13 July, 2024


Covid-19 In Sri Lanka & South Asia: Facts, Figures, Fiction & Need For A Rational Policy Response

By Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake

Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – FD Rooserveldt

COVID 19 is more a panic than a pandemic: It obscures from view the fact that far more people die as a result of illness related to poverty, malnutrition, and other forms of structural violence than anything else in South Asia, and indeed the rest of the world. In the context, the governments of the region would need rational and targeted policy responses to the Covid 19 challenge – rather than days of country-wide curfew without time for citizens to get adequate food supplies, and with very limited information provided. 

Evidence and data is mounting that in tropical countries and regions of the world, Covid 19 has less traction than in temperate ones, where the crisis originated. The great majority of Corvid 19 global cases are found north of the tropic of cancer and in countries with cold, winter temperatures at this time. Sri Lanka is located South of the Tropic of Cancer and has a very hot climate currently. At the end of last week there were  only 2,025 cases south of the tropic of cancer[1]. Case numbers in countries residing in the tropics or southern hemisphere make up just 1.29% of the global cases. 

Chinese scientists have established that the virus’ longevity, strength, and spread is limited and affected by heat and humidity. Dr. Mohammad Sajadi, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, likewise argues that weather plays a role. He and his colleagues have found a striking temperature similarity among regions with sustained outbreaks of COVID-19: They all have outdoor temperatures between 5 and 11 degrees Celsius (41 and 52 Fahrenheit).

As this chart shows, there’s a big difference in how the virus behaves in tropical and temperate countries[2].


Nobel prize winning scientist Michael Levitt who predicted the ending of the Covid 19 outbreak in China, has affirmed that rather than lock downs what is needed is early detection. Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett, has clearly stated that the plan should be to protect the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as they are most vulnerable. 80 percent who get the Covid 19 get a mild or asymptomatic version in any case. In fact, it may be better for the virus to run its course like any other flu, particularly in hot and humid tropical countries where it is relatively mild and does not transmit with the speed that it does in temperate climates, suggesting mutation. 

According to researchers at the University of Melbourne, who have mapped the immune responses from one of country’s first coronavirus patients, the bulk of those infected experience only mild symptoms, it is severe or critical in 20% of patients. The virus mortality rate is about 3.4%, the WHO has estimated.

Once 60-70 percent of the population have got the Corvid 19 flu and develop the anti-bodies, or what is called “herd immunity” at this time of hot weather when the disease is mild, this particular flu epidemic would be over in Sri Lanka. It is known that the virus does poorly in warm climates. Indeed, it may be better to get the mild stand of the COVID 19 in this hot season and for South Asian populations to develop anti-bodies at this time, rather than later when the temperature drops, in the cold season.

Hence, Sri Lanka responding like the US or Euro zone global north which is still in the cold, winter and flu season, with lock downs and incessant curfew is unwarranted. Lockdowns impact livelihoods with a knock on effect on family food security, poverty, malnutrition etc. 

Of course, risk factors vary by person and country, age, gender and certainly ethnicity since it seems to be ethnic Chinese and east Asians (Korea, Japan) who were most affected initially, and Europeans subsequently, whether one is a smoker or not, and certainly climate and temperature also matter significantly as to who is at risk. It is clear that at least 2 stands of Covid 19 exist, very likely as bio-weapons.

Photo credit | Facebook Ishara Kodikara

What seems needed is date and evidence-based analysis and measured and balanced response in South Asia and Sri Lanka, taking into account regional and environmental factors at play in the spread of COVID-19, rather than county-wide lock downs that self-destruct national and regional economies. As of now in Sri Lanka, fewer than 90 persons are said to have tested positive for Corvid 19 and no deaths have been reported, but the government has imposed a country-wide curfew for 3 days on very short notice, causing hardship to a majority of poor households that buy food and other essentials on a daily basis. Confining people to their homes without sufficient food and information for days may be a recipe for social unrest. 

Of course, better to err on the side of caution, especially as there is some evidence to suggest that COVID 19 was a bio-weapon and hybrid war attack on China and Asian Economies to trigger de-globalization.  Yet, no other country in South Asia has imposed draconian country-wide 3-day curfews and shut down ports and airports effectively sealing the island in and seemingly self-destructing an already debt trapped economy. When curfew was announced the Lankan rupee depreciated significantly hitting 189 against the USD. 

March 18, it was announced that no tourists would be entering the island for 2 weeks, delivering another blow to the tourism industry which was badly hit last year by mysterious suicide attacks on luxury hotels and churches claimed by foreign hands – so called the Islamic State (ISIL). Many people and those who work in the tourist, services, SMEs and gig economy are out of work and wages again, just when the economy was slowly recovering after the Easter Sunday suicide attacks, because of the Covid 19 over-reaction. In a sense, both the Easter attacks and the Covid 19 appear to be targeted attacks as much against the economy as the people.

Sadly, it seems the Colombo regime and its Health Minister, GMOA and related advisors, rather than formulating targeted policy, seem to be following the global media narrative that takes the global north as a baseline and succumbed to the so called Corvid -19 “pandemic” narrative, even though Sri Lanka is not a northern hemisphere country and not as vulnerable as wintering Europe or China. 

Finally, what we need is balanced, measured, data, and evidence-based analysis and response from the Global South, especially to minimize its already tremendously negative impact on national economies and impoverished sectors of society, particularly citizens who rely on daily wages, tourism and service sectors, SMEs and the gig economy which has been most affected.

Indeed, as award winning African journalist Patrick Gathara writes speaking of indiscriminate travel bans and over-reactions in another region of the global south that has mercifully had less exposure and spread of the dreaded Corona, though usually vulnerable to mysterious viruses such as AIDS and Ebola viruses: “Africa does not need to burn down the house to defeat CORVID” or one might add, any other biological weapon.

Evidence-based analysis or the Shock Doctrine?

South Asian countries need to look at the facts, figures and data for the region to formulate rational, data and evidence-based, regional and national policy responses, for the short, intermediate and long term to the so called Corona pandemic and its devastating economic impact. 

There has been very little analysis or attempt to construct an accurate picture of the Covid 19 it’s spread and strength in different continents and climactic zones of the world, particularly in South Asian countries and the global south (Africa, Latin America, South Asia), where the virus arrived late and seems to be weak in terms of strength and spread – due to both geopolitical and environmental factors – by WHO or any other global health think tank. 

While the coronavirus has infected more than 350,000 people worldwide and killed at least 10,610, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), India, despite being the world’s second most populous country, with more than 1.3 billion people, has reported 9 deaths and around 500 cases, giving rise to questions about why the virus has not spread as rapidly as elsewhere.

The New York Times reported on March 17 that: “India has reported around 125 cases of the coronavirus, and it is a bit of a mystery how the world’s second-most-populous nation, with 1.3 billion people, has remained relatively unscathed while the number of cases explodes to its east and west.”[3] It is indeed a mystery even accounting for a lack of testing kits and under-reporting.

Italy’s mortality numbers were burdened by agedness as Italy has one of the oldest populations in the world. Even so, conflicting reports out of Italy suggest there may only be two people who died from the coronavirus who did not also present other pathologies.

It is unclear what emerged from the SAARC teleconference convened by India’s Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, aside from the plan to set up a regional fund. 

Of Fake News and Bio-Weapons

Corvid 19 and its spread has given rise to a great deal of fake news and conspiracy theories some of which appear more fact-based than the hype and panic that has caused a great deal of economic hype and insecurity. This may be partly due to the fact that there is a propaganda war to obfuscate analysis and conceal the likely origins of the virus in laboratories that specialize in biological warfare, while designed to target certain genomes or ethno-racial populations. What is needed is a balanced and proportionate response, based on analysis of the facts. 

On the other hand, while the dictatorial and military mindset that seems to be behind the Sri Lankan Govt’s response may not be conducive to balanced, measured and judicious, it may be partly justified in the event that Covid is as form of bio-warfare?

At the same time, democratic practice and due process, as well as, addressing structural problems such as corruption and economic inequality that affect the health of populations, are often casualties in such disaster or fake disaster scenarios.

In Sri Lanka, the policy of the Rajapaksa regime which seems to have better grasp than the previous Sirisena-Wickramasinghe regime of national security threats, seems to be better safe than sorry, and the military has been mobilized. The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) Wing of the Sri Lanka Air Force continues to assist in the quarantine and disinfecting effort hand in hand with medical teams at the BIA, according to Major General GA Chandrasiri, Chairman of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd. Who says there is no need to shut down Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) at Katunayake which is the main air transportation hub of the island due to the spread of coronavirus. The airport is continually being disinfected. 

The lack of data and evidence based analysis appears to be due to the global media hype and dominance of western-based global media houses and even WHO in framing the Covid 19 tragedy as a ‘global pandemic’, rather than a form of targeted biological and hybrid warfare against selected Asian and EU economies aimed at de-globalization? 

Naomi Klein, author of the Shock Doctrine and disaster capitalism has said “the shock really is the virus itself. And it has been managed in a way that is maximizing confusion and minimizing protection.” Corona has the hall marks of another episode of disaster capitalism.

As the one-year commemoration of the Easter Sunday carnage comes around with so many unanswered questions about the foreign hands behind the attacks, the life of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the crime has been again extended — to cover up the foreign hands behind the crime? That crime was mysteriously claimed by the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL), despite the fact that Muslims and Christian communities have excellent relations, as both are religious minority communities in Buddhist and Hindu dominated Sri Lanka.  The Covid 19 panic may provide a smoke screen of distraction and obfuscate those accountable?

All over the world, factors such as, poverty, inequality, lack of food security and wars that are invented to sustain the global military business intelligence and entertainment industrial complex led by the United States which accounts for almost 55 percent of global arms production, and its massive carbon footprint not counting bio-weapons, according the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SPRI), cause more deaths than the so called Corvid 19 pandemic. 

Of course, it has also been argued, increasingly plausibly, that COVID 19 is itself part of biological and hybrid warfare to attack China’s Belt and Road Initiative, East Asian economies that lead growth and innovation in the world at this time, and force a period of rapid de-globalization, recession and economic melt-down, also as a result of underlying market instability due to the global debt crisis and stock market bubble. 

COVID’s mysterious spread pattern in Asia: Two Strands with more to come? 

Crisis are also moments of opportunity to chalk out alternative, environmentally sustainable paths of development that focus on local food security and regional markets, to build bottom up from local resource bases, ensuring transfer of technology and value addition in selected sectors for industrial production, rather than a panicked shutting down of globalization. 

The Corona virus clearly targeted the Chinese ethnic population and genome. Given China’s large global diaspora and its highly globalized and trans-national Chinese ethnic networks, spread both to Europe and the USA. In the United States, Seattle and Washington State and California on the Pacific coasts where there are large ethnic Chinese American communities, with significant and bustling China towns in San Francisco, as also is the case with New York City where China Town, Manhattan is a bustling city neighborhood. Both San Francisco and NYC were hit hard and fast due to the pattern of ethnic targeting.

Even though India shares a (contested) border with China, Corona came to India and South Asia very late in early March 2020. Significantly, cases of Corona were reported in the region only after Donald Trump came and went after selling 3 billion USD weapons to his good friend in Asia, Narendra Modi, in the last week of February 2020! 

It was only after Trump’s visit that stories about Corona in India and South Asia emerged in early March, although this is one of the world’s most densely populated regions. At this time in South Asia there have been ONLY 2 corona virus related deaths – both in India. Fewer than 30 cases of CORVID 19 have been discovered in Sri Lanka, not a single patient has died, yet the economy has been shut down although it is arguable that more people die of normal influenza and diseases related to the structural violence of poverty, malnutrition and wasting, which is very likely considerably exacerbated at this time as South Asian economies, shut down and suffer and people lose jobs, work and income due to the shut-down of non-essential sectors.

Iran was hit quite early and soon after China, following the spread of the coronavirus in China and other countries, several writers in the Arab press wrote that this virus and others, such as the SARS and swine flu viruses, were deliberately created and spread by the U.S. in order to make a profit by selling vaccines against these diseases. Others wrote that the virus was part of an economic and psychological war waged by the U.S. against China with the aim of weakening it and presenting it as a backward country and a source of diseases.

Corona targets the Chinese genom but seems to be mild in other populations.
There are suggestions that there may be 2 strands of Corona – one that is less strong and hit China, Korea and Japan, with China at the epicenter logging 3 percent deaths of all infected and another stronger strain that has killed more people, particularly Caucasian populations that hit Iran and Italy.

Given the lateness of the arrival of Corona in South Asia, we may assume that the South Asia ethno-racial genome was not targeted or at least that strain of Corona virus has not (yet?) been released. Given the low rate of spread it would appear that the virus is weakened by heat and does not survive long or transmit easily in hot climates – as has been suggested by several scientific papers on the virus. 

CORVID 19 in America: When the chickens come home to roost

Blowback is a well-established principle in hybrid and asymmetric warfare; but they never seem to learn? Or it is already factored into the imperial impunity and immunity equation? 

The concept that the chickens come home to roost in shorter cycles has a parallel in Asian, Buddhist-Hindu-Confusian belief systems in the form and notion of the cycle of Karma. 

And so it was inevitable the US with a large Chinese diaspora population in Seattle and the northwest coast and New York with its China towns would be hit with the so called Corona “pandemic”. COVID 19 only hit Hawaii, the State of the US nearest to Asia with the highest population of east Asians who appear to be more vulnerable only this week (March 17th).

While a belt of 30-60 longtitude and temperatures have been identified, the fact that some of the most populated and impoverished countries of the world have avoided the worst effects of the new Corona virus and the reasons for this have been elided.

Meanwhile in Colombo the U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Alaina B. Teplitz had a photo opportunity to market America’s humanitarian disaster industry products and presented a branded donation of Dupont Tyvek coveralls, nitrile gloves, heavy duty work gloves, boot covers, and cleaning supplies to Major General (Rtd) GA Chandrasiri, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, at Bandaranaike International Airport on behalf of the American people. The equipment will help protect airport personnel and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The donation is part of U.S. efforts to assist Sri Lanka.

Disaster as Opportunity: Some Suggestions and solutions

Sri Lanka needs to wean itself away from being a tourism-dependent economy, and exporting to the west and focus on regional markets, with new product lines in industry and manufacture building of its valuable natural resource base. Aside from its strategic location as a trade and services hub, the island has significant marine and mineral resources and focus on sustainable use and development and industrialization base on these resources should be a national development policy focus at this time and going forward. 

Naomi Klein suggested that the time for radical new thinking and the green new deal boosting clean energy and industry, investing in research and development, and ensuring transfer of technology to re-orient the economic trajectory for clean energy development (Solar power?) and local consumption and perhaps prioritizing South Asia markets and local and regional food security.

Moments of shock are volatile, we can lose ground and bail out the rich or we win progressive victories that re-orient the economy to reduce inequality and dependency on superfluous exports like luxury cars for corrupt politicians and foreign experts, spur local manufacturing and industry for regional markets, based on research and development and transfer of technology.

There are sectors where local resources could be sustainably harvested.

1. Pharmaceutical research drawing on Ayurveda to boost immune systems, as well as R & D for marijuana and pain-killers opioids which is a big industry in the west.

2. Graphite and other REMs invest in Solar panel manufacturing and ensure transfer of technology for industrialization of the sector in Sri Lanka and production for export in the Asian region?

3. Upscale and industrialize sustainable use of Marine resources again through transfer of technology – particularly Indian Ocean fishery which is currently looted by EU and NATO and other Distant Water Fishing States.

[1] Why Are There Few Coronavirus Cases In Africa and Russia?


[2] This stunning chart shows the coronavirus spreading slowly in tropical countries. Steven Goldstein Market Watch https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-stunning-chart-shows-the-coronavirus-spreading-slowly-in-tropical-countries-2020-03-17

[3] India Scrambles to avoid a Corona Virus Crisis By Jeffrey Gettleman, Suhasini Raj, Karan Deep Singh and Kai Schultz March 17, 2020 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/17/world/asia/india-coronavirus.html



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  • 3

    I think the need for locking down or not depends on the economic harm one country suffers because of the lock down. Sri lanka is not an industrial country whose country’s country economy is highly affected by the peoples movement. I think the way Sri lanka goes is very good. If Sri lanka goes to DETECTION VS lockdown, Sri Lanka has to decide on the economic of bothprocedures. Instead of early detection of 22.5 million, it is better to have a partial lock down. but, after the 14 day period or so, Sri lanka can target on elderly, and others who are with certain conditions etc.,

    • 5

      Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake,

      Interesting and confusing article.

      However, the Winter Temperature and northern latitudes argument has some merit, because the flu season starts in the winter and ends in the spring.

      It it temperature?

      Is it vitamin D and Vit C deficiency, leading to weakened immune system? What about zinc?

      What does Ayurveda recommend for viruses? Rest and warmth.

      How does the body react to virus? Increase in temperature, to activate the immune system. Will a high temp kill the virus?

      Your other arguments are all jumbled up. India has over 500 known cases, and the unknown cases are 10 to 20 times that. That is why India is imposing the curfew for 21 days.

      Sri Lanka has over 101 cases, and the real number us probably 10 times that. That is why Sri Lanka is imposing the curfew.

      One characteristic is the virus is that it is looking for s host to multiply, and is very egalitarian. Black, white, brown , pink , rich, poor, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, communist, socialist, capitalist etc. are all the same.

      The so-called Infallible Pope,,the Italians, the Europeans, the Americans etc. are not immune.
      The best course of action, is to prevent bring s host for the virus, and being a carrier for the next 3 weeks.

      Thank the virologists, molecular biologists, the scientists, and the health care workers, doctors, nurses, and the other support personnel for their efforts to contain this virus.

      • 4

        Dr. D R Senanayake,


        Here is some data on the virus cases and the deaths. Figure out what the mean temperature is for February and March and plot that against the latitude, north and south. Remember, February and March are late sUmner for the south.

        Then find out the correlation coefficient, it is closer to 1 or closer to zero.

        • 4

          Dr. D. R. Samaranayake,

          KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS) – Malaysia reported 123 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, taking the total to 1,306 cases, with 10 deaths.

          The health ministry said 34 of the new cases were linked to a religious gathering held late last month.

          Isn’t Malaysia in the tropics, closer to the equator and quite humid?

          Looks like the Cotabato virus did not listen to the Ulama and the Mullahs.

          • 1

            Corona targets the Chinese Genome. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have large ethnic Chinese populations.
            There’s another strand of Coronavirus that targetted Iran and Italy, there may be more on the way – particularly to South Asia, now that questions are being asked..

    • 4

      Sri Lanka’s health system is the best in South Asia and on par with many developing countries, but the GMOA as govt.s in many other tropical countries have chickened out on the basis of WHO advice and the global panic narrative, that seems to have spread the panic around the world. How many cases are there in Africa at this time, where and why?
      It is a fact that big Pharmaceutical companies fund WHO and both benefit from the creation of diseases, panics and then products to measure, monitor and cure them. Check this out on corruption, WHO and the main threats to public health
      Questions need to be asked about the role of WHO and its so called experts in failing to do the analysis and pumping up the panic?!

    • 2

      I see Dinuk, Don Stanley and the other virtual inhabitants of some people’s heads have not appeared yet?
      Perhaps they are visiting Diego Garcia.

  • 3

    As usual Sri Lankans have chickened out. This curfew and fear of repatriates from Italy is nonsensical at best. The Markets must open NOW. And stock markets in North America need to start recovering.
    Of course SL hasn’t much to contribute to world trade. But at least it can man-up a bit.

    This fear of Sri Lankans who returned from Italy is an interesting one. When these returnees arrive, the Sri Lankans hold their handout and nearly at a point of begging for Money and foreign goods. But now that they’ve come with a little bit of “Corona oona nana” there is a so much hostility towards them. Typical attributes of an arrogant beggar. And guess what? Now they want Ventilators. None of the 100 Corona fellas in SL are on Ventilators but they want 15,000 ventilators. I guess they figured it was a Paka time to rip off some foreign nations and beg for a few ventilators. The Sri Lankan beggar strikes again.

  • 1

    I got it wrong. Sri Lanka doe early detection by measuring body temperature. That is good. I heard, since the infection it takes FIVE days to begin the symptoms.

  • 1

    1-SL reported 2nd COVID-19 case after 50 days from the 1st case.

    But in first 50 days, Singapore reported 178 cases.

    2-It took 40 days for Singapore to detect 100th COVID-19 case.

    And SL reported 100 th COVID-19 case just in 20 days.

    Even though SL got enough time to prepare for COVID-19, SL confirmed 100th case with double the rate of Singapore.

    According to reports, Epidemiologists are investigating why community transmission is the spread of an illness with no known link to travel or previously confirmed cases.

    If that is the case, then person to person close contact is at risk regardless of the environmental temperature of wherever we are all living now.

  • 2

    every country with the virus including india has gone into lockdown

  • 2

    Sri Lanka is situated above the Equator, so it belongs Northern Hemisphere. Almost all infected people are the ones came from Italy, South Korea, UK, Germany & USA. So did they infected a virulence form or a mild one?

    How about it is spread of Iran & other Middle East countries & countries like Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore. There climate is also hot like in Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Seems Covid 19 targets the Chinese Genome mostly here.
      Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore all have big ethnic Chinese populations.
      US has 4 million Chinese Americans with majority in Washington State, Seattle, NYC and California, Texas etc.
      Also, there are at least 2 stains of Covid – one hit East Asia, and the other Iran and Italy.
      There may be more on the way – targeting other ethno-racial groups – also to confuse the situation.
      Meanwhile many Celebrities – film stars, politicians, prince Phillip have got it?! Coronavirus likes celebrities or are these stories to distract from more important data and analysis?!

  • 0

    Interesting article with many points for consideration by the people in power.

  • 0

    Very rational and need of the hour while idiotic President and his cohorts of millitary rulers are ruining the country and economy

  • 4

    One more best example of no brain article, please learn R0 Value of COVID-19.

  • 0

    COVID 19 is more a panic than a pandemic,
    New issue, Before it is pandemic to panic.
    What is Hantavirus,
    Spread through direct contact with infected rodents like mice and rats and less likely by human-to-human transmission.According to Global Times, China’s national English language newspaper.

    Chinese man has died from hantavirus, another infectious disease, as the coronavirus pandemic slows down in China, according to media reports from China.

  • 3

    another so called expert and idiotic comment writers.this c.t is good for fools and i do see there are many.i wonder how this Lady became a reaserch expert

  • 6

    This is a rather confusing article…and probably will create more panic and confusion.
    I am writing this from Australia. The virus hit here in the middle of summer. Winter is yet to arrive and some months away. The Government was very slow to react here and as I write and people had blase, naive type attitude. As I write there is more than 2000 cases here and the curve is not flattening!
    You don’t want people to panic but climate alone will not make people immune and protect from contracting what is a very contagious virus especially if they don’t practice good hygiene, and social distancing.
    The lockdowns in many nations were necessary because people were not listening and adhering to these preventive measures and whilst mild for some those with comorbidities have not fared well after contracting the disease. WHO will not declare something a pandemic lightly!
    With frequent global travel in modern types it’s easy for diseases to spread. How many have returned to Sri Lanka from hot spots like Italy and USA? If people were honest and isolated themselves there would be no issues.
    As they say prevention is better than cure, and it is better to overreact than sit back and wait till its too late and the health system collapses unable to cope.

  • 6

    “Hence, Sri Lanka responding like the US or Euro zone global north which is still in the cold, winter and flu season, with lock downs and incessant curfew is unwarranted.”

    Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake: how about you go to a hospital and inoculate yourself first with coronavirus and let the disease (COVID-19) run its course without any medical intervention (as it will likely be for many in Sri Lanka should we tryout your little experiment). Once you are recovered (hopefully) we can talk about this herd immunity nonsense which was tried and abandoned in UK (and thankfully only in the UK) against WHO advice just last month.

    To everyone else: please, Please disregard everything that this author has written. The author has NO medical background. If anyone is in doubt please read reports in US/UK media about UK’s herd immunity debacle, how young people who were otherwise healthy have succumbed to the disease and the response of countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand which also have hot/humid weather conditions like Sri Lanka but have decided to lock down regardless.

    Also consider how quickly the virus spread from recent entrants to the country to local population. According to latest reports from GMOA, among 100 or so known COVID-19 patients ~30 have arrived from abroad but the rest ~60 have no travel history. Thus rate of local transmission is 1 infected person giving rise to at least 2 new infections which is comparable to European countries. However Sri Lanka is currently experiencing the hottest month of the year!

    Sri Lanka at best has a couple of hundred ventilator across the country for a population of 20 million. This is for all patients requiring ventilation not just COVID-19 patients. Putting someone on the ventilator is no minor matter requiring admitting to an ICU. Mechanical ventilation itself can damage a person’s lungs and even if one recovers from COVID-19 there is evidence that there could be permanent damage to lungs and other vital organs.

  • 5

    Video clips doing the rounds on mobile phones claim all sorts of sure-fire remedies for Covid-19. Eating cow dung, drinking cow urine, chanting “Go Corona”, and ingesting spicy brews are some. The article by Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake is the literary version of such silly, outlandish claims. When eminent scientists are working to unravel the Covid-19 mystery, Dr. Darini exhibits pretentions of giving us the definitive word. Informed individuals dismiss all such items with a laugh. But others may not. Therein lies the danger. This author too, like those who make all sorts of claims to learnedness, has the Dr. prefix, a revered attachment within the Sri Lankan public. Her article mixes fact, fiction, guesswork, speculation etc., all in a convincingly written script. The presentation is shocking if she is indeed a medical doctor and not someone with a PhD, say in astrology. If the former, then she must know that science awaits proof before declaring theories workable. Some of what she says here are unproven theories. Adducing facts takes experiment and time. A nub of her writing claims this virus is a southern disease than a northern one. But she ignores to say that people in northern countries, the richer countries, are more itinerant and travel extensively as a matter of course, many even by air as daily commute. Obviously infections then spread faster than in the slower southern world. I am here reminded of the clip of the Indian sage and holy man now doing the rounds on mobile phones. Dressed in saffron clothes with forehead smeared in white, his Corona-19 prophylactic advocates jaggery water, buttermilk and neem leaves. The confidence, conviction and assurance with which he declares this must tell objective persons that the utterances are those of a charlatan or unbalanced individual.

    • 1

      Correction: I said above “A nub of her writing claims this virus is a southern disease than a northern one”. Instead I should have said: “A nub of her writing claims this virus is a northern disease than a southern one.” Apologies.

    • 3

      Dionysus: Why do women social scientists who think outside the box get attacked with such venom by those who would like to have a Phd perhaps? Sexism? envy? Both?

      Dr. Rajasingham-Senanayake’s approach i link is called ‘lateral thinking” — solving of problems or mysterious events, by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light..
      Hat’s off for seeking the truth behind the fake news narratives and panic. Time will tell…

  • 1

    Hello Darini;
    I am not a regular reader of CT but I am glad that I read your interesting article. Although I feel that you have tried to include many ideas in one article, each point in its own has merit. Thank you for highlighting them.
    From your senior batch at Pera, Panini Edirisinghe and Jude Fernando write to CT. Occasionally I come across their articles. By the way, we studied together at Pera in my first year at the English department. Tissainayagam and Romesh were my mates.
    Best wishes

  • 1

    The incoherence of the arguments that followed in the article is aptly declared in advance by the very opening comparison itself –“the fact that far more people die as a result of illness related to poverty, malnutrition, and other forms.”
    The lock-down and other measures are implemented to stem spread of a communicable disease! Un-contained with urgency (not waiting for three-years of research to firmly establish influence of temperature bands) the spread could become unnecessarily far too wide and destructive.
    Poverty, malnutrition and “other such forms” certainly deserve resolution, but not to be contained on account of them being communicable.
    Apples and oranges!

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