28 January, 2023


‘Bondgate’ Report – ‘Watergate’ Without Nixon?

By Amrit Muttukumaru

Amrit Muttukumaru

The report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) into the Treasury Bond scam is like the curate’s egg good and bad in parts. It had already laid the ground work at the investigative stage by its glaring partiality to the Prime Minister to give a preview of what was to follow in its report. In this respect the PCoI has been consistent!

The bottom line are its RECOMMENDATIONS. In this respect there is an evident MISMATCH between what transpired at the investigations which the PCoI has by and large covered and its recommendations particularly in regard to the PM where the commissioners have failed to connect the dots which were staring in the face.

It has rightly faulted inter alia, former CBSL Governor – Arjuna Mahendran, PTL virtual owner – Arjun Aloysius, PTL CEO – Kasun Palisena, former Minister of Finance – Ravi Karunanayake and “relevant officers of the CBSL and the EPF”.

While faulting former PABC (Pan Asia Bank) Chairman – Nimal Perera, a gaping hole in the report is the ‘pussyfooting’ on the Bank of Ceylon giving Perpetual Treasuries Limited (PTL) access to Billions of Rupees almost instantly which enabled PTL with the aid of “inside information” to make a ‘killing’ in the secondary Bond market at the further expense of state institutions which included the hard earned savings of workers in the EPF. Chairman, Bank of Ceylon – Ronald Perera is a long standing member of the influential UNP Working Committee.

Crucial issues of governance incidental to the alleged bond scam thrown up by witnesses at the Bond Commission which include possible tax evasion, money laundering and PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) being directors of banks are hardly on the radar.

In the context of what follows below, it is strange there is no recommendation whatsoever in regard to the PM. In fact to the best of my knowledge ‘PM’ or ‘Prime Minister’ have no mention in the ‘recommendations’!

PM’s Involvement & Contradictions

1) ‘CONFLICT OF INTEREST’ is the CRUX of the Bond scam.

Arjuna Mahendran – a foreign national was handpicked for the position of Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) by the Prime Minister although aware that his son-in-law, Arjun Aloysius – virtuallyowned/controlled PTL (Perpetual Treasuries Limited) – a Primary Dealer.

2) For reasons best known to the PCoI it did not PURSUE the PM’s affirmation in his affidavit “Upon the formation of the new Government in January 2015 there was a general consensus within the Government that Mr Mahendran should be appointed to the post of Governor of CBSL.”

No less a person than Cabinet CoSpokesperson and Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senaratne has contradicted the claim of “general consensus”:

Senaratne said he had opposed the appointment of former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran to the position at the time. “I warned that it would tarnish the government’s image,” the minister said.”

3) The PCoI has mentioned only “In passing” that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) which is the issuing agency for Treasury Bonds which normally falls under the Ministry of Finance was brought under the purview of the PM. The PCoI did not question the PM on the rationale for this change.

4) The PM continued to have Mahendran as CBSL Governor although aware that Mahendran had reneged on his ‘assurance’ to him that his son-in-law (Arjun Aloysius) will sever all links with PTL PRIOR to his appointment as CBSL Governor.

The PCoI while stating “We consider that, the confidence which the Hon. Prime Minister states he placed in the assurances given to him by Mr. Mahendran, was misplaced. We are of the view that, the more prudent course of action would have been for the Hon. Prime Minister to have independently verified whether Mr. Mahendran was, in fact, honouring the assurances he gave the Hon. Prime Minister. We regret that, the Hon. Prime Minister did not take that course of action.” has curiously failed to question the PM on the rationale for this “confidence”.

5) At the Bond Commission when the PM was asked whether he was aware that (i) “Holding Companies of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd were Perpetual Capital Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and Perpetual Capital (Pvt) Ltd?”(ii) “Mr. Aloysius continued to be a Director and Shareholder of these two Holding Companies even after January 2015?” he pleaded ignorance.

His position of being unaware is contradicted when “he went on to state that, Mr. Aloysius had said that he needed a “bit of time” to dispose of the shareholding he had in Perpetual Treasuries Ltd.”

The PM also contradicts his claim of being unaware in his affidavit to the PCoI where he states:

“I became aware that Mr Aloysius had in the month of January itself resigned from the post of Chief Executive Officer and Director of Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd. I also became aware that however he remained a Shareholder of that company” 

6) A failure in the PM’s judgment observed by the PCoI is:

“when the results of the Treasury Bond Auction held on 27th February 2015 became known and there were several allegations that, Mr. Mahendran had interfered in the Auction, the Hon. Prime Minister appointed the three-member ‘Pitipana Committee’ to inquire into and report on the matter.

We are of the view that, the members of the “Pitipana Committee” [comprising of three senior and reputed Attorneys-at-Law] did not possess technical knowledge or practical knowledge in the considerably complex arena of Government Securities and Public Debt.”

(7) He robustly defended and endorsed Mahendran for a second term despite the widespread perception of Mahendran’s role in the alleged Bond Scam.

8) Being fully confident on the propriety of the issuance of Bonds, he robustly defended the same in Parliament on 17 March 2015 despite the evidence that subsequently transpired before the PCoI. In this regard the PCoI observes:

“with regard to the Statement made in Parliament by the Hon. Prime Minister on 17th March 2017, in which he states, inter alia, that, Mr. Mahendran had not interfered in the Treasury Bond Auction of 27th February 2015 …….. we consider that, the Hon. Prime Minister would have been better advised, if he had independently verified what had happened at the CBSL on 27th February 2015, before making any statement, instead of relying on the Briefing Note and report submitted to him by Mr. Mahendran and Deputy Governor Samarasiri.”

(the report erroneously refers to ‘17th March 2017’ when it should have been ‘17 March 2015’)

9) The PM’s defense of Mahendran is contradicted in the report:

“We have held that, Perpetual Treasuries Ltd acted upon “inside information” (or “price sensitive information”)when it placed Bids for an unprecedented value of Rs. 15 billion at an Auction at which only Rs. 1 billion had been offered;

We have also held that, Mr. Mahendran was the source from which Perpetual Treasuries Ltd obtained this “inside information” (or “price sensitive information”);”

“Accordingly, we have held that, Mr. Mahendran acted wrongfully, improperly, mala fide, fraudulently and in gross breach of his duties as Governor of the CBSL”

10) During his testimony at the Bond Commission the PM stated: “Mr. Aloysius had said that he needed a “bit of time” to dispose of the shareholding he had in Perpetual Treasuries Ltd.”

What is at issue is the INTEGRITY of the CBSL. How can the PM who is also responsible for the CBSL even consider a “bit of time” to resolve a ‘conflict of interest’ concerning the CBSL Governor?

11) To the PCoI question “whether the Hon. Prime Minister instructed Mr. Mahendran, on 24th February 2015, to “immediately stop” the practice of the Central Bank accepting “Private Placements” of Treasury Bonds”, the PM had inter alia stated that “he directed Mr. Mahendran to “consider” issuing Treasury Bonds by way of Public Auctions in accordance with the Economic Policy of the Government and that, the Hon. Prime Minister “expected that he would comply with due procedure”.

This response is CONTRARY to his speech in Parliament on 17 March 2015 where he inter alia stated “I insisted on a public auction”. It must be noted the PM had the benefit of questions given in ADVANCE by the PCoI to enable him to provide answers by way of affidavit.

The question is why the PCoI did not confront the PM on this contradiction.

12) R. Paskaralingam – Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister.

It is revealed in the report that “Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance, gave instructions to the three State Banks to place Bids at specified low Yield Rates and for low amounts, at the Treasury Bond Auctions held on 29th March 2016 and 31st March 2016.”

It was alleged by the officials concerned of these banks during their testimony that the ‘instructions’ were given in the presence of the PM’s Senior Advisor, R. Paskaralingam.

“In reply to the Commission of Inquiry, the Hon. Prime Minister stated that he was not aware of the meetings held at the Ministry of Finance on 28th March 2016 and 30th March 2016 and that he was not aware whether Mr. Paskaralingam was present at these meetings.”

In this connection the PCoI has observed: “we consider that, Mr. Wasantha Kumar, the General Manager of People’s Bank, was a reliable witness with a clear recollection of the events of this meeting held on 28th March 2016.”

If indeed Paskaralingam attended these meetings, would it not have been SOLELY in his capacity as Senior Advisor to the PM? Is there not a major management failure if the PM was unaware of Paskaralingam’s presence?

13) Footnotes in COPE report:

The controversial ‘FOOTNOTES’ in the Sunil Handunetti led COPE report probing the 27 February 2015 bond scam introduced by the UNP parliamentarians concerned have not received the sanction it deserves from the PCoI.

The widely read ‘Sunday Times’ exposé of alleged machinations in relation to the Sunil Handuneththi led COPE report referred to the ‘Footnotes’ as follows:   

“As is clear, the thrust of these footnotes is to make clear that Mahendran has not been responsible for any impropriety.  

The UNP is confident that it can, through the documentation Deputy Minister Harsha de Silva has received, prove its case that its man Arjuna Mahendran is not to blame.”  

 As if this were not enough, consider Harsha de Silva’s response to the following question from a journalist on the ‘Footnotes’:  

“Minister do you at any point now regret the footnotes on that COPE report? Going by what is being revealed now, do you regret it or was there a lack of information at that point?”  

What does his response from (21:25:40) indicate? The clarification sought from Harsha de Silva has still not come.   

Dr. Harsha de Silva is Deputy Minister, Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs where the PM is the Minister in charge.   

14) Rosy Senanayake – ‘Deputy Chief of Staff’ in PM Wickremesinghe’s ‘core team’.

It was alleged at the PCoI that COPE documents relating to PTL CEO Kasun Palisena’s testimony were given to ‘PTL owner’ Arjun Aloysius by “Rosy’s son” identified as “Kanishka Senanayake”.  

This has been denied by Ms. Senanayake on the grounds she was not a COPE member after the August 2015 parliamentary elections. Does not the question arise whether in her capacity as ‘Deputy Chief of Staff’ in PM Wickremesinghe’s ‘core team’ she would have access to COPE reports? Although requested, she has still not clarified this position.   

Favored Treatment

1) Unlike in the case of other witnesses, the PM was given questions in advance by the PCoI to enable him to provide answers by way of affidavit.

2) Unlike in the case of other witnesses, the PCoI decided to invite the AG himself who wasn’t involved in the investigation up to that point to personally lead evidence for the FIRST TIME. Up to this time, Messrs. Dappula de Livera and Yasantha Kodagoda – Senior Additional Solicitor General and Additional Solicitor General respectively lead evidence.

3) Unlike in the case of other witnesses which included former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake who were grilled by Messrs. Dappula de Livera and Yasantha Kodagoda, limited questions were posed to the PM. He was at the PCoI reportedly for less than an hour to clarify matters arising from his affidavit.


Things are so bad in Sri Lanka that the rule of law was selectively applied not to compel Arjun Aloysius – owner of PTL to give evidence before the Bond Commission on the basis it would incriminate him since apparently in his own mind there was a high probability he would be prosecuted. The same rule of law was mute in taking the next steps that could have been taken independent of the report of the Bond Commission in the context of the damning evidence produced at the PCoI. It also indicates that the relevant regulatory and law enforcement agencies were on sleep mode until the bond commission was appointed. This tardiness in taking necessary legal action has resulted in a situation where as disclosed by the Prime Minister during his testimony at the Bond Commission, Aloysius was even able to be present “at one or two parties” where he was in a position to converse with the PM himself!  

Successive governments have done their damndest to underscore the presence of a ‘Deep State’ in Sri Lanka. The egregious Bond Scam and impunity involving key sections of the political and corporate establishments is evidence of its presence. The media has reported that Messrs. Dappula de Livera and Yasantha Kodagoda – Senior Additional Solicitor General and Additional Solicitor General respectively who led evidence at the PCoI have been “sidelined from initiating legal action based on recommendations by the Presidential Commission regarding the fraud”.

It is outrageous that the PM has suddenly ‘discovered’ only after the publication of the PCoI report of the Bond Scam under the incumbent yahapalana government how allegedly corrupt the issuance of Treasury Bonds have been prior to January 2015 when Nivard Cabraal was CBSL Governor. It is surprising that the CBSL which is under the PM’s purview had not brought this matter to his attention earlier. It begs the question as to what the government elected on the promise of corruption free good governance and holding those concerned under the Rajapaksa presidency they screamed from rooftops were responsible for terrible corruption, abuse of power and violence accountable after due process were doing these past three years?

The PCoI reports that Ms. Siromi Wickramasinghe the sister of former CBSL Governor, Nivard Cabraal was a ‘Director’ of the ‘holding company’ of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd at the time of the 27 February 2015 bond scam under the Yahapalana government! (Pages 473 & 474)

As Alice cried in Wonderland, things are indeed getting “curiouser and curiouser” in this ‘land like no other’!

Siromi Wickramasinghe was no doubt a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) who should have been monitored by the CBSL. In the context of PEPs being at the centre of the worldwide efforts for the prevention of money laundering, the CBSL is obliged to co-operate with other jurisdictions to combat this menace associated inter alia with political/economic instability, trafficking in illicit drugs and financing of terrorism. Although all PEPs are NOT INVOLVED in criminal activities, nevertheless all PEPs are subject to scrutiny particularly in their dealings with banks. This is why even in Sri Lanka “Opening of accounts for ‘politically exposed persons’ (PEP) should have authorization of senior management.”

It is imperative that Sri Lanka must adhere to its international obligations. Sri Lanka is a member of the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG) which in turn is an Associate Member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) which is “an independent inter-governmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing. “

It is surprising to note that even today there are PEPs who are holding office as directors of banks and financial intermediary companies. We do not appear to have learnt any lessons from past experience. My engagement with Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, CBSL Governor on this issue commencing 5 July 2017 have been in vain.

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  • 6

    Unpatriotic National Party tarnished the image of the country with Bond Scam. Chandrika, Sobhita Thero and Sirisena are responsible for the unfortunate situation the country has gotten into. Chandrika does not care two hoots for the country. Intentions of Sobhita Thero could have been genuine but I have doubts about Sirisena’s intentions. If Sirisena got the Premiership under President Rajapakse, probably still he would have been saying ‘Maha Rajano’.

    • 6

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “Unpatriotic National Party tarnished the image of the country with Bond Scam. “

      Scammers, war criminals, crooks, tsunami horas, murderers, ………………… are mostly the leading members of Silly Looters P****d (off) Party.

    • 1

      Jaundice Eye,

      Why Chandrika and Sobhita Thero is responsible for UNP? You mean the New King’s part on CB robbery?

  • 7

    Both Sarath de Alwis and Amrit Muttucumaru make important observations about the conduct of the 3 members who comprised the Bond Scam commission.

    For the many of us in Sri Lanka who believe that the judiciary lacks integrity and has been credibly charged with being corrupt and subservient to politicians, the conduct of the commissioners does nothing to allay those concerns but instead provides confirmation of these fears.

    What has happened to the principles that the law is no respecter of persons and that all persons are equal before the law? In a trial, would the PM have been provided with questions beforehand? Would the judge require that the PM must only be questioned by the AG who had not been a part of the legal team? An obvious question: “After you found out that AM had violated your trust by not telling you what you should have been told, how come you continued to clasp him to your bosom at taxpayer expense?” Why wasn’t this issue explored?

    The two despicable judicial lapdogs should be publicly shamed. They had a wonderful chance to restore confidence in the judiciary. Instead, they tarnished the reputation of the judiciary even more. Shame on them!

  • 4

    Thank you Amrit Muthukumaru for compiling and presenting to us some of the goings on upstairs.
    The bond issue is no Watergate. A resignation resulted off Watergate but the Bondgate may ruffle some feathers but will be resultless. Watergate was a cover-up but Bondgate is about…..the bane of our society.

    We must ponder what brought us this far. It is the coalition form of government. We stumbled on this by accident and we can hope that there will be badly needed cleanups.

    • 1

      Bond scam is nothing new in Srilanka. The commissions appointed throughout the history are always tried their maximum to protect those who are in power and who they want to protect. Even the LLRC did the same thing. The difference between the current Bond scam and the corruption under previous regime is that in the previous regime benefits were primarily shared with the Mahinda Family and in this one it is primarily with Arjun Family. In both cases, politicians, officials associated with Mahinda & Ranil also received a considerable share as gifts or bribe. Is there anyway to stop this sort of thing happening again? I don’t think because the Sinhalese masses eyes are covered with the threat mania of Pirabhaharan. That is why Sinhalese leaders do not want to agree for a solution!

  • 2

    Honest , hardworking , law abiding citizens of this country are being treated with utter contempt by these shameless fraudsters .

  • 1

    So much have been spoken about the bond scam by so many people with so any explanations in accordance with their vision. How if there was no BOND SCAM. All the efforts of these writers may have been put into better use on matters needing their intelligence. May be their intelligence may no have been stimulated if not for the bond scam.

  • 2

    I laud the writer of this piece. He brings out several points which the UNP leadership should ponder. In my simple opinion, only a full and unconditional acceptance of culpability on the part of all these jokers including the “Hon” P.M. will help to fix it’s broken reputation.

    The sad consequence of this might be that the previous set of murderers, criminals and thieves might slink back in to rule us. If this happens, the “Hon” P.M. will have this entirely on his conscience (if he has one).

    Shame on you, “Hon” P.M. for your now undeniable culpability in this scam, and shame on the two commissioners for having pandered to the “Hon” P.M. in this way – we expected better from you.

  • 3

    Oh boy there was no loss to the government. GOSL has made a profit from the bond auctions. If the case ends up in courts game kaput for killi seerasa.

  • 1

    I checked Arjun Mahednran’s qualification’s After the royal college, he had studied in one Baili college affiliated to Cambridge University. I did not find important degree programs in that college. His only important qualification is working in a private Bank (probably because of family connections)

  • 1

    The greatest Mahavamsa story is Ranil telling Mahendran that Aloysius has to divest from PTL. What comedy is that? Ranil knows well even before Mahendran was appointed, their relationship. Apparently Rosy’s (Proposed Mayor of Colombo) son has a school relationship with Aloysius. Pretty similar relationship exists with Old Son Prince. PTL is by at least two level owned by Joyous. In that circumstances, why Ranil told Mahendran to ask Aloysius to divest? If Mahendran ask, is there an obligation to Aloysius to sell his company? I ask this from any one of the reader! Because one member of your family has got one year unconfirmed appoint in the government and that member ask you to sell away your lifetime earning company, would you willing to do it? If you do it, are you a businessman? Why Ranil ask CBSL to delist PTL? Why CBSL, which had all the information of the two, did not delist PTL.

    Ranil simply told Mahendran to tell Aloysius to sell the shares. Apparently he has never waited for the agreement of Aloysius, but Mahendran’s one was enough for him. But there are many indication many did know Aloysius was handling the Bond deals for PTL. He has communicated with the Commercial Banks. Finance Minister was in touch with the same banks. But no others seems to be have questioned Aloysius about the Father in Laws Conflict of interest on those sales or brought it to Ranil’s or EP’s attention what was going in CB between those two. Now, an imbecile commission, which is actually a member of the comedy government which Impeached a Tamil Opposition leader and have no knowledge about insider deals, blaming a high level political corruption as a private trader’s insider Information. If there is a way to send the PCoI to UN Electric Chair, on should do it.

  • 0

    Mr. MuthuKumaru: Even after this much of scrutiny, there are other points that no one cared to dig up and see. Remember, why did they want emergency funds to repair roads withing forty days of the Presidential elections and just before the general elections. At the time UNP was not the true governing party. It was because of common Candidate president they came to that position. It was widely known that they Sirikotha did not have money to go for an election.
    Secondly, what was the need of Party Chairman and Party Secretary to be their. Party chairman was not even a politician.
    Thirdly, did any one question what were the instructions to the three UNP Lawyers who not qualified to do it. I heard only request from them was ” Read and see for English mistakes” and they got a period of three months. So, they read it and they themselves were concerned about their task, because their reputation is on the table, they had recommended the further investigations.
    then the last question is whether there is any instructions by MCC for this. It says, West did not send Legal consultants to any country such Nigeria, “Ukraine and some other corrupt countries. but, they were instrumental to send one to Sri lanka. It says, that UNP (CBK, Ranil, MANGALA, I do not exactly who) had asked money and they directed to go this way saying they also do not have money now. So, this should have been well planned by a committte well in advance. Why some are very silent.

  • 0

    It says, it is India which gave instructions to go this way.

  • 0

    when Mahinda Rajapakse asked they did not give money. Instead, they asked One of those to go that way. there should be more to this. It was the Snthosam for defeating Tigers.

  • 0

    Mr Muthukumaru, you dont seem to understand the meaning of PEP. Politically exposed person.Look it up without giving your own interpretation. It is a person who has been entrusted with a PROMINENT political position. Just because Shiromi Wickremesinghe is the sister of Nivard Cabraal it does not make her a PEP. You cant hold it against her for being born in the same family.

  • 0

    Muthukumaru, what is wrong with you ? Always finding fault with people. You had 12 jobs in 20 years and you have stayed at home for the next 20 years writing vitriolic articles against people. Fortunately for you ,you have a rich wife who can maintain you and you do not need to earn a salary. You seem determined to bring down the PM for some warped reason. You are angry that Nimal Perera was faulted but not Ronald Perera. Nimal was dealing in bonds with the EPF and making profit. BOC only advanced the money to buy the bonds. It was a deal in the normal course of business and did not need board approval.The security was the bonds. It is like a stockbroking transaction. Ask your wife . She will educate you. When a stockbrokers buys shares on behalf of a client he has to wait 3 days for settlement. If he is not paid he will dispose of the shares. You find fault with the PM meeting Aloysius and talking to him at cocktail parties. anything wrong ? The Colombo cocktail circuit is very small and everyone knows each other. Make a life without spewing venom like DJ.

    • 0


      The only ‘Peter Perera’ I knew is long DEAD.

      Your friends are getting DESPERATE aren’t they?

      MERCENARIES come in different forms for different rewards.

      What relevance has my personal life to the Treasury Bond Scam?

      Although I do not wish to dignify your incorrect and vile assumptions with a response, I am compelled to comment briefly for purpose of record.

      The manner by which I manage my personal financial affairs and domestic circumstances is nobody’s concern and has no relevance to issues discussed in my article.

      I attained every single senior position in some of the leading entities in the country on MY OWN STEAM and left with my HEAD HELD HIGH for personal reasons. I am far too INDEPENDENT to accept NONSENSE from anybody including the resurrected ‘Peter Perera’ and the acolytes of the Bond Scammers.

      Contrary to what you state out of IGNORANCE, Siromi Wickramasinghe is most definitely a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) on three grounds:

      1) Being the sister of former CBSL Governor, Nivard Cabraal and therefore ‘closely associated’ with him.

      2) Being the former Chairman of ‘State owned’ entity – HDFC Bank (Housing Development Finance Corporation)

      3) Former Member, Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka – a ‘prominent public function’


      Your stance appears to confirm the long suspected NEXUS between the incumbent yahapalana government and the former regime.

      Given below is the CBSL definition of a PEP:

      “PEPs are defined as “individuals in Sri Lanka or abroad who are, or have been, entrusted with prominent public functions” e.g. Heads of State or of government, senior politicians, senior government, judicial or military officials, senior executives of State owned corporations, important political party officials. Business relationships with family members or close associates of PEPs involve reputational risks similar to those with PEPs themselves. The definition is not intended to cover middle ranking or more junior officials in the forgoing categories.”


  • 0

    Yes, many thanks to Amrit Muttukumaru for making it all clear to us. This proves that our country cannot sustain the capitalistic enterprise. Trying to force money in illegal ways and singing hymns of evangelical glory will never cut the capitalistic ribbon.
    It is shameful and embarrassing that UNP persons like Ranil and beauty contesting persons like Rosy have used these means in a desperate attempt to fulfill their capitalistic wonderland of dreams. From the world’s biggest Christmas tree to the most expensive dessert, we are truly screwed by these goats.
    Bunch of Tamil Vellalas + Sinhalese lovers of Vellalaism, in scant regard of the Masses, have gamboled away the poor man’s money (of all races). Thanks god one of the Tamil masses have made it clear to us. Never before have we been in need of the JVP government!

  • 0

    Mr. Muthukumaru: some where I read, about a $ 60,000 question. Had Some govt paid Mahinda Rajapakse that amount and Ranil knows it ? I heard Mahinda Rajapakse and RAVI the LIAR are also friendly.

  • 0

    Another Question that I forgot to ask, How did the PCOLI decide that Ranil should be given the opportunity to clarify. Is there some trade off. I mean President Ask the committee to let Ranil ONLY Clarify and do not question. These were supreme court judges who knew what they were doing. So, indirectly MY3 made a deal with Ranil. The result is MY3 also escaped if he said OK to the robbery and if he got some dough for himself. All what I said has some bearing.

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