party leader and head of state was the ultimate reality, but he was reluctant and firmly adamant to leave and resign from the post. He was an impediment for the progress of the party and for the second leadership. Ultimately, he met the consequences what he has implicated on others.

He did not listen to people who honestly respected the United National Party, but he was faithful and obedient to his close associates who abused the power and misused public money from the government which they enjoyed for last five years.

Ranil Wickremesinghe has no ability and capability to communicate with ordinary people and villagers. He is not very friendly and amicable person with everyone, and he has ignored innocent people whose met in many occasions. Unfortunately, as a leader of the prominent political party he did not understand the mentality and attitude of ordinary people and their way of life. However, previous leaders of the United National Party communicated with villagers and representatives of remote areas. Some leaders have personally talked with many villagers to implant solid trust in them, but Ranil Wickremesinghe has no any idea of it.

Politics in Sri Lanka is now completely different and the whole political atmosphere is corrupted. Most people believe that Ranil Wickremesinghe is not a criminal and corrupted politician but unfortunately, he has protected corrupted politicians and criminals. He uttered millions of words against opponents and promised in public that all scoundrels and rogues would be incarcerated for life on political platforms, but none has happened, therefore people have taught him a lesson in this time.

Year 2020 is a remarkable and unforgettable juncture. It is sad but not regrettable. This is a very important lesson not only for those who supported United National Party but also for the humanity. Leaders and politicians must understand that the power is not in their hands but in people’s hand. Unfortunate fact is that politicians reckon after they are elected that they are the powerful creatures in the world and misuse that power by crushing people’s spirit and freedom. People are powerful than so- called politicians. It has been proved and taught multiple times in our political history.

It was a shocking result and horrendous news which telecasted and conveyed to the global society today (06. 08. 2020) by announcing that no seat for United National Party except the bonus allocation seat. Ranil Wickremesinghe was defeated to enter the parliament.

This was created by Ranil Wickremesinghe and he paved the way to this ultimate end by himself. This is a great lesson not only for himself or his exclusive club but also for those who are intoxicated with power and holding power for life which temporarily has been given by people.

Famous American Mathematician, philosopher and theologian proclaimed thus:

“As long as the wrong people hold power, how can the right political climate even arise?”


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  • 14

    Lalith Athulathmudali.
    Gamini Dissanayake.
    Susil Munasinghe.
    Wijayapala Mendis.
    Karu Jayasuriya.
    Dayasiri Jayasekara.
    Sajith Premadasa
    Ranil Wickremesinghe could have collected scalps

    • 23

      S. C. Pasqual – now you have in the new parliament
      Pillayan – Murderer
      Karuna – mass killer and war time criminal
      Duminda – murderer
      Sarath F – war time criminal
      Gnanasara – Racist monk who glorify racism in the name of Buddha
      etc etc
      all lead by Mahinda the big time corrupt swindler and aided by his brother Gota – the war criminal

    • 1

      He is a visionary and true liberal Democrat always distanced himself from tribal politics and religious fanaticism.

    • 1

      Dear Rev. Sir,

      Looking back I think it is no right to put the blame only on RW. SP was also tob eblamed, He could stay together and score more. I think it was the mistake of SP not RW. RW is a world recognized leader in the entire WORLD.
      I think SP was also no better, he thought he could sweep the country, although nothing is much in his profile. It was he who brokey away the party not having respected its seniors. The very same is the case with JVP- though they are much nicer in terms of focusing on the issues of the people, they are not matured enough to rule the nation.
      I think had SP been with UNP, they could achieve a lot more, above all could block them being claimed a landslike victory. Besides, just because the opposition is that weak, why people to vote for idiots and high criminals is the other biggest question.
      That Aluthgamage who is PROVED to be a fund robber and a man who bought a house in CENTRAL london, with the loot so as Mahinda Rajaakshe himself, but people dont care of them. No matter even millions of people go down with lack of 3 meals and the basics in the day today life, these bitch s sons to allow their lootings…. ?

  • 34

    The country and the people have to pay for his utter failure for decades to come

    • 25

      come on Rajash & everyone when you say “The country and the people have to pay for his utter failure for decades to come” you should be more Creative when posting comments in such historic Significance …..

      every goddamn Sri Lankan Living in side this Democratic Freak Show they, their Children to their unborn children in their Daughter’ wombs …every God damn one of them will pay for the Bastard Choices they make from their blood and flesh [ I don’t think they mind about it ]……………..how ever in english phrase goes out like this
      —-” You Cursed Sons of the B*****ches you will pay with your own blood for the miserable Choices you make”

      and by the way Hell with all of this Buddhism B####SH####t about this Country…I have seen few countries but herd of so much many neither of them were buddhist but 1000 times generous to others…..but SL all they know is to Snatch or borrow from others but have no dignity to be thankful to them this Country is a CURSED Land…..

      • 10

        Proud Sinhala – agree with you ..any amount of words or slogans or quotes cant describe the dire state.

        As for me I took my frustration on a bottle of scotch :)

  • 3

    Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera

    Thank you. I wish we had humble Gods servants like you in the priesthood of Jaffna Hindu and Christian religions in Jaffna who would have spoken out against the “Ratha Pottu FP/ITAK/TULF/TNA/Tamil Nadu Mafia killing fields of Tamils” specially in Jaffna since 1970’s we all would have been better off as a Nation bypassing all those things you have clearly identified as corrupt practices. I agree Priests would have risked their lives but would have served the God and his preaching is it not?

    Even today they can not standup for the deliverables. missing by the elected for the past 70 years in Jaffna….elected lived off the Tax man and made babies and families doing nothing except hate speeches/crime/sponging of the state ? How can we survive this please???? GOSL allowed gun trotters trained in India to silence the Tamil mans rights??

  • 20

    Words of wisdom. People with arrogance will not realize until their defeat

  • 18

    What the good Rev says is 100% correct.?
    Ranil, by sitting on his brain was so stubborn that he did not realize that it was a bye of a bye goodnight for him and fellow obnoxious stooges who in their wildest stupidity brought the party to its dismal performance of yesterday.
    After the successful election of the Kalla Kallathoni of a war criminal who was aided and abetted by the head of the Elections Department who knew very well that heat the time of nomination was still an American citizen who was disqualified from even contesting for a village council post.
    The sad sorry shitting on their brains MODAYA Yakko petty racist imbeciles who after the 16th November’s poll were suffering in being not able to meet their day to day basics, having the war criminal military goons bully them with a continuous string of all NOE’s still with their eyes wide open decided to cast their much valued ballot to these uncouth unsavoury horuma boruma SLPP buggers.

    Only 2 days ago a good yak mate of mine with a very limited scarce flow of cash went to a chemist in Giriulla to buy part of his heart tablet medicine’s was told that the prices have gone up by SLR.4.00 per tablet.

    • 13

      rj1952 : Ranil, by sitting on his brain ?

      was he? what brtain?

  • 7

    The measure of a man is what he does with power. One time UNP was struggling to make government factory, housing three wheel etc to occupy people then Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves.then Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals

  • 5

    He is a visionary and true liberal democrat dedicated to ensure social justice distancing himself from tribal politics and religious fanaticism

    • 17


      “He is a visionary and true liberal democrat dedicated to ensure social justice distancing himself from tribal politics and religious fanaticism”

      Praise the lord.
      Pigs can fly.

      • 6

        A thumb-up for your comment.


        • 2


          • 1


            Sinhala race committed HARAKIRI, but you the kind of bitch s sons never grasphed it.
            Wait and see, how the bugger et al, just being elected by mislead of the people would recover the economy
            How they would bring promised concessions to the people?
            How they give lot more concessions as they promised to the nation prior to PE ?

            No excuses would be acceptable by any means. They are now given 2/3 mandate and should be able to make all the wonders that GR thought would be brought…. but the problem is over 2/3 of the elected on their sides are branded high criminals that roamed in court premises more than within their house holds during the last few years.


            Former govt brought all good things, but MEDIA mafia run by RAJAAKSHE CAMP never allowed people to be aware of the achievements. Alone Independent commissions being passed by 19A was a greater achievement. But bitchs son who was the lead of bringing that kind of REFORMS is sitting today in the sarong of RAJAAKSHE. This is very inconsistent political game being played by highly abusive senior politicians.

    • 10

      Dear “rajithamihindu”,
      I have heard many villagers (please don’t take the word in a derogatory sense) saying this sort of thing: that Ranil Wickremasinghe has world recognition, etc. How could they possibly know?
      You have yourself made a statement which you haven’t substantiated – and which would be very difficult to substantiate.
      Thank God the man is gone. He should have removed himself earlier.

  • 16

    Rev. Sir: Regrettably you failed to reflect on Ranil W’s entry to politics. This man was introduced by JRJ and brought him to Parliament via the Kelaniya electorate. Immediately upon that entry, he was appointed the Minister of Education. His very “FIRST ASSOCIATE” was a well known criminal and a thug popularly named “Gonawala Sunil”. To make a long story short, this “CRIMINAL” virtually was “In-Charge” of all affairs at the Education Ministry. He was shot dead in his own house. With that end, Ranil next chose some “Unscrupulous” Police personnel to provide him with whatever criminal activities he was engaged in. That came to a very heightened level with the famous “Batalanda Torture House”. The Commission Report on that was “Shelved” and he had an escape. I do not wish to make my comment that long, tracing his “Political History” up to this “Grand and Disgraceful” fall. My other regret is, after his marriage to a highly educated and well-disciplined lady, not only he himself decided to change, but this lady of such high calibre and personality did not ever think of bringing some “Discipline” and “Civility” into his character. All that could be “KARMA” manifestation and more so his inborn “UDDHACCA”, “MANNA” referred to in Buddha’s Teaching among the Ten Fetters “HE” mentioned as mental factors, inseparably associated with all unwholesome consciousness (Akusala Karma).

  • 6

    Great. I wish Hindu and Christian priests did something like this when the “Ratha Pottu FP/ITAK/TULF/TNA/Tamil Nadu Mafia did the killing fields in Jaffna 1970-177-1981. We all be better off today and none of this would have even happened too. How unfortunate.

    • 5


      If that happened, these racists would not have won 150 seats. They sold the falsehood that Tamils, Muslims and Christians are out to get Buddhists. Hitler could have learned a thing or two about Nazism from Rajapaksas. But I don’t think most Tamils approve what you say. Just like most Sinhalese. Do not rely on Buddhism which is proven false by Buddhists themselves! According to Buddhism violation of the 5 precepts – killing, stealing, lying, immoral sex and intoxication agents lead to decay, destruction and collapse of persons, communities and nations. But Buddhists totally rejected it by sending exactly those sinners to SLPP parliament group while believing it will bring prosperty, peace and good fortune to the country! So even Buddhists have rejected Buddhism as BS.

    • 3

      I also wish that father would not have been a turncoat and you stop posting rubbish here , trying your best to absolve the turncoat and yourself.

  • 10

    RW is no doubt the BIGGEST FAILURE in Sri Lanka. Very Unlikely he had any Political ambitions in his younger days. Politics just fell in his laps as JRJ just picked him. Thereafter, things like Power and Position just fell into his lap without him making any effort whatever. Senior Leaders like Lalith, Gamini and Premadasa were felled by Terrorists and the Leadership just fell into his lap too early in his life without his having to lift his little finger even. So, he knew Little or Nothing of Leadership which is a great Responsibility. Thereafter, he was in No Mood to let go the Leadership and he clung on like a Leach.

    So, it was a case of Easy Come and Easy Go. RW must be the Worst Failure in Life and a Shining Example of Failures, not just in Sri Lanka but in the Entire World. If he decides to call it a day, one wonders how he will be able to live his with NO ONE paying any attention to him.

  • 4

    Winning or losing is natural. But it is shameless when Ranil and his cronies say that Sajith is the cause. At least be gracious in defeat and go like tennis players with your baggage bag.

  • 3

    You say ” Leaders and politicians must understand that the power is not in their hands but in people’s hands” and similar analogy of course is that ‘your destiny is in your hands not in prayers to unseen gods.’

  • 2

    Ranil. W. HAS QUITE RIGHTLY resigned from the leadership of the Party. Had he done this earlier he could have still been able to retain some degree of respect. After all a plus point for him is that, he like Dudley was not a corrupt politician in his long career in politics, spanning more than 40 odd years.

    But then Ranil.W. should have read Rudyard Kipling:
    ……….If you can walk with the crowd and keep your virtue, or walk with Kings nor lose the common touch……….

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