19 July, 2024


Coronavirus & China’s Globalism: America’s Democrats Are In Revolt: Curious Disruptions In Both Super-Powers

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kumar David

Two unforeseen spats have come to the boil in the last two months. One is the corona-virus (CoV) which has spread from its epicentre in Wuhan, China and threatens to become a pandemic. It has created panic in China, South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy and the WHO has declared a global alert. After making a cockup during the first ten days the Chinese government responded with ruthless efficiency, the useful side of authoritarianism you might say, imposed draconian controls, built hospitals, moved doctors with military precision and now seems to have got the better of the virus. I expect mass hygiene, medical science and government measures will best CoV before long.

An interesting spin off is that the authority of the Party and in particular of President Xe has been challenged in domestic social media. There are fearless, unusual in China, demands for freedom of expression and Party elite are in a bit of a funk. I am hopeful of some loosening up, as a survival tactic and that the post-Mao universal two-term limit on national leadership will be imposed again. I am cautiously optimistic that the One-Party-Regime will relax some way towards a Half-Party-State.      

The second matter that has, quietly come to a boil under the bonnet is more USA-centric. Socialism has been a near swear word in the US from long ago. For example, my extended family in the US – and believe me, thanks to their collective fecundity they are indeed numerous – never made a distinction between the devil incarnate and Karl Marx, or socialism and purgatory. I have news for you; things seem to be changing in the next generation of Americans – read on to the end. 

CoV disrupts globalism

If CoV drags on into April and May the world economy will be gummed up because China is the centre, the cog, in the global manufacturing and components supply chain. A breakdown of the China centred global supplies will have a far, far more serious knock-on effect on the world economy than, say a recession in the US. If the global chain is disrupted recession threatens not only China but everywhere. Japan and South Korea are near recession already, it may reach America and the West if the lock-down continues. The global economy stands on five pillars; manufacturing, communications, energy, transport and finance. China is the heart of manufacturing and infrastructure construction; it sits at the hub of the goods and components supply chain and provides components for computers and communication systems the world over. A slowdown in China will also reduce demand for oil and coal upsetting the Middle East and Australia. As trade slows it inflicts pain on shipping companies. Disruption of goods, components, energy and transport chains will create more problems for the global economy than a recession in America. The former may trigger the latter as the slide in global stocks which commenced in earnest on Monday 24 February augurs. The 10-year US Treasury Yield has been in decline for a long time which means that cautious investors are wary about the health of the economy and its outlook. A global stock-market collapse is in progress right now as we watch.

For example, car manufacturers in Germany and washing machine and electronic gadget makers in Mexico, Japan and France depend on timely supply of components along the chain. Disruption destabilises industry everywhere. The corona-virus epidemic is doing just this. European car manufacturers depend on components from say a Guangzhou supplier who may be linked to subcontractors in other parts of the country; these chains are deep and complex. The whole of Hubei Province and many cities – up to 500 million people – have been locked-down or partially locked-down. Two hundred million went home to the countryside for the Lunar New Year; the government is slowing down their return for fear crowded trains, busses, factories and housing will speed up spread of the virus. The situation is still very serious and aggravated by mountains of fake news and outright lies spread by Hong Kong’s fascistic-Democrats and Western anti-China propaganda groups.

The old Silk Road connected ancient Chang’an (modern Xi’an) – China’s Anuradhapura though older – via Central Asia, Persia and Byzantium (later Constantinople now Istanbul) to Rome bearing silk, porcelain and beautiful artefacts in exchange for silver. From Asoka’s time it also retraced its steps taking Buddhism and later Islam to China. The ancient Silk Road was a highway but it is wrong to think of the “New Silk Road” as a transport link; transport is less than half the story. BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is an ambitious economic launch. Not just ports and China-Europe railways but infrastructure and industrial projects are emerging all along the route. For example in Sri Lanka, more important than Hambantota harbour are Colombo Port City, highways, power-plants and proposed Industrial zones. BRI dwarfs the Marshal Plan and is aimed at Asia, North Africa and a few European countries (Greece). The Marshal Plan committed $150 billion in today’s money to rebuild Europe after WW2, but BRI plans $6 trillion investment in 160 countries, about half to be raised by the host countries themselves; China has so far committed $400 billion. America is opposed to the global projection of Chinese economic power and engages in worldwide anti-China campaigns, but it does not have the economic resources to compete against these initiatives. A Thucydides Trap has been sprung.

Industry and infrastructure growth rolls along the “New Silk Road” (conceptual)
Source: https://doingbusinessinturkey.com/turkey-as-middle-corridor-in-one-belt-one-road/

Revolt in the US Democratic Party

Had I told you last year that millions of young people would call themselves democratic-socialists and socialism would cease to be a dirty word I am certain you would have asked me to go have my head examined. The Bernie Sanders campaign has taken off like a rocket, it acknowledges itself as democratic-socialist and has brought tens of thousands of young people (the Democrats future) and is softening the older generation as well. I taught in an American university, briefly, four decades ago and I thought I knew the people well. To have tens of thousands, maybe millions of Americans declare that democratic-socialism is fine is like going to another planet. This America is new to me.

Let me convey in ten bullet-points culled from stump speeches and printed material what the highlights of this socialism are:

  • Health care for all, that is a national health service like in the European countries
  • Stop pharmaceutical companies from ripping-off $100 billion a year in profits
  • Ten million affordable housing units for low income families
  • Economic, social and racial justice (Socialism in three keywords)
  • A commitment to environmental protection
  • Equal pay for equal work; that is fairness to working women
  • Tuition free university and tertiary education
  • Universal child care and assistance with school funding for low income families
  • A universal minimum wage of $15 per hour
  • Reform a broken and racist criminal justice system (US has world’s largest prison population)

If this is socialism, “Well what’s wrong, it’s fine”, is the response of a youthful and energised Bernie throng. Instead of talking about the collective ownership of the means of production, or decrying appropriation of the social surplus by the capitalist class the message is kept simple and real life. It is translated to match practical and populist needs and it resonates. The young fear no gulags, knocks on the door in the dead of night or a one-party state that will dare regiment their lives. 

That bogey is non-existent for this new generation; that is an imagined serfdom in the fevered brain of Friedrich Hayek (1988-1992) and James M Buchannan (1919-2013). The latter, of infamous “public choice theory” was the quintessential guru of economic imperialism. Hayek and Buchanan were ideologues and seminal influences on Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan. That is the legacy that America’s rising democratic socialists have rejected. Bernie had the temerity to say on TV that Castro did a lot of good things too, not only preside over an authoritarian state. He was not lynched!

The 10-point wish-list seems unduly populist, undoable and unfinanceable; but that is no longer true. Superabundance has been made possible by the very success of capitalism’s revolutionary role in the development of productivity and technology – Marx’s “productive forces”. A 21-st Century post-capitalist America has the capacity to provide what Bernie and his cohorts dream about. As Marx put it: “(Capitalism) despite itself, is instrumental in creating social disposable time by reducing labour and thus freeing everyone their own development. – Grundrisse (abbreviated). In mundane terms, the rational utilisation of the productive power of the world’s most advanced and productive economy makes a democratic socialist programme feasible.

At this point in time I cannot foretell whether Sanders will secure Democratic Party nomination and if he does whether the enthusiasm of his youthful democratic socialist wave will override Trump all the way the victory in November as a liberal wave did in electing Obama. Very unlikely, and if not, no matter. A genie has been released from the bottle and America will not be the same again. Trump in his second term will be a prisoner in the White House. There are advantages in progressing at a measured pace instead of attempting to turn America democratic-socialist in one fell sweep, which frankly is undoable. Whether Bernie wins or loses the nomination and the November election youthful American democratic-socialist surely appreciate that this is only the first innings of a long game.

Did the 1917 Russian Revolution run too far ahead and too fast; history is a cruel taskmistress in punishing premature social revolutions? But that analogy is false because America, now at the acme of its power is objectively overripe for socialism. A social-democratic US will unstoppably shift global attention away from China’s place as global loadstar of the starry-eyed left. Oh dear, again I am running ahead too far; but only a little (sic!). The corona-virus will be banished but a great social-democratic wellspring cannot be diminished.

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  • 4

    Prof David has hit the head on the nail!

    I will sign up to all the bullet points. Certainly looks Young America has seen the light and will sign up to all that Bernie Sanders espouses. They really must not fear: the American dream will be safe and enduring, and America will be truly great again.
    O say can you see . . . . .

  • 3

    Unfortunately, many Americans do not know the meaning of “Socialism”, it has been turned into a dirty word by the right wing politicians, and it has also been attached to the word “communism”, to suit their purpose. Many Americans do not bother to find out or research, to learn the true meaning. Bernie Sanders is already getting attacked for being a “Soviet sympathizer” (despite the fact that 16 Intelligence Agencies in the US all confirmed that Putin and Russia helps Trump), and just like they attacked Obama accusing him of not being born in the US, the right wing attack machine will even manufacture something negative to attack Sanders with. Trump with his fact checked record of lying over 16,000 times, will lead that attack.

  • 2

    “Reform a broken and racist criminal justice system (US has world’s largest prison population)”

    “Enthusiasm of his youthful democratic socialist wave will override Trump all the way the victory in November as a liberal wave did in electing Obama.”

    Yes Professor they do lock-up criminals. They do get it wrong some times. Since when locking up criminals became racism.

    You ever ask the question why did Trump win after two terms under Genius Obama. I know the short answer is racism whites after voting for Obama twice suddenly and spectacularly became white racists over night because of Trump go figure that. Nothing to do with Obama’s incompetents . Nobel price winner before even did anything.

    Three years down the road Trump is still president how would you handle four more years of Trump shudder to think. T.D.S will manifest in to who knows what.

    I for one grudgingly have to say I in a way I like to see Bernie the old geriatric communist to win so youthful millennial’s who stand behind Bernie on stage with mobiles taking selfies to find out about the real world. NO free health care, education, housing, transport, food, Job, because taking money from corporations and rich billionaires not going to happen, even if Bernie wins and his red shirts confiscate every dollar number not going to add up to pay the bills.
    May be finally convinced some of the intellectual idiots they got it wrong but I doubt it.

  • 1

    Very well written with the insightful use of economic history. Whether it happens this decade or not, a move towards social democratic governments in the capitalist world is inevitable. Allowing just a handful to control the global social surplus cannot go for long without a redress. Trillions of capital waiting for worthwhile investments In the global economy itself eroding the foundation of ‘Deep capitalism’. Congratulations, David.

  • 1

    I can understand China getting COrona virus as they eat various animal meats. They do not leave animal or animal part as not worthy. How come Iran and Italy got it ?. Do they have the same habits.

  • 2

    USA has socialism. But it is for big corporations. When Lehman brothers, an investment bank, went bankrupt, they gave $ 50 billion grant or a freeby and not even a loan. I heard, Lehman owner has a few private jets for his transport.

  • 2

    Hey….interesting read. Thanks Prof KD! As per Trump & Sanders, two scenarios will occur:
    1. Trump wins. Uses American Oligarchy to fund more Socialistic programs. Russian Oligarchs will jump in bed with US Oligarchs (thus balancing out US-Russian rivalry). China will follow suit. Oligarchs will a global balancer (no more new ones; old ones to become Princes, removable under due process…not really Kings… too undemocratic)
    2. Sanders wins. Trump will become his Vice Prez (both interchangeable), to further the Democratic-Socialism agenda. China will follow suit (no more eating of bats and snakes…Whuhanese were starving). But that might leave Russia seething under lack of capitalistic progress. Let’s face it: once the 2 major powers become Socialist, sharing and caring with Russia will be the ultimate balancer.
    Ultimately, pre-ultra-capitalistic US (now post-Socialist) will spread the wealth and create a new meaning to money and finances.

    • 3

      Yet, in no way did Russia interfere with US elections. US polity was heartily sick of Democratic intricacies like attempting to merge countries (e.g. Taiwan and China, with Obama calling the shots as dictator), and blowing up ancient nations to make their will known, that Democratic-Socialism (even with a few Oligarchs around) seemed a blissful relief.

  • 3

    Yes, Sanders will run against Trump and lose. Trump is pumping the US stock market to the sky to make sure people vote for him. Voters assume the economy is “good” and don’t see any need for the reforms Sanders is proposing. For example, the US is now a net exporter of oil, thanks to the technique of hydraulic extraction of oil (fracking). Sanders wants to stop all fracking. Sanders also wants to put a tax on stock trades. If you add 1 & 1, Sanders’ proposals (free healthcare, education, housing, etc) are only possible with higher overall taxes. USA is not a place where people save. The monetary policy of their Central Bank is designed to encourage only spending. So as the author correctly points out, Sanders will make some noise and go away (likely for good). I thought one of the candidates, Yang, had the most reasonable plan. His idea was to give people 1K USD/month as a subsidy. This is similar to what is called a “microloan.” It’s a great idea, as people can save money and the Central Bank does not have to worry about inflation. Some years ago, there was a Nobel Prize awarded for the microloan idea.

  • 1


    Sanders wins only a plurality of Democratic primary votes, not a majority, so it may come down to a contested convention where the non-Sanders wing will coalesce around Biden. A lot can change between now and the elections. Regardless, it is undeniable that Sanders and his passionate supporters have already moved the party to the left, and many ideas previously considered fringe have now become mainstream.

    The actions by the government during the great recession of 2007-2008 that propped up the rich while ignoring its impact on the middle and underclasses, have galvanized the view that what we have is not really capitalism but ‘socialism for the rich.’ Though that has been the case since the Reagan presidency, the young of today are more exposed to it–the young find their college costs, health and housing costs have become unaffordable– and are more willing to put up a fight against it. In Sanders they find someone who has been very consistent in his truth telling. Despite being Jewish himself, Sanders has attacked the AIPAC as promoting bigotry and called Netanyahu a racist; he says that he is mindful of justice for Palestinians as well. It takes courage to speak such truth in American society, and so Sanders appeals to a diverse set of people.

    But many of his policy proposals are not implementable in this center-right country, where Congress will have to pass any proposal, and Sanders being labelled as socialist will lead to the Republicans retaining control of the Senate. Ultimately it is about real power to implement promises, and on that front, a centrist candidate like Biden has a better chance of sending Trump home and ensuring better results in the senate and house elections .

  • 3

    The Professor once again displays his complete lack of understanding of the USA by looking at everything through his distorted Marxist lens.
    Bernie Sanders will not win the nomination. Expect a brokered convention where delegates will unite against Bernie. Already happened in 2016 and the same people are still in place. Bernie’s supporters represent a tiny portion of the American voters. There is no chance of Sanders winning if he somehow gets the nomination imho.
    I’ll make a prediction – Hilary Clinton will become the nominee. She will lose in a landslide to Donald Trump.
    Bernie’s plan sounds good on paper – but the reality is that it is simply unaffordable. There is no gender wage gap and the criminal policies are not racist. Low IQ Blacks commit most of the crime – that is why so many of them are in prison.
    One good thing about the Professors writings – you can be fairly certain the exact opposite will happen. He’s a fantastic Contrarian Indicator.

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