24 June, 2024


Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories Or Conspiracy Actions?

By A. Sivapathasundaram

A. Sivapathasundaram

Accusation against China on the origin, source and spread of the Coronavirus (or Covid-19, in medical jargon) – even though logically and rationally deduced or derived based on facts and the chronological events in front of us – are being dismissed by some individuals as well as by some authorities as speculation.  

They quickly, easily term them as “Conspiracy Theories” and bucket them so, without further consideration, thought or evaluation.   

Some do so because of their already entrenched opinions—some  rightly formed too–against US, due to it being instrumental in aiding, abetting and perpetuating internal conflicts and destructive wars in certain countries for its own ends —for its objectives of world domination, geopolitical, strategic  and economic interests, promotion of arms industries and expansion of its corporate conglomerates.  

This anathema towards US has been further accentuated in some by their dislike for its current President, Donald Trump, added due to his lack of charisma, awkward demeanour, body language and his tendency to “shoot off from his hips” on and off with no care for anybody or anything. 

Trump is not reflective of the usual image of a US President, especially him coming in to take over the reins of the country immediately following the charismatic Barack Obama and falling far short of the latter’s oratorical skills and demeanour. 

I concur with their above perceptions of US and President Trump. 

However, what I disagree with is the labelling or even the perception that if you condemn or question the actions of China, you are pro US and a lackey of US and, going further, that of Western imperialism.  

And, let us not forget that US was always so and the Presidents elected in the recent past too, despite rhetoric and optimistic expectations of them, have mostly ended serving the same geopolitical, strategic, economic and financial objectives. 

The only difference is that the previous presidents have taken cover in niceties of words –in what could be called ‘politico-speak’, or ‘political double-speak’ and well- behaved demeanour; whereas Trump is blunt, does not mince words or resort to niceties in his expressions. He falls far short in charisma, demeanour and oratorical skills. 

Trump has to contend with the opposition Democrats, who would adopt strategies to dethrone him in the impending Presidential elections in November and in that process denounce him and his policies, statements and actions; China’s President Xi Jinpeng (who is said to be ‘Life-time- President’—an anachronism!) — do not have these political compulsions and limitations, thrusts and pulls to contend with.     

Trump is also symptomatic of an acute dearth of true leaders and leadership nowadays in many so called democratic countries, to whom one can look up to as a model and who really take the people of their countries in particular, and humanity in general, towards, peace, prosperity and progress. Most of them are crooked and are veterans in duplicity and hypocrisy — “playing for the gallery” with cheap populism, blinding the people with ignorance in order to attain and remain in power, also shamelessly extending undue positions and privileges for their families, cohorts and sycophants. — all at the expense of the long-term interest and welfare of the country and the people.  

Where I would depart is from the attitude and actions of those who while they justifiably condemn US and its President, directly or indirectly condone China and rush to ignore or absolve it of any wrong doings. 

Both US & China aren’t saints!

If US is considered as a “wolf”, China is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” — both competing for the same objectives. Only the paths and tactics adopted are different – that of US is sometimes covert but mostly overt, and that of China always covert and ever subtle.

One can easily identify a wolf and take protective measures from being devoured, but it is very difficult to see through the designs of a wolf in sheep’s clothing—and only once entrapped in full in its claws, we would realise that it is also a wolf, not easy or even possible to extricate ourselves from it.   

US does its expansion on the ideology of democracy and free enterprise; China does it by an autocratic set-up of governance with a life-time President and a compliant and sycophantic politburo under the cover of ideology of its own brand of perverted communism, and trampling democratic norms and institutions.  

US interferes in other countries and exploits on the pretext of democracy and restoration of human rights for its own ends;  hina, on the other hand, having no constraints of a free media or democratic institutions, seeks and props up corrupt and greedy leaders of countries which have been rendered poor by their own leaders (and side-lined by US for some reasons) to achieve the same ends as US. It sets firm foot through enormous bribes and long-terms debts that tie these countries so as to be compliant and submissive to its interests, that include opening its doors unreservedly for its products, people, and transport, including its unhindered access to their military ships and aircrafts. China, in addition, while exploiting the natural resources and assets with the aid of the corrupt leaders to its advantage, also mostly employs its own people as labour force in their projects in other countries including in those that they fund through their loans. It is not a natural mobility but an organised movement of people by a government, despite availability of labour of that sort in the respective countries, in the name of efficiency; but indirectly getting back some part of their investment and the advantageous spin-off effects of having its people in large numbers in other countries.   

US engineers regime changes to serve its interests; China sustains corrupt regimes for the same purposes. 

There is production and proliferation of arms and ammunitions and the building of armed might by US; so is by China. 

China is involved in the tests on sophisticated atomic weapons in its province of Jinjiang as does US in its territory. 

US supports Israel and deploys its armed might to intimidate and exert its domination in the Middle Eastern countries; China supports Pakistan, a country run effectively by military junta, even helping to enhancing latter’s atomic warfare capabilities and propping it up in order to dent India which acts a bulwark against China’s expansionism. Also, China deploys its military might in South China Seas intimidating India, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries of the Far East, jeopardising peace, security and stability in that region. 

To US, Cuba is its sworn enemy and determined not to allow to raise its head; to China it is Taiwan, determined to trample it. 

They both aren’t saints!

–Wrong is wrong, Evil is evil—be it West, East, North or South!

The moral dilemma that one is faced with in modern times is that one is given the choice of not between “right” and “wrong” but, “two wrongs”. Unfortunately, therefore, when one opposes or rejects one wrong, it is construed and labelled as support to the other wrong! – A precarious position indeed!  

Need for Impartiality & Objectivity

Therefore, irrespective of our notions of US and its leaders or the West or China or Russia, or any country for that matter, there is an imperative need for impartial and objective analysis by each and every one whose “souls are not yet sold”. 

This earth continues to suffer a dearth of proper thinking and necessary actions to follow up with, because of the propaganda, falsehood and lies that are continuously heaped on every aspect of our lives through the power of money and the capacity for reach through propaganda. 

We do not know whether we are dismissing the truths as falsehoods or accepting falsehoods as truths. 

It is easy and comfortable to dismiss as coincidences or conspiracy theories, even those matters that have to be further given thoughts and contemplation. 

We do it at our own peril and the peril of the humanity as a whole! The danger is, the real victim is the “truth” –the urge, the search for the truth and getting at it is denied!

Some Questions to Ponder

Now, let us (as a thinking common man and laymen would) look at the facts leading to the outbreak of the Corono virus –one thing that we all have been forced to occupy our mind with, at the exclusion of everything else—an unprecedented and a surreal situation that have been thrust upon us and shaken the whole world as never before, and pose a few questions that confronts us:  

  • It is a known fact that the Chinese have been eating wild animals, some even raw, for many, many years. So, why the virus from them now?  
  • By China’s own admission, the source of the Corono virus was the animal market in Wuhan. Surely there are thousands of such markets in other parts of China -in Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Why of all the places the origin is the market in Wuhan, where at a distance of only a few miles, there is the Wuhan Institute of Virology? – Coincidence, eh? —very strange and one in a million chance indeed!
  • Why was the doctor in Wuhan, Li Wenliang,  who, in the months of November/ December 2019 itself, found out and warned the existence of a new kind of virus which has afflicted certain patients who came to him, was silenced, arrested and imprisoned as a “rumour- monger”’ and “disturber of public order”? Why did the Chinese government suppress him? 
  • With did not the China’s authorities or the China’s medical fraternity investigate the authenticity of his concern? After all, he is not a novice nor a quack! – Was it because the Chinese government did not allow them and was in a hurry to bury the truth of a leak of the virus which they were developing as a biological warfare weapon in their lab at Wuhan Institute of Virology? 
  • If it had started not from the lab, but from animals to animals and then to  human beings, and the source is the Chinese markets selling wild animals, why didn’t China forthwith ban all such markets and consumption of wild animals and put a permanent end to such trade in order stem any such proliferation now and in the future? 
  • How is that they have all such markets have been reopened and the business is as usual? Surely, with the governance model that China has to decide the fate of its people, it would not take too long to implement a complete ban to the trade. Is it because they know that the source is not what they wanted the world to believe?  
  • Why didn’t the Chinese government that was aware of the viability of the virus’s exponential contamination from humans to humans, the fear of which led them to have an unprecedented  lockdown of the whole of Wuhan in  January 2020 itself,  did not warn the world and block the movements of people including many thousands of the Chinese workers employed in many countries and the tourists and instead let them travel in and out of countries freely (the one single reason for world-wide infection) unhindered?
  • Do not all these point to a logical and inevitable deduction and conclusion that China had allowed this  Coronavirus to spread worldwide in the full knowledge and for the purpose that the other economies are also dragged down as it is bound to happen to its own economy, with a design to recover faster before others and now making the situations to its advantage? 
  • Isn’t it possible that, even though the other countries know about the real origin and source is the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they would be reluctant to conclusively point so and would rather let the doubts linger on , since all the major powers  do have such laboratories in their own countries and the people of these countries with democratic institutions and media, would protest and campaign for their closures, lest the same catastrophe befell them in the future? 
  • Isn’t it not unusual that the scientists and the medical profession are divided on the source and properties of the virus, as it is normally is even when it comes to other diseases and illnesses that afflict humans? 
  • Is it not possible that some in the medical profession (not all, they certainly are mostly very professional and honourable men and women with high integrity) including the higher echelons in the World Health Organisation (WHO) – some whose appointments are political–  may be working to China’s agenda or are possibly in a way are indebted to China for their current position and power? Is it any surprise when we have amongst us innumerable cases of corrupt politicians, businessmen, professionals, and bureaucrats influenced and bought over with the baits of money and power in all the fields and professions including sports? 
  • Do not all these logically, rationally and inevitably, lead to and justify the accusing fingers pointing at China? 

Do they not therefore tantamount, not to “Conspiracy Theories”, but indeed “Conspiracy Actions” by China, for which it should be held accountable?

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  • 5

    Siva, A Big Thank You. For some time, I have been dwelling on writing my comments on these , same lines, but it would have taken hundreds to get my message across. If I may add a few to your worthy argument, though you have said it all, people who are highly judgemental ,naive or ignorant ,will continue with their excuses and denial. Lankans in general are interested in bad vs worse and never about good. Same with wrong and extremely wrong , not about right. Today hand picked expert Bandula is requesting expatriates to bring their black money and invest in Lanka. This is just an example of their mindset. I strongly believe Jealousy JEALOUSY too is part of this mindset, where people hate to see others doing well. Not even the Americans call them self saints and for that matter neither China, Russia, Venezuela or Cuba . The difference is majority in USA are looking out for their countries interest where as others on the same pretext are working for self/family/party interest. SJ, this article has addressed all I had to say on this topic and I will not waste my time anymore. Without realizing I did write a comment this morning elsewhere. Siva, thanks again and keep writing.

    • 6

      In forensic psychology, a criminal tries to suppress the crime and tries to mislead the investigators. This is exactly what China did. When the disease appeared in Wuhan and was reported by doctors, the first thing China did was to silence them asking them to retract what they had published, then arresting them. Secondly when the disease spread to Hong Kong, they could not hide anymore, admitted it and informed WHO. But they gave wrong information such as that the disease is spread from animal to man and not from man to man, and said air travel will not spread the disease. This was to allow Chinese in other countries to visit China for new year and take back infection when they go back to their countries. Only when it was proved that people in Thailand and South Korea contracted the disease from other humans, they accepted it. By then the aim of disseminating the virus to Europe and USA had been accomplished. Whether WHO believed China due to innocence or due backhand offers needs to be investigated. This is a circumstantial evidence of China behaving as a culprit rather than a victim. The next thing is, it is the criminal who benefits from a crime and not the victim. The country which has benefited by this action is China, while all others have suffered immense human and economic disaster. When other countries are thinking how to recover from this, China is offering to buy companies in financial trouble, and China is pushing cheap goods into poor countries. This shows that China was well prepared for this, and is moving in to cash in at the suffering of the world.

      • 3

        The Chinese conspiracy experts on CT have not got the full story.
        Let me tell you:
        China (the Yellow Peril) planned it way back during Boxer Rebellion. It let Western powers occupy parts of it to study their mode of operation. It conspired with Japan and Russia (both the Tsars and the Bolshies) to draw the West into petty squabbles called world wars. Then it used the Bolshies to stir trouble in the colonies against the colonial masters who for centuries ran the colonies very kindly and fairly, and civilized the ungrateful half naked fakirs. Meanwhile, they built their economy under communist terror and when time was ripe switched to capitalism. They also conspired with Arab sheiks to jack up oil prices.
        It was a Chinese plan that ruined the US economy by a string of economic crises. They went a step further to get the Americans to elect a few absolute clowns as President. It did not work too well until they found the right man in Trump.
        Trump is ruining America on instruction from Xi and Putin. When he finishes the job, and China takes over the USA, he will be given a royal palace in China and a holiday home in Russia.
        Not bad for a theory that explains everything I guess.
        But I should admit that for fantasy I cannot match the great historian who recently excavated the Royal Pallava armada from South China Sea.
        I will keep trying.

      • 1

        China has floated Yuan as the currency for world trade instead of dollar and China has warned Australia of sanctions for supporting USA for an international investigation. Do these not show that China was the culprit and not the victim. Though China has taken a head start by this dastardly act, we have to see how far it will succeed in bringing the world under its control, economically if not politically. Beggar and Pariah states like Sri Lanka may fall at their feet but not self respecting nations.

  • 3

    Dear author,
    I don’t know whether it is true or false, your argument are reasonable China has a responsibility to allow an unbiased international investigation to answer the questions raised by many people around the world.In addition to the above points, the impact of this virus whether it is lost lives or lost economy are in the rich countries only. Scientists tell there are different types of Corona spread from the origin (China) but the question is why the virulent type passed onto western countries and not to China’s friendly nations. For example, there are no virus in North Korea but there are lot of deaths in South Korea?

    • 2

      The main targets were USA, Western Europe and possibly Middle East. Other countries are collateral damage. USA was affected but not Canada, Mexico or South America. Western Europe was affected but not Eastern Europe. China used Chinese workers in Italy to spread the virus to western Europe and Chinese living and working in USA returning after Chinese new year to spread it to USA. People of Iran are accusing that Chinese workers there brought the disease to their country. I feel that Iran was used as a transit point to attack middle east, but it did not materialize due to hostility between Iranians and Arabs who would not have let Iranians in, other than to parts of Iraq. It is said that they have identified three strains of virus. While USA had strain A and West Europe had strain B, countries like India, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia had strain C, which may be less virulent and less deaths. Regarding discrepancies in Korean states, no one in their normal senses will believe the zero casualty of north. Have you ever heard of anyone denying crime, agreeing to unbiased investigation. China has been caught with its pants down and I will not be surprised that they will bribe their way through to cover up, targeting corrupt politicians in poor countries.

      • 2

        Most creative!
        Have you tweeted it to Trump yet, or depending on Fox to do the job?
        How is your archaeological survey of South China Sea going?

  • 3

    “Do not all these logically, rationally and inevitably, lead to and justify the accusing fingers pointing at China?”
    This is not the first time that the writer is quixotically tilting at the windmill.
    For any one of the fears to be worth considering, there should be concrete evidence.
    Many of the stories have already been dismissed as baseless.

    • 2

      So with your concrete evidence, are you releasing or hanging Hissbullah for masterminding the 4/21. For your explanation, all covert operations that USSR & China did was having no evidence but anything America involved, there is evidence of CIA involvement? Is that true even if the sheepish proof you summit explicitly say it was not a CIA operation? Would you be wanted Kennedy showing concrete evidence and take clearance from you before he went deter USSR?
      Can you show me one who turned towards China’s direction though, only you gave up Stalin and went Xi Jinping in your history in CT. How many kids you made to understand the science you taught? Is this author is your assistant professor, you always depended on to the School?

      • 1

        I have a greater entertainer on CT and cannot spend much time on your droppings.
        Sorry about that. But I do really care for you.
        Please do not carry the computer to the loo.

        • 1

          You have no time to read my comments but, got enough time to fulfill your challenge of ridiculing my comments? I see; is that why you didn’t read the CIA’s work of saving Dalai Lama but passed it us to read.
          Is this another Chinese idiot ping pong or CIA’s involvement?

      • 0

        No computer inside toilet.
        Wash hands with soap and water before touching keyboard.

        • 0


          Didn’t we know and heard your caring heart for long time?

          Listen is this another Chinese pink pong game with your theory of idiot. I say you say I say you say………….. You really like all kinds of Chinese games, aren’t you. How good are you now in those games?

  • 6

    US has always had an exaggerated sense of its importance; who the President is does not alter its egocentric manipulations. Trump only accentuates this reality. On the other hand China has built up its profile building up its own chameleonic personality. Which of the two you wish to be with reflects your own self-centredness. Any perception that China is more accommodating of smaller nations is bunkum. China is more deceptive indeed!

    • 4

      Why should any country align with any power?
      Countries have to be alert to global events and relationship has to be based on mutual interest and mutual respect.
      No country on earth since the end of colonial rule has dictated terms to others (including major partners) the way US has done.
      Deceptive or not, China treats Third World countries with more respect than any Western power. (Even the Japanese are respectful, despite doing the bidding of the US.)
      None of us can decide how countries respond to any global power. But, the way things are, even West European countries are increasingly trustful of China. More and more are positive about the B&R project. Very few endorse the stand of the US on Huawei’s 5G technology. That is reality. The US and its followers find it hard to digest.
      Is the COVID-19 campaign of Trump a last desperate bid?

      • 3

        SJ, You yourself allude, “Deceptive or not, China treats ..”. I rest my case!

        • 0

          Perception of China varies with country, community and individual.
          I did not like to waste time on debating if China is deceptive.
          Please yourself.

      • 1

        ” But, the way things are, even West European countries are increasingly trustful of China. More and more are positive about the B&R project. Very few endorse the stand of the US on Huawei’s 5G technology. That is reality. “

        We read many of those about Japans in 1980s. Because you never studied Economics or real science, you don’t understand how these, but becomes a damaged gramophone record when had accidentally read something. When I was in Lankawe, Bank of Tokyo and other five Japanese banks were the world largest banks. Japan was said to take over US at any time. But suddenly Japan faced bankruptcy. It could not back strongly. Now Japan is far behind third and US still holding the No.1. One time only Japanese companies made television tubes and Microwave magnetron. Now even Sony buys its television screens from Samsung. 5G is cell technology. This is also American technology. But American companies have the Satellite based Global communication technology. American telephone companies have not so far released it common use at cheaper rate. If any time American companies switch over to Global communication, the 5G will become a toy. China expressed interest to develop jointly and agreed even share patents on that because it know American companies who own most of the satellites can anytime free up the global phones to all. . Western companies didn’t rush to take Chinese deal because most of its technology is spied from them. So they don’t want buy their stolen patents under Huwei’s name.

        • 0

          No computer in the loo.
          Wash hands before touching keyboard.

          • 1

            In US, there is something called Hot Spots.It is a WI-fi technology. Not just 5G, even 6,&7 Gs in the future cannot match it. American government wants to expand the Wi-Fi accessible to all, including Laptops, Tablets & other WiFi enabled instruments. That time the use cell will be limited only rural areas.

            • 0

              Until such time, m****** babaa,
              No computer in the loo.
              Wash hands before touching keyboard.

  • 1

    You asked me a question about typing the text in the image in order to validate your comment.
    Old Codger came up with a good answer: Type everything in lower case.
    I tried. It works.

  • 2

    Food for thought:
    Richard Horton made the comments in an interview with China’s state broadcaster CCTV.
    The editor-in-chief of The Lancet has said it is “not helpful” and “unfair” to blame China for being the source of the Covid-19 pandemic in an interview with Chinese state media.
    Richard Horton said the international community should instead work with the Chinese authorities in dealing with the outbreak.
    “China didn’t want this epidemic,” Horton said during Friday’s interview with state broadcaster CCTV when asked about the mounting pressure China has been under to take responsibility for being the origin of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. “China isn’t responsible for this pandemic. It’s happened.”


  • 0


  • 0

    SJ: “For any one of the fears to be worth considering, there should be concrete evidence”.

    ****Although, Chiv has quite rightly and gracefully said in his comment, particularly addressing SJ that ‘this article has addressed that has to be said on the topic’ , let me add to respond to SJ’s lamentation on the matter of ‘concrete evidence’, despite his position that China can do no wrong ever, and come what may and no matter he will be a China propagandist.

    For every misdemeanour and crime, SJ, there will be arguments for and against; what holds eventually is the balance of probabilities.
    You ought to know SJ, there is in legal terms what is known as “circumstantial evidence”.
    In a misdemeanour or crime, even if, for example, there is no concrete murder weapon found, the Court will convict a person of a crime, even murder, based on “circumstantial evidence”. That is what is in this case, not one factor but taken in toto , that point towards a probability that China’s hands are not entirely clean as is claimed in this episode of the Corono Virus.

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