1 June, 2023


Are We Heading For Anarchy?

By Rusiripala Tennakoon –

Rusiripala Tennakoon

The accusations levelled against the political leadership of the country in the face of alleged gross inefficiencies of an unethical and immoral administration of the government, falsification of electoral promises, and parasitic thieving of public property as witnessed now, has climaxed into demonstrations by the people taking to streets and demanding its resignation. Government is trying to bring it under control by tear gas, water cannons and imposing curfews. Will this bring an end to this or is the situation exacerbating?

This resorting to demonstrative actions by the masses is justified due to the claim that the burdens and hardships imposed on them are becoming extremely unbearable with no feasible solution for the problems anywhere in sight. The actions appear to be voluntary eruptions and not instigated by party politics. To that extent their actions appear to be genuine public reactions in hope and despair for a failed delivery of their expectations.

But what next? Public claim is to demand in anguish the government to go. They little think of what can happen next. Can a govt. go out of office like that? Is someone or some unseen force or group waiting to step in, in the most unlikely event, if the govt. withdraws.? Unless things are left to manifest into an anarchial state instead of a constructive resurrection the whole episode deserves to be examined more carefully and decided on a practical and a doable way out of the impasse.

Let us examine the mindset of the people. Except those die hard elements devoted and blindly bound to follow a party line of a political party to which they are aligned truly, the large majority are expressing a desire to get rid of all those who have been in the legislature any time before as they think that all of them be it in the govt. or in the opposition have failed in their mission, responsibility and public duty during their tenures. So, any solution to the current state of affairs will have to emerge outside the influence of the present parliament.

The country has a constitution that we should abide by unless otherwise under a revolutionary uprise. We cannot see the culmination of such a situation due to many reasons. The main reason is even the political parties that prompt people to show their anger will think twice if the demonstrators want a totally new regime. We have seen the behaviours of all in the parliament during this crisis. They only harangue continuously against the previous wrong doings of their predecessors and highlight the public hardships with highly emotional provocative stimulations. No constructive effort is seen or displayed in trying to bring about a resolution in a definite way. They are all making an attempt to Fish in Troubled Waters. Their press interviews sound hilarious in the eyes of those looking at their answers and attitudes analytically and logically. Hence the opposition parties in the fore-front today will not advocate any movement which will pave the way for a totally new leadership.

So, a solution will have to come as far as possible remote and detached to this parliament. People like Colvin and Felix chose alternate but highly legal ways of doing away with the country’s constitution within legal provisions! Although we lack brains like that today still, we can get some ideas from some knowledgeable.

Let us see how the present parliament could give vent to the growing public cries. But all these become possible only if actions are considered in the National Interest and selflessly for the betterment of the people of the country.

Article 37(1) of the Constitution, provides.

If the President is of the opinion that by reasons…………….or any other cause he will be unable to exercise perform and discharge the powers duties and functions of his office he may appoint the PM to exercise perform and discharge powers duties and functions of the office of the President during such period and may also appoint one of the Ministers of the Cabinet to act in the office of the PM during such period.

Article 38(1) (b) If he resigns his office by a writing under his hand addressed to the speaker.

Article 40(1)(a) If the office of the President shall become vacant prior to the expiration of his term of office the parliament shall elect as president one of its members who is qualified to be elected to the office of the President.

The Significance of this reference to the constitution is only to help the Government to choose the best option that will be acceptable to the people. Under what-ever the circumstances it is best that the country proceeds further as a democratic country upholding a people mandated constitution. Although the constitution has been manipulated many times to suit the whims of the ruling parties still it is in force until suitably amended soon.

Yesterday I went to bed as a highly disappointed person currently away from my motherland (Australia), after seeing in TV channels showing what was happening in and around Mirihana area.

The circumstances compel to suggest options that may become useful to diffuse this situation and bring the country back to normal.as fast as possible.

The President should stand down considering the difficulties for him to carry on during this period (temporary)

He should first prorogue the parliament for 1 month before he pulls out.

PM will automatically assume office as President and he should appoint a most senior (non-Rajapakse) Cabinet Minister as the PM.

The Cabinet Should be dissolved and a care taker interim cabinet should be appointed with a small number of ministries.

Independent non-Political body of advisers (number not exceeding 7) should be appointed under a Presidential Decree to advise the Cabinet. A senior person with a thorough knowledge of Central Banking should be in this Body.

The parliament should meet in 28 days to consider a new appropriation bill for supplying the essentials to the Public.

The new President and the PM should make a public declaration stating our neutrality in the foreign Policy to all countries. International groupings including those set up for regional corporations should be treated in a neutral manner opposing none. It is advisable to initiate a dialogue with the QUAD too on an urgent basis just to establish our neutrality.

Discussions should be initiated with IMF, WB , ADB, Chinese Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank Etc on multilateral and bilateral financing arrangements.

As a temporary measure suspend the operations of all Foreign Exchange Dealers and limit the business to the commercial banks as a temporary measure.

Continue the restrictions imposed on all non-essential imports.

Allowed 25% of the proceeds of all exports to be utilised for any imports, essential or non-essential without any restrictions.

When the living conditions become more palatable summon parliament to decide on reversal of the constitution to the 19th and the dissolution of the parliament to go for a general election.

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Latest comments

  • 16

    Yes, Rusiri.
    Anarchy with a vengeance.
    Now shut up, and accknowledge how much fellows like you have contributed.
    Panini Edirisinhe of Bandarawela

    • 12

      Are we heading for anarchy ?

      I thought anarchy is governing since the bunch of stupid men returned to power – I mean since Nov 2019.
      Just imagine, how they respect WHO guidelines in terms of provide the COVID-19 jabs.
      Over 16 000 of innocient let dying, just because of the total ignorance paid by CURRENT leadership. If they respected LAW AND ORDER… things would have gone well … people have not yet realized how mlechcha these men have been.
      Curse created by 6.9 mio of stupid voters.

      • 8

        “The parliament should meet in 28 days to consider a new appropriation bill for supplying the essentials to the Public.”
        By printing and spending more money? After these protests, the tourists will stay away. There is only one solution. The government has already sold its soul to India. So why not go the whole hog and apply to join them as one or two states?
        That will solve all our problems in one go. Lock up all the hamuduruwos who object, in Chennai so they can experience a real prison.

        • 4

          old codger

          “Lock up all the hamuduruwos who object, in Chennai so they can experience a real prison.”

          Its a good idea.
          Is there any ulterior motive hidden in your very useful suggestion.
          I also understand Chennai has a few ENCOUNTER SPECIALISTS among its security forces/police.

          • 2

            I hear that the colour of your robe doesn’t make you bullet-proof in Chennai.

            • 2

              old codger

              “I hear that the colour of your robe doesn’t make you bullet-proof in Chennai.”


          • 2

            Hey, we can use them for cleaning coovum as well

        • 0

          This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.

          For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

      • 2

        Rusiripala going off to Australia is like rat leaving sinking ship.

  • 16

    OMG, did Mirihana bring Aussie resident Rusiri out of his coma, though not fully oriented, that is what it look like. Done with Rajapaksas or is it just momemtary desperation ?? Lets wait, to hear more from Viyathgama colleagues. (my foot).

    • 14

      Listen to this , on April Fools day, ex murderer and current state Minister Duminda . D told media ” Soon he hopes to export power to Singapore”, because some unknown investor claimed he can produce 5000 MW of offshore, in that 1000 will go to national grid , and 4000 to Singapore. At the same media briefing Minister Pavithra claimed to built necessary power plants to fulfil the country’s demand. Fortunately no one thought of a “Will Smith style slap” on both of them. This is stupid Lanka for you.

  • 2

    This resorting to demonstrative actions by the masses is justified
    Now all of a sudden it is justified?
    I clearly remember protestors being demonized during the fake pandemic lockdowns, by two faced journalists.
    Many of the working classes, had already started losing their jobs and going destitute, starving, committing suicide etc back in 2020.
    Freemason journalists didnt care back then, and were infact demanding even more oppressive measures from the government.

    • 5

      How many times have I asked you not to talk about Freemasons?
      CT moderators; I know that you try to allow ll opinions in, but this rubbish by an anonymous fellow?

  • 14

    I am inclined to believe that the Government derives Sadistic Pleasure in making the people suffer. They did it to the Tamils then to the Muslims and now to the 6.9 million who voted them to power.

  • 11

    Heading for anarchy?
    Already engulfed in it!

  • 9

    Indeed we are. Decades of plundering , squandering , grand robbery of the treasure , interference into the rule of law, ultimate nepotism , crony capitalism, cheating, tinkering with the constitution and rule of law, kissing each other’s back and basically destroying our democracy and its institutions have finally led to this moment. It was a matter of when, not if.

    Perhaps justice still prevails on our country !

  • 13

    I do not think this writer understands the gravity of what is happening in Sri Lanka…watch the faces of the protesting articulate youth who sensibly express their very justifiable angst at the oppressive state of their country, with people starving, dying in queues, children unable to study, food rotting in fridges, commodity prices doubling overnight, scarcities of milk powder, gas, cement etc and hospitals running out of basic intervention procedures due to lack of supplies, the elderly dying slowly for lack of nutrition and proper health care, no exams for school students as paper is unavailable. The man even suggests how the PM etc should fill a vacuum caused by the president resigning! It is the system that has to be radically changed, including ridding the land of the 225 parasites whose families are also slurping at the posh parliament canteen as a “relief” measure…!

  • 6

    “Are We Heading For Anarchy?”

    What makes you think that? Are you nuts, Rusiri?

    No, you are witnessing the Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor, promised.

    You have delivered even more than promised!

  • 1

    Rusi: Sri Lanka’s crisis is all about GEOPOLITICS and less about Economics. Since the 2019 staged Easter Sunday attacks on Tourist hotels and economy, and failure of the MCC Compact, Sri Lanka has been subject to HYBRID ECONOMIC WAR including Maritime trade and Cyber data wars also with burning ships MV Pearl and Diamond– by the Crashing Empire and its LA Rajapakse Citizens.
    The Cold War and CIA’s Arab Spring has come to South Asia: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan because he visited Russia is now subject to a regime change operation and in Sri Lanka we have American puppets and IMF to help them control Indian Ocean Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) from this strategic island..
    Let’s not fool ourselves: this is a CIA Arab Spring like Colour Revolution to distract and push Lanka into Washington’s and IMF arms.. Now with the LKR being crashed the stage is set for IMF to come like GOD to bailout suffering Sri Lanka..

    • 2

      Hybrid Economic War was evident in the Staged Easter Sunday 2019 attacks on Hotels and Tourism using religion as a cover, followed by 2 years of unnecessary economcially destructive Covid Lockdowns and massive health sector expenditure also on useless Pfizer booster injections by the American Rajapakses.
      But Lanka needs to de-dolarize and trade in a basket of currencies and have an independent Economic and Energy Policy and buy its oil, gas, energy need etc from Russia at discount prices like India is doing.. Going to the IMF means that Sri Lanka cannot have an independent economic or ENERGY policy, When did USAID actually build anything in Sri Lanka? At least China has built power plants, BMICH, harbours added to the land port city etc.
      US only steals what others have built, power plants like Yugadhanavi, asset strip in poor countries with their Hedge funds like Black Rock and promote fake human rights and democracy while backing dictators who use ethnic and religious masks like fig leafs.. like the American Rajapakse brothers.. Also, Sri Lanka’s debt is peanuts compared to America’s 20 trillion!
      As Imran Khan said of Pakistan, Sri Lanka is being targetted in an Over the Horizon (OTH) Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) operation by the biggest rogue state in the world at this time.

  • 2

    This Eagle alias HLP morons posts are always rejected, yet he goes on posting bull shit. He is just like Gota, though no one wants yet he keeps going. Eagle is mad and a sadist.

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