3 March, 2024


Buying A Home in The Down Market

It is impossible to time the real estate market when looking for a home. If the market is currently down, it is customary to wonder if you should wait to make the purchase but is there a guarantee that the prices will go lower? There are a lot of uncertainties associated with the market, and one cannot time the market or the mortgage rates. Therefore, it makes sense to make a move in the down market.

A down market is when the sales are slow, and the prices fall. This is often known as the buyer’s market, when the interest rate is low, giving you more incentive to make the purchase. However, if you already own a home, you could be less inclined to put it on the market since you could lose money on the sale. But if you are a buyer and have started house hunting, the down market is a great time to make your move.

Reasons for buying in the down market

  • Move into an expensive home: The down market is an excellent time to move up to a more expansive and expensive home. However, the timing could be tricky if you want to sell your current home and then buy one. Since the market is down, you will get a lower price for your home, and you will also get a lower price when you buy. But if you are not selling, now is a good time to plan the move to the expensive home.
  • This is your first home: You have waited for years to finally make this purchase, and in the current down market, you will get the best rates. If this is your first home, you will benefit from the declining home prices, and you can get an ideal property at the right rates.
  • It is a long-term investment: If you believe that this purchase is a long-term investment, you can make the move now since its value will increase over time and you will be able to benefit from it.

Trading opportunities in the market

 First-time buyers

A lot of first-time buyers remain out of the market when the prices are rising, and the interest rates are too high. But the best buying opportunity for first-time home buyers is in the down market. When the property prices are down, the market is brimming with homes, and it is a good entry point.

Small mortgage

With a low purchase price, you will have to pay the bank less every month in the form of mortgage payments. Interest rates are at a record low, and they could remain here for some more time. Hence, if you qualify for a home loan, you will be able to enjoy lower rates and make a lower payment every month. If you are above the age of 62, you can also benefit from a reverse mortgage. Use the reverse mortgage calculator to estimate the difference it brings to your wallet.

Wider choice

Many home buyers have invested in a property that felt like a compromise, but this was when the market was rising. Now when the market is down, you have a wider choice, and winning a bidding war will become easier. You can choose from wider neighborhoods and look at various properties before deciding. This market is a buyer’s paradise.

No speculators

Speculators have driven the prices beyond reason in the past, and home buyers had to stay out of the market for a long time. But there is a more rational environment now, and home buyers have a good opportunity to enter, negotiate and buy. The moment the market bottoms out, you will see speculators back in the market. So do not waste any more time and make the right move.

Get more value for your dollar.  

If you are planning to buy in a down market, do remember to compare the rates. With multiple quotes from lenders, you can ensure that you are getting the best rates and working with the right lender. It is hard to determine how much the down market can affect the house you can afford. But if you compare the interest rate and monthly payment based on the mortgage, you will notice that you can afford an expensive house when the market is down. This is due to declining home prices and lower interest rates. Run your numbers using a calculator and then decide if you can afford to buy a home now. If you can buy a house in the normal market, it will be easier for you to own one in the down market. The monthly mortgage payment depends on the price of the home, loan term, down payment, taxes, insurance, and the interest rate on your loan.

Waiting may not be a good idea

When the real estate market is down, and the interest rates are near an all-time low, waiting to buy a home will cost you. It could be possible that waiting for too long puts the houses off the market, and you might not be able to afford the home if the interest rates rise. Even a 0.5% increase will cost you close to $40,000 additional. The mortgage rates jump over the years, and if you sit outside and wait for the market to pick up, you could end up making a huge mistake. If you have the funds, go for it.

The right home-buying strategy is to consider the pros and cons before you decide. It is not an easy decision and is probably the biggest financial purchase you make, so do not panic, and do not rush. Take time and research to make a well-informed decision. Remember to run the numbers and double-check what you can really afford. Estimate the amount you will pay each month and consider hiring a real estate agent who will help you through the process. Check out multiple properties and speak to different lenders before you make any decisions. Always compare the rates and negotiate as much as you can.

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