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Clergies Are Intimidated: Concerned Citizens Informed UNHRC

By Colombo Telegraph –

Rev. Rayappu Joseph

“We also express our grave concerns about intimidation and discrediting of the signatories of the initial letter and in particular the Bishop of Mannar, by media such as the Sunday Divaina, websites and even government’s coalition partners such as the Jathika Hela Urumaya and National Freedom Front by accusing the Bishop of aspiring to become Cardinal of Tamil Eelam and that he should be arrested and prosecuted.” human rights activists and clergies informed  United Nations Human Rights Council.

Related statements are reproduced below:

12th March 2012

To: The President and all members of the United Nations Human Rights Council

We the undersigned, endorse the concerns and calls made in the letter of 1st March 2012 to the President and Members of the UN Human Rights Council by 31 Catholic clergy from Northern Sri Lanka, including the Bishop of Mannar.

We also express our grave concerns about intimidation and discrediting of the signatories of the initial letter and in particular the Bishop of Mannar, by media such as the Sunday Divaina, websites and even government’s coalition partners such as the Jathika Hela Urumaya and National Freedom Front by accusing the Bishop of aspiring to become Cardinal of Tamil Eelam and that he should be arrested and prosecuted.

1. Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe

  1. Rev. Fr. M. Sathivel
  2. Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris
  3. Rev. Fr. Jeyaraj Rasiah, sj
  4. Fr. S. Maria  Anthony, s.j.
  5. Rev, Fr. Jeevaraj, sj
  6. Rev. Fr. Rohan Silva, OMI, Director, Centre for Society & Religion
  7. Rev. Fr. Oswald B. Firth, OMI
  8. Rev. Fr. M. Selvaratnam, OMI
  9. Rev. Fr. Joy Mariaratnam, CMI
  10. Rev. Fr. J. M. J. Jeyaseelan, CMF
  11. Rev. Fr. Anthony Fernando CMF
  12. Rev. Fr. Royestan Jeyaraj, CMF
  13. Rev. Fr. Rohan Dominic CMF
  14. Rev. Fr. Christy, CMF
  15. Rev. Fr. A. I. Bernard – Ex-Chairman, Justice & Peace Commission, Jaffna Diocese
  16. Rev. Fr. Nandana Saparamadu
  17. Rev. Fr. Sherad Jayawardena
  18. Rev. Fr. C. Leo
  19. Rev. Fr. Sarath Iddamalgoda
  20. Rev. Fr. Noel Dias
  21. Rev. Fr. Reid Shelton Fernando
  22. Rev. Fr. Terrence Fernando
  23. Rev. Elil Rajan
  24. Brother Lionel Peiris ssf
  25. Sr. Christine Fernando
  26. Sr. Helen Fernando, H.F.B., Colombo
  27. Sr. Samanthi, FMM
  28. Sr. Hilary, SCJM
  29. Sr. Jenita Ragal, SCJM
  30. Sr. Jeyam, SCJM
  31. Sr. N. Emmanuel, SCJM
  32. Ms. Marisa De Silva
  33. Ms. H.G. Gayathri Sewwandi
  34. Ms. Vishaka Dharmadasa
  35. Ms. Saroja Sivachandran
  36. Ms. Jeanne Samuel
  37. Mrs. Rachel Chandra Perera
  38. Ms. Maryanne Mendis
  39. Ms. Deanne Uyangoda
  40. Ms. Ronnate D. Asirwatham
  41. Ms. Sheila Richards
  42. Ms. Aloka Kumarage
  43. Ms. Melani Manel Perera – Christian  Women Journalist
  44. Ms. Jovita Arulanantham
  45. Mrs. Juliana Arulanantham
  46. Ms. Geetha Lakmini
  47.  Ms. Jayanthi Gunewardena
  48. Mr. K. S. Ratnavel, Attorney-at-Law
  49. Mr. Jayanta de S Wijeratne
  50. Mr. K. S. Jude Fernando, Teacher
  51. Mr. Nilshan Fonseka
  52. Mr. Mithsiri L S Dias
  53. Mr. Freddy Gamage- Editor, Meepura news paper
  54. Mr. K.J. Brito Fernando – Families of the Disappeared, Human Rights Activist
  55. Dr. Philip Setunga
  56. Mr. Alex Van Arkadie
  57. Mr. Herman Kumara
  58. Mr. Anushke Guneratne
  59. Mr. R.M.B Senanayake Retd C.C.S.
  60. Mr. Britto Motha
  61. Mr. Ainslie Joseph – Convener, Christian Alliance for Social Action
  62. Mr. Ruki Fernand       *The group maybe contacted through unhrc19@gmail.com

Bishop’s House



Sri Lanka

1st March 2012

To: The President and all members of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Dear Excellencies, UN Human Rights Council,

We are writing to you as a group of concerned Christian clergy in North Sri Lanka who have been directly affected by war and have been working to ensure rights of people in our region before, during and after the war, while being concerned and committed to broader issues of human rights, democratization and rule of law in Sri Lanka.

We have also been trying to monitor domestic and international developments in this regard and contribute constructively to such processes.

Although we are not privy to the official positions and documents of members of the Council in relation to actions contemplated related to Sri Lanka, we welcome that the UNHRC members appear to be taking some action towards protection of human rights in Sri Lanka, even though this comes bit too late, after massive loss of life and sufferings.

At least now, we urge the Council to act decisively in relation to Sri Lanka, to enable Sri Lankans to move towards genuine reconciliation.

Given the consistent denial of the Sri Lankan government about scale and nature of war time abuses as well as pre-war and post-war concerns, refusal to address these, and given also the seriousness of the allegations levelled against it as one of the parties to such abuses, we believe it is an independent international body that could best address concerns of truth seeking, accountability and reparations for victims in a way that victims, survivors and their families will have confidence. It is only by addressing these that we believe we can move towards genuine reconciliation.

The LLRC has quite rightly identified abuses by the LTTE and also come up with some positive recommendations that has potential for reconciliation. But it has failed to address critical issues of truth seeking and accountability, despite strong evidence and testimony before it.

The record of various domestic bodies whose recommendations successive governments have ignored, including the LLRC’s own interim recommendations issued more than a year ago and threats and intimidation of witnesses who gave testimony to the LLRC including a Christian Priest had made us lose confidence that our concerns will be addressed through LLRC.

In fact, the post LLRC track record of abducting human rights defenders in Jaffna, obstructing human rights day event in Jaffna, obstructing peaceful campaigns in the North, killing of a protesting fisherman in Chilaw, vicious hate campaigns against journalists and organizations critical of the government, singing of the national anthem in Sinhalese only and a host of such activities indicates the absolute disregard for the LLRC report by the Government of Sri Lanka.

This, we believe it is imperative that the UNHRC calls on the Government to:

1. Implement LLRC recommendations,

2. Present a time bound, detailed and specific action plan in this regard to the 20th session of the UNHRC,

3. Report back on progress made on implementation to the 22nd session of the UNHRC, and

4. Accept the appointment of and fully cooperate with an international independent and effective mechanism to monitor above and address accountability issues not dealt with by the LLRC

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

1. Most Rev. Rayappu Joseph, Bishop of Mannar, Pattim, Mannar, Sri Lanka.
2. Rev. Fr. Kirubaharan, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
3. Rev. Fr. Mangalarajah, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
4. Rev. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos, Vankalai.
5. Rev. Fr. R. Augustin, Nanaatan.
6. Rev. Fr. L. Gnanathicam, Vanchiyankulam.
7. Rev. Fr. S. Thavaraja, Vankalai.
8. Rev. Fr. T. Raviraj, SFXS, Columbuthurai..
9. Rev. Fr. I. P. Thayaparan, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
10. Rev. Fr. Iruthayathas, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
11. Rev. Fr. A. Jeyaseelan, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
12. Rev. Fr. Paul Rohan. SFXS, Columbuthurai.
13. Rev. Fr. Chandran, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
14. Rev. Fr. Luis Ponniah, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
15. Rev. Fr. Mary Joseph, SFXS, Columbuthurai.
16. Rev. Fr. Anthonimuththu, Scolasticate, Columbuthurai.
17. Rev. Fr. M. Pathinathar, Mirusuvil.
18. Rev. Fr. Anpurasa OMI, Juniarate, Columbuthurai.
19. Rev. Fr. M.V.E. Ravichandran, Catechetical Centre, Jaffna.
20. Rev. Fr. R.C.X. Nesarajah, Gurunagar.
21. Rev. Fr. S.M. P. Ananthakumar, Mathagal.
22. Rev. Fr. A.C. Christopher, Chundikuli.
23. Rev. Fr. A. Augustine, Satkoddai.
24. Rev. Fr. A.J. Yavis, Kilinochchi.
25. Rev. Fr. S Arudchelvan, Iranaipalai.
26. Rev. Fr. James Pathinathar, Vavunikulam.
27. Rev. Fr. Leo Armstrong, Pungudutheevu.
28. Rev. Fr. C. J. Jeyakumar, Kayts.
29. Rev. Fr. Gerad Rosairo OMI, Colombo.
30. Rev. Fr. S.J.Q. Jeyaranjan, Ilavalai.
31. Rev. Fr. S. A. George, Catechetical Centre, Jaffna

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    What’s these sons of gods complaining about them being intimidated and discredited by media?Is it that only Tamil Tiger terrorists are entitled to media freedom?Websites such as CT has a field day in posting messages insulting the president and his family.But we don’t complain.These sons of gods mustn’t forget the fact Christianity wasn’t introduced to Srilanka in a non violent manner.How many Buddhist monks were murdered by British Christians?This Rayappu Joseph character is a notorious Tiger supporter.Where was this god fearing son when the Tamil Tiger terrorists were killing innocent Tamils?The western christian countries insult Prophet Mohamed and Lord Buddha regularly.The answer being freedom of expression.But when it comes to holy Catholics,it’s taboo.Damn nonsense.The Americans burnt copies of the Koran.I can imagine,if a nut happens to burn a copy of the bible(which is full of fancy stories) what will be Rayappu’s response.When we expose the homo sexual activities of the Catholic church,it is called insulting.The problem with Rayappu is that he is still daydreaming of Ealam.Better write to UNHCR and see whether Ealam can be established.Where were these god fearing sons when the Tamil Tiger terrorists bombed the sacred temple of the tooth not to mention the massacre at Srimahabodi?If this all mighty god truly exists,then Rayappu and the clan would be advised to bring this matter before god himself without going crying behind foreigners.A damn set of fraudsters using religion as a tool to discredit the motherland.

    • 0

      Homosexual acts are not limted to christians.
      You find them in any religion.
      Didn’t you read report only in todays daily that budhist monk was caught being
      accused of sexual abuse and was removed in Mihinthale.

  • 0

    Dear Max,

    i just read few of your comments , you were talking about Booze, pornography , eating cesspit , Bible (insulting ) etc and openly abusing this very site owners and it’s editors , don’t you think CT editors have been extremely tolerant of your arrogant / childish behavior ? i believe you need some help , please get some counseling before it too late my dear Max.

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      I think Max has very valuable points that you can’t understand. you are the one who need some help in language or counselling.

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    Anyone who has covered the ethic conflict in Sri Lanka would have been aware that the Tamil priests of the Christian Churches made it their business to help the LTTE hide weapons within the premises of churches and help move the most dangerous bombers and bomb makers into the Sinhalese areas. I know that Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena was one of the treacherous Sinhalese Parliamentarians to sneak over to smuggle banned items like torch batteries and components for the LTTE to use in their attacks. In Jaffna it was not a secret that the Catholic Church being anti Buddhist did all it could to make the conflict look like a Hindu Buddhist one. Why was it that a Hindu priest never was a spokesman for the Tamil people? It is always a man in white robes. Because of the caste system the low caste Tamils became Christians. The Hindu Land owners (I have proof) did not want the LTTE in power because they wouyld have lost all their land and houses. Max you are right. Keep it up. Some people do not understand anything but insults and you will have to speak to them in the language they understand.

    • 0

      I am ashamed of your comments as a Sri Lankan citizens who boast they have a great culture! Have you ever heard of values and principles and what it does to a person? I am sure most of Sri Lankans need to examine their ownselves and then learn to respect anothers opinion.

      • 0

        Kadiya you are going against your own words ; both Max & Peter have their opinions. So what is your opinion man ? Just insult others ? Is that your culture & opinion ?

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    Priests find it easy to lie about Creation and about God. The Priesthood is for people who cannot find normal jobs. It is the place where they could practice their sexual deviation without being afraid. But that has all come to an end after some of the Western countries had Priests brought before courts of justice for sexual abuse of their wards. Disgusting men they all were. If they now were investigated we probably will be able to put them all behind bars for a long long time.
    The Human Rights Associations should also look into the Rights of Children abused by the Church and conscripted by the LTTE.

  • 0

    Srilal though i am not obliged to give any explanations to you or even CT,i wish to draw your attention to a few points.As for CT deciding to remove me,i couldn’t care less because i am not being paid by anyone.Terrorists don’t like my style of expressions or the tone,that i know,thank god that monster Prabakaran is no more.I am not replying to decent characters here.Most of them are leftover terrorists.The language they use to abuse democratically elected leaders are filth.I am not surprised because that is the language terrorists use.Let me get this straight.Mahinda Rajapakse,whether you like it or not is the president of Srilanka.He is called a crook,a bugger and everything under the sun by certain terrorists contributing to this website.But i never suggested to CT that they should be removed. Of course terrorists don’t understand what’s free expression is.Srilal abusing is not one way traffic.You reap what you sew.The problem with you fellows is that you all are fraudsters who pretend to be intellectuals,doctors,journalists,priests etc.But at the back of your mind it is to destabilize the country and start your terror business once again.Pl don’t try in vain to convince me on decency.You may want to pretend that you all are god fearing human rights activists.But the truth is that you belong to that defeated terrorist outfit the Tamil Tigers.So how do you expect me to address you?Dear sirs and madams?The problem with you is that you feel that you have the right to attack which way you feel is good.But when it comes to pay back time you cry foul.Typical of terrorists.For thirty bloody years you terrorists had been terrorizing the whole country.Murdered not only Sinhala political leaders but also Tamil leaders including Indian PM Rajiv Ghandi who could have contributed a lot to this country.But finally when the present government decided that it was enough is enough and met terror with terror,you cry foul.Typical of coward terrorists.So i don’t need lectures by terrorists on morality.
    You claim that i am openly abusing this site by using certain words that are not to your liking,
    (a)Booze.So what’s wrong with it?Srilal don’t try to play god.You all are terrorists.I booze.So what?But i don’t kill.If i need Bana preaching i will go to a temple.Keep your damn advise to your fellow terrorists.Also if you care to read,there’s a topic under”a monk supposed to be caught with booze”.If you read through you can see how the terrorists are attacking Buddhism on this topic.Don’t play god you damned terrorists.
    (b)Pornography.Once again may i ask you to see certain photos on this site which are almost pornography.The problem with you terrorists is that you have all the right to attack with anything and everything,but when it is returned you cry foul!You speak as if you own this site or at least own a piece of the action.In that case you better advise CT to remove photos of naked women.
    (c)Eating cesspit,Pl refer to one of your fellow terrorists who go by the alias Observer.He suggested that i should go to a pig farm and taste whatever there is.So as a conveying my gratitude i invited him to a cesspit.Anything wrong with it?
    (d)Bible(insulting).I never insulted.What i said was that there’s fancy stories in it.So what’s wrong with it?Srilal don’t play holy god with me.The dirty Europeans and Americans(your god fathers in human rights) insult Islam and Buddhism regularly.Drawing filthy cartoons of prophet Mohammed burning of the Koran etc.Then the same scoundrels use the image of lord Buddha in woman’s underwear.That’s not insulting.the problem with you is that you terrorists feel that you are right all the time.Idiot mind your own damn business without trying to play decent guy.
    You say that CT had been extremely tolerant of me.When it comes to tolerance you better take a leaf out of that barbaric monster Prabakaran.
    As far as this Rayappu character is concerned he has broken all the rules of the Catholic church.It is fellows like these who sew terrorism and resort to international blackmail.Srilal don’t act Yankke yet.Still the Yankies have not landed.Till then be a good terrorist.I don’t use aliases like you cowards.If you need to contact me you are welcome.I authorize CT to provide my email address to you.Last but not least,the day you cease to be terrorists,i will use better language.As per your suggestion,i don’t care two hoots whether CT removes me or not.In the meantime get on with your pipe dream Ealam!

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    What ever Sri Lanka Government does to address genuine problems of Tamil people some of the parsites never be grateful. They will always complain to the foreign media. How did these people survive in the tyrany of LTTE unless they were supporting this terror movement. GOSL should understand rather than trying please these ungreteful parasites there are a whole whack of people who need real assistance. With out putting resources at undeirable places they should divert them to Tamil citizens who is living elswhere with appreciation to the efforts of GOSL.

  • 0

    All comments are good and noone understand onething. theses all drama to save mother land or save Rajapakshe family. Our motherland can not give any one to rule . but current ruler of mother land has to be removed immediatly. because they are bunch of donkeys and need reall people to rule the SL. please get together all for that. not to save Rajapakshe family. Because they are ruine country and send all SL money to abroad to live when they letf out from rulling. please think all that

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    Sarath or whoever you are,i didn’t say that homosexuality is limited to a particular religion or nationality.What i am saying is that these so called sons of god who play god are the god father’s of terrorism including this Rayappu character.Hold your breath i will give out interesting things about these fraudsters.Kadiya character says that he is ashamed of my comments.Kadiya is that your real name?It seems to me as an alias of a thug.As for values and principles what better example than that monster Prabakaran. Rayappu will be in a better position to lecture on principals and values.The latest gimmick of the defeated leftover terrorists is playing holy god.Rayappu broke the rules of the Catholic church.Before issuing stupid statements he SHOULD have consulted his superior the Cardinal.Instead he has turned renegade.Rayappu is now a rogue priest.He is playing a very dangerous game.This fraudsters intention is to start another war.That is pitting Catholics vs Buddhists.He is a terror lord behind robes.By the way i don’t see anyone going by Tamil names in this site.True cowards in the caliber of Rayappu who sent thousands of misinformed Tamil youths to death with his preaching of terrorism.The funny thing is this time around he is complaining about Srilankan newspapers to foreigners.Why, is it that the all mighty god has stopped listening to him?Who the hell is this Rayapuu character to shut newspapers?He is a ROGUE Catholic priest who should be disrobed immediately!I never appreciate clergy being involved in politics including Buddhist monks.This Rayappu character is not involved in politics,but terrorism.True Catholics should agitate to disrobe this fraudster for bringing discredit to the Catholic church.

    • 0

      Mate Max,

      You seem to be having too much time on your hands and needless to mention that you are a natural bullshit artist. Why not practice what you preach and consider consulting a good psychiatrist?

    • 0

      Congratulations Max, you have said boldly,openly fearlessly logically and with fitting upper punches respondingd effectively to this bunch of the LTTE rum, like Rayappu Sirilal etc who are proxies of the dravida diaspora for nothing but money, money and money.Taking umbrage under the descretred profane polluted cloak of Catholicism, they utter stinking filth in the form of foul lies,with the sole aim of resurrecting their sun god, Prabakan and reuujvinating his only kown religion of Tigerism. Positively Rayappu ad his cheap suffering from a chronic and persistant mental disorder that he denies kowledge of the murderous Tiger bombing and devastating of our holiest Temple of the Tooth the Sacred Boo Tree and the mudering in cold bloodt thousands of innocent of Buddhist priest, who had not a say whatsoever in the Ltte matter. I am only refering to the devastation of Reliegious aspects by their attacks. Had Buddhist Sinhlse being of the caliber of inhuman of Tiger Ryappu, and got whipped into a frenzy of emotion,to day NOT a Single Tamil Temple, Kovil or a curr like Rayappu would eve remain to be seen in the North and the East. How cultured and esteemed are Hindu Ariyans Priests, and Muslim dignitaries (as against a few Dravidian Tamil low cast Catholics like Rayappu) If Rajappu and his stooges try now to escalate religious rift, the Sinalese Buddhist would not hesitate to respond immediatly and in appropriate agonising manner. Be assuard there may be Tiger rump activitie outside, but never ever in SriLanmka.

  • 0

    Who is this Rev. Rayappu Josedh.. he was the person who moved the St.Mary’s sacred statue from Madhu church into LTTE held areas when SL troops were advancing through Mannar front. Infact he had the option of moving this statue to one of the churches in cleared areas, but preferred to push it to terrorist held area. He complained internationally to cease govt military operations says Madhu church is under attack. Then once the statue was moved into terrorist held area, he wanted military to stop saying the statue is under threat. If it is really under threat and really want to protect it why not moved to govt held area which was the safest. His whole drama was to stop military offensive which saw the elimination of LTTE. He infact held Madhu church and the sacred statue hostage for ransom of stopping military. He will definitely be judged for exploiting his capacity as a respectable clergy to help a bunch of criminals. We all know who he serves mostly for… surely not for the God! But still God Bless him and forgive him in the name of 20million suffered people.

  • 0

    if there are no Human right in Sri Lanka you wont alive today cut crabs and help this country to stand its own feet.
    you damp ass never contribute anything to develop or help to to your own people get a life you dog.

  • 0

    Theres no difference between LTTE Blood Thirsty Terrorists and the Roman Catholic Church.Their aim is the same:- to destroy the Sinhalese Buddhists and Buddhism.

  • 0

    These guys in robe are cover-up agents ready to resort to anything that pleases their western masters for which they get good rewards. They’re stooges of western govts. and NGOs, ignore them most of them are perverts.

  • 0

    The submission to the UNHRC made by the Catholic Clergy in North has now been supported by those in the South as well. Besides there are several other organisations in the country who too have expressed similar views on Human Rights issues in Sri Lanka. These views should be considered not solely on the basis of what happened in North because of LTTE terrorism. State violence Sri Lanka started in 1947 with the killing of a worker participating in a protest demonstration. The killings in the 1952 hartal followed. Again in 1971 and 1988-89 thousands innocents killed under the guise of eliminating the JVP. Now what about the FTZ worker and the fisherman killed. Sri Lanka Govts. have never attempted to correct this wrong trend. Now the international community is taking it up. Someone has to do it to save innocent people.To castigate and insult those who express views without considering issues with a broader mind is biased thinking. We should get out from this bias and act fairly and reasonably so that we will do something good for the people.

  • 0

    One character going by the alias “Sana” says that i am a bullshit artist.I won’t refute that.Know why?I am not dealing with proper human beings here but barbaric terrorists.No point talking about Shakespeare or Earnest Hemingway with these idiots.I am using the only language they understand.I value your suggestion for me to consult a psychiatric.I might need your help here.I am made to understand that the PM of Ealam one geezer going by the name of Rudrakumaran is going through such treatment.Will you be kind enough to put me in touch with that shrink?
    Kumar,i have to correct you here.99% of Catholics are peace loving devotees.Characters like Rayappu are not true Catholics.They are abusing the religion to satisfy there terror needs.This fellow is dreaming of becoming the Cardinal of an imaginary Ealam.We all should extend the fullest cooperation to the official Cardinal to get rid of fraud characters in the calibre of Rayappu who brings shame to the Catholic church.We have had wonderful Catholic clergy in our country.To name a few,Father Joseph Vaz who did an yeoman service in treating the sick and Father Mersillene Jayakody who really taught us what co existent is all about.This Rayappu character is not a genuine Catholic,but a Tamil Tiger in sheep clothes.

  • 0

    Hi Srilal,
    You ask me how i am!Well,with the US resolution hanging like a Damocle’s sword,do you think that i am performing Bodhi Poojas?No my friend.As usual i am boozing(taboo,eh!).You say that you are not religious but still you feel that the word booze is out of character.It seems that you are a sort of cool guy.In fact i was getting worried about your delay.Can’t trust these Tiger fellows,they even bump their own people.Now that you are among us i am relieved.But be careful with these Tiger fellows,one wrong move,you had it.See what happened to uncle Amirthalingam.
    You say that you are a Sinhalese Buddhist.How nice!Hope that you don’t have anything to do with that conman Sunannda!The thing is that some Tamils are barracking for the Tigers having that pipe dream Ealam embedded in their heads while making a few bucks on the side.But in the case of those Sinhalese who barrack for the tigers,it’s purely money,i.e. Dollar Kakko.I am not saying for a moment that you belong to either of the two categories.May be you are being misled.You express yourself in a romantic manner.The Tigers will do well with your style.The well mannered romantic Tiger!Thanks for your advice.How about a bit from me?Instead of wasting your time here,wouldn’t you think that it’s a great idea for you to write a romantic book about the Tigers?i.e.Adle’s and Bala’s love story or to make it more sexy,about that Tiger flame MIA?Here you meet bad mouthing guys like me,no!So please give a thought to my advice.You find that words such as booze and sexy are not in order,eh!I thought that you admitted yourself that you are not a religious guy.At least i have something common in your mentor,Prabakaran.We both booze.The only difference being that he used expensive foreign stuff and myself the local brew.I am sure that our mutual friend Weerawansa will approve of me in gulping local stuff.Last but not least,i hope that i had not used any unfitting words that disturbs your not so religious romantic mind!

    • 0

      Hi Max ,

      Thanks for the prompt reply, i hope you are not too worried about that Cheap talk shop business ( Geneva Nadagama ).it is very sweet of you to give me an advice like that Max, i wish i could write a Romantic Novel , but i’m afraid i can’t, i do not think I have the right skills and the right temperament to do such a tedious work. Thanks anyway for the advice.
      Max do you know why i engage with you on this blog , i believe you are a genuine guy, who does not write for some one’s few thousand Rupees , i don’t mind your right wing extreme ideas as long as they represent you, you know max most of the frequent bloggers are being paid by one or the other , so for me it’s a big No, i do not wish to waste my time on them.
      talking of Aunty Adel , i know that aunty lives in New Malden and I’m with you Max , she must be brought to justice, there are no two words about it .but the catch is i want that same thing applies for our Human right violators as well, i know you don’t agree with me , that’s the beauty of a healthy argument !
      Max i tell what i want to see one day (may be one of my dreams)
      1) Prosecute those who are responsible for 1971 massacre
      2) Prosecute those who are responsible for 1989/1990 massacre
      3) Bring to justice those who deliberately violated National/international laws during and after the 2009 war.

      P.S i assure you i’m not a JVP supporter.

  • 0

    Hi Srilal,
    You say that i am a right wing guy?No no you are wrong.May be i am a nationalist.Don’t get me wrong here.Not a racist.A Srilankan.Talking about the so called Tamil problem seems to be big business on all sides.Even the US resolution talks about the Tamil problem,accountability,devaluation etc.But in reality how many ordinary Sinhalese,Tamils and Muslims consider it as a priority?Item #1 is living.Meaning cost of living.Then jobs,housing etc.After that comes democracy.Pl tell me,how many of those foreigners and NGOs shedding crocodile tears for the Tamils have helped the innocent victims of war.This NGO gang of Paki,Jehan,Sunanda,Sunila,Nimalka etc have done nothing for the Tamils.I am not saying that the government has done enough.These fellows are having a real ball at the expense of innocent Tamils.I guess all these fellows have got their priorities mixed up.For starters Srilanka will be better off without the presidential system.Re introduce the 17th amendment.Abolish the 13th and 18th.PCs have become white elephants.Have an independent judiciary along with the police.But neither the foreigners nor NGO so called human rights activists talk about such.Talking about accountability and war crimes are crap.In that case it should be the US which should be on the dock.The truth is that war is bad.But we can’t have different rules for different countries.China has no democracy at all.But the Americans don’t care.Why?Money.What these foreigners,Tamil diaspora and the NGOs are doing is helping Rajapakse.Even in the 2005 presidential election it was the Tigers who helped Rajapakse to win, by not allowing the Tamils to vote.So why complain now?Rajapakse don’t need any friends when he has such enemies.

    • 0

      Hi max ,
      First of all, my apologies for calling you a right wing guy, I agree with you almost all the points which you have raised , but I’m not sure about those guys /gals you have named are that bad ? Sunanda may be yes.
      Max following are my pipe dreams,
      1) Scrapped the executive presidential systems and introduce the Westminster type parliament ( so no one is above the law )
      2) parliament /general election to be held every five years on a predetermined day ( similar to US presidential election , so no one can take undue advantage on certain events i.e war victory, natural disasters etc )
      3) only 20 ministers & Their deputies
      4) Every politician and his/her close relatives must declare their income/assets before the election and there must be a proper mechanism to monitor their wealth accumulation annually in a very transparent and open manner.
      5) Election commission/police/Judiciary/Central bank /state Media must be independent
      6) if any person found engaging in election law violations , must be barred from politics for life ( no state sponsored free dansals , vote rigging, computer jilmart etc )
      7) Completely ban from crossing the floors , only exception ,allow to be independent
      8) Ban the ethnicity/race/religion base political parties i.e TNA,JHU, Muslim congress et al.
      9) Must be national policies for education/health/foreign ( should not change from person to person or government to government )
      10) There must be a proper mechanism for carrying out all the Big/small projects and must exclude politicos in engaging & interfering in any manner.

      Am I day dreaming Max ?

    • 0

      Hello Max.

      Since you believe Sri Lanka is superior to the West, then you will agree with my plan to make Sri Lanka a superpower.

      1) Get rid of Constitution (a Western idea anyway)

      2) Make Rajapakse king for life

      3) Replace the Western medicine with Ayurvedic medicine

      4) No need for politicians and Parliament; King Rajapakse and his adviser monks will make sure things are okay

      5) Immediately withdraw from the UN and all other silly Western organizations. If Sri Lanka withdraws from the UN, then no need to waste time and money on defending against silly Westerners

      6) No need for electricity (another Western idea). All can be happy with sunlight and oil lamps. No need for electricity means totally sufficient in energy needs.

      7) No need for cars. All can ride bullock carts. And daily walking is good for the body and mind.

      Please tell me whether you agree with these proposals. His Excellency Percy Mahinda always says the homegrown solution is the best one.

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