21 June, 2024


Before The Spectre Of Idiocy Takes Over Sri Lanka

By Kamaya Jayatissa

Kamaya Jayatissa

“You only lose what you cling to.” –  Lord Buddha

This piece is a response to Ms. Shenali D. Waduge’s recent article The Existential Fears of Buddhists in Sri Lanka must be given high priority and addressed without delay published on August 13th, in Lankaweb. Having read the article and the even more dangerous comments it gathered, I could not help myself but feel outrage at each line, or should I say each word, I had the misfortune to read.

The one and only sentence on which I agree with in Ms. Waduge’s article is when she says that “A spectre is haunting Sri Lanka”. As for the rest of the article, I could only feel disgusted at each argumentative point that was developed in it. According to the author, Sri Lanka is on the verge of getting overrun by Muslims. Sri Lanka is indeed on the verge of getting overrun but not by Muslims. The island is actually about to get overrun by ethno-religious detractors who, instead of talking in their own name, are talking in the name of both the Sinhalese and the Buddhist communities. Unfortunately, one cannot label the author, her article and its like-minded readers as ultra-nationalists or racists anymore because their so-called “existential fears” go beyond any possible form of extremism. In fact, it goes to the extent of becoming pure idiocy; a desperate behaviour that will end up labelling Sri Lanka in the worse possible manner in the eyes of the international community, with repercussions that might last for quite some time –especially among its allies in the Middle East. And, in this sensitive post-war transition, this is the last thing Sri Lanka needs right now. Not to mention that the UN HRC is to meet in Geneva next month; shifting the international focus on Sri Lanka once more before the CHOGM Summit this November.

To Ms. Waduge and her followers, I wish to say that, being a Sinhalese and a Buddhist myself, the only time I feared for survival in my beloved country was when it went through a three decade long protracted civil war. A war which tore apart communities that once used to live together, in peace and harmony. A war in which every Sri Lankan lost one of their own –irrespective of their religion or ethnicity. A war that I never want to see happen again because of the narrow-mindedness of a few. And yet, given the recent incidents and hate speeches displayed on the public sphere (especially through the media), I now fear that the peace we have all been longing for will never see the light due to idiotic and disrespectful behaviours such as the recent Grandpass incident; behaviours which I must confess are quite “brilliantly” illustrated in the irrational figures laid out throughout the said article.

In fact, before talking about Buddhism, one should perhaps start to read, learn, and may be even practice its deeper philosophy. If Ms. Waduge did so, she would know that there is no such a thing as “mine” in Buddhism. She would also know that Lord Buddha never claimed Sri Lanka, or any other country for that matter, to be a Buddhist land. Mostly, she would know that what Lord Buddha tried to preach us with much emphasize were universal values such as respect, forgiveness and above all compassion among all living beings. So before blaming other communities and religions of overrunning Buddhism, one should perhaps get his/her own communal and religious values/practices straight. That, for me, would be the most effective way to preserve ones culture, religion and traditions without harming others. But unfortunately, I also know that this perspective of mine might not change the mindset of a few in our society who suffer from an ethno-religious inferiority complex of its own.

According to the author, “The territory and space of Islam is non-negotiable and if Islam is non-negotiable what is wrong with others saying the same?” Well, despite the fact that the said statement does not speak for all our Muslims friends, what is wrong here is to assume that others’ mistakes give you the legitimacy and credibility to replicate the same mistakes. If one wishes to set up a constructive example, one should always think and behave with a stronger sense of rationality; a rationality that does not intent of fulfilling one’s own need to the detriment of others.

I do not intent to comment on the factual examples on which the author naively –or not- bases her theory. These facts, I believe, are not only distorted but also taken out of their context. Indeed, while going through these comparative facts, delivered with quite a level of distortion throughout Ms. Waduge’s article, I could not help myself but wonder how any foreign incident/attack which occurred against the Buddhist community had anything to do with Sri Lankans of Muslim religion. I personally am starting to feel tired of reading this type of idiotic comments that are doing no good to our country and certainly not to our people. Perhaps, it is time for us to mature our own thinking process and start behaving as responsible citizens; citizens who are supposed to be working on rebuilding a nation, not destroying it. Bad people are everywhere, Ms. Waduge. That’s no news to anyone. But one cannot, and should certainly not, generalize a specific mindset or incident which occurred due to the behaviour of a few to an entire community. This will only end up in wrongfully labelling the said community and wrongfully labelling ourselves at the same time.

Correct me if I am wrong but currently, Sri Lanka is facing major concerns –both internationally and nationally. Wasting our time on these idiotic matters only takes us further away from addressing the actual post-war issues faced by our country; such as: access to quality education, lack of an effective foreign policy, socio-economic development, reconciliation, restoration of trust between communities; among others.

Ms. Waduge, from a Buddhist to another Buddhist, let me end up with a quote of Lord Buddha, which I strongly invite you to meditate on: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

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    Nice one Kamya. Weldone!

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    S Waduge is a professional islamophobe similiar to Pamela Geller. She specialises in manufacturing ‘facts’ and lies regarding Muslims. According to her writings Muslims need to be exterminated from not only Sri Lanka but the surface of this earth. So it is along time since we Muslims considered her writings seriously.

    However the danger is manifest that her writings tend to instigate impressionable members of the Sinhalese and Buddhist community. When you read the comments you observe there are few commentators of like mind who rally to her call and pat each other on the backs in smug consensus.

    Muslims worlwide are not without fault but muslims in Sri Lanka have generally remained peaceful. Now they are faced with a threat of losing their rights and being discriminated on the basis of religon. So unless the Govt and Law enforcement step in and curb the extremism being stoked by Waduge, BBS, Sinhala Ravaya theer are bound to be incidents such as Grandpass. Very soon the issue will be internationalised which will only add to the burdens of the people.

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      Safa, I second all you have written.
      A pitfall of free speech is that we have to allow people like Waduge to disseminate her contorted, evil smelling rubbish. Good people must surely rise to be heard, and to counter the current, relentless march of the barbarian in our island paradise.

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    Well said, Kamaya! We need more like you to drown out the twisted myopic rantings of Shenali and her ilk. Thanks to the lunatics who have hijacked our island nation – inside government and outside -Sinhala-Buddhists are rapidly earning a global reputation as being vituperative, vengeful, vindictive and xenophobic. Much remains to be done to restore sanity.

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    Looking at the very young face of the author she can be ”forgiven” for thinking that Sri Lanka had problems only in the last 30 yrs.

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      Dear Kamaya
      Pl ask your parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and others about what happened in the 50s/60s.

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        Dear Rita

        Please remembered that someday the burden will fall on OUR generation and not that of my or Kamaya’s parents to explain why we left them a broken nation.

        Well said Kamaya – ” Sri Lanka is facing major concerns –both internationally and nationally. Wasting our time on these idiotic matters only takes us further away from addressing the actual post-war issues faced by our country; such as: access to quality education, lack of an effective foreign policy, socio-economic development, reconciliation, restoration of trust between communities; among others” – I couldnot agree more!

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        Try to be sensible, bringing the 50s/60s is lame at this time. Many who experienced that is dead and gone. Try to focus on the present, and address what is happening in this country. It seems you have nothing substantial to say right now, so stop the finger pointing at the past, and address the attacks by racist thugs on places of worship, that would be more appropriate to describe the idiocy going on.

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    Beautiful article Ms. Kamaya Jayatissa.
    Very well written indeed. We need more and more of your caliber.
    Keep writing please.

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    I read the article by Ms. Shenali D. Waduge “The Existential Fears of Buddhists in Sri Lanka must be given high priority and addressed without delay” in the Lankaweb.

    This article definitely puts the fear in the minds of Sinhala Buddhists if they accept what she says as facts. If such vicious propaganda are read by substantial number of innocent people, effects could parallel those of Hitler.

    Today Mangala Samaravera, a UNP politician, has reportedly said that Rajapakse terrorism has spread throughout Sri Lanka.

    Taken together, with these propaganda and the reality on ground, a perilous situation seems to be developing in Sri Lanka.

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      You are right. Wadduge is a hysterical fear monger, who keeps writing article, after article, on doomsday scenarios. Her tall tales of danger from the Muslims in Sri Lanka come faster than DHL packages.
      It is indeed a very perilous situation right now in the country, and after 30 years of war and strife, it seems these extremists, are simply yearning for more bloodshed and violence. The arrogance of being part of the majority. The government who Wadduge seems to support, plays a disgusting role in condoning this violence, for they support and protect the trouble makers, for their own devious agenda.

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    this is such a praiseworthy piece of work. I too sometimes wonder, on hearing their talks on Muslims and their “take over of Sri Lanka”, could someone be this stupid. Actually I applaud your work so much Ms.Kamaya. You are a living hope that not all are engulfed by this wave of idiocy. Well done! Hoping to hear more of your strong voice!

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    It is very creditable that you have written so boldly. Please keep it up!


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    Excellent article. Should put Ms Waduge to shame!

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    Rita you can’t read? She says “the only time ‘I’ feared for survival”. Pretty obvious I would think. But there are people like you all over who try to distract us from the important issues at hand. Bodu Bala Sena is one

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    Kamaya you have a very nice style of writing sans all the jargon. You can make a difference! Be a change agent in the field of journalism and shine and sparkle as an agent of ethical and responsible journalism so that the likes of Ms Waduge will inevitably fade into obscurity!

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      Waduge woman is an another Walliamma who writes garbage articles based on assumptions without facts. the only person praising these two broads is ‘Lee potter’ famed, Leela (with dozens of pseudonyms) the man/woman on Gota’s payrole funded by WB.

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    Never heard of this Waduge person. Sounds like the typical tavern gossip you encounter, burning with envy.

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    I am trying to make head or tail of the gibberish this girl has written.

    Can you please write what point you disagree with instead of going on a mental harangue and taking us with you.

    Just say … Shenali W is wrong to say……… because so that we know what Shenali W has said and what Kamaya disagrees with otherwise it appears as if this lady has been tasked to write a reply because there is no substance … it has no content to argue…only an emotional outburst…

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      It seems you have a problem comprehending the content. Most responses here get her points, and agree to it.
      You are therefore the minority.

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        Dont you see Dhaksha, again he (Sivanandan aka Jim softy) is lying like his partner Champika THE Twister.

        Well written Kamaya, please keep on contributing to chase the despot kekille for good.

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      Samuel J – You obviously have a comprehension problem if you think what Kamya has written is “gibberish”. Best would be to re-read it carefully and if that fails, get someone with intelligence and patience to explain it to you. Better than displaying your ignorance for all to see.

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      When I first read Waduge’s piece, I found it so ridiculous that I concluded that it must be satirical! This is hardly gibberish. Besides it would be a waste of one’s time to go through the Waduge article and correct all the misleading facts. Anyone with a basic education can immediately spot the inconsistencies so Kamaya has correctly attacked the writer’s motivation instead. For your benefit Samuel J, I have spent a good part of my Saturday morning picking out instances where “Shenali W is wrong to say” because you seem to lack the general knowledge or common sense to figure these out yourself:

      1. “The fundamental right to silence” is a ridiculous proposition. I’ve heard of a right to remain silent and I hope that in the future S Waduge will exercise this right! In our communities we experience many forms of noise pollution: travelling vegetable salesman, political campaigns, traffic, and (surprise, surprise!) Buddhist prayers over the loudspeaker. Silence as a “fundamental” human right is a stretch at best…

      2. “One thousand years ago Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kashmir, Indonesia and Maldives were all Buddhist”- How ignorant do you think your audience is Ms. Waduge? Culture and religion are dynamic social phenomena that are constantly influenced by factors such as trade, conquest, and colonialism. Islam is just one such religion that has been exported to other countries (historically through trading routes). The global spread of Christianity can be attributed to the evangelical nature of the colonising powers of the 19th century. Remember that at some point Buddhism must have been taken abroad. The Mauryans brought Buddhism to Afghanistan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghanistan#Pre-Islamic_period) and there were many other socio-cultural shifts before Islamisation. Also remember that the redistribution of the Muslim populace and the resulting in the Indian sub-continent stems from the decolonisation period rather than from this “evil” you identify as Islam.

      3. “People in Sri Lanka certainly do not mind the Muslim women covering their head but they do not like to see black clothes which was not prevalent decades ago and questions what type of new Islam is being promoted with even the men now changing their attire to resemble tribal dress?”. This is a strange and poorly constructed sentence. Has an acceptable portion of the populace been consulted or are these “people in Sri Lanka” just Ms. W and her friends? If it is the former then we should immediately ban all black garments and get the indigenous veddhas a new wardrobe. If it is the latter then Ms. W should consider rehabilitation in order to become realigned with normal societal concerns (e.g. concerns over Sinhala Buddhist extremism!).

      4. “Every nation that Muslims have set foot upon has eventually turned into a Muslim nation unless proper laws are set in place”. This is a bit dramatic to say the least. She makes Islam sound like some sort of very contagious disease! This sort of generalisation is historically inaccurate (obviously) and is a form of shameless fear-mongering. Muslims are people just like everyone else. There may be a few radicals who seek a global caliphate but by and large Muslims just want to be able to practice their faith in peace. Live and let live.

      Ms. W is “wrong” about so many things. It is almost too easy to poke holes in her argument. That is why I am still convinced (as I was when I first read her piece) that it is satirical!!!! No one is that stupid… :)

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        resulting problems* in the Indian subcontinent

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    Excellent evaluation of situation we are facing

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    Editorial: Lanka govt must rein in Buddhist bigotry

    ONE popular view of Buddhism is of a peaceable religion, some of whose devotees sweep brushes in front of them, so that they do not step on and destroy any living creature. Unfortunately there is another, far from placid side to some Buddhists which the Muslim world has had cause to see in recent years.
    The genocidal attacks in Myanmar on the luckless Muslim Rohingya community by Buddhist fanatics was, until this week, the most high profile example of this bigotry. Now however Buddhist thugs have been at work in Sri Lanka. A mosque in the capital Colombo has been damaged and forced to close after violent attacks by Buddhist rioters.
    This ugly outbreak of Islamophobia has been inspired by a shadowy group known as the Bodu Bala Sena, led by extremist Buddhist monks. It is suspected that there are connections between them and the monks who have led the massacres in Myanmar.
    Unfortunately, the violence against Sri Lanka’s hapless Muslim minority has to be viewed against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s recent history. More than 20 years of savage conflict ended in 2009 with the utter defeat of the Tamil Tigers and the overrunning of their strongholds in the north of the island. The harshness with which the victorious government treated the Tamils, was initially excused on the basis that it was important that none of the rebel leaders was able to slip away, by hiding among civilians. Nevertheless, there were summary executions and refugees were herded into camps and kept there many months for “processing.”
    Such was the bitter nature of the civil war that most Sri Lankans were to some extent or other brutalized. Moreover, an entire generation grew up steeped in conflict and confrontation. With the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, it seems that unfortunately some of the Sinhalese majority feel they need a new enemy, thus the country’s Muslims and indeed Christians are being targeted. The attacks on Muslim property or physical assaults on Muslims are not confined to the capital, but have been occurring with increasing frequency throughout the island. Until recently, the violence and intimidation have been low level and might have been dismissed as the work of mischief-makers. Yet there now seems to be a pattern to these outrages. Even if the sinister Bodu Bala Sena is not behind every criminal act against Muslims, it can be sure that its own thuggish hatred is inspiring others.
    It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the government in Colombo must act with the greatest determination and firmness to stamp out this bigotry. The problem is that the police appear markedly reluctant to pursue and prosecute those responsible for these hate crimes. But it is not simply their lack of action and rigor that is the problem. Sri Lanka’s Muslims are seemingly being blamed for inciting the prejudice. How else can one interpret the fact that officials at the Colombo mosque, which has been at the center of this week’s violence, have been persuaded to close the building, at least temporarily?
    This is simply unacceptable. There can be nothing provocative about a mosque. It is the job of the police to protect all property and all Sri Lankan citizens. It should also be the job of the government to ensure that aggression and intimidation of the sort that has been seen in Colombo cannot be allowed to succeed. Unfortunately by failing in its duty, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration is sending out entirely the wrong signal.
    Diplomatic sources suggest that there is enough evidence to prosecute some members of Bodu Bala Sena for hate crimes. These individuals ought therefore be brought to trial and if convicted given the severest of sentences. The government needs to demonstrate that it will not tolerate these outrages.
    Indeed, it could be argued that it is high time that the president looked to his poor reputation for civil liberties and human rights, and cracking down on sectarian bigots would be a fine start.
    Unfortunately, Rajapaksa seems to have a thick political skin. He has been accused by the UN Human Rights Council over the conduct of the civil war. And the UN organization was also critical of his administration’s treatment to all the country’s minorities.
    This November Rajapaksa is due to host a meeting of what used to be known as the British Commonwealth. Some countries have said they might stay away because of Sri Lanka’s human rights record. They should reconsider. If there has been no improvement, all countries should attend the conference and should use the platform to shame and condemn Rajapaksa in the most detailed terms.

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    A very well thought out article, which is a great contrast to the article by an alarmist and a chicken little, Ms. Wadduge. Wadugge has shown she is one of the extremists who obviously, by her writings, support the rantings of Gnanasara thero, for she has not condemned the attacks, nor faulted the BBS for propagating hate, and bringing more strife to this nation. She is contributing to the idiocy that has already taken over Sri Lanka.
    Statistics have shown that the minority Muslims simply CANNOT take over this country, and it seems from their peaceful co-existence during our life time, they have no intention of doing so. Unfortunately, Wadduge is too short sighted to realize her islamaphobia and predictions of the sky falling, are only causing harm to the country, and inciting more violence, hate, and bigotry, which goes against the teachings of the Lord Buddha.
    An good response to Wadduge’s hysterical writings.

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    A good reply to SW’s Muslim harangue. It seems to me her writings read like Buddhists are innocent and like saints (in spite of what we see happening in reality) and Muslims as the bigots (the Gnaanasaara’s) of society. The Buddhists preach that being reborn into this world means serving out a sentence of Karmaya (serving a life sentence for sins committed)and it is a sorrowful event, whereas ideally, it should be attaining Nirvana – a state of bliss where no rebirth is envisaged, no more sorrow and pain can be experienced. Whereas what Gnaanasaara and his troops want Buddhists families to bear more and more children – just the opposite of what Buddhism preaches to get Nirvana. They are in such confused state of mind, preaching one thing, whilst promoting just the opposite. And that too whilst already maintaining a healthy 70& majority population. SW’s warped mind makes so many accusations against Muslims, on so called ‘breeding habits’, dress codes, cattle slaughter and so many other false and unsubstantiated claims, that it makes reading it like another hate speech from BBS Gnaanasara. Instead of bringing all disputing communities together with a view to understanding each other clear and out in the open (with nothing to hide), her writing drives a wedge to put both communities on war footing against each other using the most uncouth and deplorable language to arouse the masses to rise up against, to wipe out the minority Muslims first, then Christians. Another Buddhist way of saying you are our guests and we, your good hosts in our Sinhala Buddhist country. Doing just the opposite of their own teachings.

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    Dear Kamaya Jayatissa

    One Sri Lankan to another, you make us proud. If you will stand for president I will vote for you.

    thank you.

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    Well said, Kamaya. We must not deviate from our fundamental focus in rebuilding our country with the highest level of ethnic harmony. The spread of hate has to be avoided at all costs & if under currents are a reality, then we must tackle it intelligently.

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    Thank you for the article which is meticulous written. We need to understand dealing with the notorious bigots like Shanali, first and foremost , the thing we forget to understand is its our fault for creating the precedence for the importance of her continued spread of prejudice ,which is what she wants exactly , she seems such a looser, any given time her articles are so anti Muslim, she thrives on the emotional comments made by muslims, yes I understand it is only human to become emotional, but it is time for muslims to sit a moment and think ,is she worth the time? only those of like minds sicko will agree with her, she is not some one who can write a multiple series of article with articulate thought, like Bastians ,and perhaps the fine lady of this article , she is a loser who is desperately hanging on to just one concerted theory that the muslims are taking over the world by The Zionists, it is a normal phenomenon that has happened through out history , at sometime or other there has always been some race or some religious community in the rise in the world & declined too history has it all, it is a utter idiocy to keep harping on such an hallucination ,if at all was the matter a truth, the saudis have always been sited and accused of spreading thier school of though (Wahabism), with all that money at thier disposal , they would have at least attempted to convert the almost a million or more Buddhist working in the middle east (money can do that) , some working as long as fifteen to thirty years , also besides look at the percentage of population ratio for the past thirty years, the buddhist have increased by 22% & Muslim population only by 3 % & further more it is disgusting to think that not all, but a particular segment of the Buddhist in this country’s lack of gratitude & appreciation, it was always the Muslim community that stood by The Sinhalese buddhist, even from the time of the Kings, it has always been muslim countries that had always been happy to support Sri Lanka, if at all the Muslim community had such an agenda of over running this country, all they would have had to do was joined forces with Prabhakaran ,believe me had they done that , definitely 100 % guaranteed an Elam would have been established long time ago, but they stood by the Sinhala buddhist people , they were made porpers ,refugee within twenty four hours,ruthless killed , & till today their grievance are not taken care of , instead of thanking & taking care of a sincere community ,lies of hate are spread , thier right to practice thier religion is denied ,thier right of dietary is denied,
    thier economy is attacked, is this the way to reciprocate?

    Well I would strongly advice the entire Muslim community to completely ignore losers like Shenali , let the likes of her have the pleasure to comment as much as they want ,but Muslims must not waste thier bandwidth & thier precious time , which she infact really wants , to increase her traffic flow at our expenses..
    Anyways thank you Kamaya Jayatissa – for your effort is highly appreciated , decent journalism is based on truth & to write without prejudice or partiality.

    One has to be as sick as Shenali to really believe the gibberish she usually pens…

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    Shenali Waduge. Every time I read one of her pieces I feel like puking. The ‘facts’ she quotes are questionable, her style is poor- in short she is an apology for a journalist. There are other journalists who sometimes project the same views, but they are readable-and make for more thought on the subjects they speak of; they are also less virulent.She projects hate.
    I sometimes wonder whether SW and Rajpal Abeynayake use the same pen-or perhaps computer!

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    The guns are still smoking.The victors still anxious with a jaundiced eye.It is called Lack of FAITH in their own religion when Hatred enters ones soul.
    The muslim families bundled their clothes and left their homes and trecked to Batticaloa when they heard BBS was coming to visit them.Is Batti a safe heaven for the Muslims? what about their children’s education,a home,a job.What about registering to vote? Will they scramble back to Grandpass to find their homes one or occupied?.

    This is called another form of shifting people from one district to another.’shifting of people ‘by cruel and brutal actions has gone on from the day Indepenc was declared and for too long.The Tamils were put on a ship and sent back to the north and east.Now the singhalses are not happy the Tamils want to call it their homeland.
    Waking up to reality and making ammends is the work of the GOSL.They failed miserably in Grandpass.
    Some writings on these threads come from people and children who do not lack the worldy comfort or basic amenenities.
    Some call it ‘Oh the muslims are nice people,they are peace loving’.
    could we call this action of making them leave through fear ‘being nice people and peace loving’?.This is the scenario the thugs and hooligans want.They achieved what they wanted the end result to be.
    For those destitute muslim families it is certainly called FEAR for their lives and for their children.I did th sam many years ago.I have not place the ‘burden’ on my children.They have already tasted the fealings of hatred,vengeance of thugs to destroy,seen the rape of their women and breathed the smoke of their homes be it a mansion or a hut.I have searched for long what is it that has made us Sri Lankans become so cruel to each other.It has not been just 30 yrs.History for the Singhalese starts from 30 yrs ago.For the Muslims 1914 – 1916 the massacre in Kandy and the surroundng areas when singhala hooliganism and thugery attacked the muslims.It was a blood bath but just for a week when the muslims came out strong and in no uncertain terms held sway and the singhala thugs learnt their lesson.Then the S.thugs went for the Tamils in 1958,1977,1978 & 1983.The Tamils left too.were the Tamils not Nice people and Peace Loving?
    In these times they did not touch a single muslim home or person.Why? I leave it to you.
    Utill a few yrs ago modern arms and popularity of the singhala budhist majority and king pins of the area destroyed and burnt the Muslim mosque in Kadugannawa in the Kandy district,The sons of the minister went into hiding,later tried in court.what was the result.For 8o yrs Muslims were ‘nice people’the senario was different.Then it blew up.

    The vanquished are expected to make all the ‘moves’ to reconconciliate.Without proper homes,schools food,clothing,losing husbands,wives and children the sitiuation is called under the thumb of hooliganism and the gun.
    ‘who are these people who want help’ are we doing anything to uplift them.People in high places love to think we do have a grat democracy.
    The GOSL has Weliverya and e surounding people from the villages to deal with.These families have their children in the GOSL forces.The reaction from their families and the after will be so dangerous to see.Hatred begets hatred.
    Love and Peace ?

  • 0

    What are Shenali Waduge’s credentials to write with any level of authority except her imagined facts ? Someone out there should know who this lost soul is.

    • 0

      I feel sorry not for her but for her children ; if she has any

  • 0

    Fine response. However I do not think we should waste time on what Shenali Waduge writes. She is partial to her own prejudices and does not know to write dispassionately. Her writing is never credible, a mix of poor quality journalism and deliberate falsification. A genuine humbug. I don’t read her stuff.

  • 0

    I am both intrigued by SW and this article. Extrimism does not come from any where but fear. The basic reason is the fact that governance has failed. Our economic policy advocated by the IMF is a destabilising force. Money borrowed and printed in the name of all sri lankans is given to the business community unfortunately dominated by a few communities . You pauperised a majority and enrich a minority which is well seen by economic ethnic cleansing especially of colombo. I do not wish to elaborate any further but to say that communal fears are created by a political elite whose governance has no wisdom.. 4 insurrections hundreds of thousands dead the ruling elite has not changed one bit. Judiciary is a failure some cases going on for years a lfe time , police bias and injustices are rampant, now the military has been unleashed on the poor that are protesting about a basic human right. The idiots continue as if nothing has happened hence extremism will continue to flourish. These articles are superfluous and do not address the real issues.

    • 0

      You are absolutely right. We keep analysing inane writings for no purpose.

  • 0

    I can only describe this women filled with Venom & has no ability to write creative journalism & the ability to think out of the box to encourage the entire populace of this country that has been devastated for thirty long years of war articles that bring understanding & united so that all people can live in harmony , which in turn will remove all suspicions and create security (Which is most important)..

    How on earth do you expect a thriving economy and a prosperous country which has had a devastating war for thirty years & after the end of the war is facing accusing of unforgivable human rights crimes internationally ,and a continued attacks on civilians ,spread of hate campaign on minorities , attacks of places of worship by government goons & racist monks with complete open support and protection provided by the government with heavily equipped arms with live ammunitions & ethnic cleansing in north and east & It is rumoured the government settling the majorities hand picked who are ex criminals to keep the minorities under control and eternally create fear psychosis to prevent the muslims & tamils grow in economy..

    How can a country that is oppressing a minority ,who is crying in thier hearts
    whose curses are heard by God every minute ever prosper?

    I can only describe Shenali as a [Edited out]!
    taken from lanka web

    The Plan is to Subjugate Muslims-Third Response to Shenali Waduge
    Posted on February 6th, 2013
    Hameed Abdul Karim
    This halaal certificate affair keeps coming up in Shenali Waduge’s every argument, despite the fact that I explained this in my very first response. So I am compelled to repeat myself. The halaal issue popped up when non-Muslim restaurants like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC opened shop here. It was they who approached Jamaithul Ullama for this endorsement so that they could cater to Muslim clients fearing that if they didn’t have this certificate they would lose out on the Muslim consumer. As far as I know only these three establishments ‘hang’ these certificates. I can understand her ‘grievances’ if you find halaal certificates ‘hanging’ in Saiva or Sinhala Kamay Kades dotted all over the country. The halaal certificate is not compulsory as Shenali would have us believe. A popular biscuit factory, a soap factory and a foreign food outlet have rejected the halaal certificate. No Muslim is complaining. But of course you wouldn’t expect Muslims to buy these products or eat at outlets that proclaim they are not halaal. And I don’t think anybody should find fault with us over this.

    Why Halaal?

    Moreover, much as certain quarters would dislike this, the halaal certificate assures the strictest of vegetarians among us that the halaal tag on biscuits, soaps and other consumer products are for their benefit. The halaal certificate ensures them that no lard or any animal substance has been used in the production of these items. Lard is derived from pig fat. The Vegetarian Society of England is rather fussy about ensuring that no such stuff gets into biscuits or other consumer products in the UK. Just look at how Thailand, a Thervada Buddhist nation, has gone about the halaal certificate issue. The Thai government is directly involved in ensuring the halaal tag is strictly adhered to and this has boosted their exports tremendously.

    The Sunday Times of February 3, 2013 quotes Moulavi Mubarak saying that the ACJU is all too willing to stop issuing halaal certification, but he adds that Economic Minister Hon. Basil Rajapaksa has requested him not to do that. What now? Is Basil Rajapaksa also a part of the halaal ‘conspiracy’?

    On the same page of the said , we have a Buddhist monk telling us that he has ‘reliable’ evidence that Muslims are been trained in terrorist activists. If that is the case then what have the CID, Police or the Military intelligence been doing? Shouldn’t such pronouncements come from them?

    Besides if the Muslim issue of halaal tag was the major concern, tell me why churches and kovils come under attack? Why are Christian pastors being assaulted? Why, only the other day a statue of Mother Mary was damaged in an act of vandalism. Doesn’t this suggest that there is a campaign underway in the country against all minorities?

    Non-Muslim Judges

    In a previous article she has claimed that there were no non-Muslim judges in Muslim countries, but because of space constraints I avoided answering that question. Well, there are non Muslim judges in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan.

    Justice Rana Bhagwandas a Hindu was a senior judge of the Pakistani judiciary. He served as the acting chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan at a crucial time during the judicial crisis in Pakistan. Presently he is chairman of the Federal Public Service. He was the third non-Muslim chief justice in Pakistan. Incidentally the percentage of non-Muslims in Pakistan is only 3%.

    Churches, Kovils and Temples

    There are many churches, Kovils and Temples in Muslim countries. There is a Kovil in UAE for Hindus and a Gurdhwara for Sikhs as well. Buddhist temples are found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Don’t forget the Borobudur site in Indonesia. It was built in the 9th century and today it is the Cultural Heritage Triangle.

    In Kuwait too there are churches despite the fact that there are only 200 Kuwaiti Christians. Many Churches exist in Kuwait. Kuwait’s largest cathedral is situated in the eastern part of Kuwait city .And all over Arab/Muslim lands there are so many churches that you will lose count. A famous one in Iraq was bombed by the Americans in what they call the ‘First Gulf War’.

    There are numerous and kovils in Pakistan scattered all over the country. I have personally visited one church in Lahore. I also had the good fortune of visiting the famous Sikh temple there. Moreover, Pakistan takes great pride in preserving its Buddhist sites in Taxila and about a year or so ago they sent Buddhist artifacts for display in Sri Lanka as a gesture of goodwill. Long years ago I met two Buddhist monks from Kashmir and they told me there were Buddhist monasteries in existence and they have had no trouble at all with the freedom fighters there. There are numerous churches in Iran as well as synagogues. Moreover, Pakistan and Iran have reserved seats in their respective parliaments for minority groups.

    Now that I have said this let me say that I suspect there is a subtle attempt to create rifts between minority communities in Sri Lanka. Buddhist and Christian priests I associate with share the same view.

    In her alarmist views Shenali Waduge creates a picture to indicate that there is a huge conspiracy to finish off Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her statement that the Saudi authorities don’t permit religious books into the country is true. This includes Islamic books also, as so many Muslims who go on pilgrimage will testify.

    Cultural Hegemony

    Once again Shenali Waduge complains about the way some Muslim women dress and states this as an attempt to segregate themselves on the footing of a separate identity. The Muslims all along in history have maintained a separate identity based on their faith. And to impose on them a Western form of dressing on the basis that ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’ is akin to another saying. ‘Monkeys see monkeys do’.

    Instead of constantly berating us on our faith, traditions and customs with such callous disregard and without any concern for our feelings it would be a good idea for Shenali Waduge to accept us as we are.

    Sharia and other laws

    Once again Waduge brings the Sharia to the forefront of her arguments and I think I have dealt with this subject before. So just let me say that the Sharia is not the only law outside the Roman Dutch law that we practice. We have the Kandyan Law which lays down separate rules for those who come under its purview. According to Dr. Wickrama Weerasooriya ‘Kandyan law has peculiar rules relating to succession, inheritance, marriage, adoption, and donation, the greater part of which has now been codified’. There is also the Buddhist Ecclesiastical Law. Dr. Weerasooriya says ‘recognition of principles of Buddhist Law is evidenced in the recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Rev Keselwatugoda Chandananda Thero v Rev Sirimalwatte Ananda Mahanayake Thero(1997). Then we have the Thesawalamai law, which is a code of custom, legal rules and principles applicable to Tamils of the Jaffna Province. Dr. Weerasooriya says that ‘although the Kandyan law and the Thessawalamai are noteworthy for their essentially secular character, the Buddhist law and Hindu law are also applicable in Sri Lanka…’

    Right throughout Shenali Waduge’s comments you will find a strain that is hostile to Islam and the Sharia. On previous occasions I have responded by giving authorities like Judge Weeramantry and John Makdisi of Harvard University. Both say that the Sharia has contributed immensely to both domestic laws in various countries and to international law as well.

    If the Sharia law was medieval or outdated why then do we find so many non-Muslim institutions opening up Sharia based finance companies all over the world. Would these non-Muslims be considered ‘extremists’?

    Lincoln’s Inn in England has acknowledged the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) as one of the greatest law givers. More recently Harvard Law University has placed the following verse from the Qur’an in its lobby.

    ‘Oh you have believed; stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives and whether it be against rich or poor. For Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lust of your hearts, lest you not be just. And if you distort (your testimony) or refuse to do justice, certainly Allah is well acquainted with you do’ (Qur’an Sura 4:135.)


    The causes that Waduge give for the 1915 are disputed. For nearly a thousand years the Muslims and Sinhalese had co-existed in peace and harmony whilst they served as officials ‘in the administration of state as well as of Buddhist monasteries’, according to Lorna Dewaraja in her seminal book ‘The Muslims of Sri Lanka – One Thousand Years of Ethnic Harmony’. ‘It is noteworthy’ she says ‘that Muslims were functionaries in the Temple of the Tooth and participated in the ritual of the Asala Maha Perehera. This process of the structural assimilation which took place without any erosion of the cultural distinctiveness of the Muslims is perhaps unique in minority majority relations’. In such an environment it’s hard to believe that the causes of the riots were faith based. According to certain sources, the reason was commercial rivalry.

    But is it proper to constantly harp on what happened nearly a hundred years ago? Makes you wonder if there is a sinister agenda lurking somewhere in the shadows? When writing on subjects of this nature we should ensure interpreting history’s negative factors do not get overemphasised. Would someone in 2083, when most of us will be dead and gone, talk about the July 1983 riots to sell a few points? Shouldn’t we be ashamed of these incidents and try to remain silent on such negative factors?


    Waduge refers to the conflict between Muslims over the Pehlavan issue. It’s true that things had turned bad, but today there is hardly a reference to that issue. A similar incident took place between Buddhists when a Sri Lankan monk wanted to introduce the Mahayana sect of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, but the matter was sorted and no one from any other faith in the country ever accused the Sinhala Buddhists of extremism. But when something of this nature happens in the Muslim community all sorts of allegations and accusations of ‘extremism’ hit the headlines.

    It’s true that the two southern insurrections had nothing to do with faith. But the fact remains that faith, language and religion of both parties which were the same did not prevent the horrible bloodletting. But when such issues crop up among Muslims, Ms. Waduge will be quick to blame Islam for the cause of the conflict.

    Anuradhapura Times

    Ms. Shenali Waduge subtly accuses me of uttering a fib when I quoted the destruction of the Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura. She says ‘It is advised not to create or change history for political advantage’. This I feel is very unfair because I, as a practice, always stick to facts. As a rule I always get my articles checked by two Buddhist and two Muslim friends for any inaccuracy or mistake on my part. That how scrupulous I am when I write on these issues.

    Let me quote Ms. Lorna Dewaraja to show that Muslims were present during the Anuradhapura times. On page 25 she says Mantota was the chief port of the Anuradhapura Kingdom and there was a highway connecting it with the capital. ‘Consequently Mantota became for the Arab traders what it had been for the Persians, a great emporium for the East-West trade. Archeological excavations in and around Mantota have unearthed Middle Eastern ceramics ware approximately dated between the 8th and 11th centuries ….’Three Arabic inscriptions erected over Muslim burials have been unearthed in this area …All these have been attributed on epigraphical grounds to the 9th and 10th centuries confirming Arab presence in the ports in the late Anuradhapura period….

    ‘Recent excavations in certain archeological sites in Sri Lanka, undertaken by UNESCO Cultural Triangle Project have unearthed what are known as “Sassanian Islamic” ceramic storage jars approximately dated from the 7th to 9th centuries’. Some of these have been found among the ruins of the ancient hospital site at Mihintale in Anurdhapura’….Middle Eastern ceramic jars dated in twelfth and thirteenth centuries have been found, denoting the continuation of the commercial contacts during the Polonaruwa period.

    As a matter of fact Arabs were there in Anuradhapura prior to the birth of Islam. I quote Lorna Dewaraja from page 46 of her book that ‘The Sinhalese seem to have made a distinction between the early Arab settlers and the later Muslim migrants from South India. Pandukabhaya (377-307 BC) set aside land in his capital of Anurdhapura for the use of the Yonas who were pre-Islamic Arab traders who visited the capital. Here she is quoting the Mahavamsa X-90 making it impossible for Ms. Waduge to dispute her. Ms. Dewaraja, quoting the 15th century Sinhala literary works known as Sandesas, says that they refer to Yon Liyas or Arab women.

    Misrepresenting Facts

    Ms. Waduge states and I quote ‘the demolition (of the Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura) was a valid and legitimate exercise carried out by the State’. This statement of hers is an arrogant exercise in duplicity. There was no court order neither was the demolition carried out by state agencies. It was carried out by a mob headed by Buddhist monks and the police became helpless spectators to the vandalism. A picture on BBC shows a Buddhist monk burning a flag that he had removed from the shrine.

    King Senarath

    The general impressions conveyed to the public by Shenali Waduge is that Muslims were lazy and good for nothing fellows and so the generous Sinhala kings gave them lands and privileges to ‘civilise’ them or help them escape the Portuguese persecution.

    It’s true that King Senarath gave refuge to Muslims. But this is only half the story. Here is the other half. Ms. Lorna Dewaraja says in her book on page 63-64 ‘King Senarath’s objective was in settling Muslims in the fertile lands around Batticaloa, was to maintain food supplies during his campaigns. The King’s far sighted policy which was mutually beneficial resulted in quick recovery of the kingdom as is proved by the successes of his campaign of 1628 and 1630.

    Muslim Contributions

    Ms. Lorna Dewaraja reports of occasions where Sinhala kings had sought the services of Muslims to fight their enemies. Muslims fought in Mayadunne and later his son Rajasinha’s battles against the Portuguese. They were also employed as envoys to secure assistance from the rulers of Calicut and also served as gunmen that the army was lacking in’.

    It was the Muslims who took Sri Lanka to the world, exporting the produce of the land and enriching the kings. And during the worst of oppression under the colonialists the Sinhalese wilted under pressure and changed their loyalties and took the faith of the conquering armies. No Muslim did that. No Muslim bartered ‘God for gold’. They stuck to their faith, traditions and customs and today we have people like Shenali Waduge telling us to ‘do as the Romans do’. The plan, I suspect, is to force Muslims to change their faith, customs and traditions. The plan is to subjugate Muslims and not allay Buddhists’ fears. God willing, that won’t happen.

    We have to be accepted today as the kings of yore accepted us. We are much a part of the Sri Lanka landscape as the Sinhalese and the Tamils and the Burghers. S.W.R.D Bandaranaike had said ‘the Ceylon Moors have been in Ceylon as long as we the Sinhalese have been here’.

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    It is rumored that The government plans to buy off all large lands owned by Tamils & Muslims where these two Minorities are currently majorities in numbers ,and build houses and settle Majorities as to reduce the majority numbers ,currently it is under way in muslim majority areas of mannar,which has angered the muslims ,,,
    =Northern Sinhalisation: Government To Settle 500 Sinhala Families In Mannar Despite Muslim Anger
    August 17, 2013 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph,News,STORIES | Posted by: COLOMBO_TELEGRAPH

    Areas of Future plans to increase sinhalese population are listed below;


    Sq. km.

    GN Divisions


    Thumpane (Galagedara)




























    Medadumbara – Teldeniya








    Kandy Four Gravets




































    Ganga Ihala Korale




    Pasbage Korale








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    Who is Kamaya Jayatissa

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      Who is Leela?
      A Gewal Hora.
      A racist, who lies thru his teeth.
      A twister and turner like Champika, GnanaSatan and King Kakille.
      A guy gets hurt so quickly when someone say something against the Regime.
      An eunuch, licks Gota, MaRa, JHU and all balu Senas.
      A useless fellow who sits in front the his machine to comment about everything for the despot while balming the opposition for anything.
      A madman, who is as ugly as his bosses.

      Kamaya is a lovely lady jounalist and she is a human being with a beautiful human heart unlike yours which is filled with ‘Vairaya’.
      He, Champika & Gnana and clan will be Gankabarayas in your next birth busy scavenging all the time with spilt-toungues

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    Great article Kamaya, enjoyed reading it and the lovely quotes from the Buddha.

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