24 May, 2022


Born Loser Loses Again

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

In the past the voters had repeatedly delivered one consistent message to the UNP: Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Party leader, is not fit to rule the nation. Last Friday in Elpitiya they repeated that message for the umpteenth time. It is a vote of no confidence in Ranil, the permanent loser. Once again the people were saying that they don’t trust Ranil, the most notorious bank robber of Sri Lanka, who will not hesitate to sell the nation like the way he sold our soldiers to the West and Tamil lobby in Geneva.

The Elpitiya voters didn’t stop at that last Friday. They went further and added a new name to the UNP list of losers. They added the name of Sajith Premadasa who is now seen as a puppet of Ranil. The people were not moved one whit by the razzmatazz at the Galle Face Green, or all the hype whipped up to boost the image of Sajith. Poor Sajith! He has been kicked out before he could even start. It is not that he had committed any gargantuan crimes to discredit his name. He hasn’t had the power in his hands yet to commit political crimes like Ranil. But in Elpitiya Sajith was made to pay for the sins of his master by the voters who took the first chance available to declare their verdict on Ranil’s regime. The people declared unequivocally that do not see a difference between the puppet master and the puppet.

In his speeches, however, he emphasizes, quite dramatically, beating his chest, that he is “Sajith Premadasa”, (“Mama Sajith Premadasa”) hoping to cash in on his father’s name. He seems to be invoking his father’s name to make the people believe that he plans to return to his father’s people-oriented programmes. Repeating the “Mama Premadasa” mantra, as often as he could, also hints at distancing himself from Ranil. He aims to make it known that he not like Ranil. At the same time he is bending over backwards to appease Ranil who is the anti-thesis of his father, President Ranasinghe Premadasa. The first thing that Sajith must learn is that he cannot ride two horses at the same time because both stand at the two extreme ends of the political spectrum.

To begin with Ranil has perennially been in cahoots with the West, the immediate North, and the foreign-funded NGOs. He has embraced them as if his life hangs on them. President Ranasinghe Premadasa, on the contrary, stood firmly against the West, the North and the NGOs. In fact, this trio, along with the “Kurunduwatte kelli-karayos”(Big Knobs), treated him as the antagonist they loved to hate. In turn, President Premadasa had no compunction in telling the West, the North and the “Kurunduwatte kelli-karayos” to go to hell. He did not hesitate to virtually revoke JR Jayewardene’s invitation to send Indian troops back home. He told Rajiv Gandhi to take his IPKF out of Sri Lanka and shove them in the holes from where they came. He also had no hesitation in kicking out the British High Commissioner, David Gladstone, within 48 hours.

He was proud to be a part of Kehelwatte and play football rather than hob-knob with the “Kurunduwatte” cricketers. (He grew up in the days when the elite played cricket and the others played football). He wore the national costume and walked in slippers. Sajith is a pale imitation of his father, wearing a white shirt and trousers without shoes. He walks in slippers. That is his big symbolic concession to his father’s commitment to his people. He wants to be a Gandhi in trousers.

President Premadasa was committed primarily to the Southern pluralistic political culture. In his political agenda the Southern political culture, derived directly from the grass root forces, was ranked solidly as the primus inter pares. The newly coined phrase “the peoplised political culture” conveyed the meaning of democratising, equalising, and liberalising the economy, society and politics. True, in his time he wielded power with an iron fist. This was inevitable because he was forced to fight fire with fire. There was no alternative to a leader fighting two fascist terrorist gangs – one in the north and one in the south – within a democratic framework which, of course, had its ineluctable infirmities. After he crushed the Sinhala Pol Potists in the JVP he told me once: “You wait and see, if I defeat Prabhakaran sooner or later, they (meaning the political pundits) will come at me questioning not only why I did it but also the way I did it!” It was Mahinda Rajapakse who crushed the Tamil Pol Potists. More than President Premadasa it was President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had to face the forecast questions, both locally and internationally.

The first message delivered to Sajith from the South is that he is not perceived as his father’s son but as Ranil’s puppet. The wide gap in the voting between SLPP and UNP at Elpitiya indicates clearly – more than the votes polled by both parties – that the Ranil’s UNP had drifted far away from the days when the UNP was rooted in the hearts and mind of the people wooed and won by President Premadasa. The question now is whether the UNP can close the gap with the minority votes? That’s a big “IF” with the minority groups like the TNA losing its capacity to deliver massive bloc votes from the north and the east and take Sajith over the critical 50+.

The voters of Elpitiya have also taught Sajith his other lesson in politics: if you hang out with Ali Baba and his forty thieves you can’t expect the people to trust you with their hard-earned money.

Sajith was hailed as a fresh face that can make the people forget the sins of Ranil. The defeat of Ranil in the internal power struggle was seen as victory for the UNP. With Ranil out of the way it was argued that Gota would have hard time fighting the new “Mr. Clean” of the UNP. But the victims of the Yahapalanaya regime in Elpitiya were not willing to forgive or forget. They got their revenge last Friday.

The Elpitiya result can be read as the beginning of the Arab revolution in Tunisia, or the coloured revolutions in Europe, or the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. The Sri Lankans who took to the streets when the price rice was increased by a few cents in 1952 took their time this time round. Totally exhausted by violence they were waiting for the ballot boxes to open to deliver their opinion peacefully. And the first time the postponed elections were opened they took their chance to guillotine a vital part of the corrupt Ranil and his Yahapalanayakos with the sharp edge of the ballot. Most of all, Elpitiya has taken the cockiness out of the UNP leaders. They will put on a brave front no doubt. But they know that they are now on shaky grounds. Nevertheless, they will put up a last ditch fight in the coming months of cohabitation, of Gota wins. It is the Parliamentary elections that they dread. If they lose the Presidential election on November 16 then they will begin to worry as to how they would go home without the official cars in, say, mid-2020.

Of course, in the coming days there will be a plethora of theoreticians who will pop up to spin the electoral statistics. Apart from the numbers, Gota Rajapakse so far has had a good run. First he cleared the hurdle of his citizenship in the Supreme Court. Second, he won the agreement of President Sirisena to back him. Third, he won Elpitiya. He started early wooing key elements in the electorate like the professionals and intellectuals. There were no rivals ready to cut his throat, sending nervous messages to the electorate that the petals of the Phottuwa were coming apart. He presented the promise of a solid, constructive and a stable future with security for everyone.

On the contrary, the UNP leader, Ranil, played the most sordid role of undercutting the most popular candidate in the UNP. As usual, he could not read even the trends and the forces operating within his own party. At a time when the nation is in search of stability and security he was tearing his own party apart and sending signals of impending collapse and disaster. Once again Ranil was playing the role of undercutting anyone who was posing a threat to his supremacy. However, unable to beat the rising tide against him in the Party, he eventually kissed the hand that he could not cut. But the damage he had done to the image of the party could not be remedied. The Party in its wisdom rallied behind Sajith and rejected once again the loser. Ranil survived as Party leader only by manipulating his henchmen in the Working Committee.

Any other party leader, who has even a smidgin of self-respect, would have resigned long time ago, humiliated by the rejection of the people and his own party. But not Ranil. It is not in him to acknowledge that his use-by-date is over. His image hovering in the background will not help Sajith to make headway in the electorate. The UNP can recover and hope for a future only if it decides to kick him upstairs with a nonessential post like the Leader to Light Lamps on Ceremonial Occasions.

Since the Party does not have the guts to clean up its corrupt leadership the people will have to do it in the coming elections. Ranil obviously has given up the Presidentship hoping to be the Prime Minister. One incontrovertible certainty in the prevailing fluid political situation is that Ranil will never win the premiership in the 2020 parliamentary election. Elpitiya has already forecast that Ranil’s chances of becoming the next prime minister are as great as John (Viagra) Ameratunga becoming the Mahanyake of Malwatte.

The ill-fated shadow of Ranil that fell across the nation has not brought any redemption to the nation. The nation must admit, after all these years of failure, that a new era is possible only when the nation is free from corrosive, corrupt and kleptocratic politics of Ranil.

As they say, some are born fools. Some achieve foolishness. And some go down crushed by their own stupidity which they refuse to recognise and remedy even when they were sinking into their self-made Black Hole.

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  • 11


    I do agree in some of your comments here about RW, but in Elpitiya, MR got 60% in 2015 and now only 59% in 2019

    Further in a Prez election the voter numbers will be much higher and you will probably see a different voter count.

    • 7

      SLPP + UPFA has 70%. don’t forget they’re an alliance now

      • 11

        Party agreements don’t bring votes, it is the people who vote

    • 2

      HLD Mahindapala types

      “The first thing that Sajith must learn is that he cannot ride two horses at the same time because both stand at the two extreme ends of the political spectrum.”

      Only dumb asses cannot ride two horses at the same time, please watch this clip:
      Indian riding two horses at once

    • 2

      H L D Mahindapala,

      The mean IQ of the voters, Paras, is 79,. Those with IQs below 79 can easily be fooled and misdirected. So, the verdict given by low IQ voters, most of whom believe that the Sun goes around the Earth is meaningless.

      Besides, this is a different election, a local election that will not translate to a national election prediction. If this election was held during 2015, MaRa would have got more votes, but still he lost the presidential election.

      Have heard about representative statistical sampling?

  • 20

    H. L. D. Mahindapala –
    At Least Ranil Lives in Sri Lanka!
    Unlike You, He did not Run Away to Australia!
    What does that Show?

  • 8

    Known Devil is Better than the Unknown Evil
    ~ MR ~

    • 10


      “The voters of Elpitiya have also taught Sajith his other lesson in politics: if you hang out with Ali Baba and his forty thieves you can’t expect the people to trust you with their hard-earned money.”

      If what you say is true, JVP should have got all the votes in Elpitiya, and not SLPP. Or, Elpitiya people’s memory survives for only four and half years.

  • 9

    i dont think we should worry anymore about ranil
    the sajith faction has taken over the unp so ranils days will soon be over
    however whether gota can get 50 plus is still quite dicey even with the cardinals help

  • 10

    [edited out]

    You wait man till 16th of November 2019.
    You can see Mr. Sajith Premadasa as a President of Sri Lanka.

  • 16

    In the impending election, SP is the UNF candidate, endorsed by all factions of both UNP and UNF. So I am not sure why the writer is babbling on and on about RW as though he has some axe to grind with him. Writer – please move on and move with the times! Is it that you are approaching your dotage and unable to embrace new thinking?
    It’s futile to predict the outcome of the Presidential election merely based on an irrelevant PS election of one insignificant electorate in the South, the result of which was a foregone conclusion. There are many other factors that will impact the final result of the Presidential Election and to simplify it the way the writer has attempted to do is amateurish, to say the least! Let’s wait for November 17 to know the verdict of the voters (as reliable scientific polls are not available in SL). I am hoping an energetic, young, efficient Leader who values democratic traditions will emerge as the winner.
    The choice between the two main contenders is like chalk and cheese (as listed below – as examples and not exhaustive):
    1) A fit and healthy 52 year old vs an unfit and unhealthy 70 year old who runs to Singapore for treatment (as he has enough wealth acquired illegally) at the drop of a hat
    2) A declared Democrat vs an autocrat / despot / authoritarian / tyrant / fascist / alleged criminal
    3) An articulate candidate vs one who is unable and incapable to address the public, impromptu & unscripted without a teleprompter
    4) A patriotic true Sri Lankan vs one who is / was a dual citizen having sworn allegiance to another country with kith and kin who are US citizens
    5) A proven politician vs a maverick – one who has run for public office before vs one who has never run for public office before –

  • 7

    I agree that the Galle Face rally had no effect on the people of Elpitiya. The UNP were foolish, stubborn and arrogant to ignore the importance of at least increasing their votes at Elpitiya. But it decreased further. Sajith must stop beating his chest and beating about the bush and get down to the business of addressing the real needs of the people. I am not saying that GR is doing this but the people have been disgusted of watching a dysfunctional govt in these past 5 years. In desperation they hitched their wagons to the Rajapakse mumbo jumbo – again. So GR is riding that wave, white vans and all.

    • 6

      True, I think UNP camp has to stop saying that Ranil will continue to be PM if SP wins. I hope at least one day before the election, Sajith comes out to say, “Ranil is out”, sure he would secure thousands of votes without doing much. But I guess SP is playing it safe for “What if I lose?” instances.

  • 7

    How dare you talk like this about the future President?look how smart he is; education funded by Baskaralingam and Maharajahs
    How else can you go to Milhouse Boarding school? And claim to have a degree,but unlike Anura Bandaranaike, he has no diploma from LSE. SHREE MUKHAYA and the nail salon owner who is already calling herself Aaryaawa will keep us entertained for 5 years. Add a golden throne, add virginal milk baths, and the man who drives a 20million rupee vehicle claims to be a poor people person. WTF?

  • 7

    Spot on. This is the truth.

  • 15

    The writer keeps on ranting and raving about RW. If the writer must know, RW hasn’t been the Leader of the GOP for over 25 years for nothing. That in itself is a feat (which Leader in the free world has achieved that?). He is also a 5 time PM of SL. The writer may not be able to hold a candle to him (the most knowledgeable MP in the current Parliament who is held in high esteem by the International Community). He is also a true ‘Democrat’ with a mountain of patience.

    Yes he has his frailties and failings like all human beings do. One thing that he can’t be faulted is that he is truthful and do not deceive the masses (like most other Politicians do). One reason (among others) he has not been able to lead the Party to victories, may be just that reason.

    Writer, please move on. UNP is slowly but surely embracing a young and dynamic Leader (like father like son). If you are so concerned about what happens in SL, consider moving back to SL giving up all the comforts, rights and privileges you enjoy in a western style Christian Democratic Nation . Ofcourse it’s entirely your choice. No white vans will come to pick you up to compel you to act one way or another!!

  • 8

    Very well articulated Mr Mahindapala. You have identified the malaise
    of the UNP over the years – one man manipulating, often very deviously,
    to stay as leader. And as Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe has been
    surviving on the largesse of the people – traveling abroad frequently
    at their (public) expense. He has fooled foreign governments to believe
    he is the executive head prompting them to offer military guard of honour
    to him. His office is largely ceremonial.
    If one is to account for the Sri Lanka Air Force trips from Colombo to Deniyaya
    to meet his darling friend Sagala Ratnayake, that will come to a whopping sum,
    enough to build a good cancer hospital. His other darling pal Akila Viraj
    Kariyawasam has been gifted with a coconut estate. By whom? The answer
    will be shocking.
    He made good money from the Central Bank bond case.He did his
    best to cover up matters. He put pressure on cases where the Rajapaksa
    family was involved. That was using Sagala (Law and Order Minister) and
    through his other pal IGP Pujith Jayasundera. Remember he gave the
    Air Force helicopter to Rajapaksa to travel home after he was defeated
    in 2015. He is in touch with the Rajapaksas even now.
    Once when Sirisena was in London, the Police wanted to arrest Gotabaya
    Rajapaksa for a serious ofference. Ranil telephoned Sirisena and told him
    there would be riots and not to do that. Sirisena ordered the Police to keep
    Now who is paying for all this? Ranil should retire for the sake of the country
    and the good of the people. He is a leech sucking the funds of the state for travel
    and survival.
    It is true, Sajith lacks state craft and even common sense. Ranil can manipulate
    him any which way he wants.

  • 5

    You can not compare this local election with a national election ..
    This election took place in Mahinda home area in South.
    Do not think people in town will vote like this…
    Ranil is a failure but not Sajith.

    He can revive his party if all back him..

    Ranil wants him to fail…

    • 3


      “Ranil is a failure but not Sajith.”

      Why do you consider Ranil a failure?
      What was/is the pass mark?
      What did you consider a pass mark?

  • 7

    It is a well known fact that Ranil doesn’t have oratory skills needed to attract crowds in tallies or an exuberance to please TV cameras but compared to what his service to the nation, HDLM looks like an abandoned scare-crow standing in an off-season rice field!

    • 4

      D.P. – Mahinda’sPala is still wearing the Halloween Mask, possibly getting ready for trick or treat!

  • 4

    The SLPP can win votes only in ‘Gamey’ areas like Elpitiya where 90% of the population is technically literate but totally uneducated. Wherever you find the educated people and the minorities, they will always vote against the SLPP!

  • 9

    Where are the one million jobs?
    Where is the Aero city?
    Where is wi fi for every Sri Lankan village?
    What happened to the Volkswagen factory in Kurunegala?
    How did the economy deteriorate after Wickremesinghe and his 40 thieves
    went to DAVOS conferences spending millions of dollars.
    Who blocked investigations against the corrupt?
    Who gave leadership for the Central Bank bond heist?
    Who made 78 Air Force helicopter trips to Deniyaya and how much did it cost?
    How many contracts were given during Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs to cronies?
    Who takes holidays in Sri Lanka and abroad every three months?
    Who backed secret SOFA deals with the Americans?
    Who offered state properties to India?
    Who sold out state properties to China?

    The Deshadrohi Of Sri Lanka

  • 18

    A shameless, utterly biased piece of lowly journalism coming from someone from whom no better could be expected.

    Just no class.

    • 4

      Just Foreplay,

      He is putting his thoughts. Do you expect all writers to make your day? Or, did you understand what he is trying to say? BTW, “lowly” is not the right adjective to use there

  • 4

    When some of those who got in to parliment to form goverment and getting ministerial positions after tyrannical rule of MR do not give due credit to Ranil it is not surprised a journalist who uses his pen to the tune of money offered writing and putting defeat of Elpitiya too in to Ranils account. He conveniently forgets majority of those who are in parliment ala UNP and trying to change the party leadership could not win their respective electorate for the party in last general election. Sajith heads the list of these members who couldn’t win their respective electorate in last general election. This journalist is having selective dementia with regards to these facts. Shame on you

  • 9

    continued / (sorry I had exhausted the word limit imposed by CT on comments)

    6) One who is a member of a reputed Political Party (conformist) vs one who is not a member of any Political Party (non-conformist)
    7) One who has a vision and a plan for SL vs one who has no vision or plan and can only read what others have written and has no declared ‘policy initiatives’
    8) One who is ready, willing and able to answer questions posed by journalists / public vs one who shuns those opportunities and is a recluse
    9) Educated abroad (with some involvement in US Senate Committees) vs a Petrol Station Attendant in the USA with no education or political background or experience
    10) A Minister / Deputy Minister / MP / Deputy Leader of a GOP vs a Defence Secretary courtesy of his President Brother (family politics / nepotism)
    11) No criminal history or alleged criminality vs an alleged criminal who hires lawyers to avoid courts / litigation

    Voters – the choice is yours. Please vote sensibly (devoid of emotions) and be pragmatic. If your choice is a candidate other than the two main contenders (realistically only one of the two main contenders will be the ultimate winner), you may want to consider including a 2nd preference in your ballot paper.That may become critical in determining the ultimate winner should none of the candidates achieve 50% (which is most likely as there are 35 candidates in the fray) in the first count, in which case there will be a 2nd count to consider the 2nd preferences in the ballot papers.

    May the country elect the ‘President’ they deserve!

    • 3

      My dear Mr. Gamin.
      I think you are ignorant.

      Lieutenant Colonel Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa – RWP, RSP.
      Academic, Education & work experience.
      1. Ananda College, Colombo 10. – Primary and Secondary Education.
      2. Military College of Signals, Rawalpindi – Signal Young Officers Course.
      3. School of Infantry and Tactics, Queta – Infantry Company Commanders Course.
      4. Attended the Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School, Assam.
      5. Defense Services Staff College in Wellington – Command and Staff Course.
      6. University of Madras – Masters in Defense Studies.
      7. United States Army Infantry School, Fort Benning – Advanced Infantry Officers Course.
      8. University of Colombo – Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology.
      9. University of Colombo – Awarded an Honors Doctor of Letters.

      As a reward of gallantry and excellence in combat awarded…
      Rana Wickrama Padakkama (RWP)
      Rana Sura Padakkama (RSP)
      From three Presidents.
      J.R. Jayewardene, Ranasinghe Premadasa and D.B. Wijetunga.

      1. Coordinating Officer of the Matale District.
      2. Coordinating Officer for the Weli Oya area.
      3. Commanding officer of the 1st Battalion, Gajaba Regiment.
      4. Deputy Commandant of the Sir John Kotelawala Defence Academy
      5. Marketing Manage of IT firm – Informatics.
      6. Systems Administrator at Loyola Law School, California.
      7. Secretary to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence.
      8. Oversaw the military involvement in demining, reconstruction and resettlement in the North and East, and in the rehabilitation and reintegration to society of 12,000 former LTTE cadres.
      9. Capacity building within state agencies and departments under the Ministry of Defense such as the Department of Immigration & Emigration, the Registration of Persons Department, and the Coast Guard.

      • 5

        You left out his best qualification!

        10. He is a proven serial-killer and a white-vanner. :))

    • 4

      Mr. Gamini.

      Dont tell lies for sake of saying something.

      • 4

        S. C. Pasqual

        One can mislead public by commission and omissions.
        You have done both in your typing.

        Have a guess.

  • 4

    Lack of oratory skills of Ranil is not an issue. He was responsible for the biggest fraud in the country and now they are spending the money from these corrupt deals to transport people from all over the country to their election meetings. That was how the Galle face green was filled and CTB buses from all provinces were clearly visible along the marine drive. Ranil is an utterly hopeless leader and a corrupt to the core.
    Educated people tow problems with Sajith. He is promising more handouts to people and this will produce a lot more lazy idiots who will wait till the Government feeds them without doing anything for the country. A future leader should have to tell the truth to people that the government cannot eternally feed them but they have to earn the money the hard way. What other country gives free houses, free allowances, free education and health? Promising more handouts without a future economic plan is the biggest deficiency of Sajith. The second point is that he says he will do what his father did. He cannot remember that people celebrated when his father died. He was hated by people and his death came as a relief and that is why people took to the streets lighting crackers and cooking kiribath. Remember the Lawrence mafia and the lavish life style of his wife. Also, he was responsible for sending the Indian army at a time when Prabakaran was under siege. He gave arms to LTTE to fight off the Indian army and his actions also resulted in the cold blooded murder of over 600 policemen in the east.

  • 7

    HLD Mahindapala has a never ending hatred towards Ranil. I belive HLD will take it to his grave.

    • 4


      “HLD Mahindapala has a never ending hatred towards Ranil. I belive HLD will take it to his grave.”

      Actually he is a self hating bigot.

  • 7

    HLDM writes often, at great – and boring – length, and keeps telling us ad nauseam that Ranil is a loser. HLDM would do well to pause and ask if the feeling could well be mutual.

  • 3

    HLD Mahindapala in conclusion {“….. Elpitiya has already forecast that Ranil’s chances of becoming the next prime minister are as great as John (Viagra) Ameratunga becoming the Mahanyake of Malwatte…”}
    Learn your spelling or was Mahan yake a Freudian slip?.
    The reason why John Amaratunge will never be Mahanayake of Malwatte is: He is not a landowning Kandyan Govigama.
    What is the chance of GR becoming a Christian Priest? MR is worried that GR goes to Singapore to negotiate with the Devil.
    Viagra did not help you HLD M because you are too old and not because some key ingredients were made by Monsanto.

    • 3

      K Pillai the real reason is that John Amaratunge is a Roman Catholic.

  • 6

    Dear Mahindapala,

    While appreciating your stance on UNP or Sajith Premadasa. Can you please list just 10 good things we should consider in voting for a dangerous man like Gotabaya. By the way I’m a support of AKD.

  • 3

    Children are undeservedly appointed/given chances for parents qualifications.

    It’s a common error in the 3rd world.

    SP is an example.

    He’s destined to/must lose unless country loses.

    • 2

      Real Revolutionist – In my memory, the country has never been better off to worry on losses. So we are in a perfectly fine position to try everything.

  • 7

    HLD Mahindapala, Tissaranie Gunasekara, Dayan Jayathilake ran the fourth Estate during R Premadasa’s time. Then when the UNP under Ranil won in 2001 December to form a Govt, all these three expected to be called back by Ranil and hand them the Fourth Estate. Ranil did not call them or recognise them. From that day on HLDM and Dayan Jayathilake started to attack Ranil at every turn. This is their anger against Ranil. Tissaranie for a short while was critical of Ranil but quietly stepped down.

    • 5


      Not only that, under the patronage of Premadasa, HLDM was at his worst, acting like a thug, as if he were in a physical fight. There were also some news items that HLDM wanted to be appointed as the SL high-commissioner in Australia, but RW did not, and he turned against him after that.

  • 2

    What the Kehelwatte, Kurunduwatte and even Medamula kelli-karayos have succeeded so far, it appears to many of us, is to send the economy of the country to (Borella) Kanatte.


  • 1


    Thanks but you missed an ‘It’ in the title. Didn’t you mean to say “Born loser loses it again?”

    Given such an apt summary of you and your article given in the title itself, I didn’t read the rest, of course :)

    Take care. Keep your BP down. Don’t beat up your Themalu wife too often.

  • 1

    UNP is an old political party, slightly older than the SLFP which actually is a tearaway of the UNP.
    Ranil must be awarded the dubious credit for the near destruction of UNP whilst Maithripaka Sirisena should also be awarded the same for destroying the SLFP.
    The good news is that both will come under protection by whoever wins the presidency.
    Ranil hates SP but had to give in due to pressure from within and with a grudge to see to it that GR wins as he feels that Rajapakses will protect him from the CB bond issue better.
    Sajith, on the other hand, has to battle enemies within the party who are hard at work to see him lose.
    However, the votes are going to be divided by the large number of candidates with GR and SP getting the most.
    Whoever wins, the people are battling a very high cost of living and expects the winner to bring down the COL especially for basic living for those living just above and below the poverty line.

  • 1

    Read CT of 13 October: “Gota Supporters Attack YouTuber Over Video Of Thowheed Jamat’s Abdul Razik Expressing Support For GR”
    GR supporters, matter-of-factly and quite openly, discuss the caste considerations by the Sinhala Leaders.
    HLD Mahindapala is able to earn his food saying that caste considerations is absent among the enlightened Sinhalese but is the driving force of Wellala Hindu Tamils over Dalits and non-Hindus.

  • 2

    Premadasa gave a job to HLDM at Lakehouse. I don’t know why. Prior to that HLSM was nobody, never a journalist before that.

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