26 May, 2024


Comfort Of Delusion Preferred To Bitterness Of Truth

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath de Alwis

This essay is about learned beings, who seek solace and refuge in the comfort of delusion, for they cannot confront the cruel truth. In his essay ‘What is this fuss over crowds’ Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe an argumentative but a very learned man and a Trotskyite to boot in his days at Peradeniya blames me for calling an impressive gathering of people a crowd. In his logic crowds attend UNP rallies.

He begins his indictment with an unreasonable twist of reason. “Can any rational bystander make any sense about these cries of “Hurrah? We are winning!” while pointing out to relative crowd strengths at political meetings? To begin with there were no Hurrahs in my public musings of May Day. It is time he is exposed to a counter statement, a refutation of his make-believe fantasies. Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe a proud product of the University of Ceylon – Peradeniya and a public servant of reasonable repute. Now, he carries a pouch full of prejudice and leaps far and wide with illogical reasoning. He is now domiciled in Australia. His admonitions are similar to the mama Kangaroo who threatens the young one in her pouch ‘now be quiet or I will come in there!’ Getting in to his own pouch seem to be his current concern.

What is the responsibility of the intelligentsia? Making truth conspicuous by exposing lies is the responsibility of the intelligentsia. Chastising charlatanry is the responsibility of the intelligentsia.

Mr. Jayasinghe is not alone. Several others like him were offended by my earlier commentary that was published immediately after May Day under the title In Imminent Immediate Distress May Day! May Day! Being wise after the fact, it seems that I should have been more specific and said May Day! May Day! Our Nation is in distress.

Are we to pretend Ostrich like, that Galle Face did not fill up on 1st May 2017? It did fill up and it appeared to be full. It was due to good organization. After the performance on May Day, several retired military types with declared allegiances to Gotabaya were heard exulting on a job well done – ‘Kohomada Apey Wadey?

A good part of the crowd was brought to Galle Face. Another good part of the crowd went to Galle Face not because they enjoyed getting baked in the hot sun but because they were sick of being chilled in the cold comfort of undelivered good governance.

Mr. Jayasinghe laments “Just imagine well-known writer Sarath de Alwis writing to the Colombo Telegraph pointing to the conclusion that “Mahinda is returning,” after looking at the Galle Face attendance last May Day.

What did Sarath de Alwis write about the last May Day crowds?

He said “Mahinda and his Joint opposition had the biggest, largest and positively preponderant collection of people…… Now should Sarath de Alwis choose his adjectives to suit some commentator busybody in Australia?

Sarath de Alwis continued “The SLFP filled a pitcher at Getambe. The UNP filled a jug at Campbell Park. In Galle Face the joint opposition filled a far larger receptacle a bucket nay a barrel, proving that Mahinda is the master of politics of emotion.”

Mr. Jayasingnhe’s problem is that the success at Galle Face was an unmitigated disaster for Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe who just a few days earlier was taunting the joint opposition to demonstrate their public support.

Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe declared his democratic credentials by announcing that he was prepared to allocate the largest expanse of free public space in metropolitan Colombo to the joint opposition under Mahinda Rajapaksa. He did so expecting Mahinda to fall short. That did not happen.

Ranil , being the prudent politician that he is, has wisely avoided the subject of comparative crowds. Yet, in the process, he has put the Consensus President in a bind. The official SLFP has got an object lesson in Mahinda mystique. So much so, that both factions now claim that Getambe plus Galle Face should be the logical way forward.

Being a student of Philosophy Mr. Jayasinghe should be familiar with Aristotle on the subject of what is truth. “To say of what is that it is, or of what is not that it is not, is true.”

Facts on ground at Galle Face on 1st May 2017 seen, experienced and then reported visually was proof of “what it was. Facts on ground in Campbell park and In Getambe –Kandy seen, experienced and reported visually was equally proof of what they were not – as large as it was in Galle Face.

Just as Mr. Jayasinghe , I too am disconcerted with that outcome. I have no desire to return to those days of guided democracy and open kleptocracy.

Yet that reluctance should not catapult me to a world of fantasy. I will not obstruct Mr. Jayasinghe withdrawing to the world that was explored by Lewis Carrol in ‘Through the Looking Glass.’ “Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

This writer is grateful to Mr. Jayasinghe for precipitating this discussion. The current government that was installed by a miraculous coalition. The oppressed ethnic and ethno religious minorities [who made the difference] and nearly half the majority community who wished to breath freedom combined to elect President Sirisena. Half the present Cabinet wanted to retain Mahinda. If Susil Premjayanth and Anura Priyasharshan Yapa sided with President Sirisena after 8th January 2015 the SLFP story would have been different. What Galle Face and Gatrmbe demonstrated was that hunting with the hound and running with the hare is not only possible but indeed is demonstrably feasible.

The moral of the story is that this government has not only lost its direction but has now got in to that strange netherworld wherein they are deceived by their own deceit.

This government not only does not know what it is saying, it does not care about how they are saying it. It has lost its credibility.

President Maithripala Sirisena was elected not to reform the SLFP or to retrieve it from the Rajapaksa family or to restore it to the Bandaranaike dynasty. He is the executive president wielding considerable political clout and in this patrimonial democracy he can coax, cajole and coerce the present lot. Can he repeat it in an election?

Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe who did philosophy at Peradeniya should be familiar with the Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and his analogy with the Eifel tower. The Eifel Tower can be moved from Paris to Berlin. But you cannot move the fact that the Eifel Tower is in Paris.

Maithripala Sirisena is the leader of the true, original, pristine SLFP. But after Galle Face, can he contest the fact that after ten years of patronage politics and distribution of spoils hitherto unheard of in Sri Lankan politics Mahinda has a stranglehold on the party machine as firmly as the Eifel tower in its moorings in Paris?

Ten days after, even today, the subject of comparative displays of political muscle by Mahinda at Galle Face, Maithre at Getambe and Ranil at Campbell Park seems to be the principal hang-up of the political class.

As this missive is penned, Former President Chandrika has joined the brawl claiming as reported in the Daily Mirror, that the Joint Opposition filled only 40% of Galle Face. The official SLFP procession in Kandy had a greater participation. She blames the SLFP organizers for allowing crowds to disperse sooner and not ensuring attendance in the Getambe grounds. Probably she is right. May be they did not to respond to contemporary indispensables of aerial magic – the bird’s eye view from a drone camera.

This writer has said this before and does not hesitate to repeat it. President Chandrika alone is responsible for bringing about the unthinkable alliance that made the Sirisena Presidential Candidacy possible aided no doubt by the moral authority wielded by the late Venerable Sobhitha thero. Time has come for her to persuade President Sirisena that a repeat of a second ‘expedient utopian’ would indeed be a farce.

She is correct in her assessment of the organizational competence at Galle Face. As she says “They filled the ground and did not allow the people to move and had tight security right throughout and confined them to the allotted area. They got everyone to take photos and put them in the media with the hope of scaring the people that they are strong,”

The question is how did they do it? They did it with superior organization. They did it with Dr.Dayan Jayatileka has described as a political army.

The unabashed Mahinda follower, newly converted Gotabaya aficionado and ‘Viyath Maga Ideologue Dayan Jayatilleka calls the Galle Face spectacle on 1st May 2017 ‘the tipping point’. Mahinda Rajapaksa, he avows “has the biggest political army – the biggest political movement and organized force– in Sri Lanka today; arguably bigger than any combination of his victorious rivals of the Battle of January 2015.

Dr. Jayatilleka’s turn of phrase ‘political army’ is noteworthy. It connects with the open gloating after Galle Face, by some prominent retired military types who now provide organizational discipline to the Rajapaksa restoration project. Recently I used one of those mini cabs for almost an entire day. The driver was a personable chap Nimal, an intelligent, articulate observer of men and matters. It is possible that he was ex-army. We were in Kelaniya. A large poster depicted the new UNP organizer for Kelaniya. That shifted the conversation to Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka.

He was supportive of the promotion and recognition accorded to the General who led the troops to the final victory. He also remembered that General Fonseka was convicted by a military tribunal. Yet something was puzzling him. If the Military Tribunal was wrong in convicting him shouldn’t the promotion of the Field Marshall have been preceded by an annulment of the court martial proceedings? How could the Generals who unjustly convicted the General go on serving, get promotions and then retire with great ceremony?

We were passing the Kelaniya Temple. A huge bill board announced the state sponsored international Vesak week. It had the President with a measured smile, The Prime Minster extending his grim beam. The Minster of Justice was wearing his President’s Counsel Wig made of horse hair.

I asked Nimal ‘Api Aspayoda Nathnam Booruwoda? Are we horses or Donkeys?

We are not hoofed. But to those beaming at us from Billboards we are pack animals who believed the pledge that such will never dot the landscape after 8th January 2015.

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  • 4

    Sarath de Alwis

    The oppressed ethnic and ethno religious minorities [who made the difference] and nearly half the majority community who wished to breath freedom combined to elect President Sirisena. Half the present Cabinet wanted to retain Mahinda

    what Crap !.

    How do you prove above your statement.

    Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and his analogy with the Eifel tower. The Eifel Tower can be moved from Paris to Berlin. But you cannot move the fact that the Eifel Tower is in Paris.

    Above is another Stupid statement.

    In an hypothetical world, if you move it to Berlin, what happens to that so-called fact.

    The unabashed Mahinda follower, newly converted Gotabaya aficionado and ‘Viyath Maga Ideologue Dayan Jayatilleka calls the Galle Face spectacle on 1st May 2017 ‘the tipping point’. Mahinda Rajapaksa,

    Dayan Jayathilake’s speciality is politics. Everybody rites here what his resume is. So, what ever Dayan says, we have to taste it with a oinch of salt.

    Only problem is we will be able to understand the practical reality only if there were a govt in which Mahinda Rajapakse would be the Prime mnister and the de facto president.

    This is just a fun article and nothing much to discuss.

  • 10

    This silly debate continues when crowds mean nothing!
    Sarath, MR brought out the crowds at the last election but LOST it! You and Shimore and DJ too seem to have lost the plot -splitting hairs over fickle crowds and turning them into armies to boot!

    It is the Forgotten minorities – Tamils and Muslims vote that will do it in the end. They will save democracy and the Sinhala Modyas from themselves at the next election.

  • 2

    If every critic of Mahinda Rajapaksa and the JO is as literate and readable as Mr. Sarath de Alwis, not only would the standard of journalism be much higher, the polemical political discourse would be far less inflammatory and the atmosphere far less inflammable.

    His superior skill in slicing and dicing the self-inflated Shyamon Jayasinghe makes delightful reading this morning after Vesak.

    That said, a factual correction, though not of the grand Wittgensteinian sort: I am not now and have never been a member of “Viyath Maga”, though I applaud that initiative for the most part. I have only been a speaker by invitation at tits annual convention.

    • 2

      Birds of a feather flock together…

      We know that you are non-buddhist but your jealousy and malice have often been revealing by your kind of articles posted on CT and other forums.

      So, no matter it is VESAK blessings are in the town for this week, you should better focus on what you could do the nation, not being stuck to hate mongering agendas as have been the case sofar. That is what I can request you as a buddhist lanken but living on the west.

      We have been closely watching on your programs and what you add to the press, alone within the last 2.5 years.

      If you could get it LET alone today, you could make use of your diplomatic experience obtained through out the years in favour of lanken ties with IC.

      But none of your hate mongering, fear mongering can help the masses, since they can support only to those who would ruin this nation or keep the island isolated by their rascal bound philosopical implementations.

  • 6

    We have a government that does not care and is hopelessly disorganised.. few very simple examples.. their much fan- fared – front page news zebra crossing color change is still unfinished with many still in yellow! ??? Ran out of paint???!!!..

    And we have rampant dengue everywhere without even the rains started.. just because they can’t organise themselves to clean up public spaces in our country

    And after screaming hora hora till they were blue in their face.. they’ve caught no big horas and the biggest hora is amongst their ranks

    Oh.. and zilch development, ( sorry Dr. Harsh we don’t term the rajagiriya flyover or ambulance service as development projects! ) and sky rocketing cost of living.

    You may have said ” holy shit” when you saw the crowd.. but let’s get real people had enough reason to bake in the hot sun that afternoon at galle face

    The knee jerk reaction of reducing MR’s security the next day shows just how frazzled the government really was with the may day shock they received…

    • 2

      The problem is gon palana jack asses cannot digest the truth, Tide is turning and people are rejecting this multi party bahubutha government.

      Opposition is suppressed!
      No elections!

      Which government is anti-democratic?

      Where are the bloody elections? Do we have to get to the streets to bring in elections? Why are you so scared?

      • 4

        Thuggery coming out.

      • 9

        srinathan gunaratnam

        “Tide is turning and people are rejecting this multi party bahubutha government.”

        Be a man, tells us whether you want the crooked clan and their cronies to take over the reign of this island and Gota be reappointed the national Alugosuwa (Hangman)immediately?

        “Opposition is suppressed! No elections! Which government is anti-democratic?”

        I want to topple the govt. in 2017, says Rajapaksa
        DECEMBER 30, 2016


        Two years after he was unseated, former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the first time explicitly stated his intent to make a political comeback, saying he wants to “topple” the current government in 2017.


        What is MR talking about? A coup, a putsch perhaps?
        Will you be supplying rent a mob?
        Summon the saffron clad thugs to give Gota a hand. Some months ago Basil 10 to 30% was seen meeting many serving members of Army Officers.

      • 2

        Do you think gon palana jack asses even worst than their former men who looted the state to the core ?

        What kind of opposition you have been refering here ? JO is officially a part of ruling constituent of the coalition. They have the same part chairman/president who is none other than incumbent president MY3. so in what context you call them to be the opposition ? Just because a bunch of thugs that have been caricatured by defeated president of the country, alleged high profile criminal, you the like men abusing greener pastures in the UK, continue to utter the kind of rubbish ?

        Clearly the former goverment or regime as you may call it – was anti democratic. There we dont need to even argue on.

        Why you bother with PC elections ? So long the partitioning related deficiencies are the case, they would not hold elections.

        Just the way, Most ABUSIVE MAFIA KING did it to consolidate his powers fooling around the folks, why should his successor behave the same way ?

        Having watched yestreday ‘s cermonial welcome to neighbouring country’s PM MODI, I felt myself, had MR been the prez of the country, billions would have been wasted just to show off his IMAGE, rather than the way CURRENT PREMIER did it. The ceremony was charm and perfect. Well recognized by entire world, not doubt about that.
        And the fact, that GSP PLUS to be approved by EU by today, is not a certificate to have IMPROVED THE HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE COUNTRY UNDER THE CURRENT DUO ?

  • 5

    I don’t want to take sides; I respect both of you. I don’t know where your loyalties/sympathies lie – I suppose one can make a fair guess – but neither one of you fall victim to irrational partiality (if there is such a thang!) Your posts/writings are fairly objective and your concerns/loyalties are mainly for/to the country and not to an individual or a political party.

    I think both you gents have a lot to contribute. Not in the form of who said what kinda thang but …….. a future road-map/direction for the country …….. that does not favour/advantage one section/group over another. And everyone feels that each one of them is a true equal stake-holder of/in the country. If not, it’s back to war, famine and pestilence.

    Well, they say its fatal to try to stop fights in SL, I don’t want to end up like Khuram Shaikh, the Red Cross aid worker. Anyway I’ll venture out in the safety of distance of cyberspace.

    Now, to bring it back to where it should be,

    What can Mahinda do with his “show” of impressive crowds? Can he be president again? Will the guy, who he wants to install in the presidency, be his “puppet” once in office? It’s highly unlikely that Gota, Basil or any other Sinhala-Buddhist zealot can win the presidency without the minority vote.

    In the old first past the post parliamentary-system, the Sinhala-Buddhist vote for Mahinda will obliterate all opposition; no doubt. This has already happened in 56, 71 and 77 (the protest vote of the Sinhalese.) That will make him a very powerful prime minister.

    • 0

      This might be of some interest to those who quote great philosophers …….. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche, Percy Mahendra, Dayan Jayatillake ………..

      After writing “irrational partiality” I Googled to see if there is such a thang and got a mighty jolt to find, after all there is such a thing!

      “In Plato’s Laws, the Athenian Stranger argues that every human being in naturally inclined to “excessive friendship for oneself,” that we all tend to excuse this extravagant self-love, and that this IRRATIONAL PARTTIALITY or preference for oneself is the source of everyone’s supposing that his “lack of learning is wisdom.” As a result, the Athenian Stranger continues, “we think we know everything when in fact we know, so to speak, nothing.” This is to say that Socratic ignorance requires overcoming one’s excessive love for oneself or that one surmount one’s IRRATIONAL PARTIALITY for one’s own ideas.” – The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard By Richard Phillip McCombs

      Man, I might be some kinda Lankan philosopher! ………….. I’m in exalted company. Gotta curb this “self-love” thingy …..

      Ah! ….. The Sunny Isle.

  • 2

    Continued from the first ………

    I may be a little strange; I like weak governments that the proportional-system throws up in SL. The logic is very simple. No government, since independence, has done any good, so why give more power to do “bad” and ruin the country? I am not making this up all you have to do is open your eyes and see.

    how many times must a man look up
    Before he can see the sky – Yeah …. Dylan

    I can only think of 3 good things the governments have done; in 2, the beneficial effects were purely accidental/unforseen. The other, the free market economy, the implementation was totally ham-fisted, but it gave the people the choice to starve or not. Under Sirima’s socialism there was no choice, people could only starve.

    The first good “thing” was standardisation. The initial implementation (and the purpose) was a blatant shameful act of discrimination against the Tamil students. But later on – how it evolved – it brought beneficial effects to every corner of the country.

    The second, was the signing of the CFA (cease fire agreement.) Good old Ranil (he can’t take any credit) signed it in good-faith! He wanted to build trust with Prabakaran! Once the LTTE got used to “peace,” poor Prabakaran couldn’t get the wheels rolling again.

    If any politician committed suicide that would have been my 4th good thing, but I can’t think of any pol stopping their SUV and jumping. Well, one can always hope.

  • 1

    Great piece Sarath—you really hit it out of the park!

  • 8

    SdeA says “A good part of the crowd was brought to Galle Face. Another good part of the crowd went to Galle Face not because they enjoyed getting baked in the hot sun but because they were sick of being chilled in the cold comfort of undelivered good governance.”

    Many will not agree with this. True, people (like me) who wanted a Yahapalanaya are disillusioned but, I do not think would ever go to Rajapakses.The Galle Face crowd should be taken as – part they just had a picnic to Galle Face with supplied food, drinks (liquor?), money? Others were the usual crowd who I consider as under the Mahinda Spell (වශිය)

    • 0

      BS Perera….What an apt name….?

  • 7

    1.Sarath Alwis attempts, again, to distance himself from Mahinda sympathies and pretends to be a disinterested observer of events. On the contrary, he doesn’t realize that inferences can be drawn from many things he has stated in this new essay on the subject that suggests a concealed but clear pro-Rajapaksian bent. Once again, he is subtle.He is more intelligent than his pal, Dayan Jayatilleka-the analyst- who foolishly blurts out. I will suggest one or two instances only: (a) he indicates he was one of the Galle Face Mahinda crowd. Why his choice of this particular crowd and not others? (b) he obviously suggests questions to his taxi man that hints he wants pro-Rajapakse comments from the latter; the latter, naturally, complies and that is the way of taxi people in Colombo. The latter feels the passenger’s feelings and tunes his response accordingly. Note how Sarath relates this story in indirect speech.This means we are getting Sarath Alwis’s story and not the Taxi driver’s and that narrative is plainly pro-Mahinda (c) He uses strong words to condemn Ranil, which he avoids against MR. His expression ‘unmitigated disaster,’ for Ranil has no justification in the reality of what transpired. The gatherings of the three anti-MR meetings were, taken together, far exceeding that of the size of the MR gathering. Add to that the votes of our Tamil and Muslim brethren, and one finds MR a loser here, too. (All these crowd computations are on a questionable assumption that crowds tell votes)
    2. The main thrust of my essay, which Sarath reacts to, is the need for the intelligentsia in our country to get away from this ridiculous game of spectator -cheering and address the crisis that Sri Lanka is currently facing and then support the democratically elected government in a forward march toward solving burning issues. On the other hand, persons like Sarath Alwis are joining MR’s campaign of subversion. MR & Co desperately want to bring down the govt before its time just in order to save themselves from the law.

    • 11

      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      “On the other hand, persons like Sarath Alwis are joining MR’s campaign of subversion.”

      Will you be happy to see Sarath Alwis joining MR’s campaign team and later becoming Chairman of Sri Lankan Airline?

      That post is permanently reserved for MR’s brother in law Nishantha Wickremasinghe.

      If MR is back all his cronies are back too.

  • 10

    What a farcical state of affairs! The best our our political leaders can do for May day is to assemble crowds of hapless supporters to prove that size matters.
    Now commentators devote reams to discussing the various claims.

    WE the People are well and truly stuffed!

  • 7

    Spring Koha

    Old chap, please read the article below which may be of interest to you.

    Madras miscellany: Oxford professor without a degree


    Oxford professor without a degree
    Two of today’s items may have only tenuous connections with Madras, but I’m writing about them as they do have intriguing links with the city. My first tale is about a person whose linguistic bonds should make him known at least to the world of Tamil Studies, but I wonder how many in that world here recognise the name of Don Martino De Zilva Wickremasinghe (1865-1937). Certainly, despite all my years in Ceylon and my peripheral contact there with education, archaeology and epigraphy — that an all-round journalist and a dabbler in history must have — I had never heard of him till another history hobbyist, Thiru Arumugam, sent me some material the other day from Australia.
    After his high school education, Wickremasinghe joined the Colombo Museum Library, was later transferred to the Archaeological Survey of Ceylon, from where he was sent on scholarship to Germany. The focus of his work till then had been Sinhalese, Pali and Prakrit. And it was no doubt for this that the British Museum Library recruited him to do cataloguing of books and manuscripts in these languages. We next find him being appointed in 1899 as the Epigraphist of the Government of Ceylon and working on the Epigraphia Zeylanica at the Indian Institute at Oxford University. Which record would not really interest readers of this column. But now comes the twist in the tale.

    Rest is of the article is on:


    jimsofty, somass ji, Ravi Perera, words, Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka, Dayan Silva Jayatilleka, CountryFarce, ……….. ignore the above.

  • 2

    Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe.

    Arguing with you is something akin to playing chess with a Pigeon. You knock all pieces, shit on the board and strut along claiming winning hands down. Okay Mr. Jayasinghe you are right. I am in error. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

    • 3

      Mr.Sarath De Alwis,

      with all respect to your write ups, but we some CT readership believe the two ways you have mentioned above

      There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.
      Almost everyone is becoming clear DJ has been very biased to MR et al regardless of any high profile crimes he is believed to have involved. Most of them are being investigated currently, let s wait patiently.

      should be valid to you and your buddy Dayan aka Silva Jaythialaka

  • 5

    Getting busloads of people for a rally with liquor, meals and money is no indicator of how they will vote. The JVP had a far more genuine crowd with only a packet of rice for those who needed, that crowd will never change their preferences at the hustings.

  • 5

    Dr.DJ you wants MaRa to become the president again or GoRa to become the president. ?
    Were GoRa and BaRa present at the May Day Rally @ the Galle Face Green? If not why not ? Did they avoid attending the MayDay in their MotherLand the SL, to be in their Fatherland the USA ?

  • 3

    Sarath De Alwis. Sorry, I pegged your name wrong previously.
    Ref yours of 11/5, my arguments are proper ones- based on evidence. I have speculated on your pro-Rajapaksian fixation giving good prima facie evidence. I believe the inferences are reasonable- bearing in mind they are not logically tight ones but ones that stand out as highly explanatory. Your inscrutability makes it difficult to be certain. Yet if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck you are a duck.
    Please join us to keep this govt on the path to yahapalanaya; there is no other option but the dark era of Rajapakse.

    • 0

      Shyamon, It seems you are sucking up to Ponil the present inefficient PM of Sri Lanka who would have been an unknown man if his uncle JR was never born to this world.

  • 0

    Most posts reveal the political bankruptcy and loss of moral high ground of yahapalanistas.

  • 2

    Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe,
    I am sure you consider your arguments to be proper. Therein lies the problem. I am not particular about the propriety of arguments. I am concerned with their logic, relevance and truth or rather their exactitude. You say ” Please join us to keep this govt on the path to yahapalanaya; there is no other option but the dark era of Rajapakse.” I voted for Sirisena at the Presidential and JVP at the parliamentary elections. The Bond scam and Ranil’s defense of the indefensible will tell you that nothing can keep this government on the path of the Yahapalanaya. This government sent A S P Liyanage to the Emirate of Qatar as Ambassador. Mahinda I think sent him to some African backwater. We must precipitate a general election. This government will never punish wrongdoers. Do you know where Gamini Senarath is? Do you know who protects him? I detest the cover up more than the crime. You should visit Sri Lanka. May be I can show you around. Any way thank you for the idea for my next piece. Can ‘YAHAPALANAYA’ be salvaged?

  • 1

    Sarath De Alwis. It is strange and revealing that you think this govt is so bad that “we must precipitate a General Election.” Once again, an extreme judgment, which I have never seen you give MR. Just like the extreme judgment against Ranil that I have pointed out. Examine how unsympathetic and unwilling to look at facts you are in attacking this government:
    1. You mention the Bond incident by calling it “scam.” This was a slanging term used by the JO to politicize the bond matter of Rajendra. One cannot call it scam until it is proven so by a proper enquiry that follows judicial process. COPE wasn’t that as it is a political body- dominated by the Opposition-(thanks to Ranil giving its leadership to the Opposition). You know what a judicial enquiry is. The whole episode has been thoroughly politicised and you accept without qualms that politicised version. By your using the term ‘scam,’ you show a willingness to prejudge this issue.This bias is because you are on the other side
    2.You refer to a petty diplomatic appointment given to someone you think is unsuitable. Ok, even giving into you here please consider the whole range of utterly pathetic diplomatic appointments given under MR. Almost 97 per cent of the overseas service was filled by jokers, brother-in-laws and crooks. MR’s brother in law who was posted to a key foreign position in a key country is now facing serious charges of embezzlement. I have no space here for the rest of the foul moves by MR
    3. My view is that the YP government’s negatives have been due to it having to compromise with the shady blokes of MR who crossed over. So with the case of expenditure on cars. These I allow as necessary political moves to sustain the govt.
    4. The conduct of this govt has been sky high better despite above blemishes. No significant cases of bribery or corruption, whereas we saw how there was open robbery under MR. Air Lanka was ruined and so was almost every institution of govt.
    5.Few other measures: passing of 19th Amendment, passing of right to information law, re-establishing the independence and pride of our judiciary, establishing Independence Commissions. Freedom to protest. No white vans etc etc
    Against this positive record of the YP govt you want to “precipitate an election.” Sarath, the more you write on this subject the more you exhibit that you are a Mahinda plant. Why not be transparent like DJ? It is cowardly to hide and whack-like the man who pelts stones from the pilikanne. Be heroic like DJ,my friend

    • 0

      Hey you old bugger calls Mahinda is a thief, robber but have any of those accusations proved in a court? Some of these accusations are hilarious. But you are reluctant to call Central Bank scam, a scam because it is not proven? LOL

      Read the media reports of the presidential commission….then you can see the extent of the scam..

      And again, Mahendran’s son in law’s company perpetual recorded record braking profits thanks to yahapalanam

  • 2

    Dear Mr.Shyamon Jayasinghe,
    When Ranil appointed Arjun Mahedran Governor Central Bank I knew the shit will hit the fan. I predicated it long before the Bonds were issued. I knew it would lead to disaster as Arjun Aloysius was his sin in law and former CBSL governor Cabral was responsible for appointing him a primary dealer. I tried to warn of the disaster. Sobhitha thero was not well. I told the sister of one senior UNP minister. I warned that the Fox was in the Chicken coop. I think she mentioned it to her brother. Sorry I am not free to give out her identity. I also told Jayampathy Wickremeratne who is now a UNP nominated national list MP. I am mentioning his name because I have already made this statement in one of my published articles. Scam is a scam.
    I could not have demanded elections during MRs time. Please don’t be a jackass . We both know that it wasn’t possible. Yes Protest and Dissent is now permitted. Don’t tell me that I should say thank you to Ranil for the privilege. He colluded with MR in the impeachment of the CJ. Not that the CJ lasy was Lilly White. If you had followed my exchanges with DJ, you would know what my vies are of Premadasa etcg etc. Don’t blame cross overs alone. Sagala is beholden to Gota. Gota made it possible for John Amaratunge’s Son in Law to become Chairman of Com bank. We both know that State Stakes in commercial banks makes impossible to reach high office sans state patronage .connivance. You live in Australia. What is the qualification of Harindra Balapabendi to be a director of Sri Lankan Airlines? I mention him because you all know him. What about the other directors of Sri Lankan Airlines. You were the pothegura. So I will confine to the Veddha . Dusirith Danan Dena, Ova Veddan Kiyana Bana Mena.

  • 1

    Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe,
    I overlooked your passing remark on what MR did to Sri Lankan Airlines . What has this government done with the airline? What the previous government did by entering in to Pre Deliver Payment agreements for A 350 Air Craft was day light robbery. No dispute there. That said who ordered or rather confirmed orders for the fou new A320 Neo Air Craft that are being currently delivered to the national carrier. Under which management ? this? or the previous? , Why did the present board send a Representative of the Air Line to receive the Deal of The Year award from Air Finance Journal that was awarded for a PDP financing deal by Sri Lankan.
    Don’t believe me. This is what Sri Lankan Airlines claims in 2016 one year in to Yaha Palanaya. Quote “The UK-based Air Finance Journal lauded SriLankan in 2014 for the deal that arranged the purchase of the new planes with lessors ILFC/AerCap and Hong Kong Aviation.

    The journal called it “an innovative purchase agreement novation structure to deal with SriLankan claw-back risk, and contained an “unusual collaboration” of major operating lessors on a single account. The airline benefited from the deal because new aircraft re-fleeting allowed it to operate an increased route network profitably and further enhance Sri Lanka as a destination brand since the cessation of hostilities in the civil war”.” unquote.
    These are some immediate thought that spring to mind.
    A general election will allow us to pass judgment on two years of Yahapalanya. May be it will allow the UNP to find a new leader [God Forbid Not Sajith] ! May be the SLFP members will also decide who their leader should be.

  • 1

    Sarath De Alwis. I am afraid you are getting paranoid about this government. Isn’t it ridiculous to call for a general election to test a government after a mere two years in office? Your hero MR stayed for ten years and wanted to go on further until his death. Did you ever write anything on that? You are a well- known and seasoned journalist and someone good at writing; but tell me, have you ever written anything critical about the former government? Answer me that and give any instances if you have. For example, I would regard the following specific dramatic episodes during the MR regime as having roused widespread criticism:
    1. Jailing of Army Commander SF
    2. Many persons of your tribe of journalists sent missing or killed?
    3. The brutal murder of Lasantha Wickremasinghe?
    Tell me, did you ever criticize the former regime for these?
    With the new government, you have got kiripanugaaya so much that you hate it and want to dismiss it. Why? So that your corrupt fascist leader hero will be back, hopefully. With all his kith and kin and the Aluthgamages, Vasudevas, Wimal Weerawanses, raththarans,Johniya etc etc
    By now, you can see you have been stripped naked by me. You are there out in the cold naked as a MR catcher or shopping boy. Step by step in this discourse you have come down to remove the mask. I did that for DJ by showing his notorious video.

    • 2

      Shyamon Jayasinghe, you have to stop defending this horrible government that we all elected. We the people are really fed up with this damn leaders and Sarath de Alwis is not alone in this instance. We are aware and have heard about MR’s horrible deeds over and over again during the past 2.5 years. Fed up listening again and again. Ranil and back boneless Siri should start all over again from square 1.

    • 0

      No need to have GE after 2 years, ask your cowardly government to have local elections at least. The municipals are not functioning well and people are faced with dengue.

      MR had elections during his 10 year rule.

  • 1

    No point in going on and on with egos here.

    Even as an emigre who had seen the videos, and the Aerial photos and considering the size of Galle Face Brown, it is clear MR’s rally had the most number of people.

    Now how did the people get there? By the same damned means used by all damned political parties including the UNP. Organization and money and loyal people and others. To denigrate MR’s rally and to claim only they came for money is bull puckey. Ruling parties can always attract more people, simply by the fact that people curry favours. So on crowds, MR’s JO wins the day and Hon PM got egg on his face because their intention was to embarrass MR if there was an empty Galle Face Brown.

    That doesn’t mean election victories. MR when in power used his power to even coerce academics to attend propaganda rallies at Temple Trees(I was told this by a man who attended one of those because he was forced to attend it). UNP will coerce people too. SLFP will coerce people too and simply some loyalists love their party leaders and attend anyway.

    The long term winner of this is the UNP. We have a seriously split SLFP and that does not augur well for Democracy. More splits there are more UNP gains. It is that simple. UNP cadre are loyal. SLFP is emotionally split. If you look at the last Parliamentary elections, you saw the MR movement won the Sinhala south but lost the election. Minorities will not vote for his JO. UNP wins by splitting the SLFP.

  • 2

    Eventually it is the working class who are the losers with these political antics. Why not be sincere and allow them the day off next year? Why the hell do you waste millions and generate so much garbage? Except for the disciplined JVP everyone else let workers who they professed to love so much, clean up the crap they left. This was shown in the Daily Mirror. SAD SAD SAD. I clean my own bathroom, my floors and mow my grass and clean the garbage. Why not politicians?

    Next year, they can donate the money to Disabled Veterans at RVS and stay at home. Or at least let the masses who come for these rallies enjoy a free concert. At least that way Hon late Premedasa was considerate enough. No more booze and buses crowding Colombo. Come on President, PM, MR, CBK, SF..stop with your ego boosting rubbish. I was a gullible teenager and participated in May day rallies for ego and personality boosting and that party LOST big time in 1977 despite crowds. LET Working class people REST on their day of rest; they have earned it; you have not; you have your AC luxury cars and security retinue and aping, obsequious, sycophantic followers. What more do you need to boost your egos?

  • 1

    Mr.Shyamon Jayasinghe,

    You have not addressed a single issue I raised . Specifically on Arjun Mahendran and about the present management of Sri Lankan Airlines. I asked you about Mr.Haridra Balapatabendi. Why are you silent? KATE PITTU?

    1. Jailing of Army Commander SF? Did Ranil visit him in Jail or agitate for justice in parliament. Remember he wanted SF to pay the fees and enrol himself in the UNP after he lost the Presidential Election in 2010.
    2. Many persons of your tribe of journalists sent missing or killed? When that happened I wept. There was no Colombo Telegraph for me to weep in public.
    3. The brutal murder of Lasantha Wickremasinghe? When that happened I was recovering from Cardiac Surgery. What did you do? What the …. is Ranil doing about it now?
    No. I am not Paranoid about this hemorrhoid of a government. What does one do with that condition? Live with it and complain about it and wish it could be got off your bunghole at the earliest. Hence my call for an election.

  • 0

    SARATH, I am sorry to hear of a cardiac condition you have. No heartburn between you and me. I have shown you the progress toward YP that this govt has thus far made although you have chosen to ignore that. Govt has a long program ahead on YP front, on reconciliation, and on the economy.We must help the govt toward these goals. Let’s review the situation at the end of its legitimate term and then move from there. But there is no going back to Rajapakse. Those guilty should be jailed. No govt in the world has relinquished its hold before its term.
    You write very well. Please write for good causes and don’t waste your talents.

  • 0

    I do not have a cardiac condition now. I merely stated that at the time of Lasantha’s assassination I was recovering from cardiac surgery. ” No govt in the world has relinquished its hold before its term” says Mr.Jayasinghe. Let the record show that Mr.Jayasinghe has not heard of Theresa May. End of Debate

  • 0

    Mr. Shyamon Jayasinghe,
    Are you afraid of elections?
    What we need today is a General Parliamentary election; it will bring new opportunity for the people; it will also be an opportunity for the Yahapalana government to double check their work done so far?

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