21 May, 2024


Changing Perspectives & Parametres In Annamalai’s Padayatra

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

Swift Scaling of Heights

The facile dimensions of a political entrant’s growth to a serious leader to be reckoned with in less than four years, has been a phenomenon in Tamil Nadu Politics. The very first to so recognize was Premier Modi. Home Minister Amit Shah and Party President Nadda were swift enough to support their acquisition. Now he is deemed indispensable for Tamil Nadu. In a little more time, that is after a term or two he will walk into a more responsible and glamorous position. The last four weeks have shown Tamil Nadu, how the party president is wafting his way in the hitherto political labyrinth.

From the last week of July, three months are clearly past. They were preceded by three years of fruitful academic discourses calculated to regenerate a forlorn polity. In the last century in the Tilak days and Gandhian era both the learned and the masses were drawn into the vortex of the independence movement. Over the decades, the struggle was enlivened by an all-India leadership whose honesty and dedication to the cause were never in question. It was with an unimpeachable leadership that India gained independence in 1947.

An Impeccable Leadership

Jawaharlal Nehru, the learned intellectual was most equipped to lead the mighty sub-continent to a safe and hospitable arbour. He couldn’t have had a better lieutenant than Sardar Patel. But it was in the worst of times that both of them ventured to steer the ship to a safe anchorage. The situation was best described by the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten. “India was like a ship on fire in mid ocean with munition in the hold”. Yet the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister succeeded in their mission.

A Discordant Note

While the statesmen at the centre were endeavouring to keep the country as a single entity, the DMK was labouring to dismember it. At this moment came the India-China war and India brought in the Anti-Secession Law in 1962, which was fatal to DMK’s future. DMK leader seeing a ban on his Party in the wake of the Chinese threat, cleverly announced, “only if we have India, can we have a Tamil Nadu”. So saying, DMK renounced separation. The MGR bifurcation in the seventies foreclosed separation by naming the party ALL INDIA Anna DMK. Now for 61 years separation is in the morgue. Non-existent, lifeless, bribe seducing NEET, though dead is laid in the ICU. When elections come, it is surreptitiously resurrected. 

In BJP’S Cusp are DMK and AIADMK

The month of November 2023 is witness to the rapid pace of BJP’s advance. Seen alongside is the trepidation of both versions of DMK. BJP is securing it with unbelievable ease now in the full view of the state. The winning party has now in its hold, the multi billionaire culprits in double digit strength. Sri Rangam is the latest acquisition for the advancing party which has completed Day 56 of Padayatra, covering the 100 th constituency. It is no coincidence that it has happened in an important state, Trichy.

With Annamalai setting the pace, the top leadership of the BJP in the state has delved into investigating and exposing the corrupt practices of the DMK in the last few decades. No less than 11 ministers out of 35 in the DMK cabinet including some from the CM’s family are now brought close to prosecution. Three powerful agencies of the central government are engaged in the process of investigation and prosecution. They are; Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate and National Investigation Agency. In recent days, a state minister is convicted by the High Court of building a Medical College on state land and operating it. The court has ordered this billion plus rupee structure to be demolished.

Quite a long 6 more months remain for the conclusion of the election. The daily increase in the padayatra provides convincing assurance to Tamil Nadu of victory for the BJP. The self-motivated crowds await the last word of the speaker Annamalai, come wind, come rain; cloud or shine; induced darkness or otherwise; bespeak the changing voting pattern to be. The gathering storm has spoken in its loud   and clear language of determination and purpose. 

‘Untouchable’ EVR Touched 

To all observers of the political scene in Tamil Nadu, from the young and vibrant to the old and mellowed, a substantial multitude has already settled scores with the DMK ie the obverse of the coin. The reverse ie the AIADMK and its cohorts, is reserved for demolition well in advance of 2016. Surprisingly, what many thought would be in the forefront at the State election in 2021, has now caught precedence. It is none other than EVR miscalled ‘periyar’. He was too great for anybody’s touch, was the myth woven round him by the story tellers of DMK. It stands debunked now and a feeling of revulsion against this ‘great’ pervades the state. What is strange is that anti periyar venom building up for half a century or more is now bursting its banks. The social media is playing well its part.

There is a line in Tamil literature which states “The so called great are not so great and lesser minions are not too small”. This week Annamalai has quite correctly focused his darts at a statue of periyar positioned in front of a Vinayagar temple in Tamil Nadu. Will the DMK dare do this in front of a Church or a Mosque, he has questioned. Hindus are incensed at this sacrilege of a self-proclaimed atheist greeting worshippers to a venerated deity. The BJP champion of Hindu religionists has declared that no sooner the party captures power, the symbols of temple desecration will be removed to a spot away from temples. The tsunami of hate is only biding its time to cast away this tin pot soldier into the murky waters of Coovum.

Come Thai Pongal 2024

Came Tamil New Year 2023 and what followed was Annamalai’s List I of the dramatis personae of the DMK. They in total had in their possession assets worth Rs 1.34 trillion. The date of publication was April 15. Exposures have given the magnitude of the alleged crime. Before that date, they were all, all Honourable men. With 7 months past, many do not have even a fig leaf at least as cover or camouflage. The populace of Rome shouted after due discourse, “Let not a traitor live”. That was after the assassination of Julius Ceasar.

Come Thai Pongal next year, when at least some of the alleged accused may be in remand. In two months the whole of Tamil Nadu would have been covered by the Padayatra. With three more months till April for greater information flow and deeper reflection, the entire polity of Tamil Nadu will be poised for a sane verdict on who should represent them in Lok Sabha. Let not the corrupt represent us, will be the chorus.

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  • 2

    Brilliantly carved out article in chronicle format, very informative and well researched.
    The message has been conveyed eloquently, the usage of word selectivity interwoven with meticulous phraseology, frame the true picture of the situation.

    The narration starting with the larty president Annamalai wafting his track hitherto political labyrinth in Tamil Nadu state, the good old days of Tilak

  • 1

    Ghandian era and the freedom struggle followed by Jawaharlal Nehru and his able lieutenant Vallabai Patel for their prudent and expedient governance of the Newly Born free India are all history.

    Very sad to perceive that Sri Lanka is devoid of all probabilities for aleader of youthful charismatic of such stature to arise with the common goal to develop the country politically, economically and with ethnic solidarity.

  • 1


    Tissaranee Gunasekera in a recent article to these collumns aptly stated, thus..
    ” When religion marries politics, death, destruction and corruption are the offspring they bear, a universal truth we in Sri Lanka should remember..

  • 3

    “Quite a long 6 more months remain for the conclusion of the election. The daily increase in the padayatra provides convincing assurance to Tamil Nadu of victory for the BJP. “

    The writer is clearly hallucinating. Its sad this type of wring is finding its way into CT. Politics and religion should never come together.

    • 2

      There are plenty who hallucinate in this space.
      One has a good laugh except when they turn nasty to people of certain identities, when some telling off is appropriate.
      His soothsaying about Karnataka came to naught last year.
      Let him celebrate in his dreams. Waking up will be much after the elections.

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