10 August, 2022


Celebrate The Victory Peacefully And With Restraint

By Mahinda Rajapaksa

Reports coming in from all corners of the island, indicate that the Sri Lanka PodujanaPeramuna is heading for a historic victory at the local government elections. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the voting public of Sri Lanka who have reposed their trust in us, and made this victory possible. The opposition has been able to achieve this victory amidst unprecedented persecution and harassment.

Despite the personal harassment they may have had to face over the past three years, I earnestly request all those who contested under the Sri Lanka PodujanaPeramuna to celebrate this hard won victory peacefully and with restraint and in a manner that will not inconvenience the defeated side. Members of the SLPP should be mindful that such is the way we should show our appreciation to the voting public of Sri Lanka.

Victory to all Sri Lankans!

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you.

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    This victory for Rajapaksa and the people who voted for him are of the same mindset, as they do not want good governance or yahapalanaya. They want their guru back to enrich themselves and be free of being caught in their frauds, drug trafficking, bribes , 10 , 20 ,40 percent deals and tenders , racists , land grabbers etc. Sri Lanka cries.

    • 2

      No dude, ee want development, jobs, industries, schools hospitals food, houdes, transport roads

    • 1

      “Celebrate The Victory Peacefully And With Restraint”

      Sure buddy!

      Like you and your brothers conducted elections before!

      Sirisena/Ranil conducted the most violent election in memory ………let The Buddha curse them ……….no triple-gem blessings for them. All the blessings to you pal.

      The way the election was conducted you guys had to curtail your natural breeding/upbringing and be on your best behaviour……….you couldn’t have started your customary “election-methods” even if you wanted to.

      So, why not make a virtue out of necessity, Eh? :))

      If you pay the ITN bill ……….it’ll go a long way to set an example ………. Don’t let Sirisena/Ranil steal your thunder………………… :)))

  • 6

    Winds of change folks, Winds of change!
    For the people by the people!
    Can you feel it?
    People have rejected world bank policies, India/West interfering axis and the rule of two imbeciles!

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    Dear voters of this country – thank you very much for opening the door back again for MR – because we firmly believe – he and GR are the only hope for this country – in the same breath I request MR / GR — pleaese be aware —- people of this country wants to handover this country back to you all — please do not repeat the past mistakes again — surround your selves with proper advisors – do not become intoxicated with power and blind yourself to the reality — start first with the people of this country – to develop this country you need to have hard working , law-abiding -disciplined people – that is basic – how you are going to achieve this is your problem –

    • 1

      MR, you’d better tell your kids not to cling in your dress, sarong.

  • 2

    Congratulation HE!

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